To: Prime Minister of the UK

Stop “Delivery” of a Geological Nuclear Dump Under the Irish Sea or Anywhere Else.  

Instead of bribing communities with £Millions to accept the plan to dump many decades worth of hot, high level nuclear wastes deep underground, we ask that you stop the production of ever more dangerous radioactive wastes, place a moratorium on the GDF “Delivery” plans and put all effort into containment ( not “disposal”),  above ground where the waste can be monitored and repackaged as necessary. Continuing with an aggressive and scientifically inadequate push for “Delivery of a Geological Disposal Facility” merely in order to justify a new nuclear build agenda is the wrong thing to do. 

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To the Coal Authority

Coal Mine developers, West Cumbria Mining have asked the *Coal Authority for new licences. Do Not Rubber Stamp the Developer’s Licence to Drill.

*The Coal Authority report to the Dept of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Kwasi Kwarteng MP is the Secretary of State



To the Health and Safety Executive In your role as protectors of the Health and Safety of UK citizens, we ask you to urge HM Government to effect an immediate ban on the extraction of fossil fuels within 10 miles of Nuclear Installations.  Currently there is no limit at all on the proximity of fossil fuel extraction to nuclear installations despite the known risks of induced seismic activity.

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STOP MOORSIDE – “Biggest Nuclear Development in Europe”

We urge David Cameron and the leaders of Europe to scrap plans for Moorside. The UK Government is planning to sell a vast area of Cumbria to the same companies responsible for the Fukushima disaster, so that they can build new nuclear reactors. Please don’t risk the safety of Europe by turning Cumbria into a nuclear sacrifice zone

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We call upon David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Edward Davey, to stop the construction of Hinkley C Nuclear Power Station: Nuclear Power is dangerous and uneconomical. We can never predict damage to the reactor as a result of unstable weather conditions or seismic activity. The proposed Hinkley C site is on the Bristol Channel which experiences high tidal fluctuations. It is also within the vicinity of a fault line that had an earthquake 9 years ago. It could happen again.





Responsible department: Department for Energy and Climate Change

In February 2013, Sellafield were found guilty of dumping nuclear waste in ordinary Cumbrian landfill. In the 1990s, large-scale dumping of nuclear wastes in Landfill was banned. However in March 2007 the law was changed so that wastes such as plutonium wastes can now be sent to ordinary disposal sites. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Make Room for Nuclear? Cellulose – the woody compound used to make paper – breaks down into chemicals that can make plutonium up to 10, 000 times more likely to get into underground water supplies. We the undersigned ask HM Government to change the “exempt” law and ban nuclear waste going into landfill.


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6 thoughts on “PETITIONS

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  3. If they say nuclear reactors are safe, why don’t they build them near London? It’s the big cities that use all the power, not the Lake District. I don’t want anywhere to become another Chernobyl or Fukushima (or Sellafield!), but I certainly do not want our unique and precious Lake District to become a nuclear wasteland. Sellafield is a disgusting disgrace costing the tax-payer billions for absolutely nothing and now they are cheering about building another deadly monstrosity on green farmland beside it. The Lake District is an irreplaceable treasure for us – and it is at risk from greedy, short-sighted, irresponsible nuclear developers! I’d rather have power-cuts than mountains of nuclear waste and deadly radiation leaks any day. Stop our population from growing out of hand and then we won’t need any nuclear expansion.

  4. Roy

    Ben, I totally agree and Moronside is being built as far from London as they can simply because they cannot allow our capital to be exposed to the risk of a Chernobyl, Fukushima or three mile island event. Sellafield is a national disgrace that cost tax payers billions for no gain, just a bottomless pit and with three reactors next door it is like putting the fuse into your bomb. Perhaps they are looking at getting Nugen to help clean up Sellafield when their plant adds to the contamination. The lake district is irreplaceable and needs all the protection it can be given from idiots who see any future in nuclear or the other greedy brigade who want to build wind turbines in every field.


    1. Petersburgh Farm on the Moorside site (the plan is apparently to knock it down to try and “screen” 3 reactors and associated sprawl) applied for a single windturbine and got turned down on grounds of spoiling the local amenity and wildlife …. a whacking great nuclear installation tho is another matter and doesnt even need local planning permission – RESIST!!!

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