Greenpeace’s Nuclear Deal To Trash Paddington Bear’s Home (and so much more)

Greenpeace's Lost Cause
Greenpeace’s Lost Cause

For quite some time I have thought that Greenpeace, and especially Greenpeace UK has made some kind of deal with the powers that be to soft pedal on nuclear. Repeated requests for help to stop the nuclear juggernaught have been ignored or brushed off (see below), while Greenpeace campaigners have accused Radiation Free Lakeland of being “bombastic”. Oh for some nukiller bombast from Greenpeace! If they pulled their finger out and put some effort into campaigning against this the most extreme, vicious and nasty way of boiling a kettle ever invented then I for one would be so overjoyed I would eat my bombastic hat while doing cartwheels naked in front of Greenpeace’s wonderful(non existent) NO NUKILLER Banners unfurled from the top of Scafell, Blackpool Tower, Hinkley Point and of course Paddington’s Peru. There is no uranium mining in Peru – but as a direct result of Greenpeace and FoE’s soft pedalling and of course nuclear cheerleading from the likes of George Monbiot, Peru is set to become the biggest exporter of uranium in South America. The companies involved include Canadian – the same companies the UK would be buying uranium from for new “high burn” nukiller reactors. The worlds largest tropical ice cap is under threat – but that of course is a lost cause as far as Greenpeace are concerned. For goodness sake the only causes worth fighting are the lost causes.

Below some recent correspondence with Greenpeace..

Hi Marianne
Thanks for the email – actually this is something we have long opposed – for some of
the blogs. We are currently working on Fracking because we know that this is
an imminent threat but we do have campaigners who are opposing nuclear power
and the waste it produces –

Many thanks

Issy Griffin
Supporter Services
Canonbury Villas
N1 2PN
0800 269 065

—–Original Message—–
From: []
Sent: 15 October 2013 09:37
Subject: Form submission from: General Information

Submitted on Tuesday, 15 October, 2013 – 09:37
[] Submitted values are:

First name: marianne
Surname: Birkby

Your Question:

Brilliant work on fracking! Would the same apply to any drilling? for
example mining under Cumbria to dump hot nuclear reactor wastes?

Thousands of people in Cumbria are opposed to nuclear wastes under their

WOuld Greenpeace make a statement / galvanise action to oppose nuclear
dumping under Cumbria?

fracking is nasty but nukiller is at the very top of the polluting food
chain. At the start of the nukiller chain, the birthing of uranium fuel,is
Springfields in Preston. The River Ribble through Preston will be awash with
radioactive emissions and chemicals from the Springfields site should new
build go ahead.

Please help, please lead the way in opposing nukiller.
Oil and Gas is absolutely essential to nukiller, both Springfields and
Sellafield have their own dedicated fossil fuel plants to ensure security of

with all best wishes for the safe return of the activists… Petitions
signed and letters sent!

Yours sincerely,


The results of this submission may be viewed at:


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