Radiation Free Lakeland at Wasdale Show 2013

Wasdale Show This Saturday- We Will Be There to Stop Moorside

How Long Till Its Gone…?

Wasdale Show 2014

Wasdale 2014

Radiation Free Lakeland are delighted to be once again at what must be the most beautiful setting for a country show  ….Wasdale, on the 10th October.

There will be a stall with information on how to get active in the growing resistance to dangerous new nuclear reactors next to Sellafield on the green fields and River Ehen floodplain which the industry are calling ‘Moorside’.

Also there will be a just for fun competition on “How Long Till Its Gone?”  featuring Herdwick Wool Socks and the Radioactive waste that Moorside would produce.  If you buried a Herdy woollen sock – How long would it last in the ground and if you buried nuclear waste….?

Also available will be the No Nukes Toolkit (till stocks last)

Look forward to seeing you there !

NOTE:  If people would like to come along on the day to help man the stall that would be fantastic!      Contact rafl@mariannebirkby.plus.com

Children and Turtles Used for Nuclear Grooming


Schoolchildren clearly not using any protective clothing on NuGen's propaganda
Schoolchildren clearly not using any protective clothing on NuGen’s propaganda “beach clean’ on Seascale’s radioactively polluted beach.

The nuclear industry’s latest publicity stunt carried out on 17th September is worthy of Goebbels. The Moorside Mafia: NuGen (Toshiba and Engie) invited local schoolchildren on a “community beach clean at Seascale Beach in a bid to create a better environment for marine wildlife – including Myrtle, the company’s famous adopted leatherback turtle”

The leatherback turtle was spotted off St Bees Head and named “Myrtle” by NuGen staff.

Ian Simms, Ecologist from Amec Foster-Wheeler, who is working closely with NuGen on environmental impact assessments for Moorside, welcomed NuGen’s idea to clean the beaches.

“This is a very good idea, from an environmental point of view, because of the threat to the marine environment from discarded plastics in the oceans, and not just for turtles; birds, dolphins and whales can also suffer from the effects of discarded plastic and litter. Cleaning litter and waste from our region’s beaches helps reduce the potential impact on the ecology of the Cumbrian coast.”

This is cynical and wrong on so many levels.


As Cumbrians Opposed to a Radioactive Environment have pointed out in an excellent letter sent to NuGen and published in this weeks Whitehaven News (1st Oct)  : “the finding last year of a Seascale beach particle having a contact dose rate of 2.8 mSv and comprised of Cs-137, Am-241, Eu-154 and Eu-155” means young children are being exposed to possible inhalation or ingestion of these health damaging radioactive particles . NuGen’s reply in the press is that “overall health risks are very low and significantly lower than other risks that people accept when using the beaches” This is duplicitous nonsense. A parent can monitor a child closely and make sure they don’t step on glass or fall in a rock pool but contact with or inhalation/ingestion of these known radioactive particles while eating a butty or a sweet or wiping your mouth is much more difficult to monitor and the damage may not be apparent until years later.


NuGen plan to use the “once through” sea water with the possibility of cooling towers for cooling.

They say: : “it is envisaged that a flow of up to 45 m3/s of cooling water will be required for each reactor, giving a total of up to 135 m3/s, and that the temperature rise between intake and outfall will be 14 C.”

The “once through” cooling is fatal to marine life killing thousands of eggs, larvae and marine life by impingement, entrapment and also by heating the ocean.   This is what the State Water Resources Control Board of California says about Once Through Cooling…

“Once-through Cooling Is Dangerous to Marine Life

The 19 power plants that are regulated by the Policy are collectively able to withdraw billions of gallons of water every day to cool steam for generating electricity. In the process, millions of fish, larvae, eggs, seals, sea lions, turtles, and other creatures are killed each year because they are either trapped against screens or are drawn into the cooling system where they are exposed to pressure and high heat. The marine life that is killed is mainly at the base of the food chain and that can adversely affect the future of certain species and adversely impact recreational and commercial fishing”.

Californian regulators are planning to BAN ONCE THROUGH COOLING – the type of cooling being planned by NuGen

More on Sea Turtles and Nuclear Power Plants

NuGen’s PR stunt “beach clean” is nasty and dangerous.

High Power Tour Showing in London Tonight & In Cumbria on 7th Oct

High Power Tour - Nuclear Power Making People Powerless throughout the world
High Power Tour

The Uranium Film Festival 2013 Award winning film High Power received a Yellow Oscar in 2013.  It is showing in London tonight:

London SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London)Weds 30th Sept Room 116, 1st floor of SOAS main building – film screening starts at 6.30pm  18:30-21:00

In Cumbria on 7th Oct at Friends Meeting House, Kirkgate, Cockermouth CA13 9PH at 7.30 hosted by Allerdale and Copeland Green Party

“Darkness spreads in the town that provides power to the country, and this time it seems to be here to stay. Tarapur Nuclear Power Station, the first nuclear power plant in India, was set up 40 years ago with much fanfare, displacing villages near the town named Tarapur.

The town that gives its name to the plant,Tarapur, is however, miles away from the dream it had promised to be. What really happened in Tarapur in these 40 long years is an awakening the whole world needs to arrive at, before it is too late.

Once a protagonist visits those villages. He observes the situation of thousands of displaced people and he finds that the displaced people lost their land, homes, sea and almost everything but they didn’t get proper compensation, instead they got many diseases, which were unknown to them earlier. Set against the backdrop of yet another heaven being brought down by man’s deed to meet his greed, this documentary unfolds a world unknown, a picture unshown, and a nature unborne. ” Director Pradeep Indulkar

Jaitapur Live Pradeeps latest film focuses on the struggle in India against plans of the Nuclear Power Corporation of India to build Areva’s E.P.R.s (European Pressurised Reactors). Much has come to light recently about the unconstructability and problems with the EPR design, come & find out about the battle against EPRs in India https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykajPvKKrro

Both films will be screened and there will be opportunities for questions and answers with the director of the two films Pradeep Indulkar

More info from South West Against Nuclear

It’s Official! NuGen’s Lie bigging up the Moorside Project is “Regrettable”


The nuclear fairy story told us during the first stage of the NuGen CONsultation was that Moorside would produce 7% of the UKs energy.  This was of course a big fat lie (amongst others) used to big up the importance of the Moorside project x 3.5.  Now DECC have admitted as much saying the lie was “regrettable.”  Mmm. So a lie promoting the most dangerous untried and untested (literally) reactors next to the most dangerous stockpile of radioactive waste in the world is “regrettable”  …..now that is the stuff of fairy tales.   The wolf in red riding hood had nothing on NuGen!

The letter is published in the full banality of grandma’s lacy nightcap below…

Letter to Tim Farron MP from DECC on Nuclear Lies

DECC 1st Sept 2015

Dear Tim,

Thank you for your email of 20th August to Amber Rudd, enclosing correspondence from your constituent, Mrs Marianne Birkby of Radiation Free Lakeland, about nuclear power. I am replying as this matter falls within my portfolio.

Nuclear power stations have been classified as Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects since the Planning Act 2008. It is therefore not clear to me what your constituent has in mind in saying. “Following new law (2008) making nuclear new build a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project, the ‘test of public support’ is the only thing between Cumbria and new nuclear build.” (and this test of support will be based on the consultations).

NuGen are currently going through the process of public consultation on their proposal to build a new nuclear power station at Moorside, which they are required to do before they can make an application for development consent. In the event of an application being made , the Planning Inspectorate will carry out an examination of the application, which will include asking local authorities to report on the quality of the developer’s local consultation as well as giving those who register an interest an opportunity to comment. When they have completed their examination, the Planning Inspectorate will make a recommendation for a final decision to the Secretary of State. The process is set out in detail on the Planning Inspectorate’s website.


Development consent does not, in itself, ensure that a new nuclear power station can be built. There are a number of other regulatory processes relating to safety, security and environmental protection which the project must complete before it can proceed. I therefore do not agree with your consitituent that this is a matter of “untried, untested reactors.” The UK’s independent nuclear regulators will not allow new nuclear reactors to be built in the UK unless they are satisfied that it is safe to do so.

I agree that the error in the advertisement published by NuGen as part of their local consultation is regrettable. However, in the context of the extensive consultation processes which have taken place on new nuclear in Cumbria and elsewhere, I doubt that it is seriously misleading about the impact of the proposed proposal in the local area and I note that the Advertising Standards Authority has decided not to proceed any further with your constituent’s complaint.

I understand that NuGen will conduct a second stage of consultation next year and I encourage your constituent to take part in that consultation.

I do hope this reply is helpful

Best wishes

Andrea Leadsom

NuGen's Lies are %22Regrettable%22 DECC letter 1st Sept 2015

Unable to get volunteer locations, Japan will now impose nuclear waste sites

Originally posted on nuclear-news:

wastes-Fukushima-for-incineMETI changes tactics after search for nuclear waste host proves futile http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2015/05/22/national/meti-changes-tactics-search-nuclear-waste-host-proves-futile/#.VV-6ZdKeAXB

KYODO The government will select potential areas to host nuclear dump sites instead of waiting for communities to volunteer, according to the revised policy on permanent disposal of high-level radioactive waste that was adopted by the Cabinet on Friday.

The revision, the first in seven years, was prompted after towns, villages and cities throughout Japan snubbed requests to host nuclear waste dumps. The government has been soliciting offers since 2002.

The move is seen as a sign that the government wants to address the matter as it proceeds with its pursuit of reactor restarts. All commercial units have largely sat idle since the triple meltdown at the Fukushima No. 1 plant in 2011.

It remains unclear when a final depository could be built, because the policy mentions no time frame. The government also plans to expand its storage…

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