Keswick says No to New Nuclear Build 20 miles away as the crow flies

Keswick "Have Your Say" on biggest nuclear build in Europe

Today in Keswick 90% of the people we spoke to were opposed to new nuclear build in Cumbria. This does not tally with what NuGen are saying which is that “Cumbria wants new nuclear build.”  A recent poll in the Evening Mail indicated that 85% of those voting do not want new nuclear build in Cumbria.   Tourists said they would think twice about coming to Cumbria if dangerous new nuclear reactors were built here.

Dressed in nuclear waste barrels we handed out leaflets to tourists and locals outside the industry’s CONsultation day at the Skiddaw Hotel.

The only people going in to the CONsultation appeared to be the ones we had directed to it.   Last year, in the very same hotel on the fourth anniversary of Fukushima (11.03.015) former US nuclear regulator Arnie Gundersen described Moorside as “Chernobyl on Steroids”   Cumbria needs that like it needs a hole in the head.

A Spokesperson for Radiation Free Lakeland said: Chernobyl  and Fukushima didn’t notice national boundaries and nor would Moorside which would threaten us all in the uk and way beyond. The visitors who love lakeland that i spoke with were deeply shocked at the new build nuclear plan. People who hold the Lake District dear want to stop Moorside.

20 Miles from Keswick as the Crow Flies: Biggest Nuclear Development in Europe

As the Crow Flies

Join Us in Keswick – on Tuesday 31st May 2-4 outside the Skiddaw Hotel

Lets Expose the Sham CONsultation

Ruskin, Beatrix Potter and Wordsworth are Lake District icons.   Not one of these icons would have separated the West Coast of Cumbria from the Lake District as we have been taught to do in the nuclear age.  Why?  The Lake District spread across the boundaries of three counties: Cumberland, Westmorland and Lancashire.  The Lake District National Park is an artificial construct which does itself or us no favours in its readiness to publicly disown West Cumbria rather than publicly oppose the diabolic nuclear developments in the Lake Counties.  This is what they said in 2012 about the plan for a geological dump for heat generating nuclear waste …..”It remains a concern that significant media interest highlights the potential location of the geological disposal facility in the ‘Lake District’ rather than ‘West Cumbria.”

The Lake District National Park Authority’s insistence that ‘West Cumbria’ is an entirely different geographical area to the ‘Lake District’ is an entirely artificial construct which has come about as a direct result of the ruinous nuclear industry.

When the Lake Counties included Cumberland, Westmorland and part of Lancashire there was none of today’s parochialism and narrow mindedness about what constituted the Lake District.  Today the plan for the “Biggest Nuclear Development in Europe” is promoted as if in an isolated industrial “West Cumbrian” bubble,  despite being only 20 miles from Keswick and 25 miles from Ambleside as the crow flies.

Where are the protectors of the Lake Counties?

Radiation Free Lakeland will be in Keswick on tuesday from 2 till 4 outside the Skiddaw Hotel’s Greta Suite.

We will have leaflets and information.

The ongoing sham CONsultation by companies responsible for Fukushima  Toshiba/Westinghouse and Engie is an outrage.   These companies are capitalising on the the UK government’s obsession with new nuclear.  They plan to build “Chernobyl on Steroids” on green fields near to Sellafield’s rotting tanks and dangerous stockpiles of nuclear wastes.

Do you remember when Sellafield was a Tarn?

Do you remember when Calder Hall was a Farm?

Do you remember the Lake District?

Please join us in saying an outright NO!



Not too Bright US Nuclear Navy Man Dumps Phone with Classified Nuclear Sub System Pics in Garbage

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We may never know his motive. But, he apparently wasn’t technically inclined enough to figure out how to remove the photos from his phone before disposal. And, yet, he was supposed to be operating and maintaining nuclear subs from September of 2007 to March of 2012.
On January 19, 2009, at approximately 4:00 a.m., SAUCIER took two photos, one of the auxiliary steam plant panel and the other of the reactor compartment viewed through a portal.  On March 22, 2009, at approximately 1:30 a.m., SAUCIER took two photos that, when placed side by side, provided a panoramic array of the Maneuvering Compartment, the room from which the propulsion system of the boat is operated.  On July 15, 2009, at 12:47 p.m., SAUCIER took two photos documenting the reactor head configuration of the nuclear reactor and a view of the reactor compartment from within that compartment.” (USDOJ, 27…

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Workers Vote to Strike At All 19 Nuclear Power Stations in France

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France Nuclear Power Station map by Sting-Roulex45-Domaina, CC-BY-SA via Wikipedia

Workers at All of France’s 19 Nuclear Power Stations Vote to Strike
First, workers at Nogent-sur-Seine nuclear power station voted on Tuesday night, 24 May, to power down the still operating nuclear reactor starting on Wednesday night for a 24 hour period as a protest against major modifications in the work legal code. It will take several days for the reactor to power back up. The other reactor at the site is already down due to a technical problem.

On Wednesday night, 25 May, workers at the other 18 nuclear power stations also voted to strike. This means that all 19 nuclear power stations in France will be on strike from early Thursday morning. While Nogent-sur-Seine said that they intend to power the reactor down to 0% output, to join the 0% output of the other reactor, the exact program followed by the other striking power stations was to be…

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Windscale, Sellafield, Moorside UK fallout plume estimate
Calls for distribution of iodine tablets for the UK – this would especially give some protection to children against the known impacts on the thyroid from the release of radioactive iodine to the environment (there are no tablets to protect from other radioactive isotopes such as plutonium, stontium, cesium …)

May 25, 2016

NFLA publish independent analysis of scientific advice in nuclear related emergency incidents and call for national issuing of stable iodine tablets

The Nuclear Free Local Authorities (NFLA) publishes today an independent submission by radiation risks expert Dr Ian Fairlie (1) on the role of science and scientific advice in emergency incidents involving chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear (CBRN) materials. (2)

The submission was made by Dr Fairlie to the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee and has the full support of the NFLA, who assisted with some background information to the submission.

The Committee is holding an inquiry into the use of scientific information in CBRN incidents. Dr Fairlie’s response focuses on emergency planning and the issue of releasing potassium iodine tablets to the public to provide vital support in the event of an incident which involves a release of radiation.

In the event of a nuclear accident or incident, the three main responses are shelter, evacuation, and iodine prophylaxis. Dr Fairlie’s submission considers the use of iodine tablets following an emergency.

The prior ingestion of stable iodine is an effective means of protecting the thyroid gland from thyroid cancer and other thyroid effects, especially among children. It is necessary to consume stable iodine immediately after a nuclear incident: the best way to provide this is the advance distribution of stable iodine prior to any accident or incident.

Dr Fairlie’s submission makes the following conclusions:

To ensure preparedness, quicker responses and better public protection, practical steps need to be implemented before any nuclear accident or incident occurs. In particular, the pre-distribution of potassium iodide or iodate tablets is an effective way of protecting the thyroid gland, and tablets needs to be swallowed immediately after a known nuclear incident/accident. Unfortunately, information on the whereabouts of such tablets, their stocks and their planned distribution is withheld by UK authorities.
Several other countries, including Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Switzerland, have already pre-distributed potassium iodide tablets apparently without difficulty. It is therefore recommended that stable iodine, along with precise dose instructions and the reasons for pre-distribution, should now be distributed to all families within at least 30 km of UK nuclear reactors.
Where it is anticipated that plumes from nuclear incidents and accidents could reach large urban populations (e.g. >500,000 people) located beyond 30 km, then pre-distribution should cover all these areas as well, as quick evacuations from such cities would not be feasible and their inhabitants would still need to be afforded some protection.

For this reason, and because of the possibility of reactor accidents/incidents abroad, or malicious terrorist attacks using radioactive materials in the UK, it is also recommended that urgent consideration be given to advance distribution of potassium iodide tablets to all households throughout the UK, as occurs in other countries.

Report author Dr Ian Fairlie said:

Strong scientific evidence points towards the need for iodide tablets to be distributed right now without waiting for a nuclear accident or incident to happen. The accidents at both Chernobyl and Fukushima have also taught us that pre-distribution of potassium iodide tablets are vitally necessary.”

NFLA Chair Councillor Ernie Galsworthy said:

NFLA has been concerned for many years that potassium iodide tablets should be made more readily available to the British public in the event of not just a nuclear incident or accident at a nuclear power station but also in the event of a malicious incident by terrorist groups in a UK town or city. I welcome Dr Fairlie’s cogent analysis that confirms our view that all UK households should receive tablets that would directly help them in the event of a radiation release. Belgium and the Netherlands have decided on this course of action as a result of the recent tragic terrorist attacks in Brussels and Paris. It is now time for the UK to follow this same course of action.”

This is the first of two reports on responding to nuclear risks being issued by the NFLA in May. The second focuses on nuclear security matters and will be issued imminently.



(1) Dr Ian Fairlie is an independent consultant on radioactivity in the environment. He has a degree in radiation biology from Bart’s Hospital in London and a doctorate studied at Imperial College and Princeton University on the radiological hazards of nuclear fuel reprocessing. Dr Fairlie has worked as a civil servant on the regulation of radiation risks from nuclear power stations. From 2000 to 2004, he was head of the Secretariat of the UK Government’s CERRIE (Committee Examining Radiation Risks from Internal Emitters) Committee on internal radiation risks. In recent years he has been a consultant on radiation matters to the European Parliament, local and regional governments (including the NFLA), environmental NGOs, and private individuals. Dr Fairlie’s specific areas of interest are the radiation doses and risks arising from the radioactive releases at nuclear facilities. For more information see

(2) The report is attached with this briefing. It can be downloaded from the NFLA website

(3) German Government public information brochure on potassium iodide tablets

ETHICS and NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY- theme for May 2016


The unethical nature of nuclear power, nuclear weapons, and the entire nuclear fuel cycle is becoming more obvious, as its history unfolds. On grounds of nuclear weapons spread, unsolved wastes problem, health and environment, effects on indigenous and poor peoples, injustice to today’s and future generations – and even the sheer financial costs for now and the future – it is clear that “atoms for peace” is a false and unethical enterprise.

Given the mounting negative evidence about the nuclear industry, it is concerning that so many world political, scientific and economic leaders continue to promote the industry. Sir Mark Oliphant, (below) one of the founders of the atomic bomb, was one who had the courage to change his mind, and to speak out against nuclear power and nuclear weapons.

Why is it so rare for ‘important’ people to face up to the evil nature of the whole nuclear fuel…

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Renewable energy transition is stalling world greenhouse gas emissions

Don’t let Nuclear trash the climate ….


climate-changeSurge in renewable energy stalls world greenhouse gas emissions Falling coal use in China and the US and a shift towards renewable energy globally saw energy emissions level for the second year running, says IEA, Guardian, John Vidal, 17 March 16, Falling coal use in China and the US and a worldwide shift towards renewable energy have kept greenhouse gas emissions level for a second year running, one of the world’s leading energy analysts has said.

Preliminary data for 2015 from the International Energy Agency (IEA) showed that carbon dioxide emissions from the energy sector have levelled off at 32.1bn tonnes even as the global economy grew over 3% .

Electricity generated by renewable sources played a critical role, having accounted for around 90% of new electricity generation in 2015. Wind power produced more than half of all new electricity generation, said the IEA.

The figures are significant…

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Greens Urge Ireland to Insist on Hinkley Nuclear Power Consultation Following UNESC Ruling

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Ireland in relation to proposed British Nuclear Power Stations Hinkley and Moorside
Ireland in relation to the two new nuclear power stations, which the UK government wants to impose

Note that if the Government of Ireland fails to act promptly, then the people of Ireland, as well as those in other impacted countries, may complain to the UN under the Aarhus Convention, as explained below the News Release. In fact, members of the public do not have to wait, but can act now if they wish. Their rights have already been violated.

News Release from The Green Party, Ireland:
Greens urge Government to insist on Hinkley consultation following UNESC ruling 9th May 2016

The Green Party today accused the United Nations Economic and Social Council of ‘pulling punches’, following their finding that Britain has breached the Espoo convention, but failure to deliver a recommendation.

UNESC found that Britain failed to notify neighbouring states and the general public of the threat of…

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85% of Cumbrians say NO to Nuclear Nightmare, While NuGen Peddle their Fairytale in Beckermet


Evening Mail Three Quarters of Voters Say NO
Evening Mail

In just one day 85% of 1268 Cumbrians said  NO to the nightmare of new build while NuGen peddle their “sleeping beauty” fairy story.  This poll is far larger than the responses to the first NuGen CONsultation and we suspect far more representative of Cumbria.  Many Sellafield workers who oppose Moorside would be reluctant to take part in a CONsultation which requires the consultee to provide personal information.

At the sleepy village of Beckermet yesterday Nugen peddled their “sleeping beauty” fairy tale. I spoke to some villagers who feel absolutely wretched and desperate but also unable to organise and make a stand against the nightmare which is already beginning on the flood plain of the river Ehen and out at sea with over 300 boreholes. There was no planning permission given or “necessary” for the boreholes which were given the ok by one delegated Copeland council official. The Moorside plan “needs” no proper independent scrutiny or planning inquiry – all it needs is a Development Consent Order from government and that is due in 2017. The people of Beckermet and surrounding villages must find the strength of will to fight this and say an unequivocal NO NO NO! If allowed to continue without waking up from this nightmare it will not end well for sleepy Cumbrian villages or for our neighbours.

The nightmare  of “Cumbria Atom Park”  and  “Sleeping Beauty” images reminscent of a science fiction dystopian fantasy are being peddled at the CONsultation, the  same CONsultation that invites the sleepy village of Beckermet  to help “shape our plans.”   The towns and villages surrounding the Moorside site must find the strength to organise and to say NO….sooner rather than later. In real life the beauty of the Moorside site has already started the process of being trashed with diabolic boreholes on the river Ehen flood plain…STOP NOW!

Cumbrian Atom Water Park #StopMoorside

Sleeping beauty #StopMoorside





Four Workers Accused of “Willfully” Hiding Info Re Emergency Cooling Tank Leaking into Reactor Control Room: Another Big Easy Nuclear Reactor Day for the US NRC

News from the US…”Palisades Nuclear Reactor will be 45 years old at the end of this year and is located on the Great Lakes (in Michigan). The major “news” coming out of the US NRC’s report yesterday on Palisades is mostly known: the NRC is worthlessly slow for the rare times it wrist-slaps anyone; and that this nuclear reactor is old. Less well-known news is that this reactor is poorly designed (with emergency cooling water on top of the control room – gee how stupid can they get? ), and the shoddy repairs subsequent to the leak from the emergency cooling water tank, including faulty welding leading to another leak into the control room. How many other nuclear power stations share this defect, which shows the sheer lunacy which has apparently always gripped the nuclear industry? “

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Palisades: another “Big Easy” Nuclear Reactor owned by New Orleans’ Entergy.
Emergency cooling water on top of the nuclear reactor control room gushing 90 gallons per day of radioactive water with 3 drops per minute dripping into the control room and even onto the control panels; radioactive water discharged to the environment… This was after the previous 2011 leak was repaired. Why was it radioactive if it’s emergency borated water? “On May 18, 2011, Condition Report (CR) PLP–2011–02491 was initiated when leakage from the ceiling in the Palisades main control room was identified following heavy rains in the area. Chemistry analysis of this leakage revealed several radioactive isotopes including Cobalt–58, a short-lived isotope found in the primary coolant…
90 gallons per day leak Palisades 2013
Palisades Emergency Cooling water on top of reactor control room nuclear
Main Control Room Leak Palisades
Palisades Nuclear Reactor will be 45 years old at the end of this year and is located on the Great Lakes (in Michigan). The major “news” coming out of the…

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