BILLIONS from the Public Purse to Poison Us All With New Cancer Factories

From the Telegraph .... Yeo: Treasury needs to pour billions into nuclear projects hinkley The Treasury is facing calls to pour billions of pounds into a string of troubled new nuclear projects which threaten the UK’s energy supplies. Tim Yeo, a former environment minister and energy committee chairman, is warning that the only way …

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Free speech, censorship & the right to be wrong…


by Catte

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Do we have a responsibility to silence views we consider morally repugnant or simply untrue? Claims that the Holocaust didn’t happen are insane and revolting. Should we prevent people from airing those views? Refuse to debate with them? Should we declare that some opinions do not deserve to be heard?

It’s a good question. Not an easy one to answer maybe. It’s offensive to listen to people excusing or even denying hideous crimes against humanity. The instinct is that they should be stopped somehow. That’s why questioning the reality of the Holocaust is a crime in some countries.

But what about the other side of that? If we – however honourably – designate any opinion to be worthy of unconditional censorship have we not created a dreadful precedent? Holocaust-denial might be a no-brainer for condemnation – but what about “HIV-denial”? “climate-denial?”

In fact “Denialism”…

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American Indian with Hands Up Tasered for No Reason in the Standing Rock Prairie Knights Casino Hotel; Pipeline Protesters-Reporters who Peacefully Evacuated Camp Victimized at the Casino Hotel

Abuse of power….

Mining Awareness +

If we were going to see this at the casino we should have stayed at the camp. We should have stayed at the camp” (M.A.E. Kurthland).

Madrigal-Alcaraz Enrique Kurthland peacefully evacuated one of the No Dakota Access Pipeline camps to stay at the Standing Rock Prairie Knights Casino Hotel, so as not to see the police brutality at the camps. Then the police taser his friend and relative – a Native American Veteran- in the casino hotel for no reason. The man had his hands up as is clear in these screenshots and even more clear in the videos:
As can be seen the man has his hands up:
Madrigal-Alcaraz Enrique Kurthland Video Standing Rock Casino American Indian hands up
The police then grabbed his hand which was up, apparently trying to twist it to hand-cuff him:
Madrigal-Alcaraz Enrique Kurthland  video Standing Rock Casino man grabs American Indian with hands up by arm
The police continues to twist his arm:
Madrigal-Alcaraz Enrique Kurthland Video Standing Rock Casino American Indian police grab arm B
Then suddenly out of the blue another police tasered him with no notice and…

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Rusland Beeches – featured on Countryfile 20 years ago. 20 miles away from the Moorside plan as the crow flies

National Tree Week 17th – 24th November 1996 The Rusland Beeches are featured on Countryfile. Its not the success we hoped as the programme makers gave us the wrong date. I made cards to send out to all the National Park members asking them to watch. The beeches were’nt featured but what was featured was […] …

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A beginner’s guide to the Guardian

George Monbiot has trashed solar calling it “Eco bling” He has trashed wind power alongside the M6 at Shap… Instead he has been telling Cumbrians that what they need is lovely new nuclear and not nasty old coal. Now it looks like Cumbrians are to be frogmarched into both diabolic Nuclear and Coal (in very close proximity) on the West Coast. There is a deathly silence from George and the Guardian on this abuse. Apparently, in the world according to George, the Herdwick is the greatest threat Cumbrians have ever faced.


by Darren Allen

The Guardian newspaper is a limited company and has been since 2008 when the Scott Trust was wound up and replaced by The Scott Trust Ltd, which appoints a board comprised of bankers, management consultants, venture capitalists and other classic left-wingers. The paper itself is written nearly exclusively by elite-educated members of the upper middle class. The viewpoint you would expect to come from this privileged set-up is what you do get.

Murray McDonald, in his Hidden History of the Guardian, explains that The Guardian was launched to undermine working-class leaders of the early 19th century reform movement (whose members were massacred at Peterloo), and during its 150 year history has denounced Ireland’s freedom fighters, Women Suffragettes, Abraham Lincoln’s campaign to end slavery, third world nationalism and pretty much any kind of genuine independence from the system. It supported Tony Blair, even when the…

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“Population Mixing” and Moorside – No One Wants to Talk! WHY?

DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC HEALTH QUIZZED BY TIM FARRON MP ABOUT THE PREDICTED RISE IN CHILDHOOD LEUKAEMIA FOLLOWING CONSTRUCTION OF MOORSIDE Tim Farron has written on behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland to the Director of Public Health Cumbria County Council Colin Cox, Regarding construction of Moorside and "Population Mixing." "Population mixing" is a red herring used …

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EDF Disses Nuclear !

INcredible admission from a senior Vice President of EDF that nuclear is "dying" This is from this weeks newsletter Industry news Week ending 19th February 2017 1, EDF and decentralised energy. Les Echos, the French business newspaper, carried an extraordinary article from a Senior Vice President of EdF, the largely state-owned utility that will …

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How to institutionalise the world

Interesting essay ……


by Darren Allen

Welcome to the World.

You are alone and in enemy territory; stumbling around a frustrating, exhausting, shoddy reality which is, at its core, hostile to life in all its forms. Your instincts to share, cooperate and bring the necessities of life within reach of ordinary people are relentlessly punished. Your conscience is a burden here, your talents are useless, your uniqueness a liability and your actual experience of life a threat.

The only way you can survive in this place, much less accept that it makes any kind of sense, is to have your finer instincts amputated. No easy matter—in fact the eradication of your consciousness, creativity and sensitivity is a lifelong profess, beginning in the proto-institution of the home, continuing through fifteen to twenty years of intensive schooling and ending with forty to sixty years of work in the institutions of the world, also known as…

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Radiation Free Lakeland's Marianne Birkby is honoured to be invited to speak at the next Mystery Tea House film showing in Preston. ...‘Into Eternity’ organised by REAL, Friends of the Earth and Beautiful Planet This eye opening film is of more relevance to Preston and the North West than we are being led to believe.   …