High Power Tour Showing in London Tonight & In Cumbria on 7th Oct

The Uranium Film Festival 2013 Award winning film High Power received a Yellow Oscar in 2013.  It is showing in London tonight: London SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London)Weds 30th Sept Room 116, 1st floor of SOAS main building - film screening starts at 6.30pm  18:30-21:00 In Cumbria on 7th Oct at Friends …

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It’s Official! NuGen’s Lie bigging up the Moorside Project is “Regrettable”

The nuclear fairy story told us during the first stage of the NuGen CONsultation was that Moorside would produce 7% of the UKs energy.  This was of course a big fat lie (amongst others) used to big up the importance of the Moorside project x 3.5.  Now DECC have admitted as much saying the lie was …

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Unable to get volunteer locations, Japan will now impose nuclear waste sites


wastes-Fukushima-for-incineMETI changes tactics after search for nuclear waste host proves futile http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2015/05/22/national/meti-changes-tactics-search-nuclear-waste-host-proves-futile/#.VV-6ZdKeAXB

KYODO The government will select potential areas to host nuclear dump sites instead of waiting for communities to volunteer, according to the revised policy on permanent disposal of high-level radioactive waste that was adopted by the Cabinet on Friday.

The revision, the first in seven years, was prompted after towns, villages and cities throughout Japan snubbed requests to host nuclear waste dumps. The government has been soliciting offers since 2002.

The move is seen as a sign that the government wants to address the matter as it proceeds with its pursuit of reactor restarts. All commercial units have largely sat idle since the triple meltdown at the Fukushima No. 1 plant in 2011.

It remains unclear when a final depository could be built, because the policy mentions no time frame. The government also plans to expand its storage…

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High Power Film Director arrives in UK

A Film Exploring The Nuclear Industry’s Inhumanity: High Power can be seen in West Cumbria on October 7th, Friends Meeting House, Kirkgate, Cockermouth CA13 9PH.

The venue is wheelchair accessible. No entrance fee but we may ask for donations.

Frome, 8th October, Venue TBC


After being severely delayed by British Border agencies despite having a Visa to visit the UK, Pradeep Indulkar arrived in the UK this week to kick off his mini-tour of the UK, we’ve set up a dedicated page on our website so you can see where there is a screening of his films in a community near you.

Here is the link:


please check it out!

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