Guardian Watch: Insults fly in post-Brexit hysteria

Maybe things aren’t quite what they seem on the twitter sphere. The Guardian is abusing half the population as old, thick and Europe hating. Meanwhile, Ironically, the result of the Guardian’s environment writer, George Monbiot’s nuclear cheerleading has been to line up the ducks for the biggest threat to Europe’s safety. Here in Cumbria untested, untried nuclear reactors are now, with no small thanks to George, being promoted as a done deal. They are due to go online before Hinkley. Where? On the beautiful flood plain of the river Ehen, slap bang next to the biggest pile of plutonium in the world at Sellafield. The Guardian’s foremost environment writer is trusted by so many ….and has done so much damage to the safety of Europe. On a personal note I voted Leave for the same reasons as Bob Crow and Tony Benn ….both of whom were opposed to nuclear. No matter what way people voted whether like me, they are “old and stupid” or hip and young, if we want to prove that we love our Fellow Europeans then campaigning to Stop Moorside “the biggest nuclear development in Europe” Is a very good start.


by Kit


The world is still reeling from the referendum results – there is uncertainty in the air, real uncertainty, a rare creature in the modern era of controlled media consensus and carefully directed narrative. Again and again the thoughts are echoed: nobody expected this to happen. David Cameron was positive his side had won. Oliver Imhof wrote an article threatening to leave “Brexit Britain”, comfortable in the knowledge that “at no point did I think it could really happen.” You get the impression even Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage never expected to win.

Nobody expected this to happen – Least of all The Guardian…and the reactions? They have been hysterical, in every sense of the word.

The sheer volume of opinion is evidence of an institutional panic. Polly Toynbee’s reaction, always the paragon of understatement:

Catastrophe. Britain has broken apart. An uprising of resentment by the left-behind has torn…

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The EUs Nuclear Treaty: EURATOM

The first treaty of the EU was EURATOM.  The following is from the excellent Nuclear Heritage website.  Will withdrawal from the EU allow withdrawal from EURATOM ?   "EURATOM is an European treaty, particular element of the foundation of the European Union. Unrecognized even by most anti-nuclear campaigners, it is a main obstacle for a …

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Lakeland’s “Long Tradition”

Today's Westmorland Gazette letters page NUCLEAR RISK TO THE LAKES While everyone waits to see if the finances for Hinkley Point Nuclear plant can be propped up, there is an equally high risk fate hanging over the Lake District. NUGen are running a consultation on plans for the Moorside nuclear reactors just two miles outside …

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Ghost Orchid: page 21 of Beeches Boreholes and Badgers

so many reasons to oppose nuclear and to keep Cumbrian stories going on forever..still looking for the Ghost Orchid in Cumbrian Beech woods…..

Wastwater Chronicles


10th July 1996

Aunt Vera has written with the names of boffin friends to contact.  When she was 11 in 1924, Vera found the mythical Ghost Orchid (Epipogium aphyllum) in a beech wood near Henley.  It was first discovered in 1854 and rare sightings can be decades and woodlands apart.  No one is sure how the Ghost Orchid pollinates but it is known to rely on fungi- especially honey fungus.

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Honeybees and Butterflies as Indicators of Radioactive Contamination; Impacts on Fruit Production


Mining Awareness +

In “Honeybees as Monitors of Low Levels of Radioactivity” Simmons et. al.(1990) state that”it is known that honeybees can be used to detect radionuclides present in the environment. Their mobility and their ability to integrate all exposure pathways (i.e., water, air, vegetation, and soil) could expand and add another level of confidence to the present monitoring program.” (This study was for the US DOE at Hanford Nuclear Site) [1]

In “Radioactive Bees–Honey Bees as Indicators of Radionuclide Contamination“, Timothy K. Haarmann of Los Alamos National Lab says that his experiments at LANL “verify that honey bees are indeed good indicators of radionuclide contamination when it is present in the environment“. [2]
Honey Bee flower public domain via wikipedia
McGee and McGarry of the Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland inform us that “Bees forage intensively over about 7 km2 visiting thousands of plants daily in their search for pollen…

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Stones and Sea #SellafieldFreeTheDeer

From 2 years ago…. We didn’t manage to save the deer ….they were shot by Sellafield and tested for radionuclides as “bioindicators”. The fences on the other side of Sellafield , the flood plain of the river Ehen, would more than double with “Moorside” ….so much at risk and Nothing said about it by National, International or even Cumbrian wildlife and countryside groups. #StopMoorside

Sellafield have put up extra security fences extending the largest nuclear site in Europe to include woodlands trapping deer and other wildlife. Now they want to cull the trapped family group of roe deer including pregnant does. Sellafield have told Natural England that the deer are a “security threat” and so “special permission” has been given to shoot the deer out of season. The fences are meaningless while Sellafield continues to chuck radioactive wastes out to sea, to air and to landfill.

Save the Sellafield Deer Facebook page

More info:

Music by Yvonne Lyon “Someday”


The stone circle that the Sellafield fences are getting ever nearer to is called Grey Croft – maybe the least visited in Cumbria nevertheless important archeologically

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Repression of Dissent? Professor David Smythe and Glasgow University

Radiation Free Lakeland have just written to Glasgow University to urge them to reverse  the blocking of Professor David Smythe's  access to online journals. Please write and support Professor David Smythe - we feel that without his help Cumbria would now be at Stage 4 of the Geological Nuclear Dump plan.  Moorside would of course …

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