Stop Moorside

One of the many strong objections sent in to the CONsultwtion for the “biggest nuclear development in Europe” . Stop Moorside Now!


NuGen: ‘The project will become the UK’s biggest new nuclear output from a single site – and Europe’s largest new nuclear construction plan.’

“The Moorside Project is a nationally significant infrastructure project and must be consented through the Planning Act 2008 via a ‘Development Consent Order’ (DCO). Before a DCO can be made, NuGen is required to consult with those living in the vicinity of the land to which its proposed application relates, key local authorities, persons with an interest in the land and prescribed statutory bodies, as well as publicising its proposed application nationally.”

Stage Two: Proposed Scheme Consultation: 14th May 2016 to 30th July 2016.

To whom it may concern,

Please acknowledge receipt of this – my objection to the proposed Moorfield Nuclear Development.

I would appreciate your response to each of my carefully researched and referenced points.

Having thoroughly researched the issue, I strongly object to the…

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Beatrix Potter’s Evil Master Plan: Trash Woodlands, Replace with “woolly maggots”

BIrthday Greetings Beatrix!


Beatrix Potter's Bequest Beatrix Potter’s Bequest

Beatrix Potter’s Evil Master Plan: Trash Woodlands, Replace with “woolly maggots” So says George Monbiot.

Nuclear enthusiast George Monbiot has said of the Lakeland fells: “The forests that once covered them have been reduced by the white plague to bare rock and bowling green…the sheep wiped the hills clean.” Sounds persuasive. But is it credible?

Far from the fells being covered in trees the pre-Neolithic landscape would be a relatively open park-like mosaic rather than closed forest. It is a very safe bet that there are far fewer of Beatrix Potter’s beloved Herdwick on the Lakeland fells now than there were when she was the Ennerdale Show President in the 1930’s. It is also very safe to say that the wildlife of the Fells was far more abundant in Beatrix Potters hayday. Recent research into the ‘brand’ of Cumbria has shown that farming and tourism are the…

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Moorside’s Beach Neighbours Say NO!

Below is an EXCELLENT and detailed Response to the CONsultation from Braystones Beach Residents who are close neighbours of the proposed Moorside plan. (The report is cut and pasted so apologies for some of the formatting which I havn't time to redo for blogging.....but it can be read in original form here:  FINAL Response to … Continue reading Moorside’s Beach Neighbours Say NO!

Not Giving Up! Letter to Government Office NW: pg 25 of Beeches, Boreholes and Badgers

20 years ago – 20 miles away from Sellafield as the crow flies ….Not Giving Up!

Wastwater Chronicles

pg 25 Beeches, Boreholes and Badgers

July 23rd 1996

Not giving up!  Letter to Government Office NW

Dear Mr S. A. MacDonald,

Further to our telephone conversation, I am writing to you concerning the proposed felling of the Rusland Beeches.  On Friday 19th July the Lake District Planning Board rode roughshod over public opinion and disregarded a report by two highly regarded experts which concluded that the majority of the trees are healthy.  The ‘Save the Rusland Beeches’ campaign presented the Planning Board with 3,200 signatures (and rising) and the report commissioned by objectors confirming local feeling that the National Park is going over the top.

The fact is that these trees have withstood the severe storms  of 1987 and 1988 which flattened both young and old trees in the Lake District.  Last winter we had exceptionally heavy snowfall.  The Rusland Beeches survived these events, which in a trees life was only a second ago, only…

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National Day of Action against Nuclear Trains

Last Saturday Campaigners from around the UK From Scotland to Wales to England demonstrated and leafleted at railway stations against radioactive wastes, spent fuel and nuclear materials criss crossing our communities.


Day of Action against Nuclear Trains - Temple Meads 019 ‘Mobile Chernobyl’

In soldarity with events at train stations around the country,  Southwest Against Nuclear held an awareness raising event at Bristol Temple Meads Train Station. Leaflets were given out about the problems of nuclear waste transport and maps of Britains Nuclear Train routes showing people that this deadly silent cargo isn’t just a problem for communities living near nuclear power stations but for communities everywhere, the highly radiaoctive spent fuel is far more vulnerable during transport than it is inside the containment of the reactors it came from!

Day of Action against Nuclear Trains - Temple Meads 027 Talking to the public about Nuclear waste transport

Interesting conversations were had and many leaflets were given, over-all the response was positive, people had questions about what we think should be done about it, our answer has to begin with the obvious and that is to curtail production of more nuclear material, acknlowedging that we cannot ensure it’s isolation from the environment…

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Yesterday in Whitehaven: STOP MOORSIDE!  Many thanks to all the lovely people who came to stand in Resistance to the Nuclear Juggernaught. Frack Free Lancashire a Big Thanks! BELOW IS ONE OF THE MANY LETTERS TO THE NUGEN CONSULTATION WHICH ENDS ON 30th JULY   - WRITE, OBJECT, RESIST!   by writing to FREEPOST – … Continue reading RESISTANCE – WRITE AND TELL NUGEN THE ONLY SHAPE WE WANT IS NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO