“They told me it was already safe and the economic benefits would be huge – I would not have said yes!” Ipsos Mori Poll Respondent

Love Life - No Nuke Dump

Today was the day that the Partnership Patsy’s were told that there is “broad support” for a nuclear dump in Cumbria – apparently this is the BIG NEWS the media has already whipped into and which will be broadcast far and wide, whilst the democratic and unanimous NO vote of 75% of Parish Councils are discounted as of little consequence. A representative from Upper Derwent Parish Council asked what independent regulator should they could voice concerns to about this and other Partnership failings. The answer – The ‘Decision Making Bodies’ i.e. the same crew who are entrenched within the whole shebang.

This lie about ‘Cumbria’s broad support’ sits atop of the already teetering pile of lies that Cumbrians and the wider world are being groomed with to facilitate a nuclear dump. To illustrate how entrenched in its own PR spin this CONsultation is and how little interest there is in the truth, members of Radiation Free Lakeland and North Cumbria CND stood in silence with radiation suits on and gaffa tape over our mouths, holding a sign saying “It’s a Fix!”

After we had endured the life and joy sucking meeting some of us trooped down to the sea to have an ice-cream. A young couple asked us what the signs were all about and we told them. How serendipitous is this? The young mother, shocked replied that she had been called up on the Poll – “But they said it was already safe and the economic benefits would be huge – I would not have said yes if I had known about wastes being so hot and dangerous” She went on to say that her young child had been very ill at birth and she wouldn’t want to bring him up in the area of a dangerous nuclear dump.

The question should have been: “Are you in favour of overturning Cumbria County Councils findings and successful Inquiry that the Gosforth area is too dangerous for the burial of heat generating nuclear waste?”

At a previous meeting Cumbria County Council’s Tim Knowles had proudly told me that the opening line in the telephone poll was to ask people if they thought this generation should take responsibility for dealing with nuclear wastes. This is a loaded dice which tricks Cumbrians while the Councils in turn are being tricked into overturning their own findings at the Nirex Inquiry.

A trap has been set deliberately to prevent U turns on this toxic path to the most dangerous nuclear dump in the world.

The Lie

CONsultation – Freakish and Suspect YES to Question 8

"Ready for Christmas?"
“Ready for Christmas?”

Local and national press coverage of the Geological Dump CONsultation is
promoting the idea that Cumbrians are a load of greedy
turkeys voting for christmas. This is the nastiest spin which cherry
picks the results of 8 CONsultation questions by reporting on the answer to one question.
It is highly suspect that all those people who have said NO to the previous 7 questions
should say yes to question 8! But then again the writers of the CONsultation have made sure
that question 8 is vague enough to allow any answer other than a strong no
to be interpreted as an endorsement for proceeding. The LIE that Cumbria
supports a geological dump is becoming harder to promote with the majority
of Parish Councils opposing any further steps towards a high level nuclear
waste dump.

The news that Shepway council in Kent wants to explore a geological
nuclear dump smacks of some dodgy sales technique ‘some one else is
interested.’ Will this news from Kent galvanise and warm the cockles of
what must be increasingly cold feet amongst Cumbria’s ‘Decision Making
Bodies’ here in Cumbria? The contrast between the reaction of Kent
County Council’s vow to “use every tool in the box to oppose a nuclear
dump” and the pathetic ‘don’t worry everything is OK’ of our leaders here is embarrassing.

Cumbrians are being stitched up like a turkey for Christmas and this is to
continue at the next Partnership meeting on Tues 22nd in Whitehaven’s
Civic Hall where the Partnership Patsys will be deciding on the ‘Decision to
Participate.’ Join Radiation Free Lakeland and other Lakelanders in
showing that Cumbrians are not turkeys and that we do not want a nukiller

Radiation Free Lakeland previously provided a Quick Guide to the CONsultation

THE LIE that Cumbria Supports the Dump is being reported in national and local press on the back of the suspect CONsultation question 8



Following a public outcry, tonight Keswick Town Council has voted 9 to 3 to say NO to going any further along in the plan for a nuclear dump. At a previous meeting Town Councillors had voted 6-5 on the casting vote of Chairman and Mayor Councillor Andrew Lysser not to oppose the plan.

This new vote reflects the strong public opposition to a geological dump in the vicinity of Keswick and the wider area. The objectors, who pointed out that the potential jobs boost had been exaggerated and the irreversible risks underplayed were prepared to call for a referendum if the Council had refused to reconsider the issue.

The national press has been reporting support for a nuclear dump – this LIE is becoming harder to promote with the majority of Parish Councils opposing the government plan to dump high level nuclear wastes under Cumbria.

The news yesterday that Shepway council in Kent has belatedly “expressed an interest” in a geological nuclear dump smacks of some dodgy manipulated sales technique designed on the nod by the Department of Energy and Climate Change to galvanise what must be increasingly cold feet amongst Cumbria’s ‘Decision Making Bodies’ due to make a ‘Decision to Participate’ in the ‘desk based’ search for a site here in Cumbria.

Support KESWICK and Kent in saying No and urge government to
a)stop making more nuclear waste
b)package and store the wastes where they can be kept dry and prevented from corroding whilst more research is done.

The contrast between the political leaders in Kent’s already strong opposition and the nonchalance of Cumbrian leaders is embarrassing. More Power to the Cumbrian Parishes!

Parishes in Cumbria who have voted NO are in Red
Those who have voted YES are in Green
Undecided – Lilac

Message of Support to Kent from Cumbria

Kent is one of the warmest parts of Britain - Some want it even Hotter with heat generating high level nuclear wastes buried underneath it!
Kent is one of the warmest parts of Britain – Some want it even Hotter with heat generating high level nuclear wastes buried underneath it!

Dear Kent County Council,

Radiation Free Lakeland have been opposing a ‘geological disposal
facility’ in Cumbria since 2008.
We would like to send you a message of support in your strong opposition
to the Dungeness plan and urge you to continue your opposition.

Nuclear compliant areas are being groomed with wads of taxpayers money to
accept the unacceptable geological dumping of high level nuclear wastes.
The MRWS CONsultation in Cumbria looks set to ignore the votes of 75% of
the local parish councils (not so nuclear compliant after all!) across the
region who democratically voted against the dump.

Fifteen years ago a planning inquiry found that West Cumbria’s leaky
geology is unsuitable for a nuclear waste dump. The nuclear waste disposal
company Nirex was closed down, but the government changed planning law so
it can try to bury the wastes again, without having to consider the
scientific evidence. Only this time, the dump would be much larger and
include more dangerous wastes.

Some scientists think that highly radioactive nuclear wastes could be
buried elsewhere in the country, perhaps in Kent where more suitable
geology might be found.

However, most anti-nuclear groups OPPOSE DEEP DISPOSAL and say it would be
safer to package and store the wastes where they can be kept dry and
prevented from corroding whilst more research is done.

BUT Everyone agrees that burying nuclear wastes in unsuitable geology
poses unnecessary risks to future generations because radioactive water
and gas will leak up to the surface.

Radiation Free Lakeland offer our help and support in opposition to
geological dumping of high level nuclear wastes in Kent.

You may like the poem from Monty Python’s Terry Jones, a facsimile of
which is on display at Rock Solid? Expo in Kendal Museum.

“They didn’t want it in London
There are too many folk there (with friends),
And they couldn’t go and put it near Brighton,
Because that’s where they spend their weekends.
They ruled out all places near Windsor
Where you just don’t know who it offends,
And Berkshire is frightfully pretty
And so are the Downs and the Thames.
The Chilterns are too full of tourists On whom our whole country depends,
And Kent has got such lovely houses,
And it’s just far too wet in the Fens.
And Henley and Sidcup and Finchley
Are all places one…somehow…defends…
So they thought that they’d dump it in Evesham,
Just where the rainbow ends”. …………..


yours sincerely,
Marianne Birkby on behalf of
Radiation Free Lakeland


Professor Stuart Haszeldine on Sweeping Democracy along with Nuke Waste Under the Carpet

Ceramic Plate by Alvin Irving
Ceramic Plate by Alvin Irving
Nuclear waste is a problem – dangerous and long-lived, it needs geologically “secure” sites to be laid, one hopes, to rest. But in the UK, the government finds it more convenient to shoe-horn it in to geologically delicate areas under a carefully managed sham of local democracy. The national public good is being obscured by the narrowest of interests, to the potential grave danger of future generations

Stuart Haszeldine is Professor of Sedimentary Geology at the University of Edinburgh. He has been a government advisor on many energy policy issues. His current research interests include Carbon Capture and Storage technologies as well as radioactive waste disposal methods.

His analysis ……

IMAGE: Politcally savvy ceramic plate by Alvin Irving can be seen at Rock Solid? Expo – until June 16th

Cumbria County Council -Unanimous NO to NUKE LANDFILL in Keekle Head

Before the Meeting -       Smiley Faces Afterwards NO NUKE DUMP at KEEKLE!
Before the Meeting – Smiley Faces Afterwards NO NUKE DUMP at KEEKLE!


Cumbria County Council voted unanimously this morning opposing the plan to dump nuclear wastes at Keekle Head. I spoke on behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland along with 3 other objectors. There would have been many more objectors speaking had the Council given more than 3 days notice to register to speak – I wonder why the lack of notification when this has been in the offing since 2010! Keeping it low-key because of the implications for the proposed high level geological dump?

I spoke about Kings Cliffe, “this time last year the local community and Council of Kings Cliffe, Northamptonshire, opposed plans for a nuclear landfill site which would receive nuclear waste of less radioactivity at 200 becquerels than that proposed for Keekle which would be the high end of low level wastes at 500 becquerels, Northamptonshire county councillors had unanimously rejected the plan in March 2010. The Government’s Communities Secretary, Eric Pickles overturned their decision and approved the dump against locals wishes. This was seen as a test case for nuclear waste companies and for the government’s proclaimed localism commitment. Clearly the ONLY long term assurance that landfill sites/old mines will be safe from radioactive contamination is to urge Government to revoke the 2007 law “exempting” nuclear wastes and allowing this stuff into landfill”. Paul Cowling who lives near Keekle Head spoke passionately saying “The area has already been blighted by the open cast mine already there, the company who the government gave the go ahead to compulsory purchase property there and mine was then allowed to declare themselves bankrupt in order to avoid the cost of repairing the land that they damaged. Now to add insult to injury you want to dump nuclear waste there, was this a long term strategy between all the interested parties? We do not want a dump here, go Cumbria has been dumped on enough!” Kevin Bell has just renovated a B&B only 60 seconds walk away from the site which has two water filled lagoons from the coal mine, he said “it is already quite a nature reserve, with hen harriers, sky larks, buzzards to name a few and the site should be improved and enhanced as a nature reserve for visitors and locals to enjoy as a beautiful panoramic rather than our B&B guests looking out on a panoramic of a nuclear waste dump! We are going to be known as the nuclear waste dump of England..” Finally Labour Councillor Cam Ross for Distington and Moresby (in Copeland) spoke opposing the plan : “This area has a lot of landfill and open cast coal mine sites such as Gillgaran which have suffered environmental damage from breaching the water table so water supply has had to be brought in from outside, local people are important…”

The discussion that followed was heartfelt and unanimous in opposing the dispersal of radioactive wastes around Cumbria. Councillor Brenda Grey said it was “wrong to open up new sites and contaminate new ground. All nuclear sites should keep their own waste on site. We should lobby government to have the law changed back so it cannot go into landfill”

This is really really important – unless the “exempt” law is changed and soon, the Government’s Eric Pickles brigade could say “I believe the developers when they say its safe” and just overturn any decision to oppose “exempt” radioactive waste in landfill that local councils and communities make. Nuclear waste is “exempt” while a tyre is not – chiefly because the toxins from a tyre will leach into landfill while nuclear waste…! The nuclear industry is being dangerously deregulated in the same way as the banks – the toxic meltdown will be worse unless….

Keekle Head is the source of the river Keekle and is one of the most important trout and salmon migratory rivers in Cumbria and one of the last strongholds of the endangered Freshwater Pearl Mussel nationally. “The Ehen runs west through the village of Ennerdale Bridge where it is joined by Croasdale Beck (off Banna Fell) and then on to Cleator Moor and Cleator where it is joined by the River Keekle before moving southwards through Egremont and then runs parallel to the Irish Sea which it eventually joins near the Sellafield nuclear site, at the same point as the River Calder”. http://www.westcumbriariverstrust.org/our-rivers-and-lakes/

Radiation Free Lakeland presentation to Development Control CCC
8th May 2012 KEEKLE HEAD & Nuclear Waste
Dispersal into the Environment: clearing the decks to make way for more….
RAdiation Free Lakeland Keekle Head 8th May presentation

Uranium from Finland’s Peat Bogs and Tundra? How MAD is that?

Overwintering Snipe

Every year Cumbria’s overwintering birds have travelled from or through Finland’s peat bogs, taiga and tundra. Proposals for ever increasing uranium mining is threatening habitats (and more). The problems of nuclear waste are insurmountable..

More Information here:

“The Olkiluoto Blockade Camp in Eurajoki, western Finland, will bring together people from the anti-nuclear movements in Finland and internationally. The camp will be an opportunity to discuss nuclear power projects, including uranium mining, and to share experiences, skills and tools for struggles against the nuclear energy industry and for encouraging truly sustainable, decentralized forms of energy.

On August 11, Olkiluoto Blockade action day, people are invited to come and block the roads to the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant by civil disobedience. Year 2012 will mark the third annual blockade.

The Olkiluoto power plant consists of two reactors owned by Teollisuuden Voima (TVO). Additionally, TVO and French Areva are currently building a third reactor, which will be the world’s largest and first EPR reactor. Despite the countless problems with the EPR’s construction so far, the Finnish parliament has granted the company a license to build a fourth reactor at the site. Another pioneer project in Olkiluoto is Onkalo (“the Cave”), the world’s first ‘permanent’ underground storage for highly radioactive waste.

Nuclear power cannot solve the climate crises, but rather it feeds the economic system where short term profit-making sacrifices common safety and environmental issues.

While the rest of Europe is phasing out nuclear power after the disaster in Fukushima, the Finnish government is grasping the opportunity to increase nuclear power production in Finland. Join us in action and send a strong message to the state and the industries: you will not turn Finland into a nuclear power reservation! Uranium mining, nuclear power plants and waste disposal projects will be met with growing and determined resistance, on a local and international level.

Get more information, or give your ideas for the program:

olkiluotoblockade [at] riseup.net



twitter.com: @BlockOlkiluoto

*****You will find information about current events connected to the blockade in the blogpage Tapahtumat/current events

*****Underneath there is some general information and info about the 2011 past action:

Welcome to the Olkiluotoblockade2011 reminiscence meeting in Tampere on Sunday September 11th!

During the evening, we will remember the past and plan for the future of the anti-nuclear activities. You are also welcome to participate even if you haven´t previously participated in the activities and happenings.

Meeting begins at 1pm at kulttuuritalo Telakka, Tullikamarin aukio 3.


For about four years, the grassroots antinuclear movement in Finland has experienced a spike in activity. This has been necessary due to the longer and larger push by governments and corporations to promote nukiller power, to commit humanity to a legacy of fatal contamination zones for thousands upon thousands of years, to commit us to acts of genocide against the earth and the all indigenous inhabitants of this world. This has been an urgent, necessary, and natural reaction to this severe threat to our collective survival”.