Many Thanks to Austria! They are standing up to the Nuclear Mafia


You may have read in the press that Austria is making a principled stand against new nuclear build in the UK.  We have written to the Austrian Ambassador to thank him.  It would encourage the Austrians in their courageous stance if more people were to write. Please feel free to use the letter below as a template to tell the Austrian government how we feel.



Dear Ambassador Eichtinger,

Thank You for your principled stand against UK nuclear subsidies.

Many British people reject the UK Government’s proposed nuclear plants at Hinkley Point C in Somerset, Moorside in Cumbria and elsewhere. Many are angry at the proposed massive State subsidies for this mature technology when the alternatives including energy efficiency and renewables are cheaper, cleaner, low carbon and provide more jobs.

We are also concerned about the risks of an untried reactor technology and about the new authoritative evidence of increased child leukemias and other radiation linked diseases near all nuclear power stations and Sellafield reprocessing plant.  We therefore appreciate your Government’s work to oppose unwarranted State subsidies for this unsustainable, dangerous, unethical and undemocratic technology and would ask that you convey to your Government that many UK citizens strongly oppose the UK Government’s obscene nuclear plans.   We expect that your Government will be watching the outcome of the UK elections in May!

Yours sincerely

Marianne Birkby

on behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland

Today at Hinkley “Return to Sender” Nuclear Waste Barrels

Nuclear Waste Barrels    costumes
Nuclear Waste Barrels costumes

*Santa Claus to protest at Hinkley Nuclear Power Station*

On Thursday 11th December, protesters dressed as Santa Claus and as
giant drums of radio-active waste will descend on Hinkley Nuclear Power
Station in Somerset in a *RETURN TO SENDER*protest.

The aim of their visit will be to return unwanted Christmas presents ..
radio-active waste.

Protesters will be singing Christmas carols and a parody of the Elvis
classic ‘Return to sender’

*The protest takes place between on Thursday 11th December 12.00 and
2.00pm at the main gates of Hinkley Nuclear Power Station in Somerset.*

*Background*: The present nuclear power stations at Hinkley Point send
radio-active waste to the reprocessing site at Sellafield in Cumbria at
least once a week. It is transported by road from Hinkley to Bridgewater
where it is loaded by crane onto trains. The loading depot is next to
Eastover Junior School where at least one incident of spillage of
radio-active waste has occurred (3 Feb 1988.)

Protesters are opposing the proposed new nuclear power station Hinkley-C
as un-safe, un-necessary, and un-affordable. They go on to say that
nuclear power will not save us from climate change. In the mean time
Sellafield is one of the most polluted and dangerous places on the
planet and it’s madness to continue producing more waste.

*Protesters* say “There’s already well over a hundred tons of plutonium
waste at Sellafield – the most dangerous and toxic element on earth. We
ask the question WHY? And we say its madness to keep adding to this
lethal stockpile. No more nuclear power stations and clean up the
existing mess

*Marianne Birkby* RADIATION FREE LAKELAND says …Nuclear waste is a
toxic time bomb not wanted by anyone. Sellafield in Cumbria is where all
nuclear reprocessing and eventual dumping of radioactive materials takes
place in the UK. Reprocessing was the heart of plutonium manufacturing
for the British atomic weapons program, there is now around 140 tonnes
of plutonium. The full inventory of radioactive wastes are not known.
Sellafield says with hellish optimism “We are world leaders in nuclear
waste management.”   The reality is crumbing open tanks of radioactive
wastes too radioactive even for robots to get anywhere near. Cumbria is
way past saturation point as far as radioactive wastes are concerned.
The only “solution”  is to dump it into the environment. More power to
the protesters stopping the insane building of even more nuclear power

Public Lecture: What New Nuclear Build Means to the Northwest.

From Niger to the  North West
Uranium – From Niger to the North West


Public Lecture: What New Nuclear Build Means to the Northwest.

Professor Robin Grimes, Chief Scientific Advisor to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, will give a lecture on 6th November at the Storey in Lancaster on “What New Nuclear Build Means to the North West.”

Radiation Free Lakeland will be holding a demonstration and leafleting outside the event from 5pm. The lecture begins at 6pm. Professor Grimes is an enthusiast of new nuclear build as a solution to climate change, despite there being no solution to the problem of dangerous nuclear wastes.  No solution to the profligate use of public money, militarism, chemicals, fresh water and fossil fuel propping up the most dangerous industry in the world.  Professor Robin Grime’s nuclear new build obsession is an epic diversion and distraction away from renewables and energy efficiency – which can actually deliver climate solutions in the time scales necessary.   Photographs leaked by a whistleblower show that Sellafield wastes have been neglected despite billions spent in public money.  Should nuclear experts like Prof Grimes be promoting an increase in the nuclear footprint….or researching, lobbying and working all out to stop and contain the existing wastes?

What New Nuclear Build Means to the North West:

1. Drives the push for uranium mining worldwide eg. Peru, The Grand Canyon USA, Niger, Australia, Russia

2.Uranium arrives at Ellesmere Port Dock where it is transported by road to Capenhurst. It is enriched at Capenhurst and then taken again by road to the Springfields fuel rod conversion plant near Preston. During all these processes it in the form of a Uranium Hexaflouride

3. The Fuel Making Process produces radioactive wastes which are released to the River Ribble and dumped in Clifton Marsh landfill. Depleted Uranium is stored at Capenhurst.

4. The fuel is taken to nuclear reactors including Heysham which is being restarted despite “a crack in the boiler spine, a metal rod supporting the weight of the reactor” (Institution of Engineering and Technology).

5. Once the fuel is burnt (spent fuel) it travels by rail to Sellafield where it is reprocessed increasing the volume of waste x180. Sellafield uses over £30M of gas every year.

6. Next to Sellafield is 500 acres of beautiful farmland, hedgerows and ancient tracks. This land should be a buffer zone around the worlds most dangerous stockpile of nuclear waste. Instead the government plan to sell it to the same companies responsible for Fukushima in order to build 3 new nuclear reactors.

7. There is no “solution” to the problem of nuclear waste apart from distributing it to the environment. Not only to the air and sea but also to landfill. And then there is melting down radioactive scrap metal and selling it onto the open market. Finally, the proposal for deep burial of heat generating nuclear wastes.



Professor Grimes : In the context of concerns over climate change and carbon abatement, electricity production via nuclear power plant is firmly back on the world agenda as a source of clean, baseload electricity.  With such a globalised industry it’s easy to forget that the UK has a history of pioneering discoveries and Engineering achievements in this field, and that ‘nuclear’ is a technology with which Lancaster has a special relationship as a result of the specialist research interests of experts at Lancaster University, the power stations at Heysham and its proximity to Springfields and Sellafield.  Robin will review the history and summarise the options for the UK in the future.


More links:






Geological Disposal:

Not so Brief Encounter: Nuclear Waste Trains

Nuclear Waste Trains STOP!  Leaflet the Station Near you on 19th JulyNuclear Waste Trains Map




Do you know if trains carrying nuclear waste go through your neighbourhood?  All radioactive waste (spent fuel) from nuclear power stations is sent to Sellafield in Cumbria.

It is mainly transported by rail with Direct Rail Services (owned by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority) .  Some parts of the journey are by road.

The late Bob Crow, leader of the Railway Maritime and Transport Workers Union was opposed to continued transports of nuclear waste around the country.  Earlier this year a nuclear freight train pulling a wagon used to transport spent fuel smashed into a stranded car on a level crossing at Silverdale.  Silverdale is the next station along the line from Carnforth where the iconic film Brief Encounter  was filmed.

The “train remained upright” and was carrying empty flasks. However it is not just the flasks loaded with spent fuel that are cause for concern. The National Radiological Protection Board  pointed out that empty flasks and even the trains carrying them have been found to be radioactively contaminated on arrival at a nuclear plant for loading with spent fuel.

The only reason the spent fuel is loaded on trains to travel through towns and villages to Sellafield is because of continued reprocessing. The nuclear industry is excellent at dislocating cause from effect and illnesses resulting from nuclear flasks hurtling around the country towards Sellafield to reprocess spent fuel that no- one wants, may  take years to manifest.

At Silverdale no-one was immediately injured in the crash but the car was dragged 300 metres down the track and ended up beneath the locomotive, which had to be cut free putting rescuers at radiological risk.

There is nothing brief about the railway network’s encounter with radioactive waste transports, which are set to snowball if new build is allowed to go ahead.


Please Join Radiation Free Lakeland in leafletting and talking to people outside Carnforth Station on Saturday 19th July from 11am .  We are supporting the Nuclear  Trains Action Group event at Crewe Station.  Other stations all along the nuclear waste route are also being leafletted on the same day.




Bob Crow RMT on London Derailment: “The fact that this wasn’t one of the nuclear trains that use that line at that time of night is a relief to everyone but that appears to have been pure luck.”

Please Look After This Bear’s Home!

Postcard from Peru -  Leave Uranium in the Ground!
Postcard from Peru –
Leave Uranium in the Ground!
Please Look After This Bear's Home. London Paddington
Please Look After This Bear’s Home. London Paddington

Press Release sent out …. Again
studiously ignored by the press thus far.

First reporter to break the silence will receive a Paddington Bear!

Please Look After This Bear’s Home!
Uranium From Peru to fuel new UK nuclear power plants?

With filming for the forthcoming Paddington Bear film in full swing, the famous Paddington Bear statue in London has been the focus of campaigners. Campaigners are highlighting the threat to Peru, the home of the Andean Bear on which Paddington is based, from uranium mining. Peru is currently a nuclear free country with no uranium mining. But as a direct result of the UK’s nuclear policy fuelling the demand for uranium , this could change. Nuclear cheerleaders such as George Monbiot disingenuously say “let them burn plutonium” but the brutal reality of this nasty nuclear cheerleading is the ripping of uranium out of the ground. Peter Hooper the Chief Executive of Macusani Yellowcake, a Toronto based company has said: “Peru has no uranium mining and they have one medical
 reactor. That’s it. The uranium here was found by Margaret Thatcher…She persuaded the British Geological Survey to fly Peru and
 half of Chile ..Right now we own 90% of the plateau”. (Macusani Plateau).

In December 2013 Macusani Yellowcake said they plan to mine 8.5 million tonnes over 10 years. This would make Peru the largest uranium exporter in South America, on behalf of Canada, the UKs supplier.
Marianne Birkby the founder of Radiation Free Lakeland, based in Cumbria said: The people of the High Andes are poor– but they are not polluted by uranium mining – this plan would destroy their lives and livelihoods for ever. The Quelccaya Icecap, the world’s largest tropical icecap is near Corani-Macusani, this important icecap is imperiled by uranium mining. The area is the primary homeland for Alpaca, the most important grazing animal of the indigenous Quechua people. Entire Andean Communities and plants and animals including the Andean Bear are endangered by this proposed uranium mining. It is genocidal and this is the brutal reality of the UK’s nuclear build programme.
Peru has no safety regulations on mining and transportation of radioactive material. Most roads are barely travelable around sheer mountain cliffs. Electricity is almost non-existent and water is a scarce and precious resource courtesy of the Quelccaya Icecap.



Paddington Bear “will have a slightly Peruvian flavour” Empire online

Macusani Yellowcake

Mining Awareness

George Monbiot “let them burn plutonium”

Paddington Bear’s Home and Tropical Icecap about to be shafted by nukiller?

Save Brockhole’s Monkey Puzzle..

Join us in painting the Monkey Puzzle Tree and handing out leaflets this Friday from 11am at Brockhole, Ambleside..

The National Park have given the thumbs up to new nuclear build and a nuclear dump – so in the scheme of things the felling of a tree is of little consequence? The tree is the Monkey Puzzle – an endangered species in its native Chile and very sensitive to pollution of air, soil and water…


Will be felled by the Lake District National Park later this year UNLESS ENOUGH PEOPLE SAY NO
The Gaddum family commissioned the creation of Brockhole and asked Thomas Mawson to design the grounds. Once Mawson had completed his design, the Gaddums set about personalizing their garden and the monkey puzzle was the first tree they planted. The Lake District National Park’s reason for felling the tree now is that it “is not part of the Mawson design” this is a mean spirited view to take of a garden that has evolved over many decades.
The Brockhole Monkey Puzzle is “one of the finest specimens in Cumbria” Cumbria Gardens Trust

National Tree of Chile.
Declaration of the monkey puzzle tree as a Natural Monument in Chile means that logging of this endangered species is now forbidden and there are national parks in Chile for its protection

Please Oppose the felling- Email etc
T: 01539 724555
W: LDNP Murley Moss, Oxenholme Rd, Kendal, LA9 7RL

Letter to the LDNPA from Cumbria Gardens Trust opposing the felling

Letter to the LDNPA from Radiation Free Lakeland

Monkey Puzzle – Endangered – Global Trees Campaign

Draws the line at Exposure to Pollution

“Parishes Roar” NUKED BY SPIN – a letter to Tim Farron MP

"Parishes Roar" NUKED BY SPIN
“Parishes Roar” NUKED BY SPIN

There is very strong evidence of ongoing collusion between government and
the press regarding the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s nuclear
ambitions. There is a desired and timetabled government narrative being
presented aided and abetted by press collusion.

Radiation Free Lakeland have written to Tim Farron MP
with concerns about collusion between the government, the PR company also
based in the South Lakes contracted to the Managing Radioactive Wastes
Safely Partnership and the press.

Radiation Free Lakeland’s letter to Tim Farron MP states:
the results of a misleading Ipsos Mori Poll were “leaked” to
Rupert Murdoch’s Sunday Times on 13th May. This is a full 9 days before
the official announcement (in Whitehaven) on 22nd May. The article was
repeated in the Daily Mirror. Other national and local press have taken
their cue from this to report “Cumbrian Residents Support Nuclear Dump.”

Radiation Free Lakeland have sent press releases to national press
regarding the Parish and Town Councils opposition to a nuclear dump.
Nothing has ever made it into print. While we appreciate that a campaign
group like ours carries zero gravitas in comparison to a government
quango, in the interests of honesty and transparency the MRWS should have
also notified the national press of the Parish and Town Council’s
opposition to a nuclear dump”.

The instance above is just one directly linked to News International. NI
are not alone in this shepherding of a desired government narrative which
is undermining democracy and is a real and ongoing corruption of

—————————- Original Message —————————-
Date: Fri, June 1, 2012 9:15 am

Dear Tim,


The false narrative that Cumbrians support going to the next step on the
road to a nuclear dump is being dutifully parroted in the local and
national press who have taken their cue following a “leaked” story from
the government quango MRWS to The Sunday Times. News International is
already embroiled in scandal for collusion with aiding and abetting
government narratives.

Curiously the national press have said nothing
about Cumbrian Town and Parish Councils strong opposition to being host
communities for a nuclear dump. The attached map indicates an
overwhelming majority of Parish Councils including those in Copeland and
Allerdale looking at the evidence and democratically voting NO to any
further involvement with the plan for geological dumping of nuclear waste.

In contrast the results of a misleading Ipsos Mori Poll were leaked to
Rupert Murdoch’s Sunday Times on 13th May. This is a full 9 days before
the official announcement on 22nd May. The article was repeated in the
Daily Mirror. National and local press took their
cue to report “Cumbrian Residents Support Nuclear Dump.”

Radiation Free Lakeland have sent press releases to national press
regarding the Parish and Town Councils opposition to a nuclear dump.
Nothing has ever made it into print. While we appreciate that a campaign
group like ours carries zero gravitas in comparison to a government
quango, in the interests of honesty and transparency the MRWS should have
also notified the national press of the Parish and Town Council’s
opposition to a nuclear dump.

Campaigners opposed to a nuclear dump have found that MRWS have not been
forthcoming with Freedom of Information requests despite being a
government body. Radiation Free Lakeland would be very grateful if you
could ask the following questions on our behalf:

Have MRWS sent press releases to the National Press regarding the Parish
and Town Councils democratically voting no?

Did MRWS Communications manager, Paul Gardner of Osprey Communications (on
£98 an hour of taxpayers money) leak the story to the Sunday Times
regarding the Ipsos Mori poll? If not Paul Gardner then who ?

Many thanks!

Yours sincerely,

Marianne Birkby


“by 2029” Charles Hendry

Parishes Roar 12th April- Whitehaven News editorial (the editors obvious
expectation of national coverage did not materialise – only the Ipsos Mori
poll results were covered)

Misleading Poll

Sunday Times 13th May
BRITAIN may have found a final dumping ground for its vast stockpile of
nuclear waste: deep under the Lake District. The dump, underneath farmland
in west Cumbria, would become a graveyard for thousands of tons of spent
nuclear fuel and other highly radioactive waste built up by the nuclear
industry since the 1940s. The proposal follows a four-year consultation
led by three Cumbrian councils that have expressed a provisional interest
in hosting the dump, in return for tens of millions of pounds in “planning
sweeteners”. The results of that consultation are due for publication next
week. They are expected to show that local people and organisations
support the idea of the dump — provided the incentives are right.

Daily Mirror

A panoramic view of Keswick, Derwentwater and the surrounding fells, as viewed from Latrigg north of the town,_Cumbria

At the Town Council meeting tonight there was a representation to the council to ask for the ‘yes lets go along with the nuclear dump’ decision to
be rescinded.

People spoke passionately about being ashamed of their Town Council’s decision to go along with plans for a nuclear dump.

The council was advised that the nuclear repository would put paid to the Lake District’s ambitions as a World Heritage Site and also that there would be many more jobs from World Heritage Status than from nuclear…

Geology and earthquakes were spoken of including the recent Ambleside earthquake.

The result was that Keswick Town Council agreed to rescind the decision and take a revote in around 4 weeks time.