Tonight on BBC One North East and Cumbria “The UK is facing the dilemma of what to do with its huge stockpile of highly toxic nuclear waste”

Cumbria Trust

DrumsBBC Inside Out reporter Chris Jackson travels to America to find out if lessons can be learned from their experiences of turning nuclear waste into mixed oxide (MOX) fuel.

“Everything that you could think of has gone wrong with the MOX project; overspending, mismanagement of the schedule, lack of quality control, lack of trained workers in building nuclear projects.”  ~ Tom Clements of Savannah River Site Watch

“For the last three months, I’ve been trying to have a word with someone from the Department of Energy and Climate Change and in all that time, no one was available to answer my questions.” ~ Chris Jackson  BBC Look North

Inside Out is on BBC One North East & Cumbria and North West on Monday, 29 September at 19:30 BST and nationwide for seven days thereafter.

Watch the video HERE             Chris Jackson’s full report

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Radioactive Waste Management Limited (RWM) provides more information on geological screening

Another Government Committee set up with the stated purpose to “Implement Geological Disposal’ of heat generating nuclear wastes under Cumbria. NO …..How many times do we have to say NO!

Cumbria Trust

Radioactive Waste Management Limited (RWM) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. RWM supports Government’s programme to implement geological disposal. They are responsible for delivering a geological disposal facility.

“We have set out our initial thoughts on how the national geological screening exercise will help communities better understand the geology of their area, and how the results would help in identifying a potential site for a geological disposal facility (GDF).”

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Public invited to participate in Geological Screening Exercise

“Dealing with the UK’s radioactive waste is an issue for everyone. We are keen to involve all of those who are interested in the work to implement Government’s policy for geological disposal of radioactive waste.”

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 Technical event: national geological screening

On 30 September, Radioactive Waste Management Limited (RWM), the Government’s designated developer of a geological disposal facility (GDF), will be holding a day-long technical…

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Launch of Campaign to Stop Moorside: “Biggest Nuclear Development in Europe” NO Thanks!

This friday the campaign was launched to Stop Moorside. Photo Gallery from the Launch MOORSIDE REPORT by Radiation Free Lakeland MOORSIDE RaFL Report 19.9.14 The local News and Star reports: PROTEST CAMPAIGN LAUNCHED AGAINST NUCLEAR POWER STATION NEAR SELLAFIELD By Andrew Clarke Last updated at 18:45, Saturday, 27 September 2014 A protest campaign has been …

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Old French Nuclear Reactor Parts to Scotland, Tennessee, Sweden, and Elsewhere?

Decommissioning means Dispersal to the Environment. Decommissioning should mean CONTAINMENT of the waste on the existing site. The industry is already sending radioactive scrap metal to Studsvik, the radioactive scrap metal dealers in Lillyhall, Cumbria and now they want to send even higher activity radioactivity scrap metal, the really nasty stuff, intermediate level. This is an area of Cumbria that was previously clear of nuclear Crapola. It is way past time to Lock the Gate on Nuclear.

Mining Awareness +

Large Nuclear Components-Metal Parts Energy Solns Clive Utah
What appear to be large and small nuclear components at the Energy Solutions Low Level Waste Facility in Clive, Utah. Some large San Onofre (California) NPP components (Nuclear Reactor Vessel Head-Steam Generators) have been sent there.

Some French don’t want the reactor parts from their 9 old decommissioned reactors in France. The French government is majority owner of EDF. So, there are very high stakes with this SEPA consultation, deadline on Oct. 3rd. EDF (France) appears basically asking for a carte blanche for importing and exporting EDF nuclear waste at Hunterston and Torness Nuclear Generating Facilities in Scotland. One critical point as explained by SEPA (buried on p. 10 of the 20 page document):
EDF has applied to allow the receipt of radioactive waste on to both stations for interim storage and onward disposal. These wastes will have arisen at other EDF Energy nuclear power stations, and the…

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You too can have a Lakeland View Like this – All you have to do is Nothing!

Radiation Free Lakeland will be launching the report on 26th Sept at the Beckermet Pylon Consultation from 1-2. Please join us if you can - we will then walk for a few miles or so around the 'Moorside' site (actually called Greenmoorside). The Cooling Towers for AP1000 reactors under construction in America and China are 600ft …

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Moorside Report Launch at Beckermet 26th Sept 1-2pm

Campaigners will launch the Moorside Report this Friday at the Pylon Consultation in Beckermet Reading Room, Sellafield Rd from 1pm – 2pm, 26th Sept Following this we will walk a mile or two of the scenic route around the proposed Moorside site– actually called Greenmoorside, from approx. 2pm till 4pm. MEET AT BECKERMET READING ROOM We …

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What does Southern Co.’s CEO know that we don’t?

If the nuclear reactors proposed for Cumbria are so safe, why has this CEO sold a million shares in his own company BEFORE AP1000 reactors in the USA have even been built?


Southern Company CEO Thomas Fanning (left) selling former DOE Secretary Chu on the wonders of Vogtle, 2012. Southern Company CEO Thomas Fanning (left) selling former DOE Secretary Chu on the wonders of Vogtle, 2012.

The question of the day is what does Southern Company CEO Thomas Fanning know that the rest of the world doesn’t?

The question arises because on September 5th, Fanning sold nearly all his stock in Southern Company, more than a million shares, putting nearly $47 million into his bank account. He kept only 35,000 shares.

That’s a tidy sum, and would seem to be incentive enough to sell–unless one thought the stock would rise higher. It’s not like Fanning was selling off a few shares because he needed some cash to renew a country club membership or something. No, Fanning sold more than 90% of his stake in the company he runs. Not many people have pressing bills of $47 million.

And, after all, Southern Company has been telling Georgia regulators for…

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The Moorside Report: Europe’s biggest nuclear development

PRESS RELEASE THE MOORSIDE REPORT A new report has been produced by Radiation Free Lakeland, which outlines the impact “the biggest nuclear development in Europe” would have on Cumbria. Visible vapor plumes from AP1000 cooling towers would rise more than 5,000 feet above the towers (ie 2000 feet above the highest Lakeland fells) and extend …

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Independent Radiation Monitoring In NW – What?

  Radiation Free Lakeland are lobbying for independent radiation monitoring in the North West.  This used to be carried out by Radiation Monitoring in Lancashire - RADMIL - which was disbanded a few years ago due to council cuts. Multi-national private companies taking on lucrative government contracts to "decommission" nuclear plants are essentially self regulating, such …

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