Thinking About the Energy Fuelling the Food We Eat.


The Lancaster Guardian had a gem of an article entitled “Thinking About the Energy Fuelling the Food We Eat” (12/1/17)

The hidden ingredient . . . .

However much care we take with the ingredients for our favourite dishes – there is one ingredient we probably don’t think about very much – and that’s the power we use to cook the food. Even brewing up tea – whatever we do that uses electricity – might well be including some ingredients we hadn’t thought about – like increasing nuclear waste dumps, or piling loads more CO2 in the atmosphere.

If our household supply is with a regular electricity supplier then it is likely to be generated by coal fired power stations or else nuclear ones. So it may well be that even the most carefully selected food is creating nuclear waste just by the way it is cooked.

Sam from Skerton has been looking into all this and has found that there is now a really simple way to change over our household electricity to a green renewables provider. is a comparison site listing all the possible renewable suppliers for the area. It is really easy to compare the costs and to click to change your household supply to renewables. Green electricity comes from the renewable sources of wind, rivers, waves and sun.

A few years ago green energy often cost more than the regular suppliers. As more and more people change over to renewables and more and more companies offer 100% nuclear free electricity the costs are coming down. You can see for yourself by using the comparison website.

It could be a good new years resolution to sit down with a brew and check out the comparisons and make the change – and tell your friends that you are now clean and green.   Those of us who cook with gas can change too, since most of the renewables providers also supply gas.   While the gas coming along the pipes is clearly a fossil fuel – if we buy it from a renewables supplier then that company is already investing in alternatives.

Sam says – ‘It seems that changing to renewables and away from nuclear/coal is something that really interests a lot of people.   There seems to be an increasing public concern about the dangers of nuclear and coal.

It’s never been easier to switch to renewables – so your favourite meals don’t need to increase CO2 or the nuclear waste dumps.’


Letter: Stop Moorside – Save Europe

Black smoke billows from blaze in Haverigg – Photo North West Evening Mail


Letter in last week’s Whitehaven News and this week’s Westmorland Gazette


Last Saturday while I was out for a walk on Latter Rig, there was a plume of thick black smoke curling round the Duddon Estuary from the west coast.

The first stomache plummeting thought was ‘something’s happened at Sellafield’.  The fire turned out to have been at  a garage in Haverigg. people were told to stay indoors and the nearby holiday park was evacuated.

The fire needed 8 engines from across the region to bring it under control.  This got me thinking about the risks at Sellafield. Even without the Moorside plan going ahead there are multiple risks ranging from a large gas plant and gas pipeline on the site, to large amounts of heat generating liquid radioactive wastes, nitric and sulphuric acids.  A release during a fire of just one percent of the Highly Active Liquid wastes resulting from reprocessing would be devastating to our European neighbours.

Norway has repeatedly told the UK nuclear industry this, which has so far fallen on deaf ears as one of the industry’s stanchest friends, Jamie Reed is promoting new build and ever more nuclear waste.  Even without Moorside going ahead the questions must be asked.

Is Sellafield prepared for a multiple emergency?  Are there enough fire crews in Cumbria? Is there enough cooling water in Cumbria?  Is there enough fossil fuel in Cumbria?  These are just a few of the questions, the answer to which I think we already suspect.

Whatever way people voted in the referendum perhaps in the end the only real way in which we can show our love for our fellow Europeans is to keeep Sellafield safe and that means maintaining a buffer zone around the site and most especially, ditching the plan for Moorside.  There is a petition already signed by 10,200 people and campaign which can be found by searching Stop Moorside.

yours sincerely,


Marianne Birkby

High Level Radioactive Waste from Sellafield Continues its Journey Across France

High Level Radioactive Waste from Sellafield in the Lorraine region
High Level Radioactive Waste from Sellafield in the Lorraine region

Press from France (translation ours) on the convoy of highly radioactive waste from Sellafield making its way across Europe.

* A castor nuclear waste train crosses the Lorraine afternoon * by Jean-Christophe Dupuis-Rémond according to various sources, a convoy of Swiss waste passes through the France Wednesday, September 16, 2015 to reach Basel (Switzerland).
This “/CASTOR/ train” carrying vitrified nuclear waste reprocessed at Sellafield plant (French equivalent of the Hague). ”

Source : France 3 Lorraine (16/9/2015)
Parti lundi du centre de retraitement nucléaire controversé
de Sellafield

), * a Swiss vitrified nuclear waste convoy crosses the France from West to East Wednesday, September 16, 2015 to destination of Basel * (Switzerland) where it should arrive late in the evening.

* The convoy travelling on the SNCF lines should cross several train station on its journey * according to the map published on the website of the network Sortir du nucléaire (map at the bottom of the article). Observed shortly after 8: 00 in Amiens, * it passes through Lorraine: Bar-le-Duc and Commercy, Toul, Nancy, Lunéville, Sarrebourg before winning Alsace * by Saverne.

The course is actively followed and relayed on social networks >, by sympathizers or activists, to the image of Christophe Porquier, Vice President Europe ecology the Greens (EELV) of Picardy

All denounce legislation deemed “très laxiste” ..
It therefore represents a real risk of irradiation for railway workers and police officers that accompany./ “they also regret “/l’absence of information provided to the elected officials.. / “.



Highly Radioactive Waste on the Move Across Europe

Highly Radioactive Waste Cargo - Oceanic Pintail
Highly Radioactive Waste Cargo – Oceanic Pintail

Below is a report from France Bleu on the cargo of highly radioactive waste being transported by sea, rail and road from Sellafield via the port of Barrow across Europe.  The vitrified waste is being ‘repatriated’ to Switzerland, to do this  wastes have already been dumped out to the Irish sea to Cumbrian air and leaving highly radioactive material here in Cumbria such as a vast soup of radioactive nitric acid.

(0ur translation of the French report below)

“A convoy of nuclear waste arrives in Cherbourg

by Marion Aquilina and Julien Pasqualini, France Bleu

Sunday, September 13, 2015 at 2:30 pm

An ultra-sensitive cargo enters the port of Cherbourg Monday morning.

* Three packages, each containing 28 containers of nuclear waste Swiss, * will be landed. They were sent from the port of Barrow-In-Furness, in the United Kingdom, by the specialized vessel Oceanic Pintail.

These highly radioactive waste were treated in Sellafield, England, and must return to their country of origin, the Switzerland by train.

* The convoy will leave from the rail terminal of Valognes Wednesday,

* having been driven truck from Cherbourg

*.It is the Logistics Branch nuclear Areva, Areva TN, which takes care of transport. * A transport which is safe according to Areva

*. In a statement the group said that it “/satisfied national and international regulations in force regarding safety.

The packaging used (….) “young designed to ensure the protection of people and the environment in all circumstances./”

Still highly radioactive waste the environmentalists associations do not share this opinion. Philippe Guiter, of the network Sortir du Nucléaire, denounces a

* infernal “/transit of transport of highly radioactive nuclear waste /

* / and extremely dangerous for populations and for the personnel of SNCF /. ”

“/The wastes are still extremely hot, more than 400 degrees, and they’ll cross France / ” said Philippe Guiter.

Same Advisory for Yannick Rousselet, nuclear questions at Greenpeace, which is however not an action to block the train to the extent that the association does not preclude the return of nuclear waste in their country of origin.”

our note: The nuclear chain relies on the movements of highly radioactive materials, for which there is no guarantee of safe containment, criss crossing the globe.  Every part of the chain disperses radioactive waste, there is no repatriation of the Swiss wastes which have been dumped out to the Irish Sea, to the air ..

Highly Radioactive Nuclear Waste to be Shipped from the South Lakes This Weekend

Pacific Egret & Pacific Heron @Barrow Docks 11.9.15

High Level Nuclear Waste shipment September 12th 2015
High Level Nuclear Waste shipment September 12th 2015

This weekend has been chosen as the date to ship and truck Highly Radioactive Nuclear Wastes from Barrow in Furness in Cumbria  to Switzerland.  It certainly is a good weekend to bury bad news what with Jeremy Corbyn election fever gripping the country.

I went to Barrow today to stage a one woman protest, no time to marshal a larger protest today,  but I felt that this obscenity of high level nuclear waste being shipped across the sea and then trucked through towns and villages, should be marked somehow by someone.  The bemused Barrow fishermen I spoke to had no idea that High Level Nuclear Waste was about to be shipped to Switzerland and one commented “better there than here”  that is one way of looking at it but radioactive wastes are arriving here in Cumbria daily.  Each of the vitrified glass blocks on board the ships is a result of reprocessing of spent fuel  – dumping wastes out to sea and air.  The resulting highly radioactive liquid is vitrified into glass blocks. This glass is not the kind of glass that George “I love nuclear” Monbiot could wear in his specs, the waste is so deadly that a person within one metre of a single unshielded glass block would receive a fatal dose of radiation in less than one minute.

The excellent blogger Mining Awareness has translated From Réseau “Sortir du nucléaire” (unofficial translation, our own):…
A train of Highly Radioactive Nuclear Waste is preparing to cross France!
Press Release of 11 September 2015

As a convoy of Swiss radioactive waste is preparing to cross France from west to east, the network “Sortir du nucléaire” alerts everyone about the risks of these transports and calls for a nuclear exit.

Swiss nuclear waste in transit via France

According to our information, Swiss radioactive waste, stored at Sellafield reprocessing facility (UK) will return to its country of origin next week by passing through France.

The load of nuclear waste should leave England [Barrow-in-Furness] on Sunday and arrive at the port of Cherbourg on Monday, 14 September, then travel [by truck] to the railroad terminal of Valognes (English Channel) [Railway station of La Hague] where it will leave on Wednesday, the 16th, around 3 in the morning, in the direction of Basel. This convoy will have three wagons.

[It will then go to Zwilag in Würenlingen Switzerland. The original shipment to Sellafield was made through the now closed nuclear harbour of Dunkirk in the 1980s or 90s.]

If the train uses the same itinerary as similar convoys, it could pass by Caen, Rouen, Amiens, Reims, Strasbourg and Colmar and arrive in Basel on Wednesday, at the end of the evening. (see the schedule and stages of a previous convoy of Swiss radioactive waste that crossed France in March 2011.

A Transport of High Risks Kept Secret

This new “CASTOR train” contains substances of the same level of danger as those transported by the convoys that circulated between France and Germany in November of 2010 and 2011.,246 It involves the most highly radioactive waste, which comes from the “reprocessing” of nuclear fuel (an activity which pollutes and is useless, as well as having been abandoned by numerous countries). The “Sortir du nucléaire” Network, which has sent several requests for information about the radioactive inventory of the convoy, calls for the radiation measurements, which will be effectuated at its departure, to be rendered public: on earlier transports containing the same material, one could detect radiation from the containers several tens of meters away[1]!

Such convoys are subject to very lax legislation, with extremely elevated regulatory levels [of radiation exposure], which are in contradiction with the basic principles of protection of populations. [2] This thus represents a real risk of irradiation for the railroad workers and the police which accompany it. Additionally, it could possibly cross train stations of densely populated areas at times when they are very crowded[3], showing contempt for the safety of travelers.

Despite the danger of this convoy, no information has been furnished to the elected officials of the communes which will be crossed. In case of an accident, how could they properly manage the situation? Nonetheless, derailments of radioactive convoys have already occurred in the last few years, the last having taken place at Drancy in December of 2013!

Facing the risks of these transports, the European nuclear exit is urgent!

The peregrinations of these nuclear wastes between Great Britain, France and Switzerland illustrates the absurdity of the globalized and high risk nuclear industry, the operation of which imposes the circulation of dangerous radioactive materials throughout all of Europe. A nuclear exit at a European level is urgent in order to stop the production of this unmanageable radioactive waste and to protect citizens. Just as France should close its aging reactors, Switzerland, which has the oldest reactor in the world still in operation, should stop its reactors!

The Network “Sortir du nucléaire” will strive to follow the convoy ( information soon on the page) and calls to organize watches along the journey to denounce the risks of these transports. Philippe Guiter, spokesman for the Network “Sortir du nucléaire”, will be present for a press conference to be held on Monday, September 14th at 19h (7 pm) at the Port of Cherbourg [France] (in front of the exit gate of the industrial area terre-plein des Mielles).
Download letters to authorities:
Mail to the Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN):
Mail to the Institute of Radio-protection and of Nuclear Safety (IRSN):
Mail to the High Official of Defense and of Security of the Ministry of Ecology:
Courrier au transporteur TNI :
Mail to the TNI transporter
Contact :
Philippe Guiter : 06 77 35 53 03
Communications Officer: 06 64 66 01 23


[1] During a similar transport between France and Germany effectuated in November 2011, the radioactivity at 14 metres from the convoy exceeded by several hundreds of times the “normal” level.

[2] As CRIIRAD notes in an email sent in May 2012 to the European Commission, “at these levels of irradiation, a person discussing for half an hour leaning against a transport vehicle would reach, without surpassing, the regulatory limit of 2 mSv/h, receiving a dose of 1 mSv, that is, in 30 minutes the maximum ANNUAL limit fixed for public exposure for all nuclear activities. Ten minutes of time in its presence would suffice to surpass the limit of 0.3 mSv/year defined for the impact of a single nuclear activity”

[3] This was the case in November 2010, when a convoy of highly radioactive German waste crossed the Strasbourg train station on a Saturday around 13 h (1 pm in the afternoon).” French original is found here: (Photo at original)

The information in brackets about location comes from Jean-Yvon Landrac of StopNuclearPower via a mail forwarded to us, and is not found in the original press release.

Additional notes, which are not in Sortir du Nucleaire original, but based on the article at the link for Note 1: “Wie stark strahlt der Castor?” by Sami Skalli, 8. November 2010, “Zeit” online edition, says that at Dannenberg, 14 meters from the Castor containers, neutron radiation was 480 times higher than background. The gamma was 2.3 microsieverts per hour, which they say is 40 times higher than usual [for that area, in some places this may be only around 18 times background, though this is not mentioned in the article] These are within permissible limits according to the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection. Permissible levels for gamma with Castor are 100 microsieverts per hour at two meters from the delivery vehicle. (100 microsieverts per hour gamma is 0.1 millisieverts per hour, compared to US EPA recommendation of 0.25 PER YEAR.)

“Neutron radiation protection relies on radiation shielding. Due to the high kinetic energy of neutrons, this radiation is considered to be the most severe and dangerous radiation to the whole body when it is exposed to external radiation sources” ]

On page 2 of the CRIIRAD letter, in a footnote, it states that the dose could sometimes even be 10 mSv/h when in contact with the transport vehicle.


“Basel 1356 intensity “Seismic Hazard Assessment of Switzerland, 2004”, November 2004 Swiss Seismological Service”

Note that even though Beznau in Switzerland is called the oldest, there seems to be an even older one still in operation in India.

Contrary to popular belief, Switzerland has not yet exited nuclear power, but is keeping its aging reactors going. The topic is reportedly up for grabs at the current parliamentary session. A recent survey has shown, that with the exception of voters adhering to the right wing people’s party (SVP-UDC), most Swiss are against nuclear.

“Woolly Thinker” anonymous article in Windermere Now

Windermere Now May 2015
WIndermere Now: “Britian is highly dependent on nuclear power…Lets get real and get the stuff ‘buried’ very deep where it belongs” Really? and Really??

Windermere’s Free Paper, Windermere Now has published an anonymous article     (pg 8) promoting Moorside and Geological Dumping.

Radiation Free Lakeland are grossly misrepresented as being “Not in My Back Yard”  when what we have been consistently saying is NOT IN ANYONE’S BACK YARD.

What would the Lakeland men and women of old think of this?  Wordsworth?Ruskin?  Beatrix Potter?  I think they would be horrified to see such a blasé and toadying attitude to the most extreme and abusive industry.

I think their views would be more akin to Duncan Ball a Sellafield Foreman. Duncan’s poems chronicled the nuclear industry and include one that was read out publicly at the  international “Lakes for Living” conference in Windermere.

For nuclear waste growing bigger and hotter

They’re draining the life from Lakeland and Otter

Cooling the poison they’ve shipped from afar

Condemning the Angler and Arctic Char

“What’s the harm? There’s water aplenty!”
Say the loudest mouths with heads near empty,
while for son and daughter the waters spoil
cooling waste in the kettle I fear will boil…”

We have written a reply to the “Woolly Thinker” article  – will wait to see if it is published……

Nuclear Champion or Nuclear Conman?

Imperial College - Professor Robin Grimes
Imperial College – Professor Robin Grimes

Last night Radiation Free Lakeland joined representatives from Lancaster District CND and Lancaster residents in demonstrating outside the Storey Institute in Lancaster. In association with Lancaster Uni, Professor Robin Grimes from Imperial College, a leading “Nuclear Champion,” was giving a talk on “What Nuclear New Build Means to the North West.”

Professor Grimes came to speak to us outside saying “I’ve never had a demonstration outside where I’ve been speaking before.” He should come to the NW more often! There were only a few of us but listening to his cheerleading for the nastiest most vicious industry on earth, there should have been tens of thousands demonstrating outside.

Following our demonstration we went into the lecture. Professor Grimes asked for a show of hands early on to see who was supportive of nuclear. The audience was largely pronuclear . The dissenters at the Nurenburg rallies probably felt pretty much the same deeply horrified emotions as myself and my colleagues were feeling.

Professor Robin Grimes is the advisor to government select committees on all things nuclear. After some brightly coloured graphics on how nuclear reactors work and his enthusiastic cheerleading for the “nuclear renaissance” it is easy to see how attractively the bright shiny nuclear future can be presented to our gullible government ministers. With the right smoke and mirrors and the vacuum left by Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace, the soundbyte that nuclear is “safe and low carbon” is all but unchallenged in the mainstream media and corridors of power. Those individual voices of dissent, true and committed as they are, are swatted away like annoying midges.

The most memorable quotes of the night from Professor Grimes were:

“Government needs to learn how to deal with the public”

“We will have the technology to carry out geological disposal, there is no technical barrier”

Nuclear waste is not an ethical issue

“The only barrier to next generation reactors/thorium reactors is cost”

“new build will not increase the footprint of Sellafield as it will be within the fences” (WHAT!!!! see here)

In a previous presentation for Imperial College, Professor Grimes has said that the Sellafield Magnox Sludge Ponds contain corroded Magnox cladding and Radionuclides that are “currently impossible to predict. AT PRESENT THESE WASTED CANNOT BE TREATED”

This is at odds with the hellish optimism we witnessed in Lancaster.  We suspect it is also at odds with what government ministers in Select Committees have heard from Professor Robin Grimes when they agreed to new nuclear build. There was no mention at all from the Professor on the environmental and health devastation that nuclear is known to cause, but which is not admitted by the industry or our colluding government.

Why aren’t the industry’s best scientists working to CONTAIN the wastes instead of working flat out and with public money to make EVER MORE?











You too can have a Lakeland View Like this – All you have to do is Nothing!

Moorside from Scafell Pike - You too can have a view like this - just do nothing!
Moorside from Scafell Pike – You too can have a view like this – just do nothing!

Radiation Free Lakeland will be launching the report on 26th Sept at the
Beckermet Pylon Consultation from 1-2.

Please join us if you can – we will then walk for a few miles or so around the
‘Moorside’ site (actually called Greenmoorside).

The Cooling Towers for AP1000 reactors under construction in America and China are 600ft to 800ft high. This is many times higher than any existing
building in Cumbria and more than double the height of the now demolished Calder Hall cooling towers. The largest pylons for example would be 152ft.

Radioactively contaminated seawater would be drawn from the Irish Sea for cooling. Deposition from vapours and particulate matter emissions from cooling towers would fall on Lakeland. The visible vapor plumes
associated with cooling towers can rise more than 5,000 feet above the towers (ie above the Lakeland fells) and extend as far as 9 miles downwind.

The river Ehen meanders through National Trust land from Ennerdale to the final reaches at the proposed Moorside site. Fresh Water Pearl Mussels and
other endangered species are under direct threat as a result of the Moorside proposal.

NUGEN are disingenuously describing this beautiful 500 acre area of West Cumbria as
“a brownfield site.” We wonder how much more of Cumbria will be described as “brownfield” should Moorside go ahead?

Radiation Free Lakeland have sent the report to movers and shakers such as the National Trust, Friends of the Lake District and Cumbria Wildlife
Trust, all of whom are taking part in the Pylon CONsultation while Saying NOWT about the biggest nuclear development in Europe.

MOORSIDE RaFL Report 19.9.14


Independent Radiation Monitoring In NW – What?

Three Wise Monkeys
Three Wise Monkeys


Radiation Free Lakeland are lobbying for independent radiation monitoring in the North West.  This used to be carried out by Radiation Monitoring in Lancashire – RADMIL – which was disbanded a few years ago due to council cuts.

Multi-national private companies taking on lucrative government contracts to “decommission” nuclear plants are essentially self regulating, such as the landfill at Lillyhall which accepted “non exempt” 3 bags of low level and one bag of intermediate level waste from Sellafield.  The Environment Agency said they were satisfied that the company running the landfill was “unaware” of Sellafield’s actions.  So no prosecution against the private company was made.  The Environment Agency are the government body policing radioactive releases to the environment. They are being crafted to become  increasingly a watchdog that does not bark, or even look.

Please write to the Chief Scientist at Lancashire County Scientific Services:

and cc to Cumbria County Council’s Nuclear Issues:

Dear Scientific Services/Nuclear Issues


Radioactive releases to the environment used to be independently monitored by the council run Radiation Monitoring in Lancashire, RADMIL. RADMIL was stopped a few years ago due to council cuts. The nuclear industry and government plan to manufacture fuel for new reactors beginning with uranium at Capenhurst, Near Chester and then on to Preston’s Springfields plant with proposed new nuclear build at Moorside in Cumbria  and proposed geological dumping under Cumbria. This means the escalating release of radioactive materials to the River Ribble and Clifton Marsh Landfill in Lancashire and to the Irish Sea, Lillyhall landfill and more in Cumbria.  Fracking would also release radiation to the environment.  Nuclear is ALREADY releasing an accelerating cocktail of the most potent radionuclides to the environment from fuel manufacture, routine emissions from nuclear plants, reprocessing, decommissioning and waste ‘disposal’.

Given this escalation in radioactive emissions we urge you to reinstate regular and frequent independent radiation monitoring in Lancashire and Cumbria

Yours sincerely,




More info:
From: ENV Lancashire County Scientific Services
Date: 31 March 2014 14:44:29 BST
To: ‘marianne Birkby’

Subject: RE: RADMIL

Dear Ms Birkby

The decision to discontinue radiation monitoring was taken about three years ago
by the Lancashire Chief Environmental Health Officers group. This was mainly due to budgetary pressure and the recognition that the background levels of radiation were very well established.

It was also decided that the remaining equipment would be held by Lancashire
County Scientific Services and maintained in good working order in case it might
assist in the recovery phase of an nuclear incident.

As the pressures on budgets have not eased I cannot see RADMIL being reinstated in the foreseeable future.

I hope this answers your question adequately. If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.


Andrew Smith, BSc., PhD., M.Chem.A., C.Sci., C.Chem., M.R.S.C.

Lancashire County Council
County Scientific Services
Pedders Way
Riversway Docklands
Tel: 01772 721660 (Office)

10th August – ‘Moorcide’ Walk- Have a look -See


Stop Moorcide Walk : August 10th 2014
Stop Moorcide Walk : August 10th 2014


The walk will take around 2 hours, approximately 5 miles For those who do not want to do the whole walk we will be returning to The Royal Oak Beckermet to have a bite to eat and discuss what we have seen.

From the Lake District National Park towards the coast, you can look down across the lowland area and your eyes meet the obscene atomic carbuncle called Sellafield.  The industry with funding from our nuclear obsessed government want to add at least two vast new reactors and the loading station for tens of thousands of radioactive waste packages for a vast underground nuclear dump.

Recent press coverage suggests that Moorside is a fait accompli. This is what the industry and our nuclear fanatical government would dearly like people to believe in order to stop opposition.

Opposition is however the only sane option to new build adjacent to Sellafield.

We are inviting groups such as the National Trust, Friends of the Lake District, Cumbria WildlifeTrust and the Lake District National Park Authority, groups who have the interests of the countryside at heart to join members of the public on a walk taking in part of the proposed site

The walk will take place on 10th August – meet at the Royal Oak at 10am and will be approximately 5 miles starting from the village of Beckermet

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has recklessly given  Toshiba the option to purchase a 6km square parcel of West Cumbria, beautiful green fields and hedgerows adjacent to Sellafield and running alongside the River Ehen. This huge parcel of wildlife diverse farm land stretches towards Calder Bridge, Beckerment and Braystones

To consider any new build at all adjacent to Sellafield’s high level waste tanks is an act of recklessness. Bizzarely the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority is actively encouraging new build even while the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate, local politicians and nuclear campaigners have for the past decade repeatedly raised concerns about the safety of the High Level Waste tanks upon which the physical safety of the whole of Cumbria and its international neighbours depends.

The NDA should do the job it was set up to do – namely look after the existing stockpile of nuclear waste rather than actively encouraging new Toshiba’s proposed three new reactors are AP1000s. These are the next generation of the same old uranium burning technology. The difference is that these reactors burn the uranium for longer and harder. The resulting radioactive wastes are much hotter and have to be cooled for decades longer. The NDA have told Radiation Free Lakeland that the fresh water resource for cooling is “a matter for the operators.” Currently Sellafield uses over 4 million gallons of water daily abstracted from Wastwater, the River Ehen, the River Calder and boreholes in the area.

The elephant in the room is of course Toshiba’s track record in nuclear safety. Toshiba supplied the steam generator, architecture and reactor for Fukushima reactors numbers 3 and 5 Hitachi (merged with Toshiba) supplied the reactor, steam generator and architecture for Fukushima reactor no 4.

Moorside is the last nuclear straw that will break far more than Cumbria’s back unless we resist now.

Please join us on 10th August 10am at Beckermet to have a walk around the proposed site- we will meet at the Royal Oak.

Wainwright famously called Calder Hall a “grotesque carbuncle”  that atomic carbuncle is set to grow like a malignant cancer.

We can stop it. We MUST STOP IT


For those on Facebook 


And More Info:

Nuclear Reactor Maps – Fukushima – Daiichi


Hitachi, Toshiba and GE Merge Nuclear Operations


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