Leader of Transport Union Calls for a Ban on Nuclear Power

Bob Crow leader of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) and a member of the General Council of the TUC. has called for a complete ban on nuclear power. Bob Crow is right and he deserves our sincere and heartfelt thanks for calling for a ban on nuclear, nothing less than a ban will do. Shame on Greenpeace and FoE UK for cow towing to the culture of nuclear acquiescence. Their “its too expensive” line is weak kneed beyond belief. Nuclear is not a new handbag. It is the most extreme, nasty, vicious form of boiling a kettle ever invented and the sooner a ban is brought about and the task of containing the waste safely is properly addressed (instead of ‘decommissioning’/Dispersal) the better!


Electrical Union of Australia Bans Members from Working in the Nuclear Industry

Sellafield Workers Campaign for a Future

Derailment in London “The fact that this wasn’t one of the nuclear trains that use that line at that time of night is a relief to everyone but that appears to have been pure luck”.

5 thoughts on “Leader of Transport Union Calls for a Ban on Nuclear Power

  1. Pete Rowberry

    The strength of opinion of union leaders in favour of nuclear power was instrumental, in my view, in the Labour Party supporting new nuclear. Perhaps this may help them reconsider.

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