The Beacon Protest yesterday

      Yesterday members of Radiation Free Lakeland and Save the Sellafield Deer went along to set up their own exhibition outside the new propaganda vehicle for Sellafield. Around 250 people stopped to chat about the real Sellafield Story, to take leaflets and to look at our exhibition illustrating  the vicious nuclear cycle from …

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Brian Cox Pitching Nuclear Woo

  Professor Brian Cox will be opening the Beacon on Friday and pitching nuclear woo The renowned celebrity Prof has said :  “The debate around nuclear waste is skewed and illogical at times. The nuclear waste is here, the problem is here, it isn’t going anywhere so it needs to be resolved now. New build will not …

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Many thanks to the Big Issue for printing the letter: Beacon of Lies We will be holding a demonstration at the official opening of the Beacon on Friday from 10.00am. We will have a counter-exhibition and will be handing out leaflets.  The charming Brian Cox and Baroness Verma will be there to groom us into …

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FALLOUT – New Book by West Cumbrian Author Sparks Reaction

    The cover on the third book in the Ruth Sutton trilogy  'Fallout' has caused a bit of a stir.  Having read (and passed on to my mum!)  the first book in the trilogy 'A Good Liar' I can highly recommend as good holiday reading and especially for those who know the Lakes or …

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Are We Ruled By Nuclear Cats?

WIPP is the ONLY operational Geological Dump in the world …and its leaking

Mining Awareness +

The latest idea that a change in Kitty litter could be part of the problem at WIPP reminded us of a post that we had started a few months ago.
Herd of Cats
Like outdoor cats, the policy of the nuclear industry, and their lackeys in government, for permanent nuclear waste disposal, is to dig a hole, dump waste, backfill and eventually abandon it. The US WIPP facility is typical in this regard. Six panels are full, backfilled and already removed from ventilation and the seventh is being filled.

Like WIPP, current proposals for long-term storage of nuclear waste, around the world, seem to involve eventual abandonment of the facility, making it a dump. This is true for every permanent waste dump that we have read about. Let’s call them what they are – dumps. It is true for the US, as well as proposed for France, and Switzerland. It has already caused…

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Just found a radioactive particle? Must be a Good Beach!

The Marine Conservation Society and Keep Britain Tidy have  awarded West Cumbrian beaches Good Beach status. Neither of these bodies take radioactive pollution into account when awarding Clean and Good Beach status. On St Bees alone over 70 particles including alpha particles have been found and retrieved up to 2011. Despite this the monitoring and retrieval has …

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