Melvyn Bragg and the Land Grabbing Mafia

Letter sent today .... Dear Lord Bragg, LAND GRABBING MAFIA   When I heard your voice on the radio talking about the “disgraceful purchase of land, shameful manoeuvring, bullying mafia tactics” I thought Hurrah! Melvyn has read all our many letters to him and is at last holding the nuclear industry to account!   It was …

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PYLONS:What Decision Would You Like National Grid to Make? 70% Say No to Moorside

The Evening Mail's Pylon Poll has the option (unlike the actual Consultations) to vote No to Moorside...the poll is now standing at 70% saying No to Moorside ...this is absolutely remarkable and very heartening given that the Friends of the Lake District and other groups along with the media are concentrating campaign efforts and media …

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Visit from CID

20 years ago – the National Park go to great lengths to “protect the public” from the Rusland Beeches. If only they would be so protective of the public’s health from the biggest nuclear development in Europe planned for Cumbria.

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Sept 3rd 1996

Had a visit from CID.  Just arrived unannounced at the door – plain clothes chap….asking(?) to come in and “talk about the Rusland Beeches” Like before (on the phone) wants to know if I plan to organise a “sit in” but the National Park still have to ratify their own decision to fell and need permission from the Dept of Environment and we dont want to jeopardise their decision.  I ask if they will be making an official visit to the National Park as ordinary landowners are fined 10,000 a tree for felling TPO trees and thats without bats overwintering!  He assures me they will be speaking to the NP but I won’t hold my breath.

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Parish Councils around the Cumbrian Coast have teamed up to oppose the giant pylons from Moorside.  Former US nuclear regulator Arnie Gundersen has told Radiation Free Lakeland that there would need to be two transmission lines 10 miles apart.   Pylons are the least worst thing about Moorside.  We suspect that those few Parish Councillors who …


Large Earthquakes Strike Italy

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Norcia Italy wall
Norcia Italy church bells
Google Streetview of Norcia, Italy
August 24 2016 Earthquake Central Italy
M6.2 – 10km SE of Norcia, Italy, 2016-08-24 01:36:33 UTC 42.714°N 13.172°E 10.0 km depth
M5.5 – 4km NE of Norcia, Italy, 2016-08-24 02:33:30 UTC 42.822°N 13.126°E 10.0 km depth

‘Voices under the rubble’ after quake hits Italy; at least 38 dead
Posted:Wed, 24 Aug 2016 08:09:16 -0400
ACCUMOLI, Italy (Reuters) – A powerful earthquake devastated a string of mountainous towns in central Italy on Wednesday, trapping residents under piles of rubble, killing at least 38 people and leaving thousands homeless

Italy cancelled the nuclear power station which would have been closest to the epicentre and closed the rest after Chernobyl:

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An Open Letter to Bill Bryson


Roe deer, Moorcide Roe deer, Moorside

Dear Bill,

Fantastic that you are supporting the Friends of the Lake District campaign to hide the two rows of pylons from the proposed Moorside nuclear reactors.

Perhaps you would consider supporting the resistance to Moorside?

The doubling of Sellafields already “grotesque” (Alfred Wainwright)  nuclear sprawl will be rather more difficult to hide than the pylons.

The National Grid’s Robert Powell told campaigners during a Pylon “drop in” at Beckermet,  that the only guaranteed way to stop the pylons is to ‪#‎StopMoorside‬

yours sincerely,

Marianne Birkby

on behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland

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Kuwait scraps nuclear power plans – Gulf Business

Kuwait scraps plans for new nuclear…too costly, too dangerous …..

AGR Daily News Service

Kuwait’s Ministry of Electricity and Water has reportedly scrapped plans to build a nuclear power plant citing cost concerns.The country had planned to obtain a licence for the project from the United Nations.Kuwait Times reports that the ministry decided to retract the plans because studies proved it was unfeasible and too expensive.The ministry also said alternative energy sources like wind and solar power were more cost effective, according to the publication.The country is expected to require several new power stations between 2020 and 2030.

Source: Kuwait scraps nuclear power plans – Gulf Business

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