10th August – ‘Moorcide’ Walk- Have a look -See

  PLEASE JOIN US ON 10th AUGUST at 10AM - MEET AT THE ROYAL OAK BECKERMET. The walk will take around 2 hours, approximately 5 miles For those who do not want to do the whole walk we will be returning to The Royal Oak Beckermet to have a bite to eat and discuss what … Continue reading 10th August – ‘Moorcide’ Walk- Have a look -See

Nuclear is: Monument to Human Stupidity

  Letter today in the Daily Post - urging Welsh MP Albert Owen to: "Please desist from saying that the answer to this problem of nuclear waste is to send it to Lakeland".   Full letter here: Open Letter to Albert Owen MP Being a resident of Cumberland I strongly object to your statement that the … Continue reading Nuclear is: Monument to Human Stupidity

Paddington’s Peru and the Nukiller Plan

  A film about Paddington's Peru - the real andean bears, the ice cap and the people about to be shafted by the UK's nuclear fanaticism.   There is NO uranium mining or Nuclear Reactors in Peru – this is set to change with the area of the worlds most important ice cap in the High … Continue reading Paddington’s Peru and the Nukiller Plan

Truth About Clean Beaches

  Letter in the North West Evening Mail..... TRUTH ABOUT CLEAN BEACHES Holiday time! Beach towels, buckets and spades and children are being gathered up to take along to the beach. Which beach? There is loads of choice in Cumbria, which boasts some of the most beautiful coastlines in the UK. Maybe one of the award-winning … Continue reading Truth About Clean Beaches

A serious lack of joined up thinking at DECC…

Frack Off …Why the Disconnect between Fracking and Nuclear Policy? Is it to underplay governments most favourite nastiest industry?

Cumbria Trust

Cumbria Trust was pleased to read today’s long overdue announcement from DECC that national parks and AONBs will be protected from fracking.  These areas are the most treasured parts of the British landscape and are rightly subject to some of the strictest planning rules.  This is particularly relevant to Cumbria which includes Britain’s premier national park, The Lake District and the Solway Coast AONB.

However, there is a clear lack of joined-up thinking in government.  Just last week, the same government department, DECC, brought out a new White Paper on Geological Disposal of nuclear waste.  This White Paper should have contained the same exclusion of national parks and AONBs, along with other environmentally sensitive areas, but they neglected to include this.

The exploration and construction phases for a GDF the size of Carlisle would be significantly more damaging and destructive than a fracking operation, so national parks and AONBs must…

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Welsh MP says Cumbria should be the Nuclear Sacrifice Zone

  The following is a message from colleagues in Wales at People against Wylfa B A Welsh MP, Albert Owen has been pushing for Cumbria to be the nuclear sacrifice zone. Please write, phone, tweet, email and let this  MP for Wales, Albert Owen know that Cumbria is not willing to be the nuclear sacrifice … Continue reading Welsh MP says Cumbria should be the Nuclear Sacrifice Zone

Sellafield Study “Hides Cancer Increases”

  Sellafield Study "Hides Cancer Increases"   It seems the study commissioned by our pro-nuclear government is not all it cracks up to be.   The study funded by the Department of Health and published by the British Journal of Cancer found no difference in cancer incidence from 1991 -2006 between those living near Sellafield … Continue reading Sellafield Study “Hides Cancer Increases”