Spanish Nuclear Reactor Cooling System Defects: Hold Your Breath Until Aug. 2017 or Longer – May Be Too Late

Too late..words we never want to hear in the same breath as …nuclear installation

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There is such a thing as too late. The world stands at the precipice of too late. Spain would have until mid August 2017 to address failings in the cooling system of Almaraz nuclear power station, with the loophole of “reasonably practical” and claims that it is safe, anyway. While this appears prompt compared to the US NRC, which has given US nuclear power stations from 2012 to 2019 to repair serious electrical defects, it may not be prompt enough. Notice that the question, below, was raised by someone in neighboring Portugal. There can be very serious transboundary impacts. Belarus was, and remains, more badly hit than the Ukraine by the Chernobyl nuclear accident. Authoritarian States may be required in these countries to keep a lid on knowledge of health impacts and the concomitant dissent:
Belarus, Ukraine and Russia were the most highly contaminated countries. About 5 million people…

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Disappearing Trick: Birds and Nuclear Waste

EGGS …once upon a time there were thousands of them on the Drigg Dunes….now there are thousands of nuclear waste packages in steel shipping containers. On 11th May Cumbria County Council will decide whether to allow a further tsunami of nuclear waste to be dumped in shipping containers at Drigg on land that is a short distance from the shifting sands.

Imagine you are stood on sand dunes between the mountains and the sea. Above your head a sky full of thousands of elegant wheeling birds from terns to black headed gulls. “The birds, which at a distance cover the ground like white dots, rise in a mass into the air. It is difficult to tread between the nests..” This is a description from The Spectator written in 1902.

The writer continues: “The nesting colonies of sea birds are commonly stinking places ; but here the pure dry sand disinfected the guano, and absorbed any scraps of wasted food. As you walked across the links towards the place where they descended at a steep angle to the shore, fresh birds always rose as sand-ridge after sand-ridge was crossed. ..Such a place affords a delightful spectacle to a naturalist. The grey sea, the long row of yellow sand hills, the distant Cumbrian…

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‘The Gift’ That No One Wants

Geological Dump Secret Papers…..From 2013 … but as relevant as ever especially given the latest “secret papers” over Hinkley.

Christmas 'GIFT' to Cumbria - Hot Radioactive Waste Dump Christmas ‘GIFT’ to Cumbria – Hot Radioactive Waste Dump

The map above is to scale and shows the size of the area proposed by government for a geological dump 25km square under Cumbria’s beautiful rivers, mountains, towns and villages. The discussions as to “where this would go” under Cumbria are a meaningless distraction – this would be so big and so leaky it would be close to everywhere!

This map does not of course include the access shafts or above ground ‘canning factory’ or the ‘sidings’ where the waste would arrive prior to burial.

Radiation Free Lakeland will be going to London on 3rd Dec to protest our opposition to the CONsultation and to the continued push for geological dumping under Cumbria or anywhere else for that matter. We will be delivering hundreds of letters to DECC (see below if you would like to add your name)

Geological dumping aims…

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The Murder of Hilda Murrell, An Abiding Mystery?

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From OpenDemocracy.Net:
The murder of Hilda Murrell, an abiding mystery?
JOHN OSMOND 5 December 2011
The grotesque murder of a 78 year old rose-growing spinster continues to grip attention in Britain after 27 years – and this is why….
A Thorn In Their Side by Robert Green, published by Rata Books of New Zealand and is available online (NZ$60, including p@p) through accessing Robert Green’s website

There are many layers to unravel about the grotesque murder of a 78 year old rose-growing spinster in Shrewsbury  27 years ago. The first lies in the character and campaign of the extraordinary woman at the centre of what became a murderous melodrama, Hilda Murrell. She was among the first women to graduate from Cambridge, obtaining her degree in 1927, after which she returned home to Shrewsbury, eventually to take over the family horticultural business. In her later years she became much…

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Accumulation of Sellafield-derived Radioactive Carbon (14C) in Irish Sea and West of Scotland Intertidal Shells and Sediments

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Anyone who was a serious student of biological sciences is immediately alarmed to learn that nuclear reactors routinely emit radioactive carbon (14C) and radioactive hydrogen (tritium) into the environment. Carbon and hydrogen are the very foundations of life. And, most of the human body is comprised of water (H2O). Tritium makes tritiated water. Radioactive carbon (14C) has a half-life of over five thousand years (5,730 years). Even tritium, with a half-life of 12 years, will be in the environment for almost 200 years.

Carbon forms the key component for all known life on Earth. Complex molecules are made up of carbon bonded with other elements, especially oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen, and carbon is able to bond with all of these because of its four valence electrons.”

Carbon-14 is formed in the fuel (UO2), in core structural materials, and in the cooling water of LWRs”…

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Nuclear Ships: page 9 of Beeches, Boreholes and Badgers

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Barrow in Furnacepg 10 Barrow in Furnace – article on fiesty grassroots action in Barrow against Nuclear Waste Ships – reported in the excellent Undercurrents magazine in 1981. The colour image is from 2015 – a one woman protest against ever increasing Nuclear Waste shipments …Will Barrow find its grass roots Grrr again against Nuclear Waste Ships? 

Article from Undercurrents 1981

Barrow in Furnace

Three citizens of Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, are challenging in court the construction by British Nuclear Fuels of a £6m dock extension in the town.  The three members of Barrow & District Action Group Against the Import of Nuclear Waste, want to test the claim of BNFL that it needs no planning permission to carry out the extension, which will result in ships carrying nuclear waste docking less than 2km from a gas terminal.

The Action Group was formed by local residents following a report by the Political Ecology Research Group in…

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Old Ships: page 8 of Beeches, Boreholes and Badgers

Tall Ships carved into the Rusland Beeches one dated 1835. The Big Ships coming into Furness in 2016 are likely to carry a nasty cargo of nuclear waste.

Wastwater Chronicles

Tall Ships carved into the Rusland Beeches one dated 1835.  The Big Ships coming into Furness in 2016 are likely to carry a nasty cargo of nuclear waste.


When I was growing up there were 100 trees – beautiful, strange beech trees with equally beautiful and strange graffiti.  The carvings included a coppice workers hut and at least three trees had carvings of the old sailing ships with high masts and rigging.  They dated from 1835 according to the numbers carved alongside the images.

Maybe they were carved by sailors docked in Ulverston?  At about that time John Barrow from Ulverston was ‘The Man at the Admiralty’ who was sending ships out on mad missions to find new trade routes for the Empire.  You could say that he was the trail blazer for globalisation and the tree graffiti is living history.  You could say that  – and people did object…

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Support Greenpeace’s Evidence to Nukiller Inquiry

PETITION HERE TO SIGN - Many thanks to all who have already signed to Stop Hinkley.  The petition is great .... there is a real appetite for Greenpeace to have more GRrrr on Nuclear in the UK. Letter of support sent to Doug Parr of Greenpeace today Dear Doug, Thank you for going to speak at …

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1996 and the Rusland Beeches

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20 miles away from ‘The Sellafield Repository’ and 20 years ago…

26th January 1996

There is a report in the Westmorland Gazette that 15 of the Rusland Beeches ‘need’ to be felled.  There is a bit of snow on the ground it always snows on Dad’s birthday.

February 2nd

Another newspaper report and letter about ‘sadness of ‘losing’ the beeches – is no one going to say anything?  The lake District National Park Authority were given the beeches – over 100 of them in 1976 – and have been whittling away at them ever since.

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Shocking health effects in Fukushima nuclear workers found under the official radiation dose limits

Activist news source

The First male Daichi nuclear site worker had an official total dose of 50mSv.
“I suffered damages to kidneys, heart, etc. — all important organs in my body.”

The second male Daichi nuclear site worker had an official total dose of 56mSv. He said
“I went to such a severe accident site and worked at the risk of my life, but all I’ve got was this cruel reality and treatment!”
I suffered thyroid damage, and had all my stomach removed.

The third male Daichi nuclear site worker had an official total dose of just 19.2mSv.
He was diagnosed as having acute myelogenous leukemia.
My doctor said that “70% of the cells in your bone marrow were occupied by cancer. Without any treatment, you will die for sure.”

Screenshots from the documentary from Yomiuri TV

あきれるほど放射能の健康被害を正面から取り上げた(なんと)読売系のテレビ番組の情報を北川様からシェアさせていただきました。今までネット上で しか見られなかった内容をふんだんに盛り込んでいます。結論の近くではたくさんの御用学者が避難政策を批判していますが、反対側の意見も報じています。西 尾先生の「殺人です」と言う言葉で番組が終わります。

I am Sharing information from a TV Program from the Yomiuri  which…

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