The UK follows Japan in determining extent of nuclear “Transparency” by extending secrecy and protecting corruption!

Secrecy and Lies ….all that is needed for the nuclear industry to flourish






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New Government Security Classifications

In 2012 Francis Maude, Minister for the Cabinet Office, announced the intention to fundamentally overhaul and replace the existing information classification and marking scheme as part of the government’s Civil Service Reform programme.

Sellafield Ltd’s security regulator, ONR (Office for Nuclear Regulation), have instructed Sellafield Ltd and the wider civil nuclear industry to adopt the new GSC protective marking scheme known as Government Security Classifications (GSC).

Government Security Classifications

The new three tier system has three classifications: OFFICIAL, SECRET and TOP-SECRET.

Additionally ONR have mandated the use of an additional classification: OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE for Sensitive Nuclear Information which is classified below SECRET.

Implementing GSC

In line with the rest of UK government, the new GSC scheme is coming into operation on April 2nd 2014. All documents (including commercial correspondence, drawings, specifications, data sheets etc) created by…

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Call for Warning Signs on Cumbrian Beaches

Nuclear Free Local Authorities  calls on Public Health England and the Environment Agency to fully investigate new radioactive particles found on beaches close to Sellafield The Nuclear Free Local Authorities (NFLA) calls today on public health bodies to investigate and analyse further recent deposits of radioactive particles found on beaches close to Sellafield. It also calls …

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‘Nuclear Madness’ Protest at Carlisle Railway Station

    Gallery of Pictures from today's demo   MANY THANKS to everyone who came along today to sing "Trains and boats and Planes , are bringing nuclear waste to my home..." We sang to show our solidarity with all the other groups throughout the UK in Wigan, Brixton, Bristol, Warrington, Lancaster and elsewhere who …

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Nuclear industry must be worried, when top UK atomic advocate suggests renewables are a better bet!

The man largely responsible for successive governmental pro nuclear policy now says “nuclear may not be needed” Meanwhile the earth is being ripped out at Hinkley, and in Cumbria in preperation for dangerous new build. The madness should stop Now !


King,-Sir-DavidNuclear power may not be needed, says top atomic advocate,Telegraph, UK, 22 Nov 14   Sir David King, former chief scientist and champion of the nuclear newbuild, says the top priority must be to develop storage for renewable energy, reports Geoffrey Lean   ……. I was riveted as  Prof Sir David King, the former government Chief scientist,ranged over subjects from population growth to water resources, the growth of cities to commodity prices, spewing out new information and insights.

But while he said a lot about the promise of renewable energy, he said almost nothing about nuclear power – despite for long having been one of its foremost and most influential advocates in Britain, describing it, for example, as a “massive economic opportunity” for the country.

So I got up and asked him about it, expecting the same pro-nuclear response as I had heard from him many times before. Instead he amazed me…

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Demo at Carlisle Railway: From Darkest Peru to Darkest Cumbria – Stop Nuclear Madness!

Join us on Monday. Meet outside Carlisle Railway Station for 11am . All over the country demonstrations against nuclear waste transports are taking place….this was yesterday at Bristol, they have set the musical bar high for this version of Trains and Boats and Planes!
Please come along, bring yourselves, we will be singing “Trains and Boats and Planes”. Bring Music…. We could do with some backing… Some of us sound like Hilda Ogden so please come along and help us sing the song

From Darkest Peru to Darkest Cumbria - Stop Nuclear Madness! From Darkest Peru to Darkest Cumbria – Stop Nuclear Madness!

Radiation Free Lakeland will be holding a demonstration and leafletting at Carlisle Railway Station on Monday 24th November from 11am to 1pm – Please come and join us 

This demonstration in Carlisle coincides with a week of actions at train stations throughout the UK  by groups and concerned citizens including in Wigan, Warrington Bridgwater, Chester  and Lancaster to oppose the continued transport of radioactive materials by train..

What Continued Nuclear Madness Means to the North West:

1. Drives the push for uranium mining worldwide eg. Peru (being aggressively eyed up) , The Grand Canyon USA, Niger, Australia, Russia

2.Uranium arrives at Ellesmere Port Dock by ship where it is transported by road to Capenhurst. It is enriched at Capenhurst and then taken again by road to the Springfields fuel rod conversion plant near Preston. During all these processes…

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The Atomic Weapons Establishment Funds almost Half of UK Universities

Mining Awareness +

Related post re US:

Could this be why it appears virtually impossible to get serious academic work regarding dangers of nuclear, etc.? The buying of academia?

Atoms For Peace: The Atomic Weapons Establishment and UK Universities

Nuclear Information Service and Medact have undertaken a two-year study to investigate research links between British universities and the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE), which is responsible for designing and manufacturing the UK’s nuclear weapons. This report presents the executive summary and key findings from our study.

We found that approaching half of British universities have research links with AWE. Much of the work funded by AWE qualifies as ‘blue skies’ research which is not aimed at any particular application. However, some of the research funded by AWE may have ‘dual use’ potential – the capability to be used for both benign, peaceful purposes and military purposes contributing to the development…

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Guest Blog from Action Atomic Weapons Eradication

Now's the time to take action against Trident replacement Trident is one of those campaigning issues that can sometimes feel just a bit too big; our politicians seem intent on holding onto their WMD's, and there doesn't seem to be very much we can do to stop them. However, I'm convinced, in the few years …

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Trains and Boats and Planes are Bringing Nuclear Waste to My Home.. The Cumbrian Version of Trains and Boats and Planes by artist Kevin Carr Trains and Boats and Planes Are Bringing Nuclear Waste to My Home They're Dumping Things  On Land and Sea Destroying My Marrow Bone. Brains and Throats and Veins  Are All the Organs That Are Wasting Away Chemotherapy's No Remedy For the …

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Au revoir, Areva?

“Rotten” reactor design …..Hinkley C ….Areva’s shares plummet. Why persist with the nuclear nightmare? Is it for reasons other than electricity? Is it to continue producing the radionuclides necessary for nuclear weapons?


EDF is building an Areva EPR reactor at  Flamanville, France. Like all Areva nuclear projects these days, it's not going well. EDF is building an Areva EPR reactor at Flamanville, France. Like all Areva nuclear projects these days, it’s not going well.

The giant French nuclear reactor manufacturer Areva is in serious trouble. According to several reports published today (here’s one from New York Times,  here’s one from Reuters), publicly-traded shares in Areva dropped 15% yesterday. That plunge doesn’t in itself affect Areva as much as it would other companies, since only a small portion of Areva’s shares are publicly-traded–the French government owns 87% of the entity.

But that doesn’t make Areva’s troubles any less real. The company, which recently lost its CEO to health issues, warned yesterday that its outlook is uncertain and suspended its financial projections for both 2015 and 2016. That doesn’t bode well.

Areva’s problems are legion, but two huge missteps over the past decade continue to haunt the company.

The first was agreeing back…

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Nuclear’s social media

Message to head of Communications at NUGEN ….Hi John, I think you are right that there has not been an exhaustive evaluation of potential for loss of control ….but maybe you were talking about loss of control of social media, rather than loss of control of nuclear “power” and waste? I am trying to find the Environmental Permitting for the 100 boreholes near Sellafield, and for any Environmental Impact Assessments…..where can These be seen, they don’t seem to be available for the general public to view online??

Johnmacnuclear's Blog

During a recent meeting of european nuclear communicators the idea of nuclear power’s involvement with social media was discussed. The nuclear industry has by and large taken a hands-off approach to social media – only over the past year has it started to dabble with messaging the benefits of secure, low-carbon nuclear generation via the new channels. And this is strange when you think some 34 countries around the world are engaged in looking seriously at building new nuclear power stations. At present some 30% of the EU’s electricity is generated by nuclear. This is secure, stably-priced and increasingly seen as socially and politically acceptable and advantageous. But the nuclear industry’s traditional reticence in finding new formats to communicate with the general public has surely slowed-down its representation on facebook, twitter, Digg and LinkedIn.

But what are the benefits? And what type of audience does nuclear need to address at a time when…

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