From Spring to Winter, Wastwater Cools the Nuclear Heat..

Water, the most valuable resource and fundamental to life. Fresh water to cool existing nuclear wastes goes to Sellafield with over 4 Million gallons a day being abstracted from Wastwater. Where would the fresh water come from for new build waste? Thirlmere? How many lakes will be enslaved to the nuclear industry? Is there enough fresh water in a changing climate to allow the nuclear industry to piss it away?

Wastwater Chronicles

Hot 3-4

From Spring to Winter,  Wastwater cools the nuclear heat…

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#BoycottToshiba #StopMoorside

Dont Let Westinghouse, Hitachi Toshiba
Thanks to Greenpeace for the image idea.

This Black Friday lets tell Toshiba that their diabolic nuclear ambition in Cumbria is not welcome. Toshiba’s blurb about their TVs and digital merchandise makes no mention of their nuclear agenda here in Cumbria where they have a majority stake in NuGen.  Toshiba is putting their weight behind an agenda that would see the biggest nuclear development in Europe being built right next to the biggest pile of radioactive waste in Europe.

#Boycott Toshiba and say a big fat NO to Moorside!

Nuking clean energy: how nuclear power makes wind and solar harder


Average hourly load over a one-week period in January, April and July 2009. Credit B. Posner. Average hourly load over a one-week period in January, April and July 2009. Credit B. Posner.

This post first appeared on Power for the People, a blog focused on energy issues in Virginia, the home base of Dominion Resources–a company that is an industry laggard when it comes to renewable energy issues, and is still pursuing the possibility of building a third nuclear reactor at its North Anna site despite its costs projection of around $19 Billion, which would make it the most expensive nuclear project ever undertaken in the U.S. Those projections are not far off the costs anticipated for the UK’s highly controversial Hinkley Point reactor and, given the near-certainty of cost overruns and schedule delays, could go far higher if construction is attempted.

In this piece, Ivy Main explains–I think much more clearly than I have to date–exactly how deployment of expensive nuclear power (and baseload…

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Politicians Greenwash Nuclear Ahead of the Paris Climate Conference

Beyond Nuclear girl in front of nuclear reactors

Below is a letter sent by a supporter of Radiation Free Lakeland to MPs:

Sent: ‎19/‎11/‎2015 18:43

To:;;; Tim Farron MP

Subject: Paris Climate Change Conference Debate, House of Commons today and

Radioactive spikes from nuclear plants – a likely cause of childhood leukemia

-The Ecologist

Dear Rebecca Pow MP,

I was concerned and disappointed by your misleading comments in the Paris Climate Change Conference debate in Parliament today. Electricity generation by nuclear power is not clean nor low carbon when the full nuclear fuel cycle is taken into consideration.

I have raised the following research by Dr Ian Fairlie, published in The Ecologist (link below) with Minister Amber Rudd MP and the NuGen consultation on the proposed new nuclear reactors to be built on the green belt buffer zone and flood plain next to Sellafield and which is of concern to many.

Both NuGen and the Minister have carefully avoided any recognition of Dr Fairlie’s work – he is an independent nuclear consultant and former member of the UK National Radiological Protection Board.

A previous director of public health in Cumbria said the level of disease and disability in Cumbria was far too high for the size of the population. This suggests the toxins and radioactivity from the nuclear industries, both civilian and military, may be having a negative impact. In view of Dr Fairlie’s research and a previous public lecture in Keswick when he explained the tendency of nuclear reactor operators to renew nuclear fuel rods in adverse weather conditions to disperse the toxic and radioactive emissions, we are just as much in danger from the reactors at Heysham and Hinkley given a strong southerly gale as from dirty Sellafield here in Cumbria.

I would urge you to look at Dr Fairlie’s research and to really consider the nuclear fuel cycle in its entirety before simply accepting the disinformation being promoted by the nuclear industry and the DECC.

Yours sincerely

Simon (name supplied)