Lock the Gate on Drigg Nuclear Waste Site: 15th July in Kendal


“The time has come the Walrus said to speak of many things.  Of nuclear waste in shipping crates and jellyfish with wings..”

Dear Friends

Just had a phone call from Cumbria County Council saying the Drigg Nuclear Dump  decision will be taken in Kendal on 15th July at 9am. 

I will speak on behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland and will deliver our LOCK THE GATE ON DRIGG petition. The more signatures we have on it the better!  Please Share far and wide.

Drigg is a beautiful little coastal Lakeland village which has the misfortune to be host to the UKs “Low Level” Nuclear Waste site.  Don’t be misled by the words “low level” the stuff dumped at Drigg is long lived and nasty and includes plutonium waste (including bizarrely giant slag pots, they say contaminated with a plutonium pacemaker, this is suspect as so few plutonium pacemakers were ever made, for obvious reasons!)

The Drigg site is vulnerable to flooding not just from the sea but also from the water courses running alongside and through the site as reported by The Ecologist: Cumbria flooding: Environment Agency issues alert on Drigg nuclear waste site

The operators of the Drigg site are multinational companies who are also involved in “decommissioning” nuclear sites around the world.

The operators have said that Drigg’s Nuclear Dump “is likely to continue operating well into the next century.”  Not if we can help it!   The ONLY way the nuclear industry can continue to pretend it has a “solution” to the nuclear waste problem is if we the public allow the industry to continue dumping radioactive waste into the environment.  Nuclear waste from hospitals is a tiny tiny fraction, with most hospitals now using short lived isotopes,  the bulk of nuclear waste going into Drigg is from opearating and decommissioning nuclear plants and the military.   Nuclear waste is even being diverted from Drigg into landfill in order to “save” Drigg for the nastier stuff.

The more people and groups who can oppose the continued dumping of nuclear waste at Drigg the better.  The eventual plan is it seems for the shipping containers full of nuclear waste to end up on the West Cumbrian coastline….”Material deposited from the existing “cliff’, or dune embankment will be deposited on the beach. The degree of dispersion of material is dependent on the size of the material with the sands and clays being washed out of the debris leaving coarser material behind. The largest items may persist for a few hundred years at the top of the beach and provide a degree of foreshore armouring, and cliff protection, i.e. eroded wastes will tend to reduce further erosion of wastes until they breakdown and disperse.”


 Site Disruption Drigg LLW
We will hold a demonstration outside Kendal County Offices from 8am on 15th July to Oppose continued dumping of nuclear waste into the environment and to urge Cumbria County Council to LOCK THE GATE ON DRIGG

UK Nuclear Offshore Pipeline Test Drilling will Churn Up Old Nuclear Waste; Operation will Add More Nuclear Waste to Irish Sea-Ocean: Write to Oppose

NuGen Boreholes in the Irish Sea near Sellafield will churn up and resuspend what is effectively the worlds biggest nuclear dump sitting on the sea bed. Please write, oppose, take a stand.  This is due to start in late February.

Mining Awareness +

NuGeneration Limited (NuGen) wants to build three nuclear reactors (Moorside) near Sellafield nuclear site in Cumbria UK. NuGen is a consortium of Japan’s Toshiba and France’s ENGIE (GDF-Suez). Like all nuclear reactors, they will legally discharge lethal radioactive materials into waterways. Although ocean dumping of nuclear waste is supposed to be illegal, offshore pipelines apparently remain a loophole. Radioactive discharges from the offshore pipeline(s) of Moorside would add to the already heavy radioactive burden of the Irish Sea and ultimately the Arctic. Not only Britain, but Ireland, Norway and those concerned with the Arctic should be alarmed. Additionally, cooling water intake pipes trap and kill marine life. Of current concern, borehole surveys for the intake and outfall pipes will disturb over half a century of radioactive sediment from nearby Sellafield’s discharges.
Ye Olde Nuclear Dump Marianne Birkby
Artwork by Marianne Birkby

As explained by Marianne Birkby of Radiation Free Lakeland:
NuGen plan to drill/blast 40…

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Nuclear Tosh(iba) Reigns Supreme While Cumbria is Stitched Up

The Sellafield site on the right and just some of the land
The Sellafield site on the right and just some of the land “acquired” with public money for the proposed new nuclear build known as Moorside/Moorcide
pic from NDA S116310.jpg S69106BB.jpg

Nuclear Tosh(iba) Reigns Supreme While Cumbria is Stitched Up By Those Who Should Be Protecting People and this Magical Corner of the Planet

As the first consultation for Moorside drew to a close on the 25th July
the company behind NuGen, Toshiba was caught cooking the books while Cumbria County Council waxed lyrical about “nuclear aspirations”.

Give us a break, Cumbria’s ONLY nuclear aspiration should be to ensure protection from the already intolerable and (even without Moorside) accelerating nuclear burden of ‘decommissioning’ and reprocessing.

The Japan Times reported on July 19th that the panel set up to investigate the
multinational company’s dodgy accounting found “Toshiba cooked its books
partly because of clouded prospects for its nuclear power business after
the March 2011 disasters sparked a triple meltdown crisis at Tokyo and
Electric Power Co.’s Fukushima No. 1 atomic plant” which Toshiba had large
responsibility for. This is the company the UK government is wooing to
build triple untried reactors next to the worlds most dangerous stockpile
of plutonium.

At the Moorside consultation events, people attending were told by NuGen staff
that that “nothing will stop the development” but that people can “help
shape the plans.” Really? The only shape we want is an unequivocal NO.
Maybe in the end the only way of achieving an unequivocal No will be by
mass direct action for a start.. putting Stop Moorside banners on fellsides and posters in windows.  Already nearly 8000 people have signed the Stop Moorside
petition despite it receiving so little publicity by the media. Hundreds
of people are already pledging a boycott of Toshiba products as a direct
result of Toshiba’s involvement in the Moorside Project.

Radiation Free Lakeland supporters have said

*I will be Boycotting Toshiba products as a direct result of your
aggressive push for new untried untested reactors near to the world’s most
dangerous radioactive wastes at Sellafield.

*Any consultation that is predetermined is not a consultation but a pretense

*In 2007 the High Court found that the government’s plans to build a new
generation of nuclear power stations was “unlawful”

*New international studies provide “strong evidence” that nuclear power is
a cause of leukemia and other radiation linked diseases

*The cooling for Moorside would result in a. churning up the already
radioactively contaminated sediments of the Irish Sea bed b. heating the
Irish Sea and c. cooling towers sending vapour plumes from the Irish Sea
over Lakeland.

*The AP1000 “passive containment cooling” in case of an accident involves
millions of gallons of water sitting on top of the three reactors. Apart
from other concerns this makes for three dangerously top heavy
installations in the vicinity of the worlds most dangerous wastes. The
AP1000 reactor design has been criticised as unsafe by former nuclear
regulator Arnie Gundersen and others.

*The Copeland Local Plan 2001 -2016 says that there should be: NO NEW

Despite the psychological marketing ploy of a fait accompli by government, Cumbria County Council and industry this is not a done deal. The Stop Moorside campaign is growing and it is absolutely necessary that it succeeds to ensure the health and future of a Cumbria already living under the diabolic shadow of Sellafield.

note: just shared this post on the I Love the Lake District Facebook page – a lovely page with wonderful views of the Lakes… vociferous defenders of the nuclear industry ensured the post was removed after 5 minutes.  This is what we are up against it is like a nuclear mafia.     I Love the Lake District….But Not That Much?!  No doubt if Wainwright lived today and had posted on I Love the Lakes about Calder Halls (Sellafields) grotesque atomic towers he would be shot down in the furious wrath of the nuclear defenders.

‘The most arresting sight is the grotesque collection of towers and minarets of the Calder Hall Atomic Power Station strangely tormenting the land horizon southwest; it is seen along the valley of the Calder, with the sea beyond, in a frame of serene fells. The contrast is striking: a modern toy and the timeless hills!’ AW

In this weeks Cumberland News: Demands over monitoring waste – RADIOACTIVE WASTE!

Demands over Monitoring Radioactive Waste. Cumberland News 5.6.15
Demands over Monitoring Radioactive Waste. Cumberland News 5.6.15

THANKS to the Cumberland News for reporting on this.  Previously there has been a media black out for whatever reason – even when Lillyhall got a permit from the Environment Agency, over and above the heads of councillors to dump high volumes of radioactive waste the reporting on the matter was zilch.  The reporting was also zilch when in 2014 Cumbria County Council gave Lillyhall landfill an extension to 2029 despite the operators FCC/Energy Solutions admitting to being “unaware’ that Sellafield had abused the new law in order to dump one bag of intermediate and four bags of low level radioactive wastes instead of the newly reclassified “exempt” wastes.   Energy Solutions as well as operating the nuclear side of the landfill are also operating Magnox sites and decommissioning.


Demands over monitoring waste

by Kelly Pattison

Senior county councillors faced campaigners calling for independent monitoring of radioactive waste.

Radiation Free Lakeland founding members, Marianne Birkby and husband and wife Ron and Anita Stirzaker were demonstrating at the entrance to Cumbria County Council’s car park at its Citadel headquarters in Carlisle.  Their efforts were before Mrs Birkby addressed yesterday’s meeting  of the county council’s ruling cabinet and delivered 118 letters (actually over 200!) from concerned residents and others who want Cumbria and Lancashire county councils to introduce independent monitoring of waste that heads to landfill sites such as Lillyhall near Workington.  They claim more can be done to check that higher levels of waste are not entering the environment accidentally, fearing current controls are not enough.

She said: “There is a real risk to human health on this but there is also an abdication of responsibility for that risk.  We want Cumbria and Lancashire county councils to get together an introduce independent radiation monitoring.”

Mrs Birkby told councillors that independent monitoring had been carried out in the past by Barrow Council and in Lancaster by a network of local authorities.

“Because of cuts, radiation monitoring has been left to the industry and Environment Agency both they (the councils) have the equipment if they have an emergency, which seems a bit like after the horse has bolted to me.”

In response councillor David Southward explained that a series of monitoring measures are carried out by the nuclear industry, the Environment Agency and a range of other local, regional. national and international bodies – some as often as every 30 minutes. he also said that preliminary work is being carried out looking at increasing monitoring working around nuclear sites across the UK. He added:

“The stuff people now regard as ‘free release’ (from nuclear sites) is general really low level waste, trace stuff really.  It is building debris and soil which we have seen at those tips.”

Mr Southward, the county council’s cabinet member for economic development and property also addd that would provide a more detailed response if further questions from the group were submitted in writing.

Letter from Sellafield Worker Exposes Nuclear Corruption


There is something seriously wrong when the UK nuclear industry’s corruption of governance is exposed not by Greenpeace or Friends of the Earth but by a brave and principled Sellafield worker.

The national media have gone along with the myth that the Sellafield Workers Campaign represent the workforce and West Cumbria. Cumbria is being sold down the radioactive river by unparalleled nuclear corruption that extends to every facet of our society.

SIR – Recently a copy of the Sellafield Workers Campaign (SWC) Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) consultation submission was emailed to me.

While I do agree with some of the document, there are other sections that I’m not happy with.

I work at Sellafield, have done so for 30 years, and pay my union fees, so that I may be represented in pay talks, and other industrial relation issues. This is where my association with my union ends.

The SWC is a small organisation made up from shop stewards, from differing unions. I acknowledge their right to campaign on issues, but do feel that they have absolutely no right to declare that they represent 10,000 employees outside of the work environment.

I’m a member of one trade union, and am not a member of an amalgamation of three. I have not signed up to this organisation. I didn’t vote for this, nor did I agree for them to represent me, in my community.

The SWC assertion that they represent all employees is disingenuous.

I was one of the Sellafield employees who got in touch with Eddie Martin during the Managing Radioactive Waste Safely (MRWS) fiasco. I urged Mr Martin to say no, if there was a risk of a GDF being sunk beneath the Lake District National Park – which will soon (hopefully) become a Unesco World Heritage Site. I still maintain this stance. There has to be limits to this stupidity. To define no red line, and have an open-ended process, where the views of the public are ignored is not democratic, and is dangerous.

We are being rail-roaded into accepting a sub-standard repository, where engineering takes primacy over geology. The last few weeks in West Cumbria have taught us lessons about engineering. A storm lasting a few hours can cause untold damage. If the option of engineering, over geology is sought out, we can expect nature to bite us harder than it has ever done before.

The SWC view themselves as a ‘legitimate representative of the communities of West Cumbria’, and yet they view opposition groups, such as the Cumbria Trust quite differently. At least Cumbria Trust invite people to join their ranks, instead of making assumptions that the SWC have. They are blinkered, and blind to the views of the rest of the community.

My postman has more contact with the communities than what the SWC claim to represent – he’s more of a legitimate representative, than this group will ever be!

The SWC has controlling individuals at its core, whose reach stretches out into local/national government. They control local politicians, influencing their decision making processes through fear of losing seats, and lucrative allowances. They also take part in behind closed door meetings with council leaders. What are they discussing? Are the rest of the community happy for these unelected individuals to influence policy by lobbying?

As well as controlling local politicians, they fill many seats at Copeland Borough Council, with current, or ex Sellafield employees. They only do this for one thing. That is for total control.

There are many similarities with Copeland, when compared with Falkirk (where there was uproar over alleged union interference with election candidates). Union activities should be distinctly separate from politics. Of course, the Copeland Labour party will tell you that they select candidates, not the unions. But, the local Labour party is run by ex, and current union representatives!

For more than 20 years, Sellafield unions have filled many seats at Copeland Borough Council, and selected our MPs. We all know how these nuclear professionals have performed while sitting in office – they have killed the area, by squandering tens of millions of pounds. So, what makes them think that they can do a better job with the MRWS process? Their record has been abysmal. The sooner non-Sellafield councillors take up office, the better.

Union officials, the Copeland MP, backed by kowtowing council leaders have attempted to influence the MRWS process, to the detriment of those that do not work at Sellafield. The general public are absolutely not represented by the reckless puppet masters, who are pulling the strings of local politics. This interference must stop.

The MRWS process should be managed by scientists, and geologists who know what they are talking about, instead of having amoral bullies hijacking something that we owe future generations to get right.


Address Supplied


Image from the Independent

The below was written in 2012 by Radiation Free Lakeland
to MP Tim Farron asking for an investigation into the corruption of governance

* Government Appointed Geologist – Licensed to Kill?*

This year DECC will spend three quarters of its budget on the NDA. Much
of this money is being spent in Cumbria on the quango MRWS. At the MRWS
‘drop in’ sessions throughout Cumbria the public are being induced by the
government appointed geologist to take another step towards geological
‘disposal.’ The language used by the government appointed geologist is
inflammatory and if ” ..I will kill them” had been uttered by a
campaigner the police would have been knocking on the campaigner’s door
the next morning.

“If anyone questions my intellectual independence I will kill them”
unprovoked outburst from Dr Jeremy Dearlove to campaigner Marianne Birkby
on 18th January at Millom.

This is not a forgivable isolated incident said in the heat of the moment.
A separate complaint has been made to MRWS. Dr Jeremy
Dearlove has also been coercing the public with reassurances that a
nuclear ‘repository’ would be so safe he would be happy to have it under
his home. Dr Dearlove is thought to live in Ennerdale.

This inducement of the public and Decision Making Bodies to take nuclear
related decisions in a certain direction is endemic in Cumbria. From Lord
Clark’s conflict of interest as LDNPA Chair and director of Sellafield to
Eric Robson’s role as Chair of Cumbria Tourism and MRWS PR guru, the
corruption of Cumbria’s decision makers is rife.

A joint report by Unlock Democracy and The Association for the
Conservation of Energy called ‘A Corruption of Governance’ has just been
presented to government about how ministers and the public have been
misled into continuing the nuclear agenda

The conclusions of the report are
1. Parliament needs to re-open the nuclear debate, and to make a
decision based
upon the correct and full evidence.
2. Members of Parliament must seek answers as to how this has happened.
3. There should be a Select Committee inquiry into this corruption of

Radiation Free Lakeland would also ask that there should be an independent
inquiry into the endemic corruption of Cumbria’s decision makers into
enabling ‘steps towards geological disposal.’

yours sincerely,
Marianne Birkby
Radiation Free Lakeland


DECCs Budget

Dr Jeremy Dearlove’s statement

Lord Clark – non exec Director of Sellafield and LDNPA Partnership Chair

Corruption of Governance

Her Majesty’s Government Plot Cumbrian Nuclear Dump

Her Majesty’s Government plot exposed. If Cumbrians continue to oppose a geological nuclear dump under their beautiful land, Lord O’Neill, celebrated member of the Humanist Society advocates a more “aggressive” approach.

Meanwhile the press keeps schtum and says nothing about this abuse of human rights.

Don’t scare the horses?


‘The Gift’ That No One Wants

Christmas 'GIFT' to Cumbria - Hot Radioactive Waste Dump
Christmas ‘GIFT’ to Cumbria – Hot Radioactive Waste Dump

The map above is to scale and shows the size of the area proposed by government for a geological dump 25km square under Cumbria’s beautiful rivers, mountains, towns and villages. The discussions as to “where this would go” under Cumbria are a meaningless distraction – this would be so big and so leaky it would be close to everywhere!

This map does not of course include the access shafts or above ground ‘canning factory’ or the ‘sidings’ where the waste would arrive prior to burial.

Radiation Free Lakeland will be going to London on 3rd Dec to protest our opposition to the CONsultation and to the continued push for geological dumping under Cumbria or anywhere else for that matter. We will be delivering hundreds of letters to DECC (see below if you would like to add your name)

Geological dumping aims to put the waste out of reach of future generations. Cumbrian councils and others are insisting that the waste should also be retrievable. Retrievability is essential. Geological dumping is incompatible with retrievability. Geological dumping would mean putting the waste out of the reach of future generations and preventing them from ensuring their groundwaters are safe from radioactive contamination.

The reason Government are pushing so hard for geological dumping under Cumbria is to enable new nuclear build. A report from the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution (known as the Flowers Report) stated that:
“… it would be morally wrong to commit future generations to the consequences of fission power on a massive scale unless it has been demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that at least one method exists for the safe isolation of these wastes for the indefinite future.” [para 181, page 81]

This report still stands and was the basis of a challenge by Greenpeace over Hinkley C. Surprising then that the normally lionhearted Greenpeace wimped out and withdrew their challenge quietly in October. According to Greenpeace campaigner Emma Gibson: the Government had since disclosed the bulk of its defence, which she admitted showed there were plans for a waste dump.

Really!! Shouldn’t Cumbrians be told what these papers contain?

Radiation Free Lakeland asked Greenpeace and their answer is: The papers are confidential under legal process and cannot be released.

We have asked government under the Freedom of Information Act for the content of the papers disclosed to Greenpeace. If as Greenpeace have claimed it is “highly unlikely” the dump will be built and that the “implementation of geological disposal” needs to be seen to continue in order to enable new build then why drop the legal challenge? Either way Cumbrians are being subjected to huge emotional trauma while radioactive wastes stack up at Sellafield from continued reprocessing and the dodgy ducks are lined up for insane new build.

Hundreds of Letters (below) will be be delivered to the Department of Energy and Climate Change on 3rd Dec by Radiation Free Lakeland …
email your name and address to : rafl@mariannebirkby.plus.com with DUMP ED DAVEY in the subject line to add your name

To the Department of Energy and Climate Change

Dear Ed Davey,

Cumbrians have said No repeatedly to a geological dump anywhere under this land from Morecambe Bay to the Solway. The new consultation announced by DECC is a narrowly focused set of questions with the aim of achieving a Yes response to a repository as quickly as possible by scrapping the rights of host communities to say NO. The consultation aims to give the few people on the Allerdale and Copeland Borough Council Executive the sole right to make the decision. Cumbrians have already said no repeatedly to becoming the nuclear dumping ground for existing and future radioactive wastes taken out of reactor cores and buried under Cumbria’s leaky geology.

Cumbria is not a willing volunteer for the geological dumping of nuclear wastes and the representative County council has already said NO. I say NO to geological dumping of nuclear waste under Cumbria.

Yours sincerely,



FLowers Report and History of Nuclear Waste

History of nuclear waste disposal proposals in Britain

Geological Disposal

Rock Solid? A scientific review by Dr Helen Wallace -European Leaders are being misled over the safety of underground disposal of dangerous nuclear waste which could poison groundwaters for centuries

Greenpeace Challenge Withdrawn

101 Uses for a Nuclear Power Station

Cabinet Meeting – “Its just about the process” No – its just about Forcing a Nuke Dump

Like Lemmings we continue the Nuke Dump "process"

Radiation Free Lakeland were at the Cabinet Meeting of Cumbria County Council today in Carlisle. The meeting was to discuss the Council’s “response” to the latest trap for them set by Government. RaFL have been urging people not to “respond” to this trap directly to but write to DECC and others strongly opposing the “process” which leads to only one outcome – a nuclear dump under Cumbria.

Understandably Cumbria County Council are very angry that government is planning to airbrush them out of the picture. The CONsultation was written specifically with Cumbria’s two tier authority of District and County Council in mind. Following the County’s NO vote Government now just wants to make a deal with the few nuclear patsies on Allerdale and Copeland’s District Council Executive.

Cumbria County Council’s policy on geological dumping was outlined by Council Leader Stuart Young.”We support deep geological disposal but only if it is safe and waste can be monitored and retrieved and that means not necessarily in Cumbria.” I spoke to Stuart Young on the way into the meeting and asked him to reconsider the Council’s support for geological disposal. There is no other county in the frame and not likely to be which means that the government will keep on coming back again and again and airbrushing away inconveniences like the County’s No vote. This will happen again and again unless the County Council and others work to oppose the concept of geological disposal not just in Cumbria but anywhere. “Anywhere” is not going to volunteer but it is the means by which the lie is continued that this is a National process and Cumbria are merely “responding” – NO – we are being caught in a clever trap. The whole point of geological dumping is to try to put the waste out of the reach of future generations this makes a nonsense of also aiming for the sane option of constant monitoring and retrieval – the two are incompatible and the sooner Cumbrian Councillors and groups working to stop the dump realise this the better chance we have of a Radiation Free Lakeland (“Lakeland” including the Greater Lakeland of West Cumbria!)

Field Notes from Today’s Meeting – please note this was taken down by hand any mistakes are mine

Before the discussion on the CONsultation there was a report discussed on the Local Enterprise Partnership. New Nuclear is one of the proposed “growth” areas There was no mention of the increased waste.

Stuart Young: MRWS ceased on 30th January. It is however unclear whether this process is a new process or a continuation of the old one. Cumbria County Councils existing policy is to support deep geological disposal but only if it is safe and waste can be monitored and retrieved and that means not necessarily in Cumbria. Members have had many representations from members of the public on both sides some saying our draft response is too weak and some saying it is too strong. The Consultation document from DECC proposes changes which do not adequately express our concerns from the 30th. Baroness Verma has written to the local paper or perhaps the letter was penned by the chap who has gone off on unpaid leave (this means Mark Higson from the Office of Nuclear Development) has said that “There would be no additional jobs associated with continued storage compared with the construction of a GDF”. This is civil service speak. Once a GDF is built its built whereas storage and monitoring goes on, in the long term there would be more jobs. The Right of Withdrawal is still not written into statute. On Community Benefits Baroness Verma who is unelected has said there would be 100s of £millions but again there is nothing in reply to questions for detail. We know that monetary help for West Cumbria from Government is abysmal. On the Community Benefits they have said that the money cannot be spent until the community commits to hosting. If they withdraw the money is clawed back by government. If a volunteer community came forward in Cornwall or Northumbria they are Unitary Authorities whereas Cumbria is a two tiered authority with the County and District Councils. The new process is unworkable and brazen. The not only have the goal posts have been moved but one of the teams has been sent off and the other is trying to dig a big hole in the pitch.

David Southward: Commends the draft report by Cabinet. The new process is fundamentally wrong – this for the whole of the UK – the government will peddle its wares around the country searching for a county to host a GDF. If and when this happens it would be a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project bigger than the Channel Tunnel or an Airport. Stuart Young is the only Cabinet member from the 30th January meeting to have given coherent reasons for refusing. Be assured it doesn’t matter whether it goes in a hole in the ground or in a sheds on Seascale Golf Club what matters is that it is safe. No human endeavour is 100% safe. The decision taken by Cabinet on the 30th may have sullied Government view of West Cumbria and the nuclear scene. I agree that it is nonsense to give this decision to District Councils. On Geology certainty is unachievable you have got to be prepared to modify design depending on what you find in the geology. The inventory is left open because of uncertainty if there is a use for Plutonium. No one wants to buy MOX if it were to go into the repository this would make the structure larger and more expensive. I cannot support the recommendation.

Jo Stephenson: I will be supporting the recommendation 3.1 it is of national significance and that public support should be tested with a Countywide referendum only that would have a realistic prospect of the project commanding public support.

Clare Feeny-Johnson: This is about the process and it is a national process, I am happy with the wording. This is about the whole of Cumbria. On geology engineering solutions can make anything fit but should’nt have to it should be the best. We are the best county in the country to give feedback on the process to DECC.

Ann Burns: The Irish Sea was the most radioactive in the world before Sellafield started the clean up process. Most waste is sitting in West Cumbria. We need to keep talking about this it isn’t going to go away it cannot be magiked away. No one is going to have any trust in the process if they step in to remove Cumbria County Council from the right to have our say.

Vote – 9 support the draft response – David Southward abstains

Dump Creep

Greater Lakeland

The new CONsultation can be seen here: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/239237/Consultation_Review_of_the_siting_process_for_a_GDF_FINAL.pdf

Radiation Free Lakeland are not responding directly to this sham CONsultation which blatantly shoves aside any semblance of local democracy and even says that that any challenges from non government experts contrary to the geological disposal agenda will merely be used for “more effective policy and delivery” of geological dumping (pg 34 2.82).

We are urging all groups, all local councils, parish and district and county to strongly oppose this new route to geological dumping under Cumbria.

Please write opposing the sham and the geological dumping agenda – the more people who write and ACTIVELY oppose this the more chance Cumbrians have of continuing their lives and livelihoods in Cumbria.

Put up signs in fields, houses, gardens – write, write, email, phone, get creative – RESIST!

Contact DECC:

Ed Davey MP
Department of Energy and Climate Change
3 Whitehall Place


Nuclear Waste Flasks at Arnisde, Morecambe Bay


Having barely drawn breath since Cumbria County Council’s No vote, the Department of Energy and Climate Change have charged ahead with their “Geological Implementation” agenda and we are now apparently taking steps to the “siting process.” The CONsultation which ends on the 5th is merely about a revision to the “siting process.” The “improvement” is to make the few people on the executive of the District Councils i.e. Allerdale and Copeland, the sole decision makers. The less people to make the decision the less people to nobble.

Even so there are no chances being taken and Cumbria County Council’s response to this sham CONsultation has been overseen by Councillor David Southward, you remember him? He is the nuclear cheerleader who tried to overturn the County Council’s NO vote (but ironically is strongly opposed to the proposed nuclear dump for lower activity wastes at Keekle Head, see previous post below)

Instead of opposing the whole charade of the CONsultation which has been written with Cumbria specifically in mind, the County Council’s draft response goes along with it as much as it can, even helpfully suggesting ways to smooth the road to a geological dump for heat generating radioactive wastes under Cumbria.

Ask Cumbria County Council to consider making radical changes to its draft response.

CONTACTS: You can write to Stuart Young Leader of the Cabinet: Stewart.Young@cumbria.gov.uk
and ask that the content of your letter is made known or write to all 10 Cabinet Members here:

Points to Make (this is not a definitive list – there are more and probably better)

• Cumbria County County Council said NO on 30th January of this year – rather than responding directly to this new and deliberately skewed consultation on the “siting process” the Cabinet should instead write a letter making their own points on their own terms. To take part in the consultation on the “siting process” suggests that the process is underway and that Cumbria County Council is complicit.

• No other County is in the frame – only Cumbria. No District Councils in London, or Norfolk, nowhere apart from Cumbria.

• This is not a Cumbrian problem, it is not even a national problem, the high level waste here is as a result of international deliveries of spent fuel for reprocessing. Spent fuel is still arriving at Sellafield for reprocessing adding to the mountain of deadly wastes including plutonium (see below).

• There is no room for an outright No in this meaningless consultation which is geared to one outcome – a geological dump or two in Cumbria.

• In 2011 the then Secretary of State Chris Huhne was the sole Justifying Authority for the safety of new build with the safety of geological disposal a key prerequisite. He said “we expect to dispose of spent fuel and intermediate level waste from new nuclear power stations in the same geological disposal facility that will be constructed for the disposal of legacy waste”. How confident can Cumbria County Council be that the words of a convicted liar and cheat are trustworthy?

• It is unethical to offer compensation in exchange for a GDF to a community with pre- existing poverty – this is the advice in a government report written in a paper for Nirex by Kate Rawles. It could be argued that it is unethical to offer “compensation” in any case – if the GDF is so safe and such an “huge opportunity” then why the need for compensation?
“an ethical relationship between society and the host community will not be achieved if the main reason that the community agrees to accept an RWMF, and the compensation that goes with it, is pre- existing poverty”. Dr Kate Rawles

• Geological Disposal of the high level wastes proposed has never been carried out anywhere, Cumbria would be the Nuclear Test Dump Dummies.

• Only a strong NO will do.

• Cumbria County Council should work to persuade Allerdale and Copeland District Councils that if intergenerational retrievability is quite rightly seen as an essential then this negates the reasoning behind geological disposal which is to put the waste out of the reach of future generations.

Cumbria County Council’s Cabinet – Draft Consultation Response to Siting Process

David Southward

Ethical Issues in the Treatment of Host Communities by Kate Rawles

Britains Plutonium Mountain

Rock Solid? A scientific review by Dr Helen Wallace -European Leaders are being misled over the safety of underground disposal of dangerous nuclear waste which could poison groundwaters for centuries

Chris Huhne

Radiation Free Lakeland and others will be at outside the Cabinet meeting from 9am to demonstrate our opposition to Cumbria County Council’s bizarre and weak kneed response to this latest cunning plan from the ironically named government quango:Managing Radioactive Wastes Safely. Don’t let Radiation Free Lakeland be ironically named –
……if the plan was to bury a few million tonnes of bananas under Cumbria we wouldn’t be quite so bothered? (many thanks to 3 Weeks to Save the Lakes for that one!)

Nuclear Dump Protest Gathers More Support – Westmorland Gazette 17.10.13

Todays Westmorland Gazette..

Nuclear Dump Protest Gathers More Support 17.10.13 Westmorland Gazette
Nuclear Dump Protest Gathers More Support 17.10.13 Westmorland Gazette


Opponents get signatures for minister letter
by Ellis Butcher

(extracts below)

Local opponents to a potential underground nuclear waste repository in Cumbria canvassed for signatures at the weekend.

Ms Birkby said: “The overwhelming majority of people we spoke to were appalled at the Government coming back with this new plan, and even some of those who had been staunchly pro-nuclear signed the letter.”

“The consultation aims to give the few people on the Allerdale and Copeland Borough Council Executive the sole right to make the decision. Cumbrians have already said no repeatedly to becoming the nuclear dumping ground for existing and future radioactive waste taken out of reactor cores and buried under Cumbria s leaky geology.”