WELL DONE to Eddie Martin ! Cumbria Trust is ” not antinuclear” but it is opposed to the government’s “improved” process To dump democracy along with high level nuclear waste under Cumbria. Cumbria Trust and Eddie are yet to make the connection that the dump is a symptom of the entrenched disease called nuclear power.

Cumbria Trust

Radio Cumbria

Eddie Martin on Mike Zeller 08:11 30th October

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  1. God love you Marianne! You are a brave soul! You are so very right and you bring clarity to all about the connections between the mines, the power plants and the dumps! May God continue to bless and keep you.

  2. Henry Doloughan

    Well done Eddie keep up the good work we are sick of hearing our council leader and local mp saying we are in favour of a dump when every person in cumbria has not had a yes or no vote on the matter. I don’t mean one counted in the council offices in Whitehaven. Henry Doloughan

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