The Message: If You Work At Sellafield You Can Get Away With Acts of Violence. If only the fictional Coronation St character Faye Windass had worked at Sellafield - she could have got away scot free for hitting someone on the head. In real life this is what you get if you commit an act of violence and work at Sellafield .... "After hearing about the violence ­— and …

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What is the Public Inquiry For? – The Developer’s Have Submitted Secretive New Applications for New Coal Authority Licences.

Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole

Haig Mining Museum and Land Bought for £1 by West Cumbria Mining on the “Colourful Coast”

We are asking for two things. Firstly for the Secretary of State for BEIS Kwasi Kwarteng MP to acknowledge that he has the authority to block new licences for the Cumbrian coal mine and to use that authority to stop the Coal Authority licences and this coal mine dead in its tracks. This would save the public the huge expense of a Public Inquiry. If the Secretary of State for BEIS / the Coal Authority are minded to approve the licences for what now amounts to an amended development then what on earth is the point of the public inquiry founded on the previous licences?

Secondly, to let the public actually have sight of the developer’s new licence applications. If the licences are exactly the same as previously then why cannot we have sight…

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Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole

Photo by Sebastian Voortman on

Nuclear safety group Radiation Free Lakeland have asked for and been refused sight of the new conditional coal mine licence applications from West Cumbria Mining to the Coal Authority.  The controversial Irish Sea coal mine developers had originally been granted conditional exploration licences eight years ago over the heads of Cumbria County Council and the public, with no public scrutiny at all.  These have now lapsed and the developers have applied for new licences.

Radiation Free Lakeland have asked for sight of the licence applications from West Cumbria Mining. The Coal Authority have refused sight of the licence applications based on two clauses in the Freedom of Information Act 2000: Section 43(2) Commercial Interests and Section 44(1)(a) Prohibition by Enactment.

Campaigners say that there is no justification offered by the Coal Authority for the protection of the developers at the expense of public scrutiny…

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Replies in the Daily Mail to Royal Biographer’s Pro-Coal Mine Gushing

Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole

Letters in the Daily Mail Thursday 8th April 2021

The following letters appeared in the Daily Mail following the Royal Biographer, Robert Hardman’s gushing and myopic pro-coal- pro-nuclear article.

One from Cumbria from yours truly and one from a Richard Davies in Lancashire who assumes protestors are “woke” metropolitans rather than the “never been to sleep” Cumbrian nuclear safety campaigners, Radiation Free Lakeland who have been opposing this mine from the outset.

“Locals like me do not want a mine

West Cumbria is far from ‘living contentedly’ with Sellafield’s decades of discharges of radioactive wastes, including into the Irish Sea, under which a coal mine is planned. In 2017 long before any Extinction Rebellion protests, it was local nuclear safety campaigners, many living in Whitehaven, who blew the whistle on the coal mine. We were told to go ‘get a conscience’ by the coal mine boss. The reason not…

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Royal Biographer Gushes About ‘Coal Dream’ IGNORING Impending Flames of a Nuclear Nightmare.

Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole

Royal Biographer Gushes About “Hugely Popular” Coal Mine – Fanning the Flames of a Nuclear Nightmare

Royal Biographer, Robert Hardman’s gushing, pro-coal, pro-nuclear zealotry in the Daily Mail has been received with excited shouts of triumph from coal and nuclear fanatics Trudy Harrison MP and others. Triumphalism is the stock in trade for Royal Biographers and the article in the Daily Mail is so utterly awful it is difficult to know how to begin to counter the propaganda. A cynic might say the Royal Biographer is just doing his job of protecting the Royal Assets. West Cumbria Mining have already paid mega-bucks to the Crown Estate for “Exploration Rights” under the Irish Sea, the Crown own the mineral rights of the sea-bed. Imagine how many millions the coal mine’s Exploitation Rights would be worth to the Crown Estate over the decades of creating a void the size of Scafell under…

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The Easter Gift? Military Nuclear Waste Heading to Sellafield

Photo by Pixabay on MILITARY NUCLEAR WASTE INCLUDING PLUTONIUM WINGING ITS WAY TO SELLAFIELD THROUGH TOWNS AND VILLAGES. Highly Active Radioactive Waste is either on its way or already arrived from the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston to Sellafield in Cumbria. The Ministry of Defence and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority who are under the …

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What is Coming Out of Hibernation in the Lake District Boundary Fault? A Tizzie Whizzie?!

An exciting archaeological find by West Cumbria Mining!

Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole

An exciting find has been made by West Cumbria Mining who are currently focussed on coal. The developers have drilled miles of boreholes including through the ancient St Bees area and the complex geology of the Lake District Boundary Fault.

“I was so excited to pull out of the borehole an ancient container made of St Bees sandstone and lined with some sort of metal – it was so weathered that the sandstone was wafer thin but there was obviously something important inside”. WCM Head of Operations

“When we received the container from WCM our experts opened the box which was lined with bronze and inside contained a vellum scroll. The scroll was not intact but what we could discern was that it was a very early natural history journal. Interestingly the journal and box which are still to be dated gives us a glimpse of what early naturalists believed…

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No Need for Expensive Public Inquiry – Just Block Licence to Drill Say Leading Organisations

Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole

St Bees, where the coal mine would extend to. Sellafield is five miles away, clearly visible.

A public inquiry into the Coal Mine has been scheduled for September. The enormous expense of a public inquiry could be spared if the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Kwasi Kwarteng MP put his ‘coal mine should be blocked’ words into action and put thekaibosh on renewal of the developer’s licence to drill. The letter asking for an immediate block on the licence to drill has been signed by organisations as diverse as the Ethical Consumer Research Association, CND and the Sea Horse Trust. Leading academics have also signed along with Whitehaven locals. Asking the public to pay for an expensive inquiry into a coal mine that is guaranteed to flout climate and nuclear safety and would end up being a stranded asset at a time of austerity…

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WMD: University of Cumbria and Lancashire Uni go over to the Dark Side – this would be seen as outrageous in for example Russia or China but it is Here!

Please support the petition started by Emily Heath. Radiation Free Lakeland agree that Arms Manufacturers should not be involved in running Universities. Universities: stop collaborating with BAE Systems! In February 2021 it was announced that Lancaster University and the University of Cumbria plan to open a Barrow-in-Furness campus, which 'will work closely with key businesses, …

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Austria Does Not Want A Nuclear Waste Dump On The Border – The Time to Stop New Nuclear Waste is NOW

Please Sign the Petition - here Below is a message from the AntiAtom movement in Austria - please support by signing the petition ... Please support the petition of the AntiAtom movement in Austria  against a final repository for nuclear waste  and against the extension of the nuclear power plant Dukovany in the Czech Republic!

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