Arrest Monbiot website launched on the eve of Chernobyl’s 28th anniversary


A website has been set up on the eve of the 28th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster.  The website calls for the Arrest of the Guardian newspaper’s columnist and  “leading environmentalist”  George Monbiot.

Monbiot has been a key player in persuading government ministers, many environmentalists and those who have been groomed to trust his judgement, that new nuclear is to be  embraced and “loved” as a solution to climate change.   Far from being a “solution” nuclear contributes to climate change with thermal heating of the oceans, profligate use of fossil fuel and fresh water – and diversion of resources from renewables.  Even if it were a “solution” it would be the final solution making large tracts of land uninhabitable, farmland unusable, the bounty of the sea uneatable,  and the air  unbreathable.

The website says:

A reward is offered to people attempting a citizen’s arrest of George Monbiot for crimes against humanity and the environment.

Monbiot must face justice for his criminal irresponsibility in promoting nuclear power.

This site offers a *reward to people attempting a peaceful citizen’s arrest of the self professed “professional trouble-maker” George Monbiot for Nuclear Crimes against Humanity and the Environment.

Anyone attempting an arrest, which meets the rules laid down here, will be presented with a certificate honouring their actions.

Any money donated to this site will be used for no other purpose than to donate to Radiation Monitoring in Cumbria (RADMIC) an independent, community initiative to monitor and assess the effect of the nuclear industry. There is no independent monitoring in the North West following the disbanding of Lancashire County Council’s – Radiation Monitoring in Lancashire.

The aim of this website is to encourage repeated attempts to arrest George Monbiot:

  • To remind people that nuclear power is the most vicious and extreme way of boiling a kettle.
  • To put pressure on the UK government to rethink its disastrous nuclear agenda
  • To discourage others from repeating this crime of promoting nuclear as a benign “solution”