WELL DONE to Eddie Martin ! Cumbria Trust is ” not antinuclear” but it is opposed to the government’s “improved” process To dump democracy along with high level nuclear waste under Cumbria. Cumbria Trust and Eddie are yet to make the connection that the dump is a symptom of the entrenched disease called nuclear power.

Cumbria Trust

Radio Cumbria

Eddie Martin on Mike Zeller 08:11 30th October

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Cumbria Trust – powerful movers and shakers oppose the nuclear dump

Unlikely Hero - Super Eddie - Stopped the Dump on 30th January - Will He Do It Again? For All Our Sakes - Lets Hope So! The New Group. Cumbria Trust GOOD NEWS! A new group has been set up to oppose the nuclear dump. Cumbria Trust. Fronted by former County Council Leader Eddie Martin …

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The BBC’s ProNuclear Bias is Blatent

The BBC is after all an arm of government - supposedly at arms length but how at arms length is it really? Certainly as far as the government's nuclear agenda is concerned the BBC is keen to keep to the script at every opportunity. The bland announcement that Hinkley has been given the go ahead …

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Rhodri Morgan By Rhodri Morgan Rhodri Morgan: Beware the price promises of Hinkley Point nuclear station


Former First Minister and WalesOnline columnist Rhodri Morgan muses over the deal struck for ‘first private sector nuclear power station’ – run by four nationalised industries

Rhodri Morgan


I could barely believe my  ears when I heard the announcement this week of  the new nuclear power station to be built at Hinkley  Point in Somerset, right opposite  Cardiff Airport.

The BBC kept referring to it as  Britain’s first-ever private sector  nuclear power station.

What the report should have said  was that it was to be built by a  consortium of four nationalised  industries, two French and two  Chinese.

Three of the four are 100%  state-owned and one is 85%.  Overseas nationalised industries are  not in the private sector.

In fact I doubt if any private  sector company could ever build  and operate a nuclear power station  now, because they would never be  able to get insurance cover.

When the last British…

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Greenpeace’s Nuclear Deal To Trash Paddington Bear’s Home (and so much more)

For quite some time I have thought that Greenpeace, and especially Greenpeace UK has made some kind of deal with the powers that be to soft pedal on nuclear. Repeated requests for help to stop the nuclear juggernaught have been ignored or brushed off (see below), while Greenpeace campaigners have accused Radiation Free Lakeland of …

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Leader of Transport Union Calls for a Ban on Nuclear Power

Bob Crow leader of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) and a member of the General Council of the TUC. has called for a complete ban on nuclear power. Bob Crow is right and he deserves our sincere and heartfelt thanks for calling for a ban on nuclear, nothing less than …

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Organised crime syndicates run Fukushima labour rackets

Nuclear Slavery – Yes Nuclear is “too expensive” …but Greenpeace and other NGOs in the UK seem to be focussing solely on the expense. This narrow field of view is just another form of propaganda. Nuclear is not a “too expensive” new handbag, it is an obscenity – an obscenity that includes slavery and genocide, ignored by the mainstream media especially in the UK.


Criminalflag-japanRadiation, desperation and gangsters: Inside the hidden tragedy of Fukushima The Globe and Mail , 25 Oct 13 ANTONI SLODKOWSKI AND MARI SAITO  IWAKI — Reuters , Oct. 25 2013  “…….The yakuza connection The complexity of Fukushima contracts and the shortage of workers have played into the hands of the yakuza, Japan’s organized crime syndicates, which have run labour rackets for generations.

Nearly 50 gangs with 1,050 members operate in Fukushima prefecture dominated by three major syndicates – Yamaguchi-gumi, Sumiyoshi-kai and Inagawa-kai, police say.

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Nuclear Dump Protest Gathers More Support – Westmorland Gazette 17.10.13

Todays Westmorland Gazette.. http://www.thewestmorlandgazette.co.uk/news/10735145.Anti_nuclear_debate_taken_to_Lake_District_show/ Opponents get signatures for minister letter by Ellis Butcher (extracts below) Local opponents to a potential underground nuclear waste repository in Cumbria canvassed for signatures at the weekend. Ms Birkby said: "The overwhelming majority of people we spoke to were appalled at the Government coming back with this new plan, and …

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The Jokes On Us? Please write to your MP asking them to sign the Early Day Motion calling for No Public Subsidies for Nuclear Email to Tim Farron MP tim@timfarron.co.uk Dear Tim, Please would you consider signing this important EDM NUCLEAR SUBSIDIES AND THE COALITION AGREEMENT Session: 2013-14 Date tabled: 14.10.2013 Primary sponsor: Flynn, Paul …