Make Cumbria Safe! For starters – STOP bringing waste and reprocessing

A new petition has gone online written by a Cumbrian councillor asking Secretary of State, Ed Davey to Make Cumbria Safe. A good start would be to stop ALL transports of waste to Sellafield and to cease churning out ever more plutonium from the reprocessing of that waste. Please support this petition and MAKE CUMBRIA … Continue reading Make Cumbria Safe! For starters – STOP bringing waste and reprocessing

Notes from the “call in” meeting in Carlisle 19th Feb

Excellent write up from The 'call in' meeting. These handwritten notes have been made by Fiona of 3 Weeks to Save the Lakes Please note- this is all paraphrased not quotes and is based on notes taken at the time- I don't do shorthand, I couldn't get every point. Intro: 3 councillors had made … Continue reading Notes from the “call in” meeting in Carlisle 19th Feb

Britain’s Plutonium Mountain – BBC File on 4

The world's largest Plutonium Mountain is at Sellafield. Plutonium was not an accidental byproduct of the nuclear industry but deliberately extracted as a bomb making material. Despite there already being 112 tonnes of Plutonium at Sellafield, 4 - 6 tonnes more every year is extracted from used nuclear fuel i.e. radioactive waste by reprocessing. Every … Continue reading Britain’s Plutonium Mountain – BBC File on 4

Make Cumbria (and Cumbria’s Neighbours) Safe!

Please sign and share Radiation Free Lakeland fully support Councillor John McCreesh's call to "Make Cumbria Safe." We urge others to do the same, all our futures depend on the wastes at the Sellafield site being contained into eternity, rather than dispersed to landfill, geological dump, scrap metal, rivers, air and sea. Cllr John … Continue reading Make Cumbria (and Cumbria’s Neighbours) Safe!

No means NO!!

STOP PRESS..... A unanimous vote of confidence in the Cabinet decision Despite the best efforts of a smear campaign which originated from Sellafields's press officer and is directed at opponents of the nuclear dump... the Economy and Environment Group have unanimously voted to uphold the Cabinet's reasoned and logical No to going any further along … Continue reading No means NO!!

Reply to BBC Complaints Department

The BBC have asked for more information regarding our complaint about the ongoing smear campaign against anti-nuclear campaigners in Cumbria. Dear BBC Complaints The complaint regards the repeating of defamatory claims that anti nuclear campaigners 'threatened and intimidated" councillors in Cumbria. online here: and also aired on the BBC TV news This is a … Continue reading Reply to BBC Complaints Department

What Part of NO Don’t You Understand?

The decision by Cabinet has been "called in" by 3 Copeland councillors. That means that the Economy & Environment Group will 'scrutinise' the Cabinet's decision and either agree with it or ask that the Cabinet take a revote. It has been suggested that Copeland was always expected to call in the decision if the Cabinet … Continue reading What Part of NO Don’t You Understand?