GREAT NEWS - TOSHIBA's foray into nuclear ventures has resulted in them experiencing a gigantic financial black hole which means that their nuclear construction business is in tatters. It is however way too soon to call time on Moorside as our nuclear obsessed Govnt will be pulling out all stops to stay with the …


What’s the End Game: hype and hysteria surrounding the “Muslim Ban”


by Kit

Activists gather at Portland International Airport to protest against President Donald Trump's executive action travel ban in Portland, Oregon, U.S. January 29, 2017.  REUTERS/Steve Dipaola Activists gather at Portland International Airport to protest against President Donald Trump’s executive action travel ban in Portland, Oregon, U.S. January 29, 2017. REUTERS/Steve Dipaola

They’re calling it the “Muslim Ban”, that’s the headline attention-grabber. It has its own twitter hashtag too. Everyone, all around the progressive “free world” is coming together to denounce this barbarism with one voice. Actors are making speeches at the SAG awards, and earnest navel-gazing columnists are writing about how this travel ban clashes with “British values”. There’s a petition to ban Trump from entering the UK with over a million signatures already (only tree from the British Antarctic Territories this time). John Harris, in the Guardian, even manages to make this all about Brexit – how triggering Article 50 will push us closer to a Trump administration that is “ruining America’s reputation”. Not even Jeremy Corbyn was immune, his biggest…

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Childhood Leukaemia Letter to Whitehaven News

In 1962 Rachel Carson wrote a book that launched the environmental movement.  The book was called "Silent Spring" and the very first page outlines the known impacts of chemicals and radiation on health and the living world. "The most alarming of all man's assaults upon the environment is the contamination of air, earth, rivers, and …

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Toshiba cancels all nuclear plant construction, chairman to quit, causing happy anti nuclear activists in Japan!

GOOD NEWS! Now we must make sure the many headed nuclear hydra doesn not grow a new head.


Kyodo — Jan 29
Toshiba Corp. will take no new orders related to the construction of nuclear power stations, with the company’s chairman expected to resign over the massive write-down that has doomed the company’s U.S. nuclear business, sources said Saturday.
The company’s decision to cease taking orders effectively marks its withdrawal from the plant construction business.

Toshiba said Friday it will review nuclear operations and spin off its chip business to raise funds by selling a stake in the new chip company, covering the expected write-down in the nuclear business which could reach 700 billion yen ($6.08 billion).

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Demo 4th February in Workington Stand Up to Cancer – Stop Moorside

The 4th of February is World Cancer Day.  Radiation Free Lakeland will be in Workington's town centre, meeting at the Look Out Clock , Ivison Lane. from 10am to demonstrate Opposition to Moorside and Opposition to Continued Dumping of Carcinogenic Radioactive Wastes into the our rivers, seas, soil and air.  Reading the press it seems …

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Does Toshiba's financial woes mean that they will scrap their involvement in the Moorside plan?   We  HOPE HOPE HOPE *  that this is the case .but*  we are aware that Toshiba is just the latest in a long line of nuclear companies who have been in the Moorside driving seat. There have been more …

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US EPA Hid Details of Huge Radiation Increase for Drinking Water in a Nuclear Accident; Increase Violates Safe Drinking Water Act – Arguably Illegal; A Couple of Hours Left to Oppose Private Nuclear Waste Storage (11.59 PM Eastern Time)

In the US… More deregulation of the nuclear industry. Who will protect our water from this evil industry?

Mining Awareness +

EPA PAG comparisons to MCIs (Clean Water Act)
PEER had to sue to get this document. And, yet, the list of radionuclides is still incomplete. There are less than 90 radionuclides listed of the almost 200 which are covered by the Clean Water Act MCIs (See blog post bottom). Conspicuously absent is Cs 134. If 629 Bq/l (629 Bq/kg) Cs 137 is allowed by the US EPA then there would presumably be approximately 8554 Bq/l (8554 Bq/kg) of Cs 134, in the event of a nuclear reactor accident. The Cs 134 levels would be much lower in nuclear waste. The US FDA combines Cs 134 and 137. Why, and what it means, is explained in more detail here:

The information from PEER is especially critical with the upcoming Private Nuclear Waste “Interim” Storage Facility Comment deadline in less than 3 hours – Tonight 11.59 PM Eastern Time (NY-Boston-DC-Atlanta, Miami, etc.) 11.59 PM is 1 minute to midnight…

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UK nuclear groups whinging like F&^K!! UK Government tries to defend itself against nuclear compensation claims regardless!



The pro nuclear organisations are panicking and showing symptoms of Brexitphobia (such as whining) as the UK prepares to withdraw from Euratom Treaty and are pulling out all the stops to reverse the situation. In the article below from the Weinberg Next Nuclear Foundation they even claim that leaving Euratom is not necessary even if the UK commits to Brexit. Research foundations and even anti nuclear assessments are included in their press release below.

The question is why is the UK are leaving the treaty? One reason could be that according to the new EU radiation protection legislation just being enacted by the German Government which rolls all the present legislation into one law and next year it will include making parts of the Euratom treaty Legal and binding.

A second point to note is that a new “Medical Physics Expert” (MPE) position has been accepted and that this…

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STOP Sizewell C – consultation ends on 3rd Feb -please write

There is a consultation going on for three new reactors in Suffolk.  These would be next to the already dangerous situation at Sizewell. There is a letter below from Radiation Free Lakeland - please feel free to use this for ideas to write your own objection.  Email your comments to: More info: Together …

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Please take action STOP Water Fluoridation in Cumbria

  The following is a guest blog and request for action from Flouride Free Cumbria campaigner Dianne Standen. In May 2017 there will be County Council Elections throughout Cumbria. It is Cumbria County Council and Councillors who currently authorise and finance water fluoridation. At the moment fluoride is only added to drinking water in West …

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