How To Write to Cumbria County Council and tell them to Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole

How to Write to Cumbria County Council and let them know that they must Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole

Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole

white and black moon with black skies and body of water photography during night time
Irish Sea – the scene of the first deep coal mine in the UK in 30 years?   (Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS on

The consultation period ends on January 28th,  Cumbria County Council will still accept letters after this time but the sooner you write the better.

Send your email now to Cumbria County Council at

Please also ask if you can speak at the meeting on the 22nd February – the more folk who write, speak and make a noise against this plan the better chance we have of stopping it.

Please remember to include the planning application reference number PL1689

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Incinerating What? Letter to Oppose Incinerator at Kingmoor Park, Carlisle

The following letter is to Cumbria County Council to oppose the planned incinerator at Kingmoor Park, Carlisle.  Please send in your own letter of opposition and if you can get to the meeting in Kendal on 18th January to speak opposing or just show opposition that would be good!  There is a facebook group for …

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Washington State Opposes New Trump Admin Plan To Reclassify Nuclear Waste & Downplay Dangers of Hanford Nuclear Dregs

A new plan to reclassify nuclear waste would allow the federal government to walk away from its obligation to clean up millions of gallons of toxic radioactive waste at Hanford (Sellafield’s ‘sister’ site in the US)

Mining Awareness +

Comment at the following link till Wednesday night, January 9, 2019, 1159 pm Eastern Time (DC, NYC, etc); and 859 pm in Washington State: Feel free to submit a comment late, if need be, via the email address given above or below. However, comment on time if you can. Late comments may not officially count. This blog posts in UTC so it was still Jan. 9th in the United States when we posted.

Hanford is in Washington State. If it were Washington DC, you can be certain that nuclear waste would be handled in the best way possible with no consideration of cost. Thus, the best place to store nuclear waste is in the underground bunkers in Washington, DC, especially under the US Congress and White House.

News Release from Washington State Governor’s Office:
State opposes move to downplay dangers of Hanford tank waste
January 8, 2019

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West Cumbrian Papers …at last some Grrr over the Coal Mine Plan

At last …Some GRRRrrrrrr!! #KeepCumbrianCoalintheHole #TooNearSellafield

Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole

Thanks to the West Cumbrian press who have at last published a bit of Grrrr over the proposed coal mine.   Readers of the West Cumbrian press have so far been treated to first rate (and no doubt expensive) greenwash from the developers, so it is timely that at last (better late than never) the message is getting out that actually the plan to mine coal again in West Cumbria is a really REALLY bad idea.

Here is the article as appeared in much of the West Cumbrian press, this from the Times and Star-   – you can go to the Times and Star to see more (and add your own) on the comments section.  The article is in this weeks  Whitehaven News

Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole, Extinction Rebellion and the Green Party protest over West Cumbria Mining plans

By Sarah MooreChief Reporter
Campaigners stage a protest in Workington town centre on Saturday against plans to resurrect coal mining in West Cumbria

Campaigners stage a protest…

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Nuclear Barrel Making Workshop NOW NOT this Saturday 15th Dec Will be 12th January 2019.


Stop New Nuclear.jpg

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Nuclear Barrel Making Workshop NOW NOT this Saturday 15th Dec Will be 12th January 2019.

This is for Stop New Nuclear’s ” Surround Springfields ” action next year in April to send a message out that New Nuclear Fuel manufacture is mad and this is in the middle of a Fracking gas field!

We’ve bought enough materials to make a hundred nuclear waste barrel costumes – we hope that this represents a good start towards our record-breaking attempt @ Springfields on April 27th 2019  The barrels are great props for demos and talking to the public they always get a great response, your group will be able to keep the barrels you’ve made after the demos to help you with your campaigning.

We will be doing our first barrel-making workshop 12th January 2019 @ Maple Farm (Many thanks to the folks there!) . We will be based in…

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Good on the Morning Star for reporting that there is opposition to this Coal Plan…

Good on the Morning Star for reporting that there is opposition to the plan to mine for coal just 8km from Sellafield

Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole

morning star


Friday January 4th 2019 by Peter Lazenby

“PLANS to sink the first new deep coal mine in Britain for decades are being backed by the National Union of Mineworkers.

The support comes in the face of intense opposition from environmental campaigners, who will protest tomorrow in the Cumbrian town of Workington against the proposal to drive into coal reserves beneath the Irish Sea.

West Cumbria Mining wants to establish the new mine, Woodhouse Colliery, on a former industrial site at Whitehaven.

If the plan goes ahead, the mine will produce three million tonnes of coal a year – roughly the same as the amount produced at Britain’s last deep coal mine, Kellingley colliery in Yorkshire, which closed in December, 2015.

The Whitehaven proposal has met with widespread condemnation from environmental campaigners. As well as being opposed to the burning of coal in principle, they object to the…

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Meet at the Workington Clock Next Saturday 5th January to show Opposition to the West Cumbrian Coal Mine

Next Saturday in Workington from 10.30am – a demo/leafletting to #KeepCumbrianCoalintheHole

Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole

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Knighted for Services Rendered: Don’t Worry about the Nukiller Plant on your doorstop – Just Let Them Drink Yoghurt!

The New Years Honours List Does its Thing.....‘For 30 years I’ve been obsessed by why children get leukaemia. Now we have an answer’ Let Them Drink Yoghurt!   Newly knighted cancer scientist Mel Greaves explains why a cocktail of microbes could give protection against disease The national press trumpet the clarion cry that could have …

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COAL!! BBC & Magical Thinking

Yesterday BBC Radio 4 PM gave us a sickening, sweetened concoction promoting the first deep coal mine in the UK in decades – Grrrrrrr!!! Ive sent a letter of complaint to the BBC – What is happening with this coal mine?????? It is getting the same kind of magical thinking as the nuclear industry enjoys. It is nuclear safety campaigners leading the charge against this plan – the awful irony is not lost on us! Come on folks there is no monopoly on dissent – get Dissenting about this coal mine plan before the County Council rubber stamp it!

Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole

ash background beautiful blaze Ashes and Dust

The BBC’s latest Christmas Cracker is to promote the first deep coal mine in the UK in 30 years like there is no tomorrow.

Yesterday’s Radio 4 PM programme treated listeners to the most highly sweetened, sickening concoction of greenwash promoting a coal mine.  The plan for Woodhouse Colliery under the Irish Sea extending over 50 years towards Sellafield  seems to be enjoying the most magical of magical thinking.

It is an enigma wrapped up in coal dust.  Where is George Monbiot?  Where is David Attenborough?   Where is the Extreme Energy Network?  Where are Extinction Rebellion? Where is Everyone?  What is the BBC’s Game?


I was interested to hear the PM broadcast about the proposed first deep coal mine in over 30 years. We heard from the mining developers, the Mayor of Copeland and former miners, all of whom expressed delight with the…

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