Another Nukiller CONsultation: WALES



Radiation Free Lakeland have just sent off this ‘submission’ (how we hate that word) to the Welsh Affairs Committee.

We urge others to write opposing plans for new nuclear in Wales (or anywhere!).  The “high burn” waste from new build would be many times hotter than from existing nuclear plants.

Please feel free to use any of the ideas in the letter below. The deadline is 6pm Friday March 4th.  No need to cover all the “Terms of Reference” the main thing is to object to the whole shebang and you can do that here:

RADIATION FREE LAKELAND   27th February 2016

To the Welsh Affairs Committee: “Inquiry into the future of nuclear power in Wales. The inquiry will examine the decommissioning of nuclear plants at Wylfa and Trawsfynydd, and the development of a new plant, Wylfa Newydd”.

Radiation Free Lakeland does not recognize the terms of this inquiry as it rests upon the shoulders of previously unjust and predetermined consultations. These have led to the UKs National Policy Statement for Nuclear Power. The May 2007 Energy White Paper stated that ‘Nuclear power supplies 7.5% of total UK energy supplies.‘ When the reality is 3.6% energy contribution. Successive governments have bigged up of the ‘benefit’ of nuclear while at the same time downplaying the very real blight.

Your Terms of Reference

  1. Will Wylfa Newydd be built on schedule?


  1. What the cost of Wylfa Newydd will be and whether it represents value for money?

No nuclear power station has been built without the guarantee of public money. The real costs are externalized. For example:

  • Uranium mining is highly polluting and the push for new nuclear is threatening new mines in countries such as Peru where no uranium mining has previously taken place.
  • Enrichment of Uranium is highly polluting and in the UK takes place at Capenhurst, Near Chester. The fuel is manufactured at Springfields, Nr Preston. The solid and liquid waste from these processes goes to Drigg in Cumbria, to Clifton Marsh landfill and the River Ribble in Lancashire (as well as gaseous waste to the air).
  • The cost to the environment would be a sink for ongoing and cumulative radioactive gaseous and liquid emissions.
  • The cost to the NHS for cumulative radiation linked diseases both to workers and to the general public.
  • The cost of reprocessing spent fuel from ‘high burn’ reactors would be greater than for existing wastes requiring new reprocessing facilities. The reprocessing of spent fuel generates much more waste and the waste from new reactors would be 4x as radioactive as existing waste
  • The Dumping of waste is increasingly taking place in novel ways. From landfill (reclassified High Volume Very Low Level waste) to the ‘recycling’ of radioactive metal.
  1. What the strike price is likely to be and what impact will it have on energy prices?

David Cameron and Ed Davey announced a deal with EDF and Chinese Nuclear, which would fix the price, paid by UK consumers for new nuclear electricity – at double the current rate.

4. What impact will Wylfa have on the economy of Anglesey and Wales?

Boom and bust

  1. Environmental Impact?

See the answer to 2

  1. How the decommissioning of Wylfa and Trawsfynydd is being carried out?

Decommissioning means dispersal to the environment. Cumbria is bearing the brunt of this dispersal. We note that Welsh MP Albert Owen has suggested that Cumbria should be the national nuclear sacrifice zone as “the geology is suitable” (Daily Post Anglesey 27.7.2014)

  1. What the economic impact of the decommissioning of Trawsfynydd will be? Trawsfyndd should not be “decommissioned” the radioactive buildings and rubble and soil should remain there on site with the best containment possible with our present knowledge. The waste should be repackaged again and again with guards curating the waste site into eternity.
  1. What potential there is for small modular reactors to be built at Trawsfynydd and how that will impact decommissioning and future planning?

There is no potential. The government is promoting a dead market to extend the life of nuclear power. The nuclear propulsion reactors on submarines are dangerous for many thousands of times longer than their working life.

  1. Whether the Welsh Government and UK Government are co-ordinating their policy in this area.

It would seem so although Wales is rather shy about the association with Sellafield’s radioactive pants. The only nuclear laundry in Wales, Unitech is based in the Ebbw River
 valley at Crumlin, home to the potnoodle and they deny taking in
 Sellafield’s dirty washing despite having a contract with Sellafield and being licensed to receive radioactive laundry from anywhere in the UK.

 The only way to stop the endless nuclear laundry is to stop new nuclear build and to put all effort and expertise into containing existing waste.


National Policy Statement for Nuclear Power is flawed


Nuclear UK Energy Supplies: Lies Damned Lies and Statistics


Sellafield’s Hot Pants


Nuclear wastes will outlast the repositories by thousands of years!


Temple of Doom: How do we warn the future about nuclear waste?, Triple J Hack, by James Purtill, 19 Feb 16  “…….This week the South Australian Royal Commission released “tentative findings” recommending the state take more than 100 tonnes of high-level radioactive waste and store it in the desert for hundreds of thousands of years…….

The report notes that the used fuel of nuclear power plants requires isolation from the environment “for many hundreds of thousands of years” and that many countries, including Finland, France, Hungary and South Africa, have developed purpose-built waste repositories.This is true, but it’s worth pointing out none of these already built repositories are for the final disposal of nuclear fuel. They are either for low to intermediate level waste, which needs to be isolated for several hundred years, or they are temporary, interim solutions to the problem of finding a final resting place that will…

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‘Trident Town’ Letter in today’s Daily Mail

Letter in the Daily Mail last May…

Radiation Free Lakeland

'Trident Town' - Daily Mail Letter 1st May 2015


Trident Town

Where in the world would a school be run by an arms manufacturer? China? Russia? Syria? Or…

Barrow in in Furness, Cumbria?

BAE builds nuclear submarines in Barrow, where, we are told reassuringly, radioactive emissions from the dockyard are masked by

the greater emissions from Sellafield, just across the Duddon Estuary.

Not content with poisoning us, the nuclear weapons industry wants to poison children’s minds too.

Because the Government is putting our money into Trident and New Nuclear Build, Councils and Education Authorities are cash-strapped and abdicating responsibility to BAE.  There is something nasty happening here in ‘Trident Town’ but no one is shouting about it.

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Cover-up of missing, presumed dead, Fukuhsima nuclear plant workers

Fukushima deaths covered up while here in Cumbria the industry blames “population mixing” for “excess” leukemias. If the industry has its way there will be :
A. population mixing with the influx of thousands of temporary workers and B. accumulating routine and accidental emissions from Moorside ….
Take your pick!!


4,000 Missing TEPCO Nuclear Plant Workers – Presumed To Be Dead, Fukushima Radiation Caused Death Toll Is Rising Fast


The standard and official declaration one hears constantly from the mass media and the pro nuclear apologists, is that no one died due to Fukushima radiation, and no one will ever die from it. But how much reality is there to this statement, as opposed to a fairy tale wish? 

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Let Germany Keep Its High Level Nuclear Balls, Along with its WC Golden Ball!

Mining Awareness +

Having heard on the news how much Merkel has always loved ball – we suggest that she keep her millions of high level nuclear waste balls, in their pristine golden storage containers, to go with the World Cup Golden Ball, instead of dumping on the USA (or other countries).

Germany lifts the 2014 FIFA World Cup, CC-BY-3.0-br, Agência Brasil
Germany lifts the 2014 FIFA World Cup, CC-BY-3.0-br, Agência Brasil

Germany can’t keep the good ball and dump their commercial radioactive waste balls from their failed Pebble Bed Nuclear Technology on others! It’s so wrong!

World Cup Golden Ball in “Containment”
Photo by Warrenski, but cropped: cropped
Photo by Warrenski via Flickr, but cropped:

German Nuclear Balls in Golden Containment
German Storage Canisters

German High Level Nuclear Waste Balls from Failed Pebble Bed Commercial Reactors
Germany Nuclear Balls

The German and the US governments can continue to lie until they are blue in the face (If only they would!), and say that these were research reactors, but these were commercial reactors…

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Nuclear Trail of Tears: Swiss-German Plutonium Believed to Have Just Been Dumped on South Carolina; More on Its Way – Object Until March 11th, 11.59 pm EST

Cumbria plays a Nasty part in the Nuclear Trail of Tears…shame on those promoting the industry as “safe and green” and shame on those whose silence makes them complicit.

Mining Awareness +

US NPS Trail of Tears
A Journey of Injustice
Remember and commemorate the survival of the Cherokee people, forcefully removed from their homelands… They were forced westward to make room for European and Other Nuclear Waste?

How the US Handles Its Plutonium And Other Transuranic Waste (WIPP in 2014)
WIPP 22 May 2014

German Nuclear Waste (Spent Nuclear Fuel) on the Way – Until March 11th to Object: Comment deadline is March 11: “Environmental Assessments; Availability, etc.: Acceptance and Disposition of Spent Nuclear Fuel“.!documentDetail;D=DOE_FRDOC_0001-3020 (Can be anonymous.) See draft EA:

US NPS Map showing that South Carolina was Cherokee and they were gradually forced westward.
shrinking Cherokee lands

When will Europe and the rest of world stop seeing the US as its dumping ground – first of unwanted people and now of its unwanted radioactive waste? What sense does it have to steal a land from the Natives only to destroy it, especially…

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Cover up! Voices of the Spied On, UK – Pitchford Spy Inquiry

Theresa May has pulled her weight and been excluding as many people as she can (including the WHOLE of Scotland) to undermine the forthcoming Pitchford Inquiry into extremely dodgy undercover surveillance and undermining of genuine campaigns and campaigners.

Activist news source

Kate Wilson is an environmental and social justice activist who was deceived into a long-term relationship by undercover police officer Mark Kennedy. This, her first UK public talk on the subject, came five days after she won a gruelling four year legal battle to have the Metropolitan Police held accountable for Kennedy’s abuse.


21st February 2016

Source and link to further information ;

Other source of information ;

On 21 January we held a Voices of the Spied On public meeting, and videos of the four panellists’ speeches are now on our Youtube channel.

Janet Alder has been a tireless campaigner for justice for her brother Christopher who was killed by Humberside police in 1998. Police admit repeatedly putting her under surveillance, yet she has been denied ‘core participant’ status at the Pitchford inquiry into undercover policing.

Stafford Scott has been a key figure in numerous black community…

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International Nuclear Waste Expert Visits Contaminated Areas In St. Louis

News from the US ….meanwhile here in Cumbria #DriggLocktheGate #StopMoorside #StopNuclear

Environmental Echo

Crowd attending at the STLCC-Wildwood symposium "The Atoms Next Door" held February 20. Crowd attending at the STLCC-Wildwood symposium “The Atoms Next Door” held February 20.

By Holly Shanks

“I toured the situation yesterday and my hair nearly fell out,” Dr. Helen Caldicott said. “I’ve never seen anything so goddamn dangerous.”

The internationally renowned authority on the medical dangers of nuclear waste did not sugarcoat her thoughts after visiting several contamination points, like Westlake Landfill and Coldwater Creek in North St. Louis County.

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No Legitimacy, No Principle in Japan’s Nuclear Victim Support Policy

Japan - Fissures in the Planetary Apparatus

By Toshinori Shishido


In July 2015, the Fukushima prefectural government announced its plan to terminate housing assistance for nuclear evacuees who fled areas outside of the restricted zone at the end of March 2017. It has absolutely no intention to change this policy as of this moment in February 2016.

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