Wordsworth Reloaded for John Woodcock MP’s New Year Pylon Walk.


Wordsworth Reloaded for proMoorside, proTrident John Woodcock MP’s much publicised Pylon Walk on New Years Day :

“I wandered lonely in vale
And hill as a cloud of smoke n’ mirrors
Full hid Satan’s Cauldron spew no one
Eyed the cancerous atomic brew. Trident
Lovers lit mirrors brightly reflecting pylons
In grotesque hue. By smoke
N’ mirrors Satan’s Cauldron grew….and grew”

Here are a few images from our rather less well publicised New Years walk a couple of years ago …..we were greeted not by the press but by the “special” nuclear  police – this is the challenge, this is the campaign  – not the pylons!  #StopMoorside and Ensure Many More New Years can be seen in – here in our beautiful Lake Counties of Wordsworth’s day.

The pylons you see here are taking electricity TO Sellafield!

This land, which Wordsworth would have known as part of the Lake Counties pre the artificial boundary of the National Park,  has numerous designations of wildlife and heritage protection but this means nothing to the nuclear ambitions of our government who have rewritten laws to override protections-Please make your New Years Resolution a strong unequivocal NO to Moorside and a pledge to get Active in whatever way you can.

National Park – Judge and Jury pg 37 Beeches, Boreholes and Badgers


From 20 Years ago – 20 miles away from the threatened bats in the ancient woodland at Nursery Woods (where NuGen want to build three diabolic nuclear reactors).  Clearfelling was the plan for the Rusland Beeches……

October 18th 1996 English Nature have carried out their bat survey (following Andy’s discovery of roosts). Seven of the 54 trees have bat roosts.  The LDNPA say that they will “put a lo…

Source: National Park – Judge and Jury pg 37 Beeches, Boreholes and Badgers

Dr Paul Dorfman on BBC – TOSHIBA Paid Over the Odds for Westinghouse


Here’s a quite long interview with Dr Paul Dorfman on the implications of Toshiba nuclear collapse in Yesterdays BBC Business Report, 11.18 mins into the programme:


So Toshiba paid over the odds for Westinghouse thinking it was a cash cow guaranteed by our nuclear obsessed government.   Westinghouse  is an ever growing ball and chain around Toshiba’s neck.   Nuclear has never and can never operate without public money which is why Toshiba now has the begging bowl out to the UK government to pay for Moorside.  So we the public constantly pay for poisoning our sea, rivers, land and even our DNA – we pay but the ££££s are the least of it.  We hope that demonic deals are NOT on the table right now to keep the nuclear juggernaught going.  If they are we can be sure that the public’s interests will be at the bottom of the pile.



Review of the year – Radiation Free Lakeland.

An observation…..while activist and NGO attention has been (deliberately?) ratcheted up and focussed on fracking the nuclear industry has been lining up its myriad ducks from the South of England to Wales to Cumbria with a view to poisoning our water, land, sea and our DNA.. People often say to me “Why bother, its too big to fight, Moorside is a done deal” but this is true only if we are so cowed and intimidated by the entrenched and violent (yes violent) nuclear industry that we let their evil ambitions be a done deal. RESIST! Here is to containing Sellafield and Stopping Moorside in order to ensure many many more New Years being seen in – here in our beautiful, vulnerable Cumbria.  Thanks to All Nuclear Resisters Everywhere!!

Review of the Year

January 7th 2016                                                                                                                                         NEW YEARS EVE NUCLEAR WASTE SITE FLOOD ALERT VIRTUALLY UNREPORTED          Main Stream Media did not report dangers of flooding to UK’s Drigg Nuclear Waste Site “The Ecologist highlights a UK Environment Agency alert about the River Irt which is adjacent to Drigg described as a nuclear waste repository. Basically however it’s simply a ‘nuclear landfill site’

February 6th 2016                                                                                                                                                        RADIOACTIVE WASTE ON THE IRISH SEA BED RESUSPENDED BY NUGENS BOREHOLE DRILLING – NO DEBATE-NO VOTE-NO NOTHING                                                                 Radiation Free Lakeland send letter of objection. NuGen’s 40 (or more) offshore “exploratory” boreholes would churn up the biggest nuclear dump in the world . The only chance the public gets to object is in what the Marine Management Organisation laughingly calls a “public consultation.  In contrast the wind turbines off Walney were hugely debated by local councillors, one of the concerns being (quite rightly) the churning up of radioactive silts.

February 28th 2016                                                                                                                                WYLFA CONSULTATION                                                                                                                     Radiation Free Lakeland object strongly to the plan for new nuclear in Wales and “We urge others to write opposing plans for new nuclear in Wales (or anywhere!).  The “high burn” waste from new build would be many times hotter than from existing nuclear plants.”

March 11th                                                                                                                                                                            REMEMBER FUKUSHIMA – STOP MOORSIDE DEMONSTRATION                                              Many thanks to everyone who came along today to Remember Fukushima at Whitehaven.  Especially members of Lancaster CND who travelled from Lancashire.

Remember Fukushima - Stop Moorside 11.03.16

April 24th                                                                                                                                                   FOCUS ON PYLONS = PYLON THE PRESSURE FOR MOORSIDE?                                               Many of you will have seen the article in the Guardian and other national papers on the “fury over Lake District Pylons” quite a few of us have commented on the Guardian website about it, and have written about the superficial focus on the pylons on the blog and in letters to the press time and again.

April 30th                                                                                                                                                                                         LOCK THE GATE ON DRIGG –The Drigg site owners, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority pass day to day running of the site to multinational corporations involved in “decommissioning’ and those corporations largely monitor themselves. SO the same people responsible for producing the waste are also responsible for dumping it. The Environment Agency has told us it sees no conflict of interest in this…but we do!   Studsvik, a swedish company who operate the only radioactive scrap metal plant in Europe here in Cumbria is one of the partners of the Drigg site.  On 20th April Studsvik’s waste operations were taken over by EDF.

May 2nd                                                                                                                                                                                              COMEDIAN PAUL MERTON GOES WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD – DRIGG                              Is this the best expose in the last two decades of the UK’s “Low Level” Nuclear Dump ? Paul Merton fearlessly goes where Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth have not dared to tread for many a long year and shows the world the madness of nuclear…and all in a quaint little Lakeland coastal village called Drigg.

May 5th                                                                                                                                                                                                   DRIGG DECISION DELAYED YET AGAIN WHILE CONCRETE IS POURED IN THE ‘VAULTS’   First we were told this would be in April, then May – now the decision has been put back once again.  The next possible time it may be heard is June 23rd ….but we will not know for sure until 7 days ahead of the meeting by the Development Control and Regulation Committee of Cumbria County Council. The toothless Environment Agency have already given their blessing and the operators have already poured tonnes of concrete over coastal land precariously near to the Drigg dunes for  more “vaults” despite planning approval having not been given.

May 9th 2016                                                                                                                                   “POPULATION MIXING” LETTER HAND DELIVERED TO DECC                                                     “The industry and government continue to deny any link between radioactive emissions and childhood leukemia, preferring to throw supposedly reassuring red herrings to the public in the form of “population mixing” as a viral agent causing increased leukaemia’s.  Here the plan in Cumbria is to parachute in 4000 temporary workers to the Moorside site. The village in which the site is situated, Beckermet has a population of 1,619 (2011). The nursery and primary school would be 700m from the proposed development.”

May 20th                                                                                                                                                                                                  85% OF CUMBRIANS SAY NO TO MOORSIDE WHILE NUGEN PEDDLE THEIR FAIRYTALE IN BECKERMET                                                                                                                                                  North West Evening Mail Poll poll is far larger than the responses to the first NuGen CONsultation and we suspect far more representative of Cumbria.

May 31st                                                                                                                                                                                               KESWICK SAYS NO TO NEW NUCLEAR 20 MILES AWAY AS THE CROW FLIES                    Today in Keswick 90% of the people we spoke to were opposed to new nuclear build in Cumbria. This does not tally with what NuGen are saying which is that “Cumbria wants new nuclear build.”  A recent poll in the Evening Mail indicated that 85% of those voting do not want new nuclear build in Cumbria.   Tourists said they would think twice about coming to Cumbria if dangerous new nuclear reactors were built here.

As the Crow Flies

June 9th                                                                                                                                                                                          CUMBRIA WILDLIFE TRUST TEAM UP WITH NUGEN FOR WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY       The local press trumpets the headline “NuGen Lends a Hand for World Environment Day” the article goes on ….”Employees from NuGen, the company responsible for delivering Moorside, teamed up with representatives from Cumbria Wildlife Trust and The Forestry Commission. We have been informed that people living on the coast near the proposed Moorside site where “exploratory” borehole drilling is already stirring up decades of radioactive waste (no planning permissison necessary say NuGen) have been warned by Nuvia (who do radioactive sampling on the beaches) not to pick up polythene sheeting or plastic. No doubt Cumbria Wildlife Trust will not be fazed by this and will continue to promote childrens activities on the beach?

July 22nd                                                                                                                                                                                   MOORSIDE 2nd CONSULTATION                                                                                                              The 2nd Moorside Consultation for the “biggest nuclear development in Europe” finishes on 30th July. ‘Too Big and Too Nasty to Fight‘ is the View of the Proposed Moorside Plan from so many good people like the Director of Cumbria Wildlife Trust who feel utterly defeated by the nuclear juggernaught coming our way.   This is of course what the industry wants you to think.  BUT WE CAN DEFEAT THEM,  ALL IT TAKES IS  YOU.   Thousands of people have already joined the Resistance .

August 2nd                                                                                                                                                                                          DRIGG DECISION: ‘WE ARE CAUGHT IN A TRAP, NO WAY OUT, BECAUSE WE LOVE NUCLEAR WASTE TOO MUCH?’                                                                                                               On 15th July a small committee of Cumbrian Councillors in Kendal took the decision to stack nuclear waste ever higher in shipping containers on the shifting sands of the West Cumbrian coast at the quaint village of Drigg.  No fuss, no fanfare, no comment,  only one article in the local press which airbrushed out the opposition – its a wonder there is ANY opposition what with the deafening silence!    That rather triumphant article  appeared in the Whitehaven News and it should set ALL alarm bells ringing.   The operators of the Drigg “Low Level” Nuclear Waste “repository” are gleefully reported saying:   ” It is safe to dispose of LLW at the LLWR both now and centuries into the future.”


August 23rd                                                                                                                                                                                  FRAGILE HABITATS – LETTER IN THE GUARDIAN                                                                       “George Monbiot is right: wholesale destruction of wildlife is obscene (The grouse shooters aim to kill, 16 August). Why no grousing, then, on the imminent destruction of the diverse habitats and endangered species, including many red list birds, on the west coast of Cumbria? Why no grouse about the collateral damage in obsessive pursuit of the “biggest nuclear development in Europe” at Moorside? The environmental destruction planned is on a scale the most bloodthirsty grouse hunter could only dream of.”

August 30th                                                                                                                                                                                  PYLONS: WHAT DECISION WOULD YOU LIKE THE NATIONAL GRID TO MAKE? 70% SAY NO TO MOORSIDE                                                                                                                                                  The Evening Mail’s Pylon Poll has the option (unlike the actual Consultations) to vote No to Moorside…the poll is now standing at 70% saying No to Moorside …this is absolutely remarkable and very heartening given that the Friends of the Lake District and other groups along with the media are concentrating campaign efforts and media space only on the damaging impact of pylons rather than the  obscenity of the main event!!

18th Sept                                                                                                                                                         HINKLEY C – THE CUMBRIAN CONNECTION –LETTER TO TERESA MAY PM                               “The spent fuel will remain on site until it has cooled sufficiently to allow it to be disposed of to the GDF, which may be around 50 years after the end of generation.” So the Hinkley C plan hinges on “The GDF” being available to dump the “hot” waste in, notwithstanding the tsunami of day to day operational wastes that would come to Drigg..

September 19th 2016                                                                                                                                         DID GEORGE MONBIOT JUST POP THE WHITE ELEPHANT MYTH OF NEW NUCLEAR?   George is ever so keen on new nuclear especially on burning plutonium wastes. So when he uses the term “white elephant” we should sit up and take notice.  We should question why mainstream NGOs have allowed new nuclear proposals to become synonymous with a “White Elephant” rather than for example the far less benign “Hydra” monster of myth and legend


22nd September                                                                                                                                    URANIUM HEXAFLOURIDE: CHESHIRE’S HIDDEN MENACE STOCKPILED                         Our colleagues at CLOSE CAPENHURST  have dared to ask the questions “How Much Depleted Hex Is At Capenhust ? ? ? How Much Hex ?  Uranium Hexafluoride is highly toxic, radioactive, corrosive to most metals, and reacts violently with water.

29th Sept                                                                                                                                                              NEW REPORT REVEALS: EDF NUCLEAR PLANTS AT RISK OF CATASTROPHIC FAILURE            A new report finds that 28 nuclear reactors, 18 of them EDF plants in France and one at Sizewell in the UK, are at risk of failure ‘including core meltdown’ due to flaws in safety-critical components in reactor vessels and steam generators

October 5th                                                                                                                                                                                    FRACKING SELLAFIELD?                                                                                                                            Letter to the Communities Secretary Opposing Fracking in Lancashire. Radiation Free Lakeland add our voice to all those Lancashire Communities and Councils opposing Fracking. Here in Cumbria the new Detailed Emergency Planning Zone (DEPZ) for Sellafield as determined by the Office for Nuclear Regulation has dramatically increased the emergency zone following research on possible seismic activity . As you know Fracking may well trigger seismic events. The release of just 1percent of the radioactivity from Sellafield’s high level liquid wastes would render much of the U.K Uninhabitable  and pollute the rest of the world. The U.K. is already too small for the existing nuclear plants and in particular the uniquely vulnerable radioactive wastes at Sellafield.Please do not approve fracking activity in Lancashire which is just a stones throw from Sellafield in geological and seismic terms.”

October 9th 2016                                                                                                                                    WASDALE SHOW – 100% SAY STOP MOORSIDE                                                                                  This is remarkable given that this area is being bigged up as a “Nuclear Heartland” by Tom Samson the Chief Executive of Nugen (60% Toshiba and 40% Engie).The heart of Cumbria is alive and well no thanks to the heart tissue destroying Strontium emissions from the nuclear industry.

October 31st                                                                                                                                                                             LAKELAND STORY FOR ALL HALLOWS EVE – THE BEAST OF BECKERMET                                 It seems the official bodies tasked with protecting our wildlife have been well and truly nobbled by the insidious many-headed nuclear beast. Maybe the Woodwose as protector of the woods and wildlife is needed now more than ever? But who will protect the habitat of the Beast of Beckermet?

November 6th 2016                                                                                                                                    VIKING HOARD FOUND AT PROPOSED NUCLEAR SITE IN CUMBRIA                                            A Viking Hoard found at Beckermet was actually found on the site earmarked by the UK government for the “biggest nuclear development in Europe”. It has been determined a National Treasure. “Hoards” have filled in the blanks for certain murky periods of history, and even re-written history.

CC-BY  The Portable Antiquities Scheme, 3 Feb. 2015  The period is early medieval Circa AD 850 
Date to Circa AD 950, found in August 2014 - Moorside site, Cumbria UK Viking Hoard

November 30th 2016                                                                                                                                     NUCLEAR FREE LOCAL AUTHORITIES ENDORSE DAMNING REPORT                                         The independent report was drafted by Pete Roche, the NFLA Scotland Policy Advisor and an independent consultant on nuclear policy. It was commissioned by the Cumbrian NGO Radiation Free Lakeland. “significant and alarming problems with this reactor design that could lead to catastrophic damage in the event of a serious accident.”

December 11th                                                                                                                                              WHAT WILL BE POWERING YOUR DINNER THIS CHRISTMAS?

New Campaign Launched in Lancaster– Don’t Buy Nuclear Waste! To switch to a 100% renewable electricity supplier start here: http://www.greenelectricity.org/

December 8th 2016                                                                                                                                AUSTRIA THANKS CUMBRIANS.                                                                                                             Marianne Birkby, Radiation Free Lakeland’s founder says, “ this acknowledgment and moral support from Austria sends us much needed encouragement to continue and to build on the resistance to Moorside. As the Federal Chancellor says, Europe needs citizens who advocate the exit from nuclear energy. Campaigning on the pylon route alone will not cut it. It is up to groups and individuals in Cumbria to join and to put their shoulders to the wheel in building resistance so that we can stop the biggest nuclear development in Europe and ensure a safe and sustainable future.”

Borehole Moorside
Boreholes x300 to “explore” ie Poison the Land, and the River Ehen and the Irish Sea by  drilling  in Preparation for 3 diabolic New Untried Untested Reactors.  This land has decades of Sellafield leakage already deep beneath – now being brought up by the boreholes – the “slightly radioactively contaminated” water is dumped into a holding tank before being pumped to the River Ehen – the radioactive sludge in the holding tanks will no doubt be dumped in landfill or in Drigg’s shipping containers.

SpringWatch Meets CrimeWatch #StopMoorside


OUT OF CONTROL…the Nuclear Industry


*BRITAIN’S NUCLEAR INCOMPETENCE: 1,000 danger incidents reported*

*BRITAIN’S nuclear regulator has been accused of downplaying almost 1,000
dangerous incidents that have been recorded as “anomalies” at power plants
and military bases across the country. *

By Siobhan McFadyen

Daily Express: 10:27, Tue, Dec 27, 2016 |


The nuclear regulator has been accused of turning a blind eye to incidents

The events appear to be serious and include a torpedo accidentally being
fired by HMS Argyll when it was moored at Devonport Naval base in Plymouth.

The 9ft missile shot through the air before blowing a hole in a perimeter
fence and smashing into a storage container.

Other incidents involve workers being contaminated at a nuclear warhead
base, the discarding of uranium sludge and the radioactive element caesium
in bin bags and more than 30 power station fires.

And it appears incidents have more than doubled since 2010 and are now
recorded on an almost daily basis.

“I do believe that the ONR downplays the incidents’ severity “ – Nuclear

According to reports there has also been a number of incidents which could
have affected members of the public.

Those involve three serious traffic accidents, including a collision
between vehicle carrying nuclear material and a lorry on the M1 and a
transport lorry flipping over causing damage to two containers holding
radioactive chemicals.

Between 2012 and 2015 the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) recorded 973

However they were either rated zero or left unrated on the International
Nuclear Event Scale (INES) meaning they were regarded as having “no nuclear
safety significance”.

An engineer told The Times: “I do believe that the ONR downplays the
incidents’ severity and the incompetence that has led to these events.”

There have been more than 1000 recorded incidents in three years

However the ONR has denied it is turning a blind eye to serious incidents
and that it is acting in accordance with international law.

A spokesman said: “We are robust in upholding the law and use our
regulatory enforcement powers to hold the industry to account wherever

“The rating of nuclear safety ‘events’ is based on agreed international
criteria and it is wrong to suggest that we would seek to ‘downplay’ these.

“The standards of safety we expect from the nuclear industry are extremely
challenging and the majority of events are of very minor nuclear safety

Last summer Devonport naval base was warned of legal action amid a series
of safety breaches.

Radioactive cooling water was accidentally discharged into a submarine
reactor compartment, the ONR reported.

The UK has a number of nuclear submarines which patrol the waters

The site which refits Britain’s nuclear submarines, was warned that its
practices were “below standard”.

But defence contractor Babcock said in a statement: “Improvements relating
to the ONR enforcement notice and other recently reported incidents at
Devonport Royal Dockyard are being addressed through a broader nuclear
safety improvement programme to further enhance our current high levels of
safety, in agreement with ONR.”

The MoD added: “Safety at HM Naval Base Devonport, as with all Ministry of
Defence sites, is of paramount importance.

“Thorough investigations into these events were carried out and, where
necessary, measures were immediately put in place to prevent them from
happening again.”

According to research there has been six serious nuclear accidents in the
UK since 1957.

Contamination is par for the course with nuclear power

In 1957, radioactivity contaminated about 800 farms and introduced
Strontium 90 to domestic milk supply.

Milk was sold to the public without any warnings after the incident in
Windscale, Sellafield.

That same year on 8 Oct 1957 a fire ignited plutonium piles, contaminating
surrounding dairy farms in the worst Nuclear accident in British history
and was recorded as 5 on the INES scale.

In May 1967 there was a partial meltdown at Chapelcross nuclear power
station in Dumfries and Galloway after graphite debris partially blocked a
fuel channel causing a fuel element to melt and catch fire.

In September 1996 a fuel reprocessing plant was shut down after elevated
radiation levels were detected in waste-water discharged to the sea at
Dounreay, Scotland.

Advent Calendar #StopMoorside

Stop Moorside Slide Show Advent Calendar for 2016
The images in the slide show are just some of the increasingly rare wildlife to be found on this  1400 acre greenfield site north of Sellafield bought by the public purse and now being stolen away by insane nuclear multinationals.  The stolen land includes the floodplain of the river Ehen, ancient woodland and miles of ancient hedgerows.  The land should be given back to Cumbria – hasn’t this soil, this river, this floodplain, this sea, suffered enough?

– the audio is from CFM radio ….
Anti-nuclear campaigners are calling a new report into Moorside a “shocking eye opener”Posted on Monday 21 November 2016

The Moorside Project is expected to get the go-ahead in 2018- with the promise of 21,000 jobs for our area- based in West Cumbria.

But there are now fresh concerns over the planned designs of nuclear generators- which they say are a serious risk to the public.

Marrianne Birkby from Radiation Free Lakeland says the report highlights numerous safety concerns.

“It’s a shocking eye opener, we’re really hoping it’s going to be a wake up call…”

AP1000 “Dangerous and Not Fit for Purpose” http://www.theecologist.org/blogs_and_comments/commentators/2988356/ap1000_reactor_design_is_dangerous_and_not_fit_for_purpose.html

Tc 99m Becomes Tc 99 Which Stays Radioactive in Environment for Millions of Years – Medical and Non-Medical Production Should Be Banned – Comment Deadline 30 December 2016

Britain was concerned enough about the radiation in the body that it removed organs, causing a scandal:
“25 Although Dr Schofield, Dr Lawson or another member of staff from Sellafield commonly attended the post mortem, the organs were actually removed from the body in each case by the pathologist or by a mortuary technician. The analytical process was destructive…” “The Redfern Inquiry into human tissue analysis in UK nuclear facilities Volume 2: Summary Address of the Honourable the House of Commons dated 16 November 2010 for The Redfern Inquiry into human tissue
analysis in UK nuclear facilities Volume 1: Report Ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 16 November 2010”

Mining Awareness +

Proponents of medical radioisotopes, and the nuclear industry, continue to hide – through ignorance or malice – the fact that some so-called short-lived radioisotopes, such as Technetium 99m degrade to insanely long-lived radionuclides. Even many anti-nuclear activists fall into this trap. Technetium 99m becomes Technetium 99 which remains radioactive, and hence lethal, for over 3 million years! Thus, there can be no legitimate justification for its use either in nuclear medicine or as discharges from nuclear reactors. Therefore, the US should emphatically not construct a facility for the production of this lethal crap, i.e. “Moly Cow”. And, they should cease to use and import it. Oppose here: “Construction Permit Application for the Northwest Medical Isotopes, LLC, Medical Radioisotope Production Facility. A Notice by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on 11/09/2016 Comment against it before the 30th of December 2016. It’s easy and can be anonymous: https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2016/11/09/2016-27058/construction-permit-application-for-the-northwest-medical-isotopes-llc-medical-radioisotope

Technetium-99 (99Tc) is…

View original post 2,494 more words

Jamie Reed from the Archives….

In the light of the news that Jamie Reed is to take a job with Sellafield – we ask: did he ever leave?

The following is from our blog posted back in February 2013 ……..the revolving doors are corrupting any illusion of democracy in this Nuclear Dystopia.

Cumbria’s JR :contracts were made to be broken!

JR Jamie Reed MP

JR Ewing
JR Ewing

What’s the difference between the fictional character JR Ewing and Cumbria’s own JR Jamie Reed MP? Both it seems have a penchant for “contracts made to be broken.” For the last 5 years and more Jamie Reed MP and Copeland Borough Council Leader Elaine Woodburn have been telling Cumbrians to put our “trust” in the MRWS process. Now it appears that process wasn’t half dodgy enough as Cumbria County Council’s Cabinet has used reason and gone against the grain of the “steps towards geological disposal” by delivering a strong NO.

Radiation Free Lakeland have been pointing out for several years that Cumbria is being stitched up like a radioactive kipper with “groomed” leaders being put into positions to groom the Cumbrian population into accepting a geological dump and new build.

This evidence for “grooming” is found in the Nirex 2004 report presumably commissioned by or with the blessing of the Labour Government (remember Gordon Brown’s brother and EDF?). The 2004 Nirex report outlined how to achieve an about face in Cumbria with councils having refused NIREX in
1997 being persuaded to volunteer for an even bigger and more dangerous dump.

Just a few examples of the leaders being put into place over the last
decade are:

Jamie Reed former BNFL press officer becomes MP for Copeland in 2005 the year following the NIREX ‘Cumbria in groom’ 2004 report

Eric Robson Chair of Cumbria Tourism, also Chair of the Wainwright Society, also part owner of Osprey Communications who provided PR for the ironically named Managing Radioactive Wastes Safely. No need to wonder why Cumbria Tourism has said nothing until the 11th hour and then a meaningless statement that they would object should it go to the next phase.

Bishop of Carlisle, James Newcome, making famously pronuclear statements even before his ordination in 2009

Lord Chris Smith – 2007 appointed Chair of the Advertising Standards Authority, Chair of the Environment Agency in 2008, also chair of the Wordsworth Trust. Chris Smith has told me himself of his pronuclear sympathies.

Lord David Clark – pro nuclear/pro dump Chair of the Lake District National Park Partnership –also non-executive director of Sellafield. Again no need to look very far to see why the LDNPA has been so complicit with very late in the day mealy mouthed opposition.

Government is attempting to keep Cumbria wagged by the pronuclear tail. While more and more people are waking up to this fact we are under increasing threat of ever more propaganda with the government now putting together a consortium of marketing companies to “more than ease concerns.”

Thank goodness there are still democratically elected leaders out there with functioning critical faculties like Eddie Martin whose speech to Cabinet was thoroughly researched and so hair raisingly good he got a standing ovation. The Leader of Cumbria County Council has refused to prostitute
Cumbria’s soul. Now Cumbria’s body needs to be protected. The next steps of our leaders now are critical. Instead of trying to force an unacceptable geological dump, Leaders such as Jamie Reed MP should now be lobbying government to ensure the government’s commitment to its own MRWS
process is honoured by respecting the Cabinet’s NO. Our leaders should lobby Government to put all available monies and expertise into ensuring that the “intolerable conditions” of the Sellafield site are made safe by long term ‘interim’ storage and to acknowledge that there is no “final disposal” of nuclear waste. A good start would be to ban reprocessing, a practice banned in every country apart from France and England as it produces higher level wastes so difficult to contain.

Nirex 2004 report oct04 – on strategy for influencing its image (text searchable)

Jamie Reed MP vows to break a contract

What Will Be Powering Your Dinner this Christmas?



Members of Radiation Free Lakeland will be out and about in Lancaster town centre on Thursday 15th December with a request:



What is Powering Your Christmas?

Is your Christmas dinner going to leave a nuclear waste legacy for future generations?

Cumbria is still growing its mountains – mountains of nuclear waste.


To switch to a 100% renewable electricity supplier start here: http://www.greenelectricity.org/