Useful Reports Written or Commissioned by RaFL

A report outlining why nuclear is not only not the answer – it is too dangerous to even be considered as ‘part of the energy mix’.   “In response to the climate emergency Lancaster City Council should embrace the local energy revolution, not old, dangerous, centralised, redundant nuclear technology.” Edinburgh Energy and Environment Consultancy Radiation Free Lakeland have been watching with increasing frustration not to mention growing horror as climate emergency resolutions are adopted by councils without any clause or caveat at all that new nuclear should not be an option. The reasons why new nuclear should not be on the table or anywhere near it are outlined in a new report by the Edinburgh Energy and Environment Consultancy.


Report into the Nuclear Laundry at Lillyhall which opened  without planning permission in 2018


Spotlight on Springfields Spotlight on Springfields Nuclear Fuel Manufacturing Plant  Published on May 1, 2018.    Through the gates of the Springfields plant pass a deadly cargo of nuclear materials which have fuelled nuclear bombs, nuclear reactors and nuclear accidents for over 70 years. These materials pose a radiological and chemical threat to human health and to the environment. This report lifts the lid on the “can of worms” that is Springfields. by Kick Nuclear, Close Capenhurst, Radiation Free Lakeland and Nuclear Trains Action Group


Environmental Impacts of the AP1000    Environmental Impacts of the AP1000  (the reactors proposed for Cumbria “Moorside” )by Edinburgh Energy and Environment Consultancy, July 2017


ap1000_reactors-by-pete-roche-11-16   AP1000 Reactor Design Report from Edinburgh Energy and Environment Consultancy November 2016


Press Release NUCLEAR BRIBERY Makes Fracking Pay Offs Seem Small Fry _RaFL 9/8/16