Fires in Tunnels – miles of tunnels required for nuke dump

Radiation Free Lakeland has been sent the following information. The proposed underground nuclear dump would require miles of underground tunnels. The following videos show what happens in tunnel fires – everything is amplified. Add plutonium on rail tracks to the mix.. When asked about tunnel fires and nuclear waste dumping a NDA representative mumbled that “combustible materials would be kept to a minimum” – plutonium isn’t combustible?

as far as tunnel fires are concerned, you
only need to remember a few obvious things :-
A small amount of fuel in a surface fire equals a small fire with small problems.
A small amount of fuel in a tunnel fire equals a BIG fire with BIG problems.

It is easy to approach a surface fire from all directions.
In a tunnel, the smoke needs to be removed so that fire fighters can see the fire
and get close enough to extinguish it.

Above ground, the heat goes upwards.
Below ground, the heat will travel in BOTH directions, upstream AGAINST a wind flow
as well as downstream – with the wind flow.
See the 2nd video below.

Above ground, the fire will be fanned by the wind.
Below ground, vetillation is concentrated by ventilation shafts and tunnel walls.
Below ground, heat can be extremely intense.

Note the amount of smoke in this first video from a Norway test site.
In this video, they talk of extinguishing a tunnel fire using water.
Water in a repository tunnel would negate all the measures taken to ensure that the
repository itself is as free as possible from water – – according to the selection
process involved in finding suitable rock formations.
So when the inevitable fire happens in the next 100 years of the life of the first
repository, what will be used to extinguish the fire ?
Foam or some other substance, or will the air supply be cut off in some way ?

Also, ventilation will no doubt be used to get smoke away from one side of the fire
so that firefighters can see the fire and also get close to it.
Where will all the smoke and possibly contaminated dust be blown to ?
I wouldn’t want that to land on my vegetable patch, and I doubt very much that the
people living in the city of Manchester would welcome radioactive dust landing on
their Lakeland water supplies
Note in this next video how the smoke flows AGAINST the wind created by fans of 3
metres per second. – – -about 6 minutes into the video.

I would imagine that the smoke going against the flow will need stronger
vertilation to force it away from firefighters.
That will surely force even more debris into the atmosphere in order to clear the
way for the fire to be put out.

Also, note the heat release figures in this 2nd video, comparable to the heat
generated by a petrol tanker, but the fuel used for the test fire was only wood and

Finally – water is the key to fighting tunnel fires – but water is to be kept from the nuclear cargo in the tunnel en route to the dump
“Mitigation of Tunnel Fires” Keynote address – 2012 by Dr Ricky Carvel Edinburgh University

Cumbrian House Prices to Crash – Nuke Dump Blues

Earlier this month the director of one of Cumbria’s leading Estate Agents, Kyle Blue of Penrith Farmers’ and Kidd’s reaffirmed his commitment to the government plan for the biggest toxic nuclear hell hole the world has ever seen, here in Cumbria. The nonchalance of characters like Mr Blue is breathtaking especially as this particular character is a vehement protector of the Cumbrian countryside (and towns and villages) when it comes to wind energy – which appears to be the devil incarnate as far as Mr Blue is concerned.

Perhaps Cumbrian Estate Agents like Penrith Farmers’ and Kidd’s couldn’t give two hoots about a leaking nuclear dump under their housing stock, rock spoil the size of 5 Great Pyramids and a plutonium canning factory but that is certainly not the case in Kent.

The Folkstone Herald points out that:
Fears have been raised that if the Marsh was to host a £12 billion facility storing
nuclear waste from across the UK, house prices would crash and residents would
struggle to sell their homes because fewer people would want to move here. BUILDING
a burial centre for radioactive waste on the Marsh could devastate the local housing
market, local estate agents have warned.

A spokesperson from Radiation Free Lakeland asks: What is wrong with
Cumbrians? – come on do we love Cumbria less than those Kentish protesters
who are lining up from all walks of life to oppose an “expression of
interest” from Kent – give a damn and start actively opposing the nuke
dump or Cumbria will be damned!

Folkestone Herald 24th July 2012

EMAIL FROM KYLE BLUE – Chair of Orton Parish Council (great farmers market in Orton!) and Director of Penrith Farmers’ and Kidd’s

> Dear Mrs Birkby,
> Our PC has discussed this issue and we
> support the government’s position in
> disposing of waste here.
> Chairman
> Kyle
> Blue
> Kyle Blue MRICS
> Penrith Farmers and Kidds plc

Penrith Farmers’ and Kidd’s

“Kyle Blue, a chartered surveyor and valuer who is leading a campaign against a 27-turbine farm in the Lake District, said the court ruling merely confirmed what householders already knew. “To me it’s common sense,” he said.
He added that he knew of at least two other properties worth less because of a proposed wind farm at Whinash in the Lake District”.

Partnership Patsies Congratulate Themselves on a Job Well Done!

Partnership Patsies Selling Cumbria Down the Toxic River
Partnership Patsies Selling Cumbria Down the Toxic River


As Cumbria Slides towards a Toxic Wasteland:
Partnership Patsies Congratulate Themselves on a Job Well Done!

Yesterday, Thursday 19th July was an important date for Cumbria. It was the day the Partnership, including Churches Together, The National Farmers Union, Cumbrian Association of Local Councils, The Lake District National Park Authority and other patsies cheerfully dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s on the government intention to turn Cumbria’s landscape into the biggest toxic hell hole the world has ever seen.

Radiation Free Lakeland and North Cumbria CND engaged the help of famous Lakelanders …
Norman Nicholson: Hell in a Grain of Sand
Hadrian: This Far and NO Further
Beatrix Potter: Don’t go into Mr McGregor’s Garden
Peter Rabbit: feeling rather sick
Wordsworth: Like lemmings rushing headlong to the sea we are oblivious
Ruskin: There is no wealth but life

Following excruciating and essentially meaningless “i” dotting and “t” crossing interspersed by the chilling comments “what is UK waste” and “why is plutonium included” the public was grudgingly allowed a few minutes to speak while the free lunch (courtesy of the taxpayer) was getting cold.

Irene Sanderson from North Cumbria CND punctured the bubble of respectful awe and faith in government to ‘do the right thing’

Irene said:

“I heard the question, “What is UK waste?”

Is the Partnership for Managing Radioactive Waste Safely truly fulfilling their duty
of care when they fail to make an informed definition of a term in their very title.

I am particularly concerned for I heard John Dalton of the DECC (Department of
Energy and Climate Change) say he would clarify this definition “by phone over lunch
dependent on time and who is available at the other end of the phone”.

Two points:

1 A basic flaw in the report that reveals the neglect of duty of care of this

They have failed to define ‘UK nuclear waste’ – the projection on the screen that
aroused my fears was concerning a shipment of plutonium from Germany. It said that
this is to be processed here if possible (as you know the Thorp plant is pretty much
out of action and they are considering the building of another such facility to
carry on what they regard as a re-processing industry). However, as the projection
went on to say, if the plutonium is re-processed there is some question as to
whether the waste will be ‘UK nuclear waste’ or not. And the final sentence went on
to say, the partnership’s working group was to consult with the NDA on this matter.
ie the NDA defines what constitutes ‘UK nuclear waste’, and furthermore, the NDA can
change this definition to suit. The MRWS partnership has not arrived at a robust
definition of ‘UK nuclear waste’. Every element of nuclear waste presents a
different problem requiring a specific solution so it essential to determine what
constitutes the waste being dealt with here. Only when they know what waste they
must house can they start to look at the construction of suitable facilities and
then a site. Of course the NDA will say it will not matter for their underground
tunnels will house anything. However, as the projection illustrates, the MRWS
partnership must establish what levels of waste and furthermore what provenance of
that waste etc they will tolerate. We could be inundated with the waste of the
world… And we see now that plutonium, the most deadly substance known to man, is
heading for our hills. The partnership have established that they are indeed
negligent, lacking pragmatic guidelines for confronting and dealing with the hazards
they are inviting.
I heard no mention of the projected information. Does anyone
know why it was there? But I was not there all the time and may have missed an
explanation. The NDA will be pleased that it was up on the wall in front of
everyone and no one cared to address it. So they know no one is on the bridge
watching out and it is ok for them to carry on just as they like.

ON behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland, I asked the questions:

1. “Why have those members of the Partnership who have concerns and want out, put their names to this sneaky sneaky document?

2. “This letter on compensation sent to the new Chair Elaine Woodburn from Charles Hendry MP has not been agreed in our name or in the names of the 75% of Parish Councils who have voted to stop this insane plan Would the Partnership agree that compensation is meaningless if you do not agree to the insane plan in the first place? The only thing to do with this compensation document is to tear it up” (tears letter)

The answer to the first question appears to be that rather than pull out of the insanity and actively oppose, they have had their arms twisted to go along with the plan and influence from inside – this is ridiculous as the plan has one aim: a geological dump or two.

No one was prepared to give an answer to the second question.

Compensation and Right of Withdrawal (no guarantees on either!) Letter to New Chair of the Partnership (Moorcide cheerleader) Elaine Woodburn from Charles Hendry MP

Meeting and link to draft report

Oppose the Dump Plan – Letter in Westmorland Gazette – July 12th 2012

Muggins's Mint Cake - Hot Taste of High and Low Level Nuke Waste
Muggins’s Mint Cake – Hot Taste of High and Low Level Nuke Waste

Image courtesy of:

Oppose the Dump Plan

Your correspondents are absolutely right to raise concerns about the
plan for the geological dumping of radioactive wastes.
The prerequisite for new build is a place to “dispose” of existing
and new wastes ie. a geological dump.

Cumbria is being led up the garden path to a full scale nuclear sacrifice
zone and the gate is being held wide open. The movers and shakers in
Cumbria whose job descriptions are to look after the health, safety and
viability of this area are either working with the government agenda to
bury the first nuclear wastes by 2029, or are effectively silent.
Cumbrians have waited in vain for a proactive campaign from mainstream
environmental groups who shouted Save the Forests from the rafters but are
nonchalant about those same forests transpiring radioactive carbon and
other gases.

There is an online petition people can sign to oppose the plan for nuclear

The petition says:
“The world is being told that the UK has a solution to the nuclear waste

The proposal is to bury hot radioactive waste in Lakeland’s leaky geology
in a hole(s) 1000m deep by 25km square.

This is called Managing Radioactive Waste Safely and there is a timetable
for first burial of waste deep under Lakeland by 2029.

The world is being told that a telephone poll shows Cumbrians are willing
volunteers for this “solution” to the nuclear waste problem.

A majority of Cumbrian Parish and Town Councils have voted NO to the Dump.
We the undersigned agree and say end this process now”.

The Save Lakeland- No Nukiller Dump petition can be signed here;

Marianne Birkby
Radiation Free Lakeland

edited from the published letter:
The Lake District National Park continues to be supportive of this insane plan.
The National Park also supports new build at Sellafield (but opposes the

Hawkshead – ‘Beatrix Potter and ‘Peter Rabbit’ Oppose Nukiller Dump

HAWKSHEAD – ‘Beatrix Potter’ and ‘Peter Rabbit’ oppose the Nuclear Dump
Contact: Radiation Free Lakeland 015395 63671

Last Saturday, tourists sauntering around Hawkshead – the prettiest village in the Lake District, were surprised to see three eared rabbits in biohazard suits with Beatrix Potter . The reason for the stunt was the launch of a petition opposing the geological dumping of nuclear wastes in the Lake District . Peter Rabbit has of course been here before, in the 1990’s when there was a plan to dump intermediate level nuclear waste under Cumbria . In the late 90’s the famous rabbit, courtesy of South Lakeland anti nuclear campaigners demonstrated outside the National Trust offices. Back then The National Trust, The Lake District National Park Authority, Cumbria County Council and others all successfully opposed the NIREX plan which would have seen a geological dump in the Gosforth area . What has changed since then is that the introduction of “volunteerism” and “compensation ,” the fact that the wastes are much more dangerous and that there is a government agenda for new build and new wastes . The three eared rabbits are a Simpsonesque representation of Peter Rabbit’s descendants should Cumbria be led up the garden path to geological dumping of nuclear wastes .

As well as the petition, campaigners were asking visitors and residents of the Lakeland village to send letters to Hawkshead Parish Council. Around 70 people signed letters in just over 1 and half hours, while the petition now has over 200 signatures.

A spokesperson for Radiation Free Lakeland said: “ Many local people, shopkeepers in Hawkshead had not heard of the plan and were appalled that Cumbria and land directly under the National Park should be targeted for a geological nuclear dump, also visitors from Australia said they were delighted that the very same plan for geological dumping had been thrown out of their country, but were disgusted that Cumbria should now be in the frame for becoming a nuclear sacrifice zone, complete with percolating radioactive gases ”.

The petition can also be signed online here:

for more information please contact:

Letter to Hawkshead Parish Council

Dear Hawkshead Parish Council.

There are proposals to bury hot nuclear wastes under Cumbria in a mine deeper than Scafell and 26km square.

“Emplacement of hot wastes will force rock to expand, with the strong probability that new fractures will be created. The fractures can allow radioactive gas to rapidly leak to the surface. Land users and housing at the land surface will be uplifted.”
Professor Stuart Haszeldine

Please join those town and parish councils who have already sent a strong message to government that they will not be bribed into accepting the unacceptable and have voted no to going any further on with this plan. Please ensure your voice is heard in Westminster.

Yours sincerely,


Beatrix Potter Society

‘Beatrix Potter’ against Cumbria nuclear dump

Nirex Inquiry

Appeal by Nirex’s_report_A.pdf

Compensation in Radioactive Waste Management: Ethical issues in the treatment of host communities – a paper for Nirex by Kate Rawles

“The waste that would go into a repository is higher activity radioactive waste includes high level waste, intermediate level waste and some low level waste (with a long half-life) that cannot be sent to the Low Level Waste Repository near Drigg in Cumbria”. MRWS

New nuclear near Sellafield – Moorcide

Blinky – three eyed fish

Peter Rabbit

“The lifespans of the wild things might be shortened a bit, but the animals wouldn’t know, or care. Natural selection would take care of the mutations. Life would go on”. James Lovelock on nuclear dumping in the Amazon

Environment Agency 2008 report – Gas generation and migration from a deep geological repository for radioactive waste (does not include high level wastes!)

Hot Radioactive Particles – How Much Can Our Children Take?

101 Uses For A Nuclear Power Station


A record number of radioactive hotspots have been found contaminating
public beaches near the Sellafield nuclear complex in Cumbria,
according to a report by the site’s operator. As many as 383
radioactive particles and stones were detected and removed from seven
beaches in 2010-11, bringing the total retrieved since 2006 to 1,233.
Although Sellafield insists that the health risks for beach users are
“very low”, there are concerns that some potentially dangerous
particles may remain undetected and that contamination keeps being
found. Anti-nuclear campaigners have called for beaches to be closed,
or for signs to be erected warning the public of the pollution. But
the government’s Health Protection Agency (HPA) has said “no special
precautionary actions are required at this time to limit access to, or
use of, beaches”. But it also pointed to a series of “uncertainties”
in the beach monitoring that could lead to its risk assessment being
reviewed. The latest equipment might miss tiny specks that could be
inhaled, it said, as well as buried alpha radioactivity that “could
give rise to a significant risk to health if ingested”. A local
environmental group expressed concern that in some areas, particles
seemed to reappear after they had been cleaned up. “This warrants
closure of the beaches or at least the erection of warning signs for
parents and others of the health dangers posed,” said Janine

Guardian 4th July 2012

A JUDGE has ended a custody battle in which a father claimed his son
was being put at risk by living on the West Cumbrian coastline. The
legal tug-of-love broke out after the man’s partner took their son
and moved to West Cumbria, where the father fears the boy will visit
beaches “contaminated with radioactive particles from the Sellafield
power station”. Earlier this year, a family judge rejected the
father’s claims the power station was a risk, and ordered that the
two-year-old continue living with his mother and visit the father on

Whitehaven News 28th June 2012

Copeland Council may well be thrilled by the Quality Coast Awards to
4 of its beaches and celebrate with nice new shiny beach safety and
Tourist Information Boards. These sentiments are shared neither by
CORE nor by a father in a recent custody battle who claimed his son
was being put at risk by visiting these West Cumbrian beaches
contaminated by radioactive particles from Sellafield. Although the
signs show visitors the usual water safety code, there is no mention
of the insidious and unavoidable risk of encountering a radioactive
particle in the sand. This omission is compounded by the Environment
Agency’s announcement to the West Cumbria Sites Stakeholder group
meeting on the 2nd February this year that, for reasons unknown, areas
of beach already cleared have been repopulated by radioactive
particles in a matter of days. The meeting was told by CORE that ‘In
terms of the public going onto the beach and being told that while we
remove umpteen thousand particles and pebbles, they should really take
that with a pinch of salt because they are continuously returning’.
Adding to these attempts to down play the radioactive state of the
beaches, the official monitoring of the coast has been deliberately
abandoned – at the specific request of some local authorities –
during the peak periods of school and public Bank Holidays for fear of
alarming the tourists.

CORE Press Release 4th July 2012

Orton’s Anti Wind Farm Champion Supports Nuke Dump

a wind farm free zone
a wind farm free zone

A Wind Farm Free Zone – Gateway to the Lakes/Nukiller Dump

Press Notice – Radiation Free Lakeland – 015395 63671



Correspondence between the Chair of Orton Parish Council and Radiation Free Lakeland

Subject: RE: Delegation to Westminster?
Date: Tue, July 3, 2012 1:24 pm
To: “Kyle Blue”

Dear Mr Blue,

Thank you for your email. We would be very grateful if you could pass
this and the previous email on to your colleagues in Orton Parish Council

We would like to ask if Orton Parish Council has considered asking for an
impact assessment on the value of house prices in the Orton area. We are
aware that this was of great concern to you during the Whinash Inquiry.
The Whinash plan was for an area around 8km whereas the geological dump
footprint would be 26km not including ancillary routes. The rock spoil
which would stay on the surface for decades before being used as backfill
would be up to the equivalent of 5 Great Pyramids.

Given your support for the government plan and the fact that 75% Parishes
have voted no to going any further in the process. – will Orton PC
formally volunteer ?
Shap Granite is considered less fractured than other geologies in Cumbria

House Prices* Rise – amend – that should be Houses* Rise as a Result of
Radioactive Gases

Prof Stuart Haszeldine – Geological Disposal of Nuclear Waste in West Cumbria

Rock Spoil

Yours sincerely,

Marianne Birkby
on behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland


> Dear Mrs Birkby,
> Our PC has discussed this issue and we
> support the government’s position in
> disposing of waste here.
> Chairman
> Kyle
> Blue
> Kyle Blue MRICS
> Penrith Farmers and Kidds plc

> Regulated by RICS
> —–Original Message—–
> From: marianne birkby []
> Sent: 02 July 2012 14:22
> To:
> Subject: Delegation to Westminster?
> Importance: High
> Dear Councillor,
> Many Parish and Town Councils in Cumbria are voting to protect Cumbria and
> end the Managing Radioactive Waste Safely Process. Charles Hendry the
> minister in charge of HM Government?s nuclear waste policy of geological
> disposal has “set a goal of putting the first waste into a disposal
> facility by 2029”. That is only 17 years away, much less than the
> lifespan of a wild goose.
> The national media appear to have been tipped off to portray Cumbria as a
> “willing community” on the back of the Ipsos Mori telephone poll, while
> completely ignoring the democratic vote of Towns and Parishes who want out
> and want out now.
> Radiation Free Lakeland would like to ask councillors to consider taking a
> delegation to Westminster. This may ensure that their voice is heard and
> acted upon by HM Government and that further steps to geological disposal
> are halted.
> We would be happy to help with setting up a meeting of Parish and Town
> Council delegates with Charles Hendry MP or a government representative
> here in Cumbria such as Tim Farron MP who could take the Parishes message
> to Westminster.
> Yours sincerely,
> Marianne Birkby
> On behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland

> Charles Hendry MP – 2029 Cumbria?s Goose is Cooked?
> ?Parishes Roar Nuked by Spin?
> The Sunday Post asks: Is the Lake District really the best place to turn

The Sunday Post asks: Is the Lake District really the best place to turn into…RADIOACTIVE WASTELAND


“It’s home to the sweeping dramatic vistas that inspired Wordsworth.

Scenery so breath-taking tourists will flock there this summer bringing £2billion to spend at local businesses.

And while the picturesque landscape of the Lake District shaped over thousands of years shows no signs of abating, scratch the surface and you see a tale out of kilter with the area’s reputation for afternoon teas and leisurely hikes.

The story is one of big business, angry locals and radioactive waste.

Plans are currently being considered by three councils in the area to build the UK’s mammoth radioactive dumping ground – the size of a small city – underground there.

The move has polarised the community and led to accusations and counter accusations.

Here The Sunday Post looks at the escalating row over the controversial disposal site as decision day looms.”

By Gordon Blackstock