Roe deer, Moorcide
Roe deer, Moorcide

The Moorside Report by Radiation Free Lakeland can be seen on pdf here: MOORSIDE RaFL Report 19.9.14

A petition has been set up to STOP MOORSIDE Stop Moorside logo

This diabolic plan is described by the industry as “the biggest nuclear development in Europe”

Despite having no solution to the problem of nuclear waste our government is hell bent on trashing a large swathe of Cumbria in order to build new nuclear reactors. To quote Michael Meacher MP: “We need new nuclear like we need a hole in the head!”

… Please sign the petition and share widely.


The petition says:

We urge David Cameron and the leaders of Europe to scrap plans for Moorside. The UK Government is planning to sell a vast area of Cumbria to the same companies responsible for the Fukushima disaster, so that they can build new nuclear reactors. Please don’t risk the safety of Europe by turning Cumbria into a nuclear sacrifice zone.

Why is this important?

Cumbria already has Sellafield. The Sellafield site has the biggest amount of radioactivity on the planet. A major accident involving the liquid high level waste tanks would have catastrophic consequences and make the area uninhabitable for many generations. The area around the Sellafield site should be an untouchable buffer zone to:
a) provide a measure of safety for surrounding towns and villages
b) to accommodate the documented leakage of radiation from the Sellafield site into groundwater.
c) to minimise the target area for terrorist attack (instead of doubling it)

Instead of honouring a beautiful wildlife diverse landscape bought by the public purse and guaranteeing a buffer zone around Sellafield the UK government are planning to sell off a vast area. The land stretches to the villages of Beckermet, Braystones and Calder Bridge. Not only this but the companies who are being wooed to buy the land are the very same companies responsible for Fukushima.

“The Moorside Project” is being promoted by NUGEN a company 60% owned by Toshiba.

Toshiba’s proposed three new reactors are AP1000s. These are the next generation of the same old uranium burning technology. The difference is that these reactors burn the uranium for longer and harder. The resulting radioactive wastes are much hotter and have to be cooled for decades longer. The NDA have told Radiation Free Lakeland that the fresh water resource for cooling is “a matter for the operators.” Currently Sellafield uses over 4 million gallons of water daily to abstracted from Wastwater, the River Ehen, the River Calder and boreholes in the area. Sellafield stopped producing electricity in 2003.

The elephant in the room is of course Toshiba’s track record in nuclear safety. Toshiba supplied the steam generator, architecture and reactor for Fukushima reactors numbers 3 and 5 Hitachi (merged with Toshiba) supplied the reactor, steam generator and architecture for Fukushima reactor no 4.

The beautiful wildlife diverse land:

Contaminated Groundwater – Sellafield

Nuclear Reactor Maps – Fukushima – Daiichi

Hitachi, Toshiba and GE Merge Nuclear Operations

Escalating cost of ‘clean up’

Not enough Fresh water to cool new build wastes


NOTE:   We are hoping that 38 Degrees do not get cold feet – or any pressure brought to bear on them by govt to squash the petition and attention to this diabolic plan.

5 thoughts on “STOP MOORSIDE

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  2. Natalie Day

    Why has this proposal not been discussed more in the National Media
    I stumbled on this by accident
    I do not understand why Government continues to support this treacherous source of energy

  3. Dr Timothy Norris

    Fukushima Dai’ichi is a terrible disaster, and, despite various efforts by the Japanese authorities to suppress news and attention to the disaster, the situation at Fukushima Dai’ichi deteriorates. Contamination has been spread over a large area in Fukushima prefecture, including forests, fields, lakes and similar. Decontamination efforts are largely ineffective and merely move contaminated material from one location to another. A lot of the contaminated material is contained in black plastic sacks that will disintegrate within the next few years. A similar fate could face Cumbria, in an event of a major incident at Sellafield (formerly Windscale, although the UK Government would prefer we forgot about the reactor fire that occurred there) many years ago.

    Worldwide, there are 165000 tonnes of high level nuclear waste in storage, and nobody seems to have any solution how to store it safely for thousands of years.

    In my humble view, rather than wasting valuable resources trying to achieve a manned mission to Mars, it would be better to use the resources to build a colossal electromagnetic rail gun that can accelerate packets of nuclear waste to escape velocity and slight them into space. Engineering calculation suggest that the rail gun is not only technically feasible, but the canisters to be accelerated and ejected from the rail gun can be built to be sufficiently robust. By such an approach, the World can be rid of this nuclear waste. Any country that builds such a rail-gun facility could earn huge amounts of money getting rid of other countries’ nuclear waste. However, such an approach will not rectify the environmental widespread damage that afflicts Chernobyl and Fukushima regions.

    Thanks for reading my reply here. Greatly appreciated.

  4. dac1981

    “the same companies responsible for the Fukushima disaster” – I seem to recall that it was an earth quake and tsunami that were responsible for Fukushima.

    1. Dr Timothy Norris

      … the AP1000 precursor reactor design used at Fukushima Dai’ichi was inadequate for coping with the earth quake and the ensuing tsunami. It was sub-standard hardware that had been supplied to the Japanese. Our sympathies should go to the Japanese people for being forced to accept this sub-standard hardware forced upon the Japanese people by US business interests.

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