This Saturday 4th August At St Bees – Radioactive Sand Sculptures

Radiation Free Lakeland will be at St Bees this saturday from 10.30am to hand out leaflets to folks attending the popular Cumbria Wildlife Trust beach sculpture event.  Please do join us at 10.30am we may make our own sand sculpture - rubber gloves and mask recommended. NOT recommended for young children or pregnant mothers.   …

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Radioactive Sand Sculptures by Cumbria Wildlife Trust?

An urgent request has been sent to Sellafield to monitor and retrieve radioactive particles from  St bees beach ahead of Cumbria Wildlife Trust"s 'Beached Art' day. Sellafield have treated this straightforward request under Freedom of Information rules which means that there will not be a reply for at least a month and then we may …

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Volunteers at Radiation Free Lakeland (nuclear safety campaign group based in Cumbria) have been sending soil and sand samples from West Cumbria's coastline to the US for testing.  The resulting report doesn't tell the whole story as funding meant only two isotopes were tested for ...even so fully one third of ALL samples tested contain …


The Vikings are Back to Close Sellafield!

It's a long time since the Vikings were making a nuisance of themselves along the beautiful coastline of West Cumbria. Now a group of them are back.  This time they are welcomed with heartfelt thanks from those for whom the nuclear lies are no longer believed. Neptune Network - The Close Sellafield Mission 2018 The …

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World Nuclear Heritage Site

Bunting is being put up to welcome His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, who has been confirmed as the guest of honour at a special community event to mark the Lake District as a World Heritage Site on 26 March. Radiation Free Lakeland will be sending Prince Charles our "Pictorial Guide to the Lake …

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Hallowed, Sacred Rivers and Lakes?

Once upon a time two major rivers flowing from the Mountains to the Irish Sea across the fertile plains of West Cumbria would be regarded as hallowed, sacred, life giving, full of fish and the purest fresh water.  These two Lakeland rivers pass under beautiful pack horse bridges. At the end of the journey of …

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RSPB Slam Coal Mine Plan for Cumbria Citing Earthquake Risk and More

Below is the RSPB’s opposition to West Cumbria Mining’s proposal for a new coal mine off St Bees. Despite “further information” asked for from the developers the RSPB’s objections still stand (how could they not!) It is so very bizarre that the many objections to the mine are not front page news in the national […] …

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Man Made Earthquakes in Cumbria?

Do we want to risk man made seismic activity close to Sellafield?  Please write to Cumbria County Council before July 10th and make your voice heard in opposition to the first coal mine in the UK for 30 years...near to....Sellafield!!! “The majority of the anthropogenic related earthquakes were caused by coal mining and the decline …

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Guest Blog: Why the Nuclear Industry is Killing Off the Human Race by John Urquhart

Documentary from 1983.  Sellafield is still reprocessing and will continue to do so for as long as it can get away with it.   A Guest Blog by John Urquhart WHY THE NUCLEAR INDUSTRY IS KILLING OFF THE HUMAN RACE When Gallileo pointed out that the Roman Catholic Church's model of the universe was flawed, …

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UK Nuclear Offshore Pipeline Test Drilling will Churn Up Old Nuclear Waste; Operation will Add More Nuclear Waste to Irish Sea-Ocean: Write to Oppose

NuGen Boreholes in the Irish Sea near Sellafield will churn up and resuspend what is effectively the worlds biggest nuclear dump sitting on the sea bed. Please write, oppose, take a stand.  This is due to start in late February.

Mining Awareness +

NuGeneration Limited (NuGen) wants to build three nuclear reactors (Moorside) near Sellafield nuclear site in Cumbria UK. NuGen is a consortium of Japan’s Toshiba and France’s ENGIE (GDF-Suez). Like all nuclear reactors, they will legally discharge lethal radioactive materials into waterways. Although ocean dumping of nuclear waste is supposed to be illegal, offshore pipelines apparently remain a loophole. Radioactive discharges from the offshore pipeline(s) of Moorside would add to the already heavy radioactive burden of the Irish Sea and ultimately the Arctic. Not only Britain, but Ireland, Norway and those concerned with the Arctic should be alarmed. Additionally, cooling water intake pipes trap and kill marine life. Of current concern, borehole surveys for the intake and outfall pipes will disturb over half a century of radioactive sediment from nearby Sellafield’s discharges.
Ye Olde Nuclear Dump Marianne Birkby
Artwork by Marianne Birkby

As explained by Marianne Birkby of Radiation Free Lakeland:
NuGen plan to drill/blast 40…

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