Radiation Free Lakeland website for more information, resources and ways to get active

An information website & Free Beer Mats to spread the message
(the beer mats are no longer available)
**excellent** information

Save Our Lake District

Cumbria Groups who are anti-dump but not (yet!) anti-nuclear
No Lakes Nuke Dump
Solway Plain Against Nuclear Dump
No Ennerdale Nuke Dump
Cumbria Trust
Cumbria Nuclear Dump

Research Tools


No2Nuclear Power

Dr Ian Fairlie


Low Level Radiation Campaign

Nuclear Spin

Toxic Coast

Commission for Independent Research and Information about RADiation


Routine Releases from Nuclear Reactors

Click to access routineradioactivereleases.pdf

Nuclear Information and Resource Service Fact Sheets

Environmental Effects of Chronic Low Level Radioactive Contamination

There are lots more out there – don’t forget to look up the Nuclear Industry’s own websites and blogs and learn as much as you can


4 thoughts on “Links

  1. Roy


    Regards the burying of radioactive waste in Cumbria because no one else is daft enough to even contemplate it. In the last saga was it not Carlisle council who said NO, then is it just a coincidence that under the new council grouping that Carlise, Allerdale and Copeland have been grouped together. Now you will have one council for the areas that are more pro nuclear and Carlisle can be silenced.

    1. agree they want to silence dissent – it was Cumbria County Council – the overarching authority – who vetoed the plan last time round
      – the planning meeting was in Carlisle. This time the County Council have no right of veto – and it looks like even if one area who is in the new “process” wants to pull out the other has to agree to it – what a stitch up!!

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