Criminal TEPCO will make a “profit” on the backs of the Japanese people and with 2,000 Job Cuts

Without government subsidies the nuclear industry would not exist. The nuclear industry enjoys the unique position of unlimited state subsidies, socialist largesse to the unfettered, irresponsible capitalist free market. The same criminals who supplied Tepco have been allowed to get off scot free and have set up shop in the UK.

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TEPCO’s “profits” will be based on restart of a nuclear plant, worker layoffs, and taxpayer (“government”) subsidy:
Tepco submits new business plan to government, seeks more funds
Posted:Fri, 27 Dec 2013 03:56:22 -0500
TOKYO, Dec 27 (Reuters) – The operator of Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear plant submitted a revised business plan to the government on Friday aimed at securing steady profit with the restart of its undamaged Kashiwazaki Kariwa nuclear plant in July
“. Entire Reuters Article is here:
(See also: “TEPCO submits revised turnaround plan to govt December 27, 2013, Jiji Press (The Yomiuri Shimbun), which details 2,000 job cuts.)

Our commentary:
This is where one REALLY sees what fascism is about. If one looks at historical evidence (e.g. companies which used slave labour) and/or read Daniel Guerin’s “Fascism and Big Business“, it becomes clear that fascism was essentially about subsidies to heavy…

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Radiation and Cataracts in Birds at Chernobyl

The beloved Christmas Robin is under threat from nuclear cheerleaders such as George Monbiot. Even Sellafield’s Compensation Scehme for Radiation Linked Diseases recognises that cataracts are caused by radiation. Research shows that birds in nuclear contaminated areas are becoming blinded by cataracts. A bird’s eyesight is essential as are cognitive abilities which are also impaired by exposure to man made radiation. A Christmas Wish ….STOP NUCLEAR MADNESS……*NOW*

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Rouge gorge familier - crop (WB correction)
European Robin (Erithacus rubecula) by Pierre Selim via wikimedia
Very sad. Bird eyes with cataracts:
Bird Cataracts Chernobyl in Mousseau and Moeller, 2013
(k) robin (Erithacus rubecula), significant haze on cornea
Photographs of selected eyes from Chernobyl birds
From: Mousseau TA, Møller AP (2013) “Elevated Frequency of Cataracts in Birds from Chernobyl”

Lucky for us some few are still doing serious academic research. If animals can’t see well, with some exceptions, they can’t find food and die, or can more easily be killed by predators. The frequency and severity of cataracts increases with background radiation. In the abstract below “reduced fitness” means they are unfit for survival! Overall, increasing radiation was related to fewer birds, suggesting “effects of radiation on other diseases, food abundance and interactions with other species. There was no increase in incidence of cataracts with increasing age…”. Cataracts in humans at Chernobyl and elsewhere are also discussed:

Mousseau TA, Møller AP (2013) “

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10 Amazing Close-Ups Show No Two Snowflakes are Alike

Beautifully mind blowing…every snow flake that falls to earth is unique, made up only of hydrogen and oxygen, let’s keep them that way….perfect H20 molecules rather than H30 Tritium molecules. courtesy of nuclear madness. H20 is without doubt the most amazing stuff.



Alexey Kljatov (aka ChaoticMind75) is an artist and photographer from Moscow, Russia. In an ongoing series entitled Snowflakes and snow crystals, Alexey takes macro shots of natural snowflakes, snow and hoarfrost crystals right outside of his house.

In a detailed blog post Kljatov explains that he shoots with a Canon A650 with a custom-built macro add-on for the camera: a Helios 44M-5 from an old USSR SLR camera called a Zenit. The images seen below were shot on dark woollen fabric in natural light (typically a grey cloudy sky).

These are only 10 in a series of 67, which you can see in its entirety on Flickr. It’s fascinating to see the numerous varieties of snowflakes. From simple prisms, sectored plates and stellar dendrites; to capped columns and triangular crystals, no two snowflakes are quite the same.

You can find a great list with pictures of different…

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Please Santa.. Make Cumbria say Yes to the A.R.S.E. ..Yours, Her Majesty’s Govnt

Radiation Free Lakeland have been passed the following letter from a whistleblower in Santa's reindeer team.... "Dear Santa, Once again we have been working hard this year to keep nuclear on track. We need to be seen to have the Atomic Repository Sites of Europe (A.R.S.E) in order to build new Sites of Highly Atomic …

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Unicorn Tears Saved ..Keekle Head Radioactive Waste Ban Is Good News For Fresh Water Pearl Mussels

Unicorn Tears An Article on Keekle Head in this Months Lancashire magazine has made it to the light of day... Note the absence of any national articles, media or comment on this decision which has huge ramifications for the government's vicious nuclear agenda. Extract from the article: Cumbria’s cabinet member for the environment Councillor Clare …

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Government Nuclear Dump Lies Spun in the Big Issue

In The Big Issue in the North 9-15 December 2013 Nuclear Dump:waste and want not Advocate ..Jamie Reed, MP for Copeland -home of the Sellafield site and one area interested in hosting the repository - is a major advocate for nuclear energy and backed the proposals to remove the county councils from the decision making …

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Congratulations to all who have campaigned hard and long to save Keekle Head from becoming a nuclear dumping ground for the top end of low level nuclear wastes. Campaigners against the nuclearisation of Keekle Head included pronuclear councillors and even the Copeland MP Jamie Reed. The same people who are bizarrely campaigning FOR the infinitely …


Her Majesty’s Government Plot Cumbrian Nuclear Dump Her Majesty's Government plot exposed. If Cumbrians continue to oppose a geological nuclear dump under their beautiful land, Lord O'Neill, celebrated member of the Humanist Society advocates a more "aggressive" approach. Meanwhile the press keeps schtum and says nothing about this abuse of human rights. Don't scare the horses?

Lords Select Committee treated to Nuclear Porky Pies by Michael Fallon..Mmm- tasty

Michael Fallon MP, Minister of State for Business and Energy at DECC has just said in oral evidence to a Lords Select Committee that: it is "not right a county council should have a veto over a GDR"; a wider county has no real interest in the siting of a GDR; that the consultation has …

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