Cumbria Trust – powerful movers and shakers oppose the nuclear dump

Super Eddie !
Unlikely Hero – Super Eddie – Stopped the Dump on 30th January – Will He Do It Again?
For All Our Sakes – Lets Hope So!

The New Group. Cumbria Trust


A new group has been set up to oppose the nuclear dump.
Cumbria Trust.

Fronted by former County Council Leader Eddie Martin and John Wilson a solicitor.

Give them support ..we are all in this together whether you are pro or anti nuclear!

Eddie Martin spoke on Radio Cumbria today..he did brilliantly apart from support for new build at Sellafield ..Cumbria Trust is still to make the connection that geological dumping is but a symptom of the nasty entrenched disease called nuclear power. The disease needs to be stopped and contained rather than enabling the disease to spread further with new build at Sellafield and elsewhere.

Radiation Free Lakeland FULLY support Cumbria Trust’s aims of opposing the dump in Cumbria but we DO NOT SUPPORT the neutral/pronuke stance which allows for new build and for the dump to be imposed elsewhere.

Eddie Martin’s excellent (apart from new build ..pah!!) radio interview can be heard here:

Cumbria Trust’s Aims and Objectives…

Aims & Objectives
To campaign against a Geological Disposal Facility (“GDF”) for nuclear waste being located in the County of Cumbria.
[This being primarily on the grounds (amongst others) that the geology of Cumbria is unsafe and unsuitable for a GDF based upon internationally recognised guidelines and that the geology of other areas of the United Kingdom (UK) is safer and more suitable for a GDF than anywhere in Cumbria.]

For the public benefit and interest, to campaign for an independent, national (UK) geological survey to be conducted by the UK government in the national interest so as to establish the areas of the United Kingdom which are most geologically suitable and safe for a GDF to be constructed/located. In other words to put geology and safety first instead of so called “voluntarism”.
To campaign for safer, long term storage of nuclear waste (in all its forms) which is:
located from time to time at Sellafield in the County of Cumbria (“SL”); and
located from time to time at other licensed nuclear sites in the UK.
[Including addressing the concerns expressed by the National Audit Office in 2012 with regard to operations at Sellafield.]
To campaign, for monies now being spent, and to be spent in the future, in the decommissioning of SL to be spent so as to benefit the County of Cumbria and more specifically the communities of the Allerdale and Copeland.
[Taking into account that such regions are acting in the national interest in currently hosting the majority of the United Kingdom’s nuclear waste but still have significant poverty, deprivation and unemployment.]

Campaign to protect the Lake District National Park, Solway Area of Outstanding National Beauty and other environmentally sensitive sites (including without limitation Special Areas of Conservation and Sites of Special Scientific Interest) and also historic sites in the County of Cumbria.
[Specifically protect from any GDF related development or impact therefrom so as to preserve such areas and the sites for the public benefit and/or the Nation.]

To respond to any local or national government consultations with regard to nuclear waste (specifically without limitation the storage and disposal thereof) or relating to a GDF, including without limitation the process known as Managing Radioactive Waste Safely (“MRWS”) and also to educate members of the public with regard thereto and to assist them in responding themselves.
To campaign for the democratically taken decisions of all Cumbrian councils or other elected (or partially elected) public bodies in Cumbria to be relevant and fundamental to the MRWS process and also fundamental to any decisions and/or rights (legal or otherwise) relating howsoever to the MRWS process (or anything similar or analogous thereto) including participation and withdrawal therefrom.
To specifically campaign for the agreement of Cumbria County Council being an essential prerequisite, in addition to the agreement of any other council in Cumbria, with regard to any step or process or decision relating howsoever to MRWS (or anything analogous thereto); such agreement being in the public benefit and interest taking into account: –

That Cumbria County Council is the waste disposal authority for the County of Cumbria;
The potential for any GDF to affect the whole of the County of Cumbria, whether directly or indirectly, irrespective as to where precisely in Cumbria it may be located;

Cumbria County Council has the resources and expertise needed to make any such decisions relating to waste (including nuclear waste) in the public interest, including without limitation qualified and expert personnel but also the greater financial resources (that is greater than other councils in Cumbria) to obtain independent and objective advice by instructing external experts.
To campaign for the economy of West Cumbria (specifically the areas of Copeland and Allerdale) to be further diversified for the public benefit, as much as practicable and specifically, without prejudice to the foregoing, in economic sectors other than nuclear related, bearing in mind West Cumbria’s current economic reliance on SL and that SL is in the process of being decommissioned.
To challenge legally the policy outcomes and decisions of central government and/or its departments and/or local authorities with regard to the storage, disposal and/or management of nuclear waste.

2 thoughts on “Cumbria Trust – powerful movers and shakers oppose the nuclear dump

  1. miles fielding

    I support everything you stand for. Well done for standing up for democracy and thank you for standing up against this nuclear dump lunacy in Cumbria.

  2. Marianne Birkby

    many Thanks Miles .. Much appreciated ! keep the big picture in mind and we can stop the nuke juggernaught. …we have to.

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