The Beacon Protest yesterday

Hearing about the Alternative Sellafield Story
Hearing about the Alternative Sellafield Story


Handing out leaflets about Sellafield roe deer cull and testing for radionuclides
Handing out leaflets about Sellafield roe deer cull and testing for radionuclides
Chauffer Driven Prof Brian Cox speeds past our Renewable Energy Yes Please banner
Chauffer Driven Prof Brian Cox speeds past our Renewable Energy Yes Please banner
Essential amenity of Whitehaven Civic Hall Closed
Essential amenity of Whitehaven Civic Hall Closed



Yesterday members of Radiation Free Lakeland and Save the Sellafield Deer went along to set up their own exhibition outside the new propaganda vehicle for Sellafield.

Around 250 people stopped to chat about the real Sellafield Story, to take leaflets and to look at our exhibition illustrating  the vicious nuclear cycle from uranium mining to geological dumping.

A longer write up is to follow but here are some photographs of the day to be going on with.


MANY THANKS to supporters of Radiation Free Lakeland and Save the Sellafield Deer who came along to help and to all the people who stopped to chat and to share their own stories about Sellafield’s ongoing experiment on both animals and humans.

Brian Cox Pitching Nuclear Woo

Brian Cox Pitching Nuclear Woo in Cumbria
Brian Cox Pitching Nuclear Woo in Cumbria
Pitching Nuclear Woo
Pitching Nuclear Woo


Professor Brian Cox will be opening the Beacon on Friday and pitching nuclear woo The renowned celebrity Prof has said :  “The debate around nuclear waste is skewed and illogical at times. The nuclear waste is here, the problem is here, it isn’t going anywhere so it needs to be resolved now. New build will not impact on the storage solution; it will not contribute to the problem. I see it as an opportunity for a willing community, more than an issue.”. Rather bizarre that he thinks new build would not contribute to the problem, the waste would be even hotter from new build reactors and need an even larger area to store. Maybe that is why the plan for new reactors at Sellafield (Moorcide) would more than double the size of the already obscenely large site.

Given Professor Cox’s enthusiasm for the geological dumping of heat generating nuclear wastes, we wonder whether he will take the opportunity to urge fellow celebrity Beacon opening guest, Baroness Verma, to aggressively promote geological dumping under London Clay?

We will be holding a demonstration from 10am outside the Beacon

Please write to Professor Cox c/o The Beacon by Friday  1pm

The Beacon Museum
West Strand,
CA28 7LY

Tel: 01946 592302

sample letter:

Dear Professor Cox,

Given that Cumbrians have said no repeatedly to the plan for the dumping of high level nuclear wastes within complex geology with unpredictable water flow, will you be urging Baroness Verma to look elsewhere?  Instead of aggressively grooming Cumbria perhaps another area would be keen to be groomed to take up the opportunity?  I understand that the impermeable London Clay is viewed  as a potential ‘home’ for heat generating high level nuclear wastes.

yours sincerely,






Many thanks to the Big Issue for printing the letter: Beacon of Lies

We will be holding a demonstration at the official opening of the Beacon on Friday from 10.00am.

We will have a counter-exhibition and will be handing out leaflets.  The charming Brian Cox and Baroness Verma will be there to groom us into loving nuclear.

Bring Banners, Bring Music, Bring Yourselves and RESIST!

Full Letter in this week’s Big Issue (note Demo is THIS Friday 10 am)

Big Issue in the North, Letters- Beacon of Lies
Big Issue in the North, Letters- Beacon of Lies


Imagine a world where fracking was a wholly state-sponsored industry with privateers chasing lucrative government contracts to frack……

Appropriately enough the Beacon’s new tag line is “absorbing”.  We have absorbed enough already.


FALLOUT – New Book by West Cumbrian Author Sparks Reaction


Fallout by Ruth Sutton
Fallout by Ruth Sutton


The cover on the third book in the Ruth Sutton trilogy  ‘Fallout’ has caused a bit of a stir.  Having read (and passed on to my mum!)  the first book in the trilogy ‘A Good Liar’ I can highly recommend as good holiday reading and especially for those who know the Lakes or those who want to get to know the Lakes there is an authentic feel for places and people. The story keeps the attention and the pages turning.   Ironically ‘Fallout’  was launched at the same time as the new propaganda vehicle for Sellafield, the Beacon, is getting ready for its official opening next Friday.

Ruth Sutton has written about her experience with the book cover on her blog:

“Now we’ve had to make a decision about the cover of book three, ‘Fallout’, which is set against the calamitous event of the world’s first nuclear reactor fire, in Cumberland in 1957. It’s a tough time for my heroine Jessie Whelan too – no more details! – and I wanted a sense of anxiety in the cover, nothing too soft or bland. A beach scene this time, I decided, to complement the view of fells (that’s a Norse word meaning ‘hills’ that’s commonly used in Cumbria): one of the wonderful west-facing beaches that we enjoy in this region. But it had to be a special beach scene, and we found one, with a red sky, beautiful but threatening too. Still I wanted more: among the photographs I’d found of the reactor fire was one of a group of workers in their anti-contamination suits and helmets, looking like spacemen. The clever cover designer imposed this image on the beach below the red sky and the cover of ‘Fallout’ stared out at me. I loved it: as intriguing as I had hoped for and authentic too. 

I made a poster and took it round the local bookshops to alert them to the forthcoming publication. One buyer at a local attraction flinched and literally stepped away from the image. ‘We can’t sell that here,’ she said. ‘It’s too frightening. Not the kind of thing for this shop.’ It’s not a proper bookshop, granted, but other crime fiction books on the shelf have quite graphic images. I was surprised by her reaction and I should have asked her to explain it, but I didn’t. Later she confirmed to the books’ distributor that she wouldn’t be carrying copies, even though the first two books in the trilogy sell well there. Nothing I can do about it, I suppose. It was never my intention to upset anyone, but then the line between curiosity and aversion is notoriously thin. I wanted the ‘Fallout’ cover to convey the danger that threatened my heroine and her community, and clearly it does that effectively. But I think there’s more to it: most people’s impression of the Lake District and Cumbria is green hills, sparkling lakes and Beatrix Potter. For those of us who love the wild west coast, that image needs a challenge, and I think – I hope – that my three novels portray real life here, not some romanticised idyll. If people’s reaction to the ‘Fallout’ cover starts some conversation about this dichotomy, that’s a good thing. It may cost me some sales, but maybe not. I’ll have to wait and see.”

Well Ruth,  the cover is brilliant and you made an extra sale BECAUSE of the front cover seen yesterday attractively displayed in the window of  Michael Moon’s excellent bookshop in Whitehaven!   Ruths experience is a result of the nuclear industry’s decades of grooming Cumbria into self censorship, a kind of controlling of  popular culture into an unquestioning nuclear acquiesance.   

Are We Ruled By Nuclear Cats?

WIPP is the ONLY operational Geological Dump in the world …and its leaking

Mining Awareness +

The latest idea that a change in Kitty litter could be part of the problem at WIPP reminded us of a post that we had started a few months ago.
Herd of Cats
Like outdoor cats, the policy of the nuclear industry, and their lackeys in government, for permanent nuclear waste disposal, is to dig a hole, dump waste, backfill and eventually abandon it. The US WIPP facility is typical in this regard. Six panels are full, backfilled and already removed from ventilation and the seventh is being filled.

Like WIPP, current proposals for long-term storage of nuclear waste, around the world, seem to involve eventual abandonment of the facility, making it a dump. This is true for every permanent waste dump that we have read about. Let’s call them what they are – dumps. It is true for the US, as well as proposed for France, and Switzerland. It has already caused…

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Just found a radioactive particle? Must be a Good Beach!

The Marine Conservation Society and Keep Britain Tidy have  awarded West Cumbrian beaches Good Beach status.

Neither of these bodies take radioactive pollution into account when awarding Clean and Good Beach status.

On St Bees alone over 70 particles including alpha particles have been found and retrieved up to 2011. Despite this the monitoring and retrieval has been scaled back at the request of local Parish councils who are in the Catch 22 of not wanting to put the holiday makers off. This of course means that the nuclear industry is given free rein to continue to pollute while holiday makers and locals alike are encouraged onto the sands by those they trust such as Keep Britian Tidy, The Marine Conservation Society and Cumbria Wildlife Trust.   The fact that None of these cheerleading flags promoting the safety of the beaches looks at radioactive pollution as a criteria is diabolic.

There's a hole in DECC's bucket
There’s a hole in DECC’s much fresh water needed to cool the HOT waste (sea water is too corrosive) that there is talk of a desalination plant on the West Coast …this would churn up and return even more radioactive silt to Cumbrian beaches.


Sellafield itself wrote to the Health Protection Agency with concerns
about the contamination of their beach workers who use argocats and
specialist equipment to retrieve radioactive particles. Unlike the
Sellafield radioactive particle beach workers, the public are not suited
and booted with urine being tested for radioactive contamination.

In Scotland health concerns about radioactive pollution from radium
prompted warning signs to go up on Dalgety Bay beach. Radium is of far
lesser concern than the cocktail of radionuclides being found on Cumbrian
beaches where there are no warning signs. We wonder whether this is
because the radium is from the world war 11 plane dials whereas the more
dangerous particles on Cumbrian beaches are from the industry that the
government is aggressively promoting as a solution to energy needs.

There is an excellent report from another nuclear safety group Cumbrians
Opposed to a Radioactive Environment here:

Radioactive Particles on Cumbrian Beaches

more info here



30th May Baroness Verma and Brian Cox: Special Guests to Open the New Propaganda Vehicle for Sellafield

Brian Cox Nuclear Luvvie
Brian Cox Nuclear Luvvie
Baroness Verma Nuclear Luvvie
Baroness Verma Nuclear Luvvie


Professor Brian Cox and Baroness Verma will be the “special guests” opening Sellafield’s new propaganda vehicle The Beacon Museum. Radiation Free Lakeland will be at the opening of the Beacon on May 30th with interpretation panels and leaflets to give a flavour of the real “Sellafield Story.” From bomb making then and now, to infanticide and body snatching, human and animal.

We will have latest updates on the use of roe deer as “bio-indicators”  of accumulating radionuclides.

The News and Star reports:

“TV star and renowned scientist Professor Brian Cox is to help reopen a revamped west Cumbrian museum.

Prof Cox will assist Baroness Verma, of the Department of Energy and Climate Change, as she formally opens The Sellafield Story at The Beacon in Whitehaven on May 30.

He said: “I’m really looking forward to coming to Whitehaven to visit the museum.

“Science and engineering are vitally important and Whitehaven has a strong association with both through its historic links with the nuclear industry. Inspiration is the first step towards lifelong fascination, and I can’t wait to see just how inspiring the exhibition is.”

The new look Beacon – reopening following a pledge of £1.6 million over five years from Sellafield Ltd – will have one floor dedicated to the Sellafield story”.



Those concerned with nuclear safety will be at The Beacon on 30th May to protest the continued experiments on animals AND humans. The irony of the Beacon’s new tag line “absorbing”
is not lost on Cumbrians. With the plan for geological dumping, increasing radioactive particles on the beaches and plans for three new reactors on a 6km square greenfield and wildlife habitat site adjacent to Sellafield, we feel that we have absorbed enough!

Meet at 10am outside the Beacon – 30th May- bring banners – use your imagination – No Nuclear Dump, No Animal Experiments, Stop and Contain!

Bring Music, Bring Yourselves and RESIST!

Oh pardon me thou bleeding piece of earth that I am meek and gentle with these butchers!   W. Shakespeare
Oh pardon me thou bleeding piece of earth that I am meek and gentle with these butchers!
W. Shakespeare


Facebook Event Here

EU Candidates say YES to overturning the European Commission’s Nuclear Agenda

Nuclear in Europe
Nuclear in Europe


The nuclear agenda in the UK is being driven by the European Commission so Radiation Free Lakeland has written to EU candidates, here are the questions and the replies we have received back, interestingly none back from the Conservatives, Liberals or UKIP.

As a candidate for the EU elections we would be very grateful if you could
answer these 3 questions….

Q1 Will you work to ensure that the Geological Disposal Directive 2011/70 is overturned and that safety is put before finance and expediency?

Jill Perry NW Green Party Euro-Candidate: 

Yes we will work to overturn it. Green Party policy on radioactive waste is as


EN604 The long-term management of higher activity radioactive waste should be in

surface or  near-surface facilities. Facilities should be located as near to the

site where the waste is produced as possible. Developers will need to demonstrate

how the facilities will be monitored and how waste  packages, or waste, could be

retrieved. All long-term waste management options will be subject to robust

regulatory requirements.


Stephen Morris English Democrats NW  Euro Candidate



Helen Bashford – An Independence from Europe NW Euro Candidate

I will do everything in my power to help you stop this nuclear dumping

problem because of the reasons you have stated


Dr. Maria Aretoulaki – Pirate Party/Manchester NW Euro Candidate

One of our core principles is to put citizens’ rights over and above corporate and

lobby interests. So it follows naturally that we would veto any plan, let alone

decision, that generates any risk to public health and the environment, whether or

not it is associated with any other benefits (financial gain or expediency). We are

committed to collecting and analysing all the available data (e.g. from the only

existing geological disposal facility in New Mexico that you mentioned) in order to

decide on what the best, and not just the least bad, strategy or option is. It is

fortunate that EU member states are expected to produce a comprehensive waste

management plan by 2015, as this means that we can still be involved and influence

the consultation and the drafting of the plan.



Q2 Would you agree that Decommissioning should not mean dispersal of radioactive wastes to the environment and will you explore the possibility of a moratorium on the practice of Decommissioning?


Jill Perry NW Green Party Euro Candidate

Yes we oppose the recycling of radioactive waste and the policy of classifying

some wastes as exempt. The idea of a moratorium on decommissioning is new to me, but

I believe that it should be possible to do it better. Therefore I am not in

principle opposed to a moratorium and would consider it.


Stephen Morris English Democrats NW Euro Candidate



Helen Bashford   An Independence from Europe NW Euro Candidate

I agree with your sentiments on this aspect too , decommissioning

seems to be a box the government think they have just conveniently ticked


Dr. Maria Aretoulaki – Pirate Party/Manchester NW Euro Candidate

I too suspect that geological nuclear waste disposal facilities is only a short-term

solution which doesn’t take future (climatic / geological) developments or unknowns

into consideration. I suspect that such solutions are dangerous to both the

environment and public health (e.g. after unpredictable or even unregistered seismic

activity, or through the insidious permeation and contamination of water and land).

We are very much aware that nuclear waste is here and cannot just be wished away, so

a solution is both urgent and indispensable. We are, however, also very much aware

of and can very much sympathise with the concerns of the local people in Cumbria who

have to constantly live with the consequences of bad Government and private company

decisions of the past. So I fully agree that decommissioning should never mean

“dispersal” of radioactive waste to the environment! A moratorium on the practice of

decommissioning is much more challenging, however, as it doesn’t come with a solut

ion as to where the nuclear waste should go once a nuclear power station is closed

down (and we assume we will need to do that occasionally). We are of course prepared

and more than willing to explore all available / known options to identify the

safest and most long-term one, whatever the cost. Waste minimisation options would

be preferred, and of course minimising our dependence on nuclear energy and

depending as much as possible on renewable energies would be ideal in our view.


Q3 Given that in the real world there are no “waste eating” nuclear reactors (only industry PR pie in the sky Integral Fast Reactors ) and no “away” for nuclear waste (apart from dispersal to the environment) will you oppose Moorside?


Jill Perry NW Green Party Euro Candidate

Yes it is Green Party Policy to oppose the building of new nuclear power stations

including Moorside, and it is mentioned in the mini-manifesto.


Stephen Morris  English Democrats Euro Candidate



Helen Bashord An Independence from Europe NW Euro Candidate

Yes I would oppose Moorside if only because as you say there is not enough research & the companies

the goverment seem to be talking to have big

question marks over them.

Hope this helps & if I get elected I will try to do as much as I possibly can.


Dr. Maria Aretoulaki – Pirate Party/Manchester NW Euro Candidate

As I’ve already mentioned above, we are not satisfied with the current – seemingly

only – option of geological waste disposal. At the same time, temporary storage only

procrastinates and postpones the problem to the next decade or more. I was

personally very interested to hear of the -as you say potentially still pie in the

sky- Integral Fast Reactors solution, which if it ever works would be the perfect

golden medium (less waste, less environmental impact, shorter waste life, energy

efficiency and volume); but until then geological disposal and interim storage seem

to be the only option that we have. Regarding the site, I suspect the location is a

bad idea given the proximity to Sellafield as you point out. So even though I can

understand the need for such a site, in the absence of any other solution, I

understand even better your concern about the safety of the local people and the

potential impact on the environment, and the urgent need to give them priority over

the criteria of expediency that you rightly mentioned. So I fully support a reexamination at the

very least of the decision to use the Moorside site for this huge (and sinister)

“experiment”.    I wish I had more concrete counter suggestions to propose to you, something that I

hope anyone can achieve once they get access to all the relevant documents,

consultations and expert evaluations.


The Questions in full 


The Beacon’s Sellafield Story – From bomb making to body snatching

The Beacon of Propaganda  - Sellafield Story

Stop Sellafield Animal Experiments
Stop Sellafield Animal Experiments
Oh pardon me thou bleeding piece of earth that I am meek and gentle with these butchers!   W. Shakespeare
Oh pardon me thou bleeding piece of earth that I am meek and gentle with these butchers!
W. Shakespeare


Imagine a world where Fracking was a wholly state sponsored industry with privateers chasing lucrative government contracts to Frack.  Imagine then that the government cuts the funding from central funding for a museum and then most generously gives it back filtered through the Fracking industry which it wholly subsidises.  Imagine then that the fracking industry can tell its ‘story’ through the museum.  Its unthinkable isn’t it?   But this is exactly what is happening in Whitehaven where “The Sellafield Story” is due to be unveiled.

Radiation Free Lakeland will be at the opening of the Beacon on FRIDAY 30th MAY from 10am with interpretation panels and leaflets to give a flavour of the real “Sellafield Story.”   From bomb making then and now,  to infanticide and body snatching, human and animal.  There is a rich seam of intrigue and an even richer seam of sustained abuse of the environment and humanity while mainstream culture looks away and under the tutorship of its gurus learns to love its abuser.

We will have info on




and the latest updates on the use of roe deer as “bio-indicators”