Rhodri Morgan By Rhodri Morgan Rhodri Morgan: Beware the price promises of Hinkley Point nuclear station


Former First Minister and WalesOnline columnist Rhodri Morgan muses over the deal struck for ‘first private sector nuclear power station’ – run by four nationalised industries

Rhodri Morgan


I could barely believe my  ears when I heard the announcement this week of  the new nuclear power station to be built at Hinkley  Point in Somerset, right opposite  Cardiff Airport.

The BBC kept referring to it as  Britain’s first-ever private sector  nuclear power station.

What the report should have said  was that it was to be built by a  consortium of four nationalised  industries, two French and two  Chinese.

Three of the four are 100%  state-owned and one is 85%.  Overseas nationalised industries are  not in the private sector.

In fact I doubt if any private  sector company could ever build  and operate a nuclear power station  now, because they would never be  able to get insurance cover.

When the last British…

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3 thoughts on “Rhodri Morgan By Rhodri Morgan Rhodri Morgan: Beware the price promises of Hinkley Point nuclear station

  1. Good to know that it is not too late. This is exactly what we have been wondering about! Wouldn’t this fall under some of the EU unfair trade practices? Not only are AREVA and EDF in the game but Rosatom which is the Russian version of AREVA is getting into the UK nuclear business. This is very scary for anyone living in the UK, living near the UK or thinking of visiting or living there. Scotland needs to leave the UK to pursue its green future but England cannot leave from itself and Ireland and Scotland and other countries will still be England’s neighbors. One has to wonder if the Russian mafia is behind some of this. They are active even in the Caribbean now and there are plenty of rich Russians living in London now. You see the role of the mafia in Tepco-Fukushima. Everyone needs to look to Austria and see how they were able to ban nuclear.

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