BBC Countryfile 17th June

Despite this being the most even handed BBC coverage of the nukiller dump so far, Tom, the Countryfile presenter repeats the myth being put out to the world that Cumbria is a “willing community” for a nukiller dump. This “willingness” is based on an officially dodgy Ipsos Mori telephone poll. The democratic vote of Parish and Town Councils in Cumbria who have unanimously voted no in the Sellafield area is being ignored as it is not part of the official narrative. A “Willing Community” is required to keep this insane process going to its diabolic conclusion.

Professor Stuart Haszeldine describes how the geology of Cumbria (or Greater Lakeland as Norman Nicholson liked to call it) is unsuitable for the geological dumping of nuclear wastes.

Government is ignoring the fact that:
The Community is Unwilling
The Geology is Unsafe
Lakeland could become Unearth – fit for nothing but a nuclear graveyard if this process goes on to its illogical conclusion.

Arise Sir Tony – Protector of the Worlds Biggest Land Mine?

Skyline of Workington from the shoreline hills
Skyline of Workington from the shoreline hills (Wiki Image)

Tony Cunningham the MP for Workington area has been rewarded with a knighthood for services to politics and the public. From 1994 to 1999 Sir Tony was MEP for Cumbria and North Lancashire, and in 1995 he wrote an influential report on land mines which called for a treaty to instigate an outright ban, now adopted by 150 countries.

Radiation Free Lakeland suspect that this timely honour has not a little to do with Tony’s silence on the plan to dump high level nuclear waste underneath his Allerdale constituency. This is a government plan which has the capacity to out do the nastiest of land mines! The nuclear waste planned for this dump could go critical and that is according to Alun Ellis of the NDA – even if criticality is not reached hot steamy radioactive gases will percolate to the surface “uplifting the land” (Professor Stuart Hazseldine).

Tony Cunningham is an ever so keen supporter of nuclear power – and even supports the proposal for MoorCide which would be a new and much more dangerous nuclear power station in the vicinity of Sellafield. For Moorcide to go ahead there needs to be a “solution” to the nuclear waste problem – cue Tony’s silence on the biggest land mine in the world.

Radioactive Gases

” I WANT to see a new nuclear power station at Sellafield.” Tony Cunningham

“Brand Protection” will not protect Turkeys Voting for Christmas

Three Turkeys Brand Protection Strategy
Three Turkeys -Brand Protection Strategy

The following correspondence reveals an endearingly honest lack of awareness on the part of the leader of Cumbria County Council.
Cumbria is being hoodwinked and no amount of conjuring up a “Brand Protection Strategy” costing £millions will protect the Cumbria “brand”

Email from Cumbria County Council Leader Eddie Martin to Radiation Free Lakeland
Subject: RE: Substantive Evidence of Harm : Brand Protection
From: “Martin, Eddie”
Date: Mon, June 18, 2012 7:16 pm
Cc: “Cabinet Members” (more)


I had never seen – let alone read – the “Brand Strategy Report” until I
received your email. I have now read the report which I believe was published in
March 2012. The report makes many interesting observations. In particular I note “No one
organisation can claim sole responsibility for custody of the Cumbria brand –
currently most organisations deliver a similar message in a broadly
co-ordinated manner.”

Perhaps we need a Cumbria-wide Brand Custodian and Development Organisation?

I may be many things but rarely naive – a term I deem to be quite
inappropriate. Having never received the “Brand Strategy Report” I asked legitimately for
evidence that a democratic discussion of the MRWS was damaging Cumbria and ‘The
Brand’; if there are statistical facts or other evidence to substantiate the claim I
will certainly have regard to them.

I have also had no representation from the National Park Authority on
whose Board several county councillors sit, nor – as I said – from the Cumbria Tourist
Board on which Board we also have a place. That is not being naive; it is being
truthful and honest with you, which I am sure you would want me to be. As I have
already stated, this subject will be discussed by the Full Council in September and an
executive decision, whether to proceed or not, will be made by the Cabinet in
October. I am entirely mindful of the comments made by parish councils in Allerdale and
Copeland. We will have due regard to all comments made to us – by any individuals or
any organisation or consultants.

Even if I wanted to stop any further discussion I am quite certain I do
not have the authority to do so; and, in any case, it is axiomatic that stifling full and
transparent discussion would hardly be deemed to be democratic. I have no
doubt that county council Members, including the Cabinet, will make up their minds on
the evidence presented. Be assured that we all realise and appreciate the
enormous significance of a GDF.

Nonetheless, I have asked relevant Council’s officers for their comments about the
Brand Strategy Report; I have also asked for details of the CCC contribution, if any; and
I have also asked for any substantive other evidence of your various claims.

I am copying this email to the Chairman of the LDNP, the Chairman of the
Cumbria Tourist Board, to various county council officers, and to the county
council Cabinet Members for information and any observations/comments they might wish to

Thank you for copying details of the ‘Brand Strategy Report’. Clearly, it
is an important document and we shall carefully note its contents.

Eddie Martin
Member for Dearham and Broughton Division and
The Leader, Cumbria County Council

—–Original Message—–
Sent: Mon 18/06/2012 4:00 PM
To: Martin, Eddie
Subject: Substantive Evidence of Harm : Brand Protection

Dear Councillor Martin,

Radiation Free Lakeland have been given sight of your letter to Cumbrian
businesswoman Dianne Standen in which you state:

“I have no knowledge that the Cumbrian image is being harmed and certainly
I have had no representation from anyone including the Cumbria Tourism
committee on which the county council has a place and I have recently met
with the Chairman of Cumbria Tourism. I also met regularly with Members of
the LEP, inclduing the Tourism representative and he has said nothing to
me to indicate that Cumbria’s “brand” image is being harmed. Neither am I
aware that the Cumbrian economy is being harmed…Perhaps you could
provide substantive evidence that both Tourism and the Economy are being
harmed by discussions about the MRWS/GDF”.

This seems a naive statement from the leader of one of the drivers behind
the Brand Protection Strategy. This strategy is set to spend £millions of
taxpayers money on protecting the Cumbria Brand from the impact of
continuing steps towards geological disposal of nuclear waste.

The conclusions of the first Brand Stategy Report are:
. In both the Hospitality and Food & Drink sectors there is evidence of a
Cumbrian brand premium. Although the sample size is small this evidence
suggests that if the premium is lost – due to negative perceptions of the
Cumbrian brand – brand owners may see a loss in revenues and profits. In a
worst case scenario brand owners may not only see a loss of their premium
but a negative equity situation, where they have to sell their products
below the ‘market average’.
. The ‘Cumbrian effect’ is also evident in factors like sustained all-year
round business. For example: one Proxy Brand stays open every day of the
year, except for four. The strength of Cumbria as a tourist destination
brand clearly has a positive effect on some of the Proxy Brand’s ability
to sustain all-year round sales. If Cumbria loses its status – and visitor
numbers decline – this aspect of the Proxy Brand’s ‘health’ may also be
. All eight Proxy Brands interviewed have e-commerce sites, providing
customers who’ve tried their products in the region and those who have
come across them ‘remotely’ with the opportunity to buy them on-line. This
revenue stream is also at risk should the Cumbrian brand become tainted
with perceptions of contamination andassociated health risks.
. The Cumbrian brand premium has been hard earned and if it’s lost it
would potentially cost a considerable amount to restore. It’s a
fundamental principle of marketing that it costs five times more to
recruit a customer than to retain an existing one.
If Cumbrian brands lose customers because of negative perceptions of the
Cumbrian brand they potentially face higher marketing/brand communication
costs to recruit new customers to replace the lost ones
. Feedback from the Proxy Brand interviews and analysis of local economic
reports reveals that if the Cumbrian brand premium is eroded it could
potentially have an impact on:
– Business revenues – as sales declines.”
– Business profits – as margins decline.
– Employment levels – as a drop in business revenues and profits affects a
business’s ability to fund its workforce’s wages.
– Local supply chains – as a drop in revenue affects production levels and
see a reduction in local ingredients sourcing.
– Investment – as poor business performance impacts on a brand’s ability
to attract investment.
– ‘Community health’ – as sales decline and businesses suffer so do local
communities who rely on them for employment and business”.

Radiation Free Lakeland and others are pointing out that the ONLY genuine
way to protect the
“brand” of Cumbria from the geological disposal of nuclear wastes is to
STOP THE MRWS process as a matter of urgency. We urge Cumbria County
Council to honour the democratic vote of Cumbrian Parish and Town Councils
who have said No to continuing along this toxic path and to support the
Town and Parishes aim of protecting Cumbria A Brand Protection
Strategy is meaningless unless your ambitions are to rival Chernobyl and
Fukushima in becoming the toxic ‘Adventure Capital of the World.’

Protect the “Brand” of Cumbria by calling a halt to the toxic steps
towards geological disposal as a matter of urgency.

yours sincerely,

Marianne Birkby
on behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland

Brand Strategy Report

Parishes Roar Nuked by Spin



Claims Shop Owner

The Lake District’s worldwide reputation as a beautiful place to visit is being tarnished by widespread publicity over the possible creation of an underground nuclear dump beneath it.

That’s the view of Dianne Standen, who wrote to The Keswick Reminder this week to express her fears about how tourism in the Lakes will suffer because of the negative image being portrayed.

Ms Standen, who runs the Artisan shop in Cockermouth and is also artist in residence at Rydal Hall in Rydal believes some people are supporting the proposed nuclear repository in Cumbria after being “seduced” by the prospect of it bringing local jobs.

But the textile designer asked:”Why for the sake of a few hundred jobs is Cumbria’s multi-million pound tourism industry being thoughtlessly undermined through this negative branding? What visitor would want to walk or holiday above the national stockpile of nuclear waste? What damage is being done to the image of the Lake District as a beautiful, natural, international attraction?”

She said that Cumbria Tourism estimates that the county’s visitor economy provides at least 32,000 jobs and £2 billion annually.

Yet she claimed that the proposal to store high levels of nuclear waste in Cumbria currently being considered by the Government would involve a vast engineering project that would remove material equivalent to Scafell and create an underground facility the size of a major city under the Lake District.

Ms Standen, who has had her work exhibited at Keswick’s art gallery and theatre, added: “I am one of the many in the county who generate income and create work through tourism. Surviving the impact of foot and mouth in 2001 was difficult but it was largely an unanticipated misfortune. I now seriously wonder if it will be possible to continue trading in Cumbria given the growing national anticipation and reference to the Lake District as a nuclear waste dumping ground. “Even though we are still supposed to be at the ‘talking’ stage, The Mirror newspaper recently reported “Nuke ‘graveyard’ plan: Tons of deadly waste could be dumped below the Lake District.” While the Sunday Times stated that “ Britain may have found a final dumping ground for its vast stockpile of nuclear waste: deep under the Lake District.”

Her comments came after Keswick Town Council last month refused to support the proposed nuclear repository, having previously not offered any objections until a vociferous campaign by local residents led to Councillors making a U-turn.

She said she was disappointed that organised opposition had not come from “custodians of the Lake District” such as the Lake District National Park Authority, Cumbria Tourism, Natural England, the NFU and the National Trust.

Meanwhile only 20 percent of 3000 Cumbrians recently polled on their opinion were able to make an informed response about the issue, which she said showed that local people are not being well informed about a critical matter in their lives.

She said: “I am very disturbed by local people’s naivety. The whole issue really bothers me. I have grandchildren and all my family in this area. Frankly, I am astonished by the scale of the details involved.
“It was predictable that Copeland would rush in to volunteer, given its dependence on nuclear financial ‘sweeteners’ over the past decades. But why have Allerdale and Cumbria joined the party rather than restraining Copeland’s greed? Allerdale now looks to have the poison chalice of siting and construction, whilst the remainder of Cumbria will receive negative branding that will undermine many thriving food, farming and tourism companies.

“Once you go past a certain stage in the planning and consultation process, it becomes much hareder to withdraw. The process could drag on for 15 years and continue to undermine our reputation as an area with quality produce and environment. It is now time for all County Councillors and its executive to halt this process before the economic damage to Cumbria is irreversible.”

Another Fine Mess? Letters to Ulverston Town Council

Nukiller Dump campaigners were in Ulverston today, the birth place of Stan Laurel of Laurel and Hardy fame collecting signatures on letters to hand in to the Town Council. In just two hours 75 people stopped to sign letters saying:

Dear Ulverston Town Council.

There are proposals to bury hot nuclear wastes under Cumbria in a mine deeper than Scafell and 26km square.

Please join those town and parish councils who have already sent a strong message to government that they will not be bribed into accepting the unacceptable and have voted no to going any further on with this plan.
Please take the time to vote NO to the geological “disposal” of nuclear wastes under Cumbria.


Ulverston Green Party had a stall with information from scientists who are blowing the whistle on the plan to try to use Cumbria’s geology to contain hot radioactive wastes. The government quango Managing Radioactive Wastes Safely insist that there is “majority support” for this plan on the back of a dodgy telephone poll. This is the spin – the truth is that 75% of Parish and Town Councils who have voted so far have said there is NO willing community here.

Professor Stuart Hazseldine

Dr Helen Wallace

Professor David Smythe

more info:

File listing for the Nirex archive – Proofs of Evidence regarding the geological disposal of intermediate level wastes – now the plan is for high level wastes!

(foe1.html) Proof of evidence of Dr. Patrick Green and Dr. Rachel Western

(sfoe1.html) Supplementary proof of evidence of Dr. Patrick Green & Dr. Rachel Western

(foe2.html) Proof of evidence of Dr. Peter Kokelaar

(sfoe2.html) Supplementary proof of evidence of Dr. Peter Kokelaar

(foe3.html) Proof of evidence of Professor David Smythe

(sfoe3.html) Supplementary proof of evidence of Professor David

Part two

(foe4.html) Proof of evidence of George Martin Reeves

(sfoe4.html) Supplementary proof of evidence of George Martin Reeves

Part three

(foe5.html) Proof of evidence of Dr. Shaun Salmon

(sfoe5.html) Supplementary proof of evidence of Dr. Shaun Salmon

(foe6.html) Proof of evidence of Dr. Stephen Hencher

(sfoe6.html) Supplementary proof of evidence of Dr. Stephen Hencher

(foe7.html) Proof of evidence of Dr. John Allison

(sfoe7.html) Supplementary proof of evidence of Dr. John Allison

(foe8.html) Proof of evidence of Dr. Roy Wogelius

(sfoe8.html) Supplementary proof of evidence of Dr. Rachel Western and Dr. Roy Wogelius

(closing.html) Closing statement of Friends of the Earth Limited

(links.html) Other Nirex related web sites

Save Brockhole’s Monkey Puzzle..

Join us in painting the Monkey Puzzle Tree and handing out leaflets this Friday from 11am at Brockhole, Ambleside..

The National Park have given the thumbs up to new nuclear build and a nuclear dump – so in the scheme of things the felling of a tree is of little consequence? The tree is the Monkey Puzzle – an endangered species in its native Chile and very sensitive to pollution of air, soil and water…


Will be felled by the Lake District National Park later this year UNLESS ENOUGH PEOPLE SAY NO
The Gaddum family commissioned the creation of Brockhole and asked Thomas Mawson to design the grounds. Once Mawson had completed his design, the Gaddums set about personalizing their garden and the monkey puzzle was the first tree they planted. The Lake District National Park’s reason for felling the tree now is that it “is not part of the Mawson design” this is a mean spirited view to take of a garden that has evolved over many decades.
The Brockhole Monkey Puzzle is “one of the finest specimens in Cumbria” Cumbria Gardens Trust

National Tree of Chile.
Declaration of the monkey puzzle tree as a Natural Monument in Chile means that logging of this endangered species is now forbidden and there are national parks in Chile for its protection

Please Oppose the felling- Email etc
T: 01539 724555
W: LDNP Murley Moss, Oxenholme Rd, Kendal, LA9 7RL

Letter to the LDNPA from Cumbria Gardens Trust opposing the felling

Letter to the LDNPA from Radiation Free Lakeland

Monkey Puzzle – Endangered – Global Trees Campaign

Draws the line at Exposure to Pollution

“Parishes Roar” NUKED BY SPIN – a letter to Tim Farron MP

"Parishes Roar" NUKED BY SPIN
“Parishes Roar” NUKED BY SPIN

There is very strong evidence of ongoing collusion between government and
the press regarding the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s nuclear
ambitions. There is a desired and timetabled government narrative being
presented aided and abetted by press collusion.

Radiation Free Lakeland have written to Tim Farron MP
with concerns about collusion between the government, the PR company also
based in the South Lakes contracted to the Managing Radioactive Wastes
Safely Partnership and the press.

Radiation Free Lakeland’s letter to Tim Farron MP states:
the results of a misleading Ipsos Mori Poll were “leaked” to
Rupert Murdoch’s Sunday Times on 13th May. This is a full 9 days before
the official announcement (in Whitehaven) on 22nd May. The article was
repeated in the Daily Mirror. Other national and local press have taken
their cue from this to report “Cumbrian Residents Support Nuclear Dump.”

Radiation Free Lakeland have sent press releases to national press
regarding the Parish and Town Councils opposition to a nuclear dump.
Nothing has ever made it into print. While we appreciate that a campaign
group like ours carries zero gravitas in comparison to a government
quango, in the interests of honesty and transparency the MRWS should have
also notified the national press of the Parish and Town Council’s
opposition to a nuclear dump”.

The instance above is just one directly linked to News International. NI
are not alone in this shepherding of a desired government narrative which
is undermining democracy and is a real and ongoing corruption of

—————————- Original Message —————————-
Date: Fri, June 1, 2012 9:15 am

Dear Tim,


The false narrative that Cumbrians support going to the next step on the
road to a nuclear dump is being dutifully parroted in the local and
national press who have taken their cue following a “leaked” story from
the government quango MRWS to The Sunday Times. News International is
already embroiled in scandal for collusion with aiding and abetting
government narratives.

Curiously the national press have said nothing
about Cumbrian Town and Parish Councils strong opposition to being host
communities for a nuclear dump. The attached map indicates an
overwhelming majority of Parish Councils including those in Copeland and
Allerdale looking at the evidence and democratically voting NO to any
further involvement with the plan for geological dumping of nuclear waste.

In contrast the results of a misleading Ipsos Mori Poll were leaked to
Rupert Murdoch’s Sunday Times on 13th May. This is a full 9 days before
the official announcement on 22nd May. The article was repeated in the
Daily Mirror. National and local press took their
cue to report “Cumbrian Residents Support Nuclear Dump.”

Radiation Free Lakeland have sent press releases to national press
regarding the Parish and Town Councils opposition to a nuclear dump.
Nothing has ever made it into print. While we appreciate that a campaign
group like ours carries zero gravitas in comparison to a government
quango, in the interests of honesty and transparency the MRWS should have
also notified the national press of the Parish and Town Council’s
opposition to a nuclear dump.

Campaigners opposed to a nuclear dump have found that MRWS have not been
forthcoming with Freedom of Information requests despite being a
government body. Radiation Free Lakeland would be very grateful if you
could ask the following questions on our behalf:

Have MRWS sent press releases to the National Press regarding the Parish
and Town Councils democratically voting no?

Did MRWS Communications manager, Paul Gardner of Osprey Communications (on
£98 an hour of taxpayers money) leak the story to the Sunday Times
regarding the Ipsos Mori poll? If not Paul Gardner then who ?

Many thanks!

Yours sincerely,

Marianne Birkby


“by 2029” Charles Hendry

Parishes Roar 12th April- Whitehaven News editorial (the editors obvious
expectation of national coverage did not materialise – only the Ipsos Mori
poll results were covered)

Misleading Poll

Sunday Times 13th May
BRITAIN may have found a final dumping ground for its vast stockpile of
nuclear waste: deep under the Lake District. The dump, underneath farmland
in west Cumbria, would become a graveyard for thousands of tons of spent
nuclear fuel and other highly radioactive waste built up by the nuclear
industry since the 1940s. The proposal follows a four-year consultation
led by three Cumbrian councils that have expressed a provisional interest
in hosting the dump, in return for tens of millions of pounds in “planning
sweeteners”. The results of that consultation are due for publication next
week. They are expected to show that local people and organisations
support the idea of the dump — provided the incentives are right.

Daily Mirror