How Can Nuclear Apologists from Academia, Media, Etc., Sleep At Night? PM Trudeau and the Uranium Cartel; Jay Cullen and Justin Trudeau at McGill

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How Can Nuclear Scientist Academics Media Apologists Sleep At Night?
Oct. 18, 2014, by Dana Durnford

What is the use of nuclear technology if all it does is destroy everything it touches? Why have it on the planet when we can not build anything to contain it! The Nobel gases will detonate it if not released. Everything on nuclear waste sites is vented into your community, all of the time. Or worst, criminally dumped into the ground like Hanford 450 billion gallons in the 50s and 60s. Right now they have right now 41 miles of open pits full of nuclear waste they couldn’t deal with leaching constantly into the water tables and environment is unimaginable when they decry terrorist releasing the same amounts into communities.  Nuclear money and destruction of everything is allowed – hell it’s encouraged- while descending narratives decrying the discrepancy are not considered or afforded a…

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New Report Reveals: Sizewell B and 27 other EDF nuclear plants ‘at risk of catastrophic failure’

And the UK is just about to sign up for more of these cancer (and other radiation linked disease) factories! The Ecologist writes: Sizewell B and 27 other EDF nuclear plants 'at risk of catastrophic failure' Oliver Tickell 29th September 2016 A new report finds that 28 nuclear reactors, 18 of them EDF plants in …

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To Jeremy Corbyn: Thank You for the Ban on Fracking. Now, What About the Most Extreme Energy?

  Dear Jeremy Corbyn MP, Labour Leader, I am writing to you on behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland, a volunteer group based in Cumbria[1] to thank you whole heartedly for pledging to ban fracking which “locks us into an energy infrastructure that is based on fossil fuels long after our country needs to have moved …

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OBSERVER MAGAZINE 28th May 1989 EXCLUSIVE REPORT: SELLAFIELD AND THE SUFFERING CHILDREN Ellie de Cordova lived at Whitehaven, nine miles away from the nuclear reprocessing plant of Sellafield. At the age of four, she died of leukaemia, a type of cancer affecting the blood and bone marrow. Eighteen other children within 20 miles of Sellafield …

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US NRC Public Meeting re Augmented Inspection at Toshiba’s Westinghouse Nuclear Fuel Fabrication Facility in South Carolina, Sept. 27th

While Cumbrian and North West businesses are encouraged to salivate over “huge investment” from the proposed diabolic Moorside plant…the developers of that plant are embroiled in worldwide mega fraudulent accounting scandals.

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Westinghouse Hopkins SC
Toshiba-Westinghouse’s Hopkins South Carolina Nuclear Fuel Facility

NRC Schedules Public Meeting to Discuss Results  of Augmented Inspection at Westinghouse
At the same facility within the last year:

EXCLUSIVE – India seeks loan from U.S. for nuclear reactors, snags remain
Posted:Thu, 22 Sep 2016 17:05:50 +0530
NEW DELHI (Reuters) – India is negotiating with U.S. Export-Import Bank for an $8-9 billion loan to finance six Westinghouse Electric nuclear reactors, two sources familiar with the talks said, although a lending freeze at the trade agency threatens progress

The $9 Billion loan would be ultimately guaranteed by the US taxpayer – apparently Obama’s attempt to give a parting present to Japan and its nuclear industry. Although it is unclear how many jobs are at Toshiba’s Westinghouse Cranberry Township PA site, it is millions of dollars per job retained. Job numbers seem to be in the 1,000 to 4,000 range. If it’s 4,000…

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Uranium Hexaflouride: Cheshire’s Hidden Menace STOCKPILED

This Could Not Happen in Leafy Cheshire?  Think again! Our colleagues at CLOSE CAPENHURST  have dared to ask the questions: "How Much Depleted Hex Is At Capenhust ? ? ? How Much Hex ? Uranium Hexafluoride is highly toxic, radioactive, corrosive to most metals, and reacts violently with water. One of the questions we have …

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Wasdale Show 8th October 2016

Radiation Free Lakeland are proud to be taking part in the wonderful Wasdale Show again this year. 8th October 2016 We will have a stall with information the petition and will be launching our Competition HEDGEHOGS SAY SAVE OUR HOMES! Moorside Would Destroy How Many Ancient Hedges? 1km  2km  3km  4km  5km  6km  over 6km …

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Beech Party: pages 32 & 33

20 years ago – a Beech Party to save 50 trees the Lake District National Park wanted to fell as “dangerous.” Shame the National Park aren’t so keen on safety when it comes to new nuclear on the River Ehen floodplain near Sellafield (Just 20 miles away from the Rusland Beeches as the crow flies!)  Mind blowing that the National Park are actively supporting the diabolic Moorside plan.

Wastwater Chronicles


22nd Sept 1996

Beech Party

The banners were made by different people and left up after everyone had gone home.  There were people who had travelled from as far away as Carlisle to support the trees.

Visitors to the Beech Party who didn’t have to travel far where Tony Wood’s saddleback pigs from Abbots Reading Farm.  The four saddlebacks were having a great time eating the beech mast.

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