Radiation Free Lakeland:   formed Dec 2008

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19 thoughts on “CONTACT RAFL

  1. Eileen Clark

    Could you please give me details of any transport available to Carlisle demonstration on 30th jan. Are there any shared buses? Thanks . I would like to voice my concern very much

  2. Roy

    Hi there

    I believe that unfortunately Moronside will be built or at least started and nothings going to get in their way. We already know that it is the wrong location simply because there is no existing national grid to connect it to, the cost of the new pylons and infra structure will be enormous and cause more traffic chaos across cumbria, especially when you consider the new water pipe lines that are also being planed. There is also going to be a massive impact on Sillyfield because of the number of people converging on one area, plus the road to the rail station is going to be closed to all except nugen and a new public road is planed just to access the station. Hopefully some of the major players will go bust sooner than later and the whole project collapses and nuclear energy is scrapped before the cost and damage to Cumbria is beyond repair.


    1. There is no “right” location for nuclear power stations as the former President of Japan has just said…”iF you love your country give up nuclear”. I would also add if you have any regard for your neighbours too, as nuclear fall out respects no national boundaries

  3. Roy

    Rumours have it that Sellafield is looking at losing a large number of its people over the next few years by any means the new owners can find, more than moreside will need once operational, is this just a cost cutting exercise or to make way for moreside? Now they are looking at just knocking down anything that stands in there way, so for some it may well be no job and no house. Why are we letting our government beg the French to rip us off and create such an negative impact on Cumbria, they must think the people of copeland are just to dumb to realise they are being used and left with a such a high risk project on their doorstep.


    1. EDF have just bought Studsvik’s who run the radioactive scrap metal plant at Workington and the nuclear dump at Drigg …so yes its the French alongside the Japanese and others – a right multinational congolomorate of private companies chasing lucrative government dumping (decommissioning) contracts and guaranteed way over the price for their nuclear electric….insanity!

  4. sam


    I have a suspicion that it is an EU plan. The EU divides Europe into regions and decides what each region can produce. It seems we have been allocated nuclear power and could possibly be why Germany is closing their reactors. Someone has to have reactors in the military-industrial complex scheme of things for the material for nuclear weapons to be produced!!
    See this document and plan for Smart specialisation in England submission to the EU

    Click to access bis-15-310-smart-specialisation-in-england-submission-to-european-commission.pdf

    This is the plan for the next 5 years.

  5. judith jones

    has anyone challenged nugen re the proximity of the beckermet mines which are allaround this area and go out to sea ..the owner of florence mine at beckermet has maps..

    also the guy who i spoke to about water for the plant said they were going to use underground water as there was lots ..denyed any connection to the pipeline they have just run from ennerdale down there

    1. HI Judith…good idea about the mines…yes the area must be riddled with them. If anyone could get copies of the maps that would be really helpful. On the water…United utilities themselves have said that the developers NuGen have been in correspondence with them about water from Thirlmere AND from new boreholes. Yes there is “plenty” (not a good way to think of finite fresh water) because that whole site is above the important West Cumbria regional aquifer where so many people get their drinking water from!!

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  7. Roy

    Good news at last, NuGen being wound up and Moronside scraped and I think the south Korean president Moon has helped by promising a post nuclear future for his people and this has had an impact on Kepco’s finances and then Toshiba have woken up and seen that nuclear is not the future but more like asbestos, good at the time but nothing more than a silent killer waiting to strike.

  8. Roy

    Hi Marianne

    Just when you think the dust is settling and one nuclear nightmare has be scrapped they then come back and want to ask us if we would like some nice radioactive waste buried underneath us and will make it look like they are doing us all a favour. This time it looks like national parks may not be exempt either but hopefully this will provide even greater numbers of opposition. I very much doubt that the geology will have changed that much in the last few decades so will they once again spend millions of tax payers money just to confirm this all over again?

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