Sellafield Workers Campaign for a Future – What Future is that then?

The Sellafield Workers Campaign and Unite are not representing the health and wellbeing of workers, Cumbria or the wider international community in agitating for new build and continued reprocessing. In contrast the Australian equivalent of Unite, the Electrical Trades Union, has banned its members from working in uranium mines, nuclear power plants or any part of the nuclear fuel cycle. The ban reflects both the ETU’s concern regarding the threat to the health and safety to workers engaged in the industry and its view that nuclear power should not be a source of power generation. In a statement, Peter Simpson, ETU state secretary, said “we are sending a clear message to the industry and the wider community that vested interests in the uranium and nuclear industries are trying to hoodwink us about this dangerous product and industry. Corporate interests, and their political supporters in the Labor and Coalition parties, are also trying to buy working families off with high wages, while denying the true short-term and long-term health risks of such jobs”.

In contrast to more enlightened colleagues in Australia the clear message from the Sellafield Workers Campaign and Unite is that they are blind to the health of their workers, who unlike the wider population at least ‘enjoy’ the benefit of the industry’s ‘Compensation Scheme for Radiation Linked Diseases.’ Wastes continue to arrive at Sellafield to be reprocessed, adding to the volume of already unmanageable high level liquid wastes, wastes are dispersed to air, sea and groundwater. The Sellafield Workers Campaign should do its job and be agitating for government to provide a bond to last through the rise and fall of politicians and party’s, a bond that would ensure there are jobs on the Sellafield site into eternity to as safely as humanly possible CONTAIN the waste. Instead the SWC are agitating to MAKE MORE even more dangerous wastes to DISPERSE to the environment until as Kate Bush memorably said “chips of plutonium are twinkling in every lung.”–campaign-for-a-future/

DEMO – Meet the Nuclear Fockers, companies taking govnt contracts to dump…


Meet the Nuclear Fockers, Lillyhall

MEET THE NUCLEAR FOCKERS, private companies taking government contracts to dump radioactive waste – LILLYHALL, CUMBRIA
25th August 2013 ​

Radiation Free Lakeland held a DEMO outside Lillyhall Industrial Estate, Jubilee Rd entrance from 11am till 12noon to protest the dangerous and immoral nuclearisation of a previously nuclear free area of Cumbria. At Lillyhall, there is now a laundry taking in Sellafield’s dirty washing, a radioactive scrap metal yard and a landfill that the EU describe as a nuclear waste ‘repository’ i.e. dump.

None of these things were approved by people or businesses living in the area, all of them were sanctioned by the regulatory bodies supposed to be acting as watchdogs.

RaFL then went to Workington Town Centre where around 100 people signed a letter to Cumbrian MP and member of Parliament Tim Farron asking him to protect our freshwater fromthe inhumane release of radiation to groundwater. “Exempt” nuclear waste means an uncontrolled and uncontrollable avalanche of radioactive waste from smashed up ‘decommissioned’ nuclear plants to be dumped in our landfill.

Nuclear Laundry at Lillyhall

Radioactive Scrap Metal at Lillyhall

Nuclear Landfill at Lillyhall

Radiation Free Lakeland – New Website

Radiation Free Lakeland - new website

Radiation Free Lakeland – new website

Radiation Free Lakeland now has a website..

The website is a resource and point of contact for campaigners. It is a counterpunch (punching well above our weight!) to the ongoing greenwash and distraction surrounding the most extreme energy there is. The extreme energy that is an abuse of human rights from its evil birth in nuclear testing, the displacement of millions, the leukemias, the body snatching scandal in Cumbria, the ongoing international catastrophe of Fukushima, and the “controlled release of radioactivity to groundwaters” in Cumbria. The abuse of human rights is comprehensive and would need thousands of academic reports to cover the extent, strangely the reports from academia are few and far between. Even the University of London, originators of the Extreme Energy Initiative have dumped their nuclear reactor in Cumbria.

The Radiation Free Lakeland website states:
Nuclear is a Living Nightmare! Radioactive contamination of air, sea and groundwater. Nuclear ‘energy’ needs chemicals and fossil fuel power plants during and decades after any electricity production. Radiation causes cancers and other diseases. Nuclear causes a snowball of blight now, and for generations after us.

Radiation Free Lakeland has exposed the “Decommissioning” lies that the nuclear industry is desperate to hide from view.

In order to achieve its insane goal and build new nuclear the government needs to clear the decks and decommission old nuke plants. It needs to be seen to have solved the vast waste problem. “Decommissioning” means dispersal to landfill, recycling radioactive scrap metal, ‘evaporating’ the waste into thin air and geological disposal.

There is a huge problem with this: there is no away! The only solution is to STOP NOW and CONTAIN the waste

The website will be added to with more resources, news and active campaigning

University of London Nuclear Reactor – many of the nuclear gurus of today cut their teeth on this, much of it is now under Cumbria.

Pull the Plug on Officially Sanctioned Radioactive Fly Tippers.

Workington’s Fortified Castle
The only protection from radioactive groundwater is to say NO




Radiation Free Lakeland will be holding a demonstration outside Lillyhall
Business Park, Jubilee Road entrance next Saturday 11am -12 noon to oppose
the ongoing and accelerating nuclearisation of previously uncontaminated areas of

Marianne Birkby from Radiation Free Lakeland said “the nuclear industry and
our government are acting like the most immoral and dangerous flytippers in
the world in the rush to get shot of nuclear wastes.

For example at Lillyhall, which was once a nuclear free area of Cumbria there is now a laundry taking in Sellafield’s dirty washing, a radioactive scrap metal yard and a landfill
that an EU Directive is describing as a nuclear waste ‘repository’ i.e.
dump complete with a “controlled” release of radioactivity to groundwater.
This abuse of human rights is taking place on the q.t. None of these
things were approved by people or businesses living in the area, but all
of them were sanctioned by the regulatory bodies supposed to be acting as
watchdogs. The Environment Agency is toeing the line with the EU Directive
and has just issued a permit for Lillyhall to receive millions of tonnes
of so called “exempt” radioactive waste from Chapelcross and other smashed
up/decommissioned nuclear plants”.

Radiation Free Lakeland will be at Lillyhall Business Park inbetween 11
and 12 noon and then will be in Workington Town Centre, Washington Square,
from 1pm telling people about the inhumane release of radiation to ground
water only a couple of miles away. Workington’s medieval fortified tower
house was built to protect its inhabitants– no fortification in the world
will repel radioactivity once released into the groundwater. There will
be a letter for people to sign to send to Tim Farron, Cumbrian MP and
member of government, asking for an end to dumping so called “exempt”
waste in landfill:

Dear Tim Farron MP,


Councils and political leaders in Cumbria have opposed proposals to dump
nuclear waste in landfill at Lillyhall. They have also opposed turning a
former open cast coal mine in the Lake District into the UK’s first
purpose built nuclear dump site at Keekle Head. Keekle Head is the source
of the beautiful river Keekle and home to endangered species such as hen
harriers and fresh water pearl mussels. Radioactive waste, rubble and
soil from smashed up nuclear plants undergoing “decommissioning” i.e.
dispersal, are being trucked hundreds of miles to Cumbria and this is set
to escalate.

If this “exempt” waste is so safe why is it being trucked
hundreds of miles from Scotland and the South? Why not just put it in
Scotland’s landfill? The answer is that it is NOT SAFE and NO ONE WANTS
IT. The plan: “the controlled release of radioactivity to groundwaters”
(EU Directorate D Nuclear Energy Radiation Protection – Lillyhall) .
Please, as a key member of government and Cumbrian MP ensure that the 2007
“exempt” law allowing companies to dump nuclear waste in landfill is
revoked. Dumping large volumes of radioactive waste in landfill should be
banned as it was prior to 2007. Deregulation of the banks led to a toxic
crash. The deregulation of the nuclear industry if not stopped and
reversed will lead to a far more serious toxic crash. Please revoke the
“exempt” 2007 law and ban nuclear waste in landfill.

Yours sincerely,


Nuclear Laundry

Radioactive Scrap Metal at Lillyhall

Nuclear Landfill at Lillyhall

Environment Agency permit for Lillyhall

EU Directorate D
“A recent Hydrogeological Risk Assessment has demonstrated that the
proposed modifications to the design are sufficient for the controlled
release of radioactivity in the HV-VLLW to groundwaters.
It is
expected that the HV-VLLW will arrive at the Lillyhall Landfill Site in
skips or tipper trucks. The waste will be covered during transport to
prevent the re-suspension of dust and water ingress. Plastic liners or
super sacks may be used to reduce any contamination of the transport
container. The HV- VLLW will be loose-tipped to one side of the cell and
non-radioactive waste will be disposed to other parts of the cell. HV VLLW
is proposed to be deposited in its own dedicated cell and once complete
this area will be engineered in the same manner as the dedicated asbestos
cell, after which it will be covered with non-hazardous waste. There will
be no intimate mixing between the radioactive and non- radioactive wastes.
The waste will be tipped in such a way as to ensure that large gradients
in slope do not arise, there is no slumping of the waste and the addition
of a soil layer on top of the HV-VLLW is practicable”.

Stop the Fockers! Stop Radioactive Contamination of our Groundwater!

Lillyhall fockers.jpg

Stop Radioactive Contamination of our Groundwater.

The Environment Agency and EU have given the go ahead for the “controlled release of radiation to groundwater” at Lillyhall Business Park/ Industrial Estate only a couple of miles from Workington.

Radiation Free Lakeland will be outside Lillyhall Industrial Estate, Jubilee Rd entrance from 11am till 12noon to protest the dangerous and immoral nuclearisation of a previously nuclear free area of Cumbria. At Lillyhall, there is now a laundry taking in Sellafield’s dirty washing, a radioactive scrap metal yard and a landfill that the EU describe as a nuclear waste ‘repository’ i.e. dump.

None of these things were approved by people or businesses living in the area, all of them were sanctioned by the regulatory bodies supposed to be acting as watchdogs.

From 1pm we will be in Workington Town Centre, meet at Washington Square. We will be telling people about the inhumane release of radiation to groundwater from Lillyhall and collecting signatures on a letter to government to oppose the proposed uncontrolled and uncontrollable avalanche of radioactive waste from smashed up ‘decommissioned’ nuclear plants to be dumped in our landfill.

Nuclear Laundry at Lillyhall

Radioactive Scrap Metal at Lillyhall

Nuclear Landfill at Lillyhall

There is a Parking layby on the road nearby…

Call for warning signs on Cumbrian beaches …let’s call for a stop to the cause of the crapola

Flying the Flag for Radioactive Seaside
Flying the Flag for Radioactive Seaside

Cumbrians Opposed to a Radioactive Environment have renewed calls for warning signs to be placed on Cumbrian beaches.

Core Press Release
“A Review conducted by local pressure group CORE (Cumbrians Opposed to a Radioactive Environment), making a strong case for the use of signs on West Cumbrian beaches to advise the public on the presence of radioactive particles, has been sent to the Health Protection Agency (HPA now Public Health England), the Environment Agency, the Government’s Committee on the Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment (COMARE) and other bodies involved in Sellafield Ltd’s beach monitoring programme”
Full press release here.

CORE are right to call for warning signs on the beaches, we would add, until every last radioactive particle has been retrieved. To get to the heart of the problem and put a stop to the most dangerous radioactive particles known to man being washed to our beaches with every tide, let’s call for a STOP TO REPROCESSING. Sellafield have accelerated the insane programme of reprocessing and this poisoning will continue until at least 2020 unless….Let’s get active! Go along to the beaches where the idiotic and irresponsible Keep Britain Tidy “safe beaches” flags are flying and tie red warning ribbons on the flagpoles at St Bees and Seascale…

More info here:

Sellafield’s Dirty Washing

Shortridge logo

Mrs Tiggywinkle Scrubbing the Nuclear Laundry
Mrs Tiggywinkle Scrubbing the Nuclear Laundry

News on the grapevine is that Sellafield has just despatched a consignment of dirty washing to Shortridge Laundry at Lillyhall in Cumbria- good news for some of the contract workers at the laundry who were about to be laid off, not so good for the health of the domestic drains where the waste water is dumped, or the hotels who use the same laundry. The Shortridge website does not mention contract work for Sellafield but declares :

“Shortridge Ltd. provide a complete range of linen hire and laundry services to the North of England and South Scotland.
We have grown to become one of the largest, and most successful, independent laundries by providing a highly personal service and the very best linens.
We supply bed linen and restaurant table linen to hotels, guest houses, bed and breakfasts, and restaurants. Special occasion linen is available for events such as weddings and christenings. We also work with education establishments, caterers and local businesses providing event linen, chefs wear, and work wear”.

The Environment Agency say they are not keeping tabs on the Sellafield laundry – we have asked Tim Farron MP “who is?”

Ms. Marianne Birkby

Our Ref: Birk004/33/ag

13 August 2013

Dear Marianne

Thank you very much for your recent email with regard to the safety of the
handling of contaminated laundry outside of Sellafield.

I am pleased to confirm that I have written to the Chief Executive of the
Environment Agency to urge him to monitor this information as a matter of
public record for health and safety reasons and to assemble the answers to
your questions. I will write again, when I have received the response.

With best wishes

Yours sincerely

Tim Farron MP



Sent: 09 August 2013 16:08

To: Tim Farron MP

Subject: Re: TF

Dear Tim,

The ‘Let the Environment go to Hell Agency’ and the Disinformation
Commissioner obviously think people are mushrooms that need to be kept in
the dark about the nuclear industry’s dirty washing. Or do they really not

Please ask the Environment Agency to review their decision that “they do not
hold information.”

The questions we originally asked were:

1. How often and in what quantities in the last 3 years has the

contingency laundry been used at

a. Lillyhall, Cumbria (non active laundry) b. Crumlin, Wales. (active


The answer from EA: We do not hold the information that you have requested
(EIR Regulation

12(4)(a) applies).

2. How is the active laundry transported to Crumlin from Sellafield?

The answer from EA: We do not hold the information that you have requested
(EIR Regulation

12(4)(a) applies).

3. Where is the water from the laundry at Crumlin discharged to?

The answer from EA: We do not hold the information that you have requested
(EIR Regulation

12(4)(a) applies).

The Environment Agency said that Natural Resources Wales hold that
information – we asked and received the following answer – they do not keep
records of where the laundry comes from although it can come from anywhere
in the UK and that the “bulk of radioactivity is removed” before dumping
down the drains at Crumlin (literally next door to Wales’ biggest bread


Please ask the Environment Agency the questions above. If they are not
keeping tabs on the radioactive laundry – who is?

Many thanks


Radiation Free Lakeland

Sellafield Laundry

Extreme Energy and then there is Nuclear

Frack Off I'm already being F**KED BY Nuclear

Correspondence with the Extreme Energy network.

I’ve just read this again, and my reply does sound a bit off and exasperated.   So have written again asking  for Nuclear  to be included as an Extreme Energy by London University’s Extreme Energy Initiative.   Despite the last decades worth lack of  proactive campaigning against nuclear by Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth, there are many different  groups campaigning for nuclear safety, nuclear shut down and against nuclear new build.  Somehow though they are largely ignored, dismissed and marginalised. Why is that?  Nuclear is the most  extreme energy there is and should be recognised as such.  Nuclear should be given at least equal billing as Fracking by the Extreme Energy Initiative.    Original letter below.

Tue, August 13, 2013

Dear Kate,

Thanks for your email. The founding of the EE network by the government
backed University of London and the lack of any acknowledgement from the
EE bandwagon that nuclear is reliant on all other extreme energies for its
existence is troubling. A cynical paranoid delusional might assume that
the pronuclear government has set up the EE network in order to divert
people’s energy and attention away from nuclear, certainly nuclear is not
given any of the Dick Dastardly treatment afforded to Fracking, Biofuels
and Tar Sands by the EE network. However, only Nuclear has the capacity
here and now to render this island uninhabitable from Glasgow to
Liverpool, all it would take is a stoppage of our precious and
increasingly threatened fresh water to the Sellafield cooling ponds.
Fresh water btw unpaid for by the nuke industry, while our water bills are
rising. Proposed new nuclear is diabolic, existing nuclear through
“decommissioning” is already accelerating the dispersal of radioactive
contamination to soil, air and sea.

Do feel free to use anything on the Radiation Free Lakeland website. As I
said we are all volunteers and our limited time and funds are used in
active campaigning.

Radiation Free Lakeland will continue to support grass roots Fracking
activists in halting Fracking. But we would not want to be associated
with the founders of the EE network, the University of London, who have
exhibited their own brand of Extreme Energy and abuse of human rights

Best wishes

> Afternoon Marianne,
> We do class new nuclear as part of this process of extreme energy. EE –
> in
> our preferred definition – is a process rather than a set of technologies:
> And just like coal/oil/gas where the easy to get stuff is running out – so
> is Uranium getting harder to get – the mining more destructive and the new
> more ‘efficient’ plants creating even more radioactive waste.
> The lack of representation that nuke stuff gets is due to a lack of
> contact
> that we have with anti-nuke groups – especially those who are buying into
> to this more holistic messaging rather than just single issue led
> campaigning.
> Totally get your palatable frustration – lets have a chat about moving
> forward with this? The shitty thing about nuclear is that the PR war is
> being lost and the green-wash is near total in it’s coverage.
> The EE bandwagon has a big fat space waiting to be filled by New Nuclear –
> but it’ll need to be handled carefully and clearly.
> Kate, FO xx
> On Sun, Aug 11, 2013 at 12:06 PM, Marianne Birkby> wrote:
>> A message has been received via the general contact form on the Frack
>> Off
>> website. Please find details below…
>> Name: Marianne Birkby
>> Email:
>> Telephone number: 015395 63671
>> Subject: Fck Off – We’re Not Saying How Much Gas We Use
>> Message: Dear Frack Off,
>> Brillant stuff! As a long time antinuke campaigner I can only look on in
>> jealous awe at the mega galvanization you have achieved. I guess it
>> helps
>> somewhat to have had the Uni of London behind you to set up the Extreme
>> Energy network. Why isn’t nuclear classed as the Extremest Energy and
>> given
>> a dedicated website on the network. Fracking is vicious and nasty but
>> nuclear at the pinnacle has a very special place reserved in hell. There
>> is
>> no doubt that the dash for gas is being driven by the nuclear
>> industry’s/government ambition and need for immediate access to cheap
>> fossil fuel. Only the nuclear industry requires so much fossil fuel that
>> it
>> refuses to divulge how £much it spent on gas last year. With nuclear
>> the
>> polluted pay – over and over into infinity.
>> In 2009 Sellafield spent £30m on gas
>> Since then reprocessing activity has increased. Most of the gas will go
>> towards the insane crash programme of reprocessing activity and the rest
>> to
>> keep the wastes cool.
>> Sellafield is being tight lipped about its profligate use of fossil fuel
>> –
>> can’t think why!
>> Correspondence with NDA below
>> Dear Judith,
>> It is strange that Sellafield ltd is suddenly tight lipped about its
>> latest financial years gas usage? (In 2009 the amount of gas bought in
>> to
>> ensure “security of supply” to Sellafield was £30 million – FOI
>> 9781940)
>> Radiation Free Lakeland request an internal review into the refusal to
>> answer our 2013 FOI request for the same information.
>> Best regards Marianne
>> ➢ Dear Ms Birkby > > We are not in a position to release the price
>> paid
>> for gas used at > Sellafield, as this would damage the commercial
>> interests
>> of our gas > supplier (section 43(2) Freedom of Information Act 2000 and
>> applicable). > In applying this exemption we have had to consider the
>> public interest and > although release would fall within the category
>> “promoting accountability > and greater transparency in the spending
>> of
>> public money”, we do not > consider it is in the public interest to
>> release
>> information that would > prejudice future contract negotiations or that
>> would have a negative > impact on the “free market” undermining our
>> suppliers competitive position > in that market place. > > If you are
>> unhappy with the handling of your request you may ask for an > internal
>> review. If you wish us to undertake such a review please contact > me in
>> the first instance. If you are not content with the outcome of the >
>> internal review, you ha ve the right to apply directly to the
>> Information >
>> Commissioner for a decision. The Information Commissioner can be
>> contacted
>> > at: > > Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF > >
>> Regards > > Judith Hollands > Information Access Manager > > Tel. 01925
>> 802077 > Mob. 07713 072 700 > NDA, Herdus House, Westlakes Science &
>> Technology Park, Moor Row, CA24 > 3HU.
>> It would be brilliant if FRACK OFF could acknowledge the nuclear
>> industry’s profligate use of gas and their arrogant refusal to say how
>> £much the public payed last year.
>> Cheers
>> Best wishes
>> Marianne
>> Radiation Free Lakeland, voluntary, unfunded, unsupported by any
>> national
>> institutions such as the University of London ( I wish! )