#DriggLockTheGate: letter to Cumbria County Council

Please write to Cumbria County Council (see letter below for ideas, make it as short or long as you like) and oppose the expansion of Drigg - it is a uniquely vulnerable nuclear waste dump. Write to: to Cumbria County Council at : developmentcontrol@cumbria.gov.uk Application 4/11/9007 Low Level Waste Repository Site Optimisation and Closure Works. …

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Disappearing Trick: Birds and Nuclear Waste

    Imagine you are stood on sand dunes between the mountains and the sea. Above your head a sky full of thousands of elegant wheeling birds from terns to black headed gulls. “The birds, which at a distance cover the ground like white dots, rise in a mass into the air. It is difficult …

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Secret State 15: Why did BBC helicopter footage of flooding fail to show the threatened Cumbrian nuclear installations?

Political Concern

Secret State 1 drew attention to a 2011 report in the Guardian showing how the business and energy departments worked closely behind the scenes with multinationals EDF Energy, Areva and Westinghouse, to try to ensure that the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident did not derail their plans for a new generation of nuclear stations in the UK.

Three years ago DEFRA reported on the nuclear sites which are at risk of flooding and coastal erosion – seeRob Edwards in the Guardian– but politicians are not facing the risks.Today’sDrigg flood alert:

env header nuclear 3 drigg flood notice

Last year, the Guardian reported that in internal Environment Agency document, suggests that it was a mistake to position the Drigg radioactive waste site close to the Cumbrian coast because of the risk of flooding. In 2013 Drigg Railway station was closed due to the flooding and the area was also affected in 2014.


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The River Ribble – birthing the nuclear nightmare: 1st Installment of the Springfields Archive

there are Flood Warnings on the River Ribble … Dumping radioactive waste alongside the Ribble at Clifton Marsh should stop Now.

River Ribble – Penwortham Mill

Lancashire Evening Post - Children at Risk? Springfields Nuclear Plant Lancashire Evening Post – Children at Risk? Springfields Nuclear Plant

The beginning of the nuclear chain in the UK is at Springfields near Preston. Uranium is ripped out of the ground in far off lands such as Africa, Peru, and even the Grand Canyon. The uranium is brought here by road and rail for Springfields to work their magic The emissions from the birthing of uranium fuel is pumped to the River Ribble, to Clifton Marsh landfill and to the air. The Springfields site boasts that it has “already produced several million fuel elements and provided products and services for over 140 reactors in more than 12 countries”.

This activity is set to explode with new build. The operators of Springfields (Toshiba and Westinghouse) have signed a 150 year lease with the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. The industry and our nuclear headed government must be laughing…

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The nuclear charlatans’ last refuge – their myth about climate change


Emperor's New Clothes 3

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition: Nuclear power and climate progress in the 21st century http://thebulletin.org/commentary/praise-lord-and-pass-ammunition-nuclear-power-and-climate-progress-21st-century 17 DECEMBER 2015 Peter A. Bradford adjunct professor, Vermont Law School and former Nuclear Regulatory Commission member

In the 15th year of the era formerly known as “the nuclear renaissance,” not a single molecule of carbon dioxide emission has been avoided by a renaissance reactor built in the United States or in Europe. Unless the 40-year-old Watts Bar 2 reactor scheduled to operate in Tennessee early in 2016 is called “renaissance,” this situation will not change for several more years.

Climate change, so urgent and so seemingly intractable, has become the last refuge of nuclear charlatans throughout the Western world. From well-meaning ideologues and editorial writers claiming that the unknowable is theirs to state with certainty, to paid advocates more skilled in pleasing and persuading government officials than furthering consumer and environmental well-being, prophetic arguments…

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