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Cumbria Trust make some excellent points about the continuing sham CONsultation meetings regarding Geological Dump plans for heat generating radioactive wastes. We would add that While this continues to be “a plan” the industry and government are colluding to push along the very real plan to build new nuclear plants. Greenpeace withdrew their legal challenge against Hinkley C because the government “have a plan” for the nuclear waste. In the eyes of government and industry (and Greenpeace) it is immaterial whether  or not this geological dump plan will come to fruition what matters is that “the plan” for geological dumping continues. Whether it is insane and dangerous is of no consequence as long as “the plan” and the CONsultations continue, this is a prerequisite for new build. Meanwhile the industry goes ahead unchallenged with its agenda for dispersing increasing amounts and nastiness of radioactive wastes to the environment while increasing the footprint and terrorist target of Sellafield by more than double with new build, Moorcide, adjacent to the worlds largest radioactive waste dump. Opposing geological dumping anywhere is key to stopping the nuclear juggernaught. The first step to looking after the waste as safely as possible is to stop making more waste!

Cumbria Trust

Firstly , Cumbria Trust notes that the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (CoRWM) has decided to hold a public meeting* regarding geological nuclear waste disposal in Workington, Cumbria on 30th April 2014.
Secondly , that of all the locations in the Country which could have been chosen for such a meeting, CoRWM has chosen West Cumbria.
Thirdly , that this follows recent assurances from DECC ministers that the new process would be a truly national process following the Cumbrian MRWS process coming to an end last year.
Fourthly , that no other such meetings appear to have been announced by CoRWM.
Fifthly , that the new White Paper is likely to be published in the summer of 14.
Cumbria Trust expects that the Government will ignore the results of its own and last consultation and proceed in the White Paper to exclude County Councils from the decision making process; namely…

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Stones and Sea #SellafieldFreeTheDeer

  Sellafield have put up extra security fences extending the largest nuclear site in Europe to include woodlands trapping deer and other wildlife. Now they want to cull the trapped family group of roe deer including pregnant does. Sellafield have told Natural England that the deer are a "security threat" and so "special permission" has …

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EU says Radioactive Effluent from Lillyhall will not affect Member States – What does the MP for Workington say?

  The powers that be are allowing higher activities and high volumes of radionuclides into the environment, into our landfill, our food and our water. Democracy does not come into it as this is top down government where the decision has already been made at European level with collusion of the nuclear industry. Europe's  Euratom …

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Stop Nuclear Energy Protests, The Hague, Amsterdam, Almelo, Everywhere: March 23 to 25

Nuclear Security Summit with all the razzmatazz of the Olympics discusses Terrorist Sellafield Deer? Meanwhile Sellafield dumps radioactive wastes in the sea, into the air, into scrap metal and into landfill for radioactive effluent to be dispersed to Groundwaters ….who needs terrorists with “security” like that?

Mining Awareness +

March 25, 2014: Protest action at the main gate of Urenco
Time: 9:30 to 11, Protest-Picketline in Almelo, Netherlands (more info below).
Stop Nuclear Energy by Stop
Image from press release. Sign: Stop Nuclear Power. Abolish Poverty.

Based on Dutch Press Release from Stop the NSS (unofficial translation):

The Hague, March 23, 2014 – The demonstration “Stop nuclear power! Abolish poverty” with some 250 participants, accompanied by an overabundance of police made its way through The Hague. After speeches by Jorien de Lege Greenpeace Netherlands) and Rene Oosterhuys (Stop NSS), the protest procession left the Hobbemaplein towards the Spui, where another three speakers closed the procession. 19 organizations supporting “Stop The NSS” organized the protest.

At the Nuclear Security Summit, which is being held this Monday and Tuesday in The Hague, 58 world leaders will discuss nuclear “security”. Stop the NSS finds it remarkable that the nuclear summit is only about the small likelihood…

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Sellafield Deer are a “threat to security” say Natural England

Just received this shocking reply from Natural England.  Their rationale for giving Sellafield a license to blanket cull is that the deer are "a threat to security" and any way say Natural England it is open season for does (until 31st of March)  and no bucks  have been seen on site (it is closed season …

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Workington Says a Big Fat NO to Radioactive Effluent in Cumbrian Groundwaters

On Saturday, the United Nations World Water Day, around 100 people stopped to sign a letter to Workington MP Tony Cunningham.  In fact so many people stopped in such a short time that campaigners ran out of letters. The letter says: Dear Tony Cunningham MP,  Sellafield was fined £700,000 for illegally dumping 3 bags of …

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Radioactive Groundwaters Two Miles from Workington? – Join us this Saturday to Say NO

Radiation Free Lakeland will be in Workington town cente Saturday 22nd March from 12 noon till 2pm at The Hub. This Saturday is the United Nations World Water Day. Here at home in  Cumbria there is the plan for the "controlled release of radioactivity to groundwaters" from over one million cubic meters of planned radioactive landfill at …

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License to Kill by “Special Permission”

Received a reply from Tim Farron MP today from our request that DECC take heed of public opposition to the cull of roe deer trapped within the new perimeter fences.  DECC who ordered the fences (which enlarge the footprint of the Sellafield site to include woodland and rough scrubland areas) say "it would not be …

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UK Olympic sized nuclear cover up – and it has spread to Japan

Good analysis of the “decommissioning” lies …also We know that chopped up spent fuel dissolved in lakes of nitric acid makes high level liquid wastes these have leaked out into the sandstone aquifer below Sellafield and this is I suspect the reason for expanding the footprint of the site with ever those nasty expanding fences that have trapped the family of roe deer. We are the deer, the deer are us, trapped and involuntarily poisoned.


arclight-SmOP – ED   Arclight2011  8 December 2013

The UK has decided to take the cheapest option for decommissioning according to a recent report by the badly named Department of the Environment and Climate Change (DECC), as 65 percent of their annual budget goes just on the costs of decommissioning it should be named British Nuclear Fools.

The processes involved with “decommissioning” are a “corporate secret” but a quick google says that the cheapest option is dissolution that involves melting everything in Nitric acid (or similar) and this has been the cause of high NO2 levels in the UK that are regularly blamed on other industries or countries. Though La Hague in France does contribute.

The UK has been reprimanded by the EU for the deaths caused by this NO2. And in the UK parliament we hear calls to cut the pollution detection monitors as they give the nuclear hazard…

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