Cumbria County Council voted against the plan for a geological dump on 30th January 2013….That should have been an end to it..and without a “solution” for the nuclear waste it should also have been an end to new nuclear build.  But the government says “we have a plan” never mind that the “plan” is diabolic dispersal of wastes to our geology (and to our air, to our sea, our land, even our DNA)

How Many Times Do We Have To Say NO ?

Government and local nuclear cheerleaders want to overturn this decision..by coming back with a new “process” and airbrushing the County Council out of the new “process”

The price of freedom from nuclear poisoning into eternity is vigilance


If you have land near a road put up NO NUKE DUMP signs

Put up posters in Windows
No Nuke Dump!  Stop Moorside!

Write letters to the press

From last time..Free Beer Mats to spread the message – and **excellent** information

Contact your Parish, District and Borough Councillors, urge them to let Government know WE ARE NOT A WILLING COMMUNITY!

Other people to contact include:

Ian Stephens, Managing Director, Cumbria Tourism

Cumbria’s MPs
andersenj@parliament.uk (Jamie Reed)

The Lake District National Park.. They oppose a geological dump under the national park but are rather vague otherwise and actually SUPPORT new nuclear build at Sellafield which would make wastes much hotter and more dangerous than that from existing nuke plants
Call them on: 01539 724555 or email: Richard.Leafe@lakedistrict.gov.uk

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6 thoughts on “WHAT YOU CAN DO

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  2. Dr Timothy Norris

    Conventional fission nuclear power – outdated – bad technology because of concurrent high radiological toxicity and risk of explosion – how many more Fukushimas do we need before the dangers of this obsolete nucelar technology become generally accepted ? At the moment, there are 160000 tonnes of high-level nuclear waste around the World that has to be store safely for many thousands of years. Thorium LFTR may be able to transmute this waste to make it less dangerous, but how many years will it take to transmute 160000 tonnes of high-level nuclear waste? Looking at the problem objectively, leaders around the World promoting conventional fission nuclear power are insane – despite academic decorations and prestige careers – it does not matter with such status – the issue is that continuing with conventional nuclear fission power is insane, mad, irresponsible to future generations, uneconomical. Why are our political leaders so utterly wedded to such dreadful technology? There are far better technologies now, including LENR that the Japanese demonstrated circa 7 years, so the USA et al. (i.e. oil cartel) used HAARP to cause a tsunami (invoking circa 3 Hz ionospheric resonance) to punish Japan. Quoting: “The love of money is the route of many kinds of evil” … “Vanity of vanity, all is vanity”. So madmen are just continuing to push conventional nuclear fission power for reasons of money and vanity; Judas sold Jesus for a few Gold coins – likewise, skimping on the design at Fukushima Dai’ichi will finish human life on Earth due to radioactive contamination. Our political leaders and industrialists are insane.

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