Organised crime syndicates run Fukushima labour rackets

Nuclear Slavery – Yes Nuclear is “too expensive” …but Greenpeace and other NGOs in the UK seem to be focussing solely on the expense. This narrow field of view is just another form of propaganda. Nuclear is not a “too expensive” new handbag, it is an obscenity – an obscenity that includes slavery and genocide, ignored by the mainstream media especially in the UK.


Criminalflag-japanRadiation, desperation and gangsters: Inside the hidden tragedy of Fukushima The Globe and Mail , 25 Oct 13 ANTONI SLODKOWSKI AND MARI SAITO  IWAKI — Reuters , Oct. 25 2013  “…….The yakuza connection The complexity of Fukushima contracts and the shortage of workers have played into the hands of the yakuza, Japan’s organized crime syndicates, which have run labour rackets for generations.

Nearly 50 gangs with 1,050 members operate in Fukushima prefecture dominated by three major syndicates – Yamaguchi-gumi, Sumiyoshi-kai and Inagawa-kai, police say.

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