The Momentum Grows to Stop the Coal Mine!

The Momentum Grows to Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole

Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole


The momentum grows to stop the coal mine and the more that folk find out about this plan the more determined they are to oppose as evidenced by the protest yesterday organised by a Whitehaven lass and quite a few Whitehaven folk taking part including those whose lives would be directly blighted by this plan.

Good coverage from ITV Border but still the same old mantra repeated that this is coking what!  The enormous amount of ‘middlings coal’ also to be mined is cynically dismissed by West Cumbria Mining as a “by product.”  But middlings and coking coal will emit both methane and co2 in their mining and in their use.  There is no need for this mine either here or overseas there is no shortage of coking coal and certainly no need to open a new mine.

The risks of earthquake and subsidence of the sea bed in…

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Cracked Old Reactors in Scotland and Insane Rubber Stamps from the Regulators Puts Us All In the Way of Nuclear Catastrophe

Below is a letter to EDF and the Office for Nuclear Regulation - correspondence has been ongoing since EDF put in an application to the ONR to increase the crack limit on Hunterston's graphite cores to 700.   Meanwhile SScotland is producing so much wind energy it could power two Scotlands.  So why on earth …

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Toxic Culture at Sellafield Nuclear Plant: We Need the Truth by Sellafield Whistleblower – Alison McDermott

A number of folk from Radiation Free Lakeland nave already contributed to this. Lets help Alison expose the toxic culture at Sellafield. No less.than the safety of our world is at stake.

The following is a CrowdJustice plea for donations.  I have personally donated to this as one of Radiation Free Lakeland’s first founders Duncan Ball was one such employee of Sellafield who was forced out of his job and jailed for trying to blow the whistle on the toxic culture at Sellafield.

This is what Alison says on the CrowdJustice page.  If you can donate – please do, if you cannot then please share as the more people know about this then we are likely to be safer and see another day.

Toxic Culture at Sellafield Nuclear Plant: We Need the Truth
by Sellafield Whistleblower – Alison McDermott
Whistleblowing Lawyers: Leigh Day United KingdomToxic Culture at Sellafield.jpg

Sellafield Whistleblower – Alison McDermott
Case Owner

I have spent most of my career championing equality and fairness in the workplace. I blew the whistle because I believed serious issues at a nuclear plant were not being…

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Come Along – Radioactive Waste Trains Charity Open Day- Saturday 20th July

This Saturday – Nuclear Waste Continues to Arrive at Sellafield – Come and Join us in Showing our Resistance to this Dangerous Cargo at the Greenwashing “Charity Open Day’

Thomas the Stank Engine (web)

This Saturday 10.30 till the afternoon – Join us in opposing the continued radioactive cargo on our railways. –

The nuclear waste continues to arrive at Sellafield by the week -Enough is Enough 

We will be outside the Kingmoor depot, Carlisle on Saturday 20th July (times tbc) handing out leaflets and showing our opposition to this deadly cargo which is given a thick, choking veneer of respectability with this DRS Charity Open Day   

DRS Leaflet final copy

Created in 1994 by British Nuclear Fuels Ltd (now the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority) to take over British Rail’s handling of nuclear material.   DRS has since diversified into other freight operations including food.  This diversification serves to take the focus away from the main purpose which is the transport of nuclear materials (the only publicly owned railway we are allowed to have is that bearing nuclear freight!)

Another shrewd display of  sleight of hand to shroud this diabolic…

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Demand that the ‘N’ Clause is included in Climate Emergency Plan

Dear Friends, “In response to the climate emergency Lancaster City Council should embrace the local energy revolution, not old, dangerous, centralised, redundant nuclear technology.” Edinburgh Energy and Environment Consultancy Radiation Free Lakeland have been watching with increasing frustration not to mention growing horror as climate emergency resolutions are adopted by councils without any clause or …

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British Chef-Caterer Washes Sellafield Nuclear Site Floor Mats in the Streets of Workington UK?

Many thanks for this investigation from over the pond – non of the UK press has picked up on this press release about a private catering company washing Sellafield’s dirty floor mats in the streets of Workington.

Mining Awareness +

What kind of chef/catering company operates from a jet black building, complete with security cameras, and washes mats from Sellafield (Nuclear) Site in the middle of a residential street? Reportedly one which even supplies food to local schools! “Why are these mats even leaving the Sellafield site to be washed when Sellafield has its own dedicated water supply and its own Compensation Scheme for Radiation Linked Diseases for its workers? How has Sellafield been allowed to get to the situation where it employs a private company to take its mats away to wash on a residential street – a private cleaning company which is also a catering company supplying local schools and venues including Sellafield itself… How does the Environment Agency know the run off from these mats is not contaminated?,” wonder locals.

Mire Services vans parked on double yellow lines, in a residential area, apparently to protect…

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UK Government Rejects Petition Asking for EDF’s Hunterston B Not Be Given New Permit with up to 700 cracks in the reactor

Photos by David Autumns - Hunterston B is opposite the Isle of Arran in Scotland I supported the petition asking for the 'limit'  not to be upped to 700  cracks  in the graphite at Hunterston B . Incredibly the Government's own petition site has rejected this petition while seriously considering upping the limit for cracks …

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Only The Green Eyed Monster Says YES TA!

Reblogging this article from 2012. The Government having rewritten the rules because no one wants a dangerous high level nuclear waste dump beneath them is pushing once again for a “willing community” or even “landowner”. Allerdale BC is inviting parish and borough councillors to discuss the council’s policy towards geological disposal of nuclear waste in the Borough at a meeting on Thursday 11th July at Cockermouth Town Hall we think at 7pm (not sure) The meeting is apparently open to the public but we have not seen it advertised anywhere. We urge councillors to do what their job says on the tin and represent their constituents – Do not sign up to the latest “process” to facilitate geological disposal . Allerdale does not want or need a high level nuclear waste dump underneath it.



Allerdale Borough Council – Undecided* – mid blue
Copeland Borough Council – Undecided* – light green
Parishes for – dark green /eyed monster
BGS exclusion zones – red cross-hatching
National Park boundary – red line
Partnership area (inc. offshore) – green line
Parishes against – red
* Borough Councils Allerdale and Copeland have “expressed an interest” in a dump on behalf of those in their parishes but are yet to make a decision whether to take the next step to look for a site

Despite the best efforts of the government quango tasked with promoting the nuclear dump the overwhelming majority of parishes who have voted have unanimously opposed going on with “steps towards geological disposal.”

The mythical “willing community” is nowhere to be seen – only a green eyed monster.

Decisions known to date.

Seaton, Cockermouth, Above Derwent, Loweswater, Lorton, Buttermere

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The Beacon Says: Hinkley Will Burn MOX

This is the latest from the comic book “Signals for Survival!” -This page is inspired by an actual exhibition. The exhibition was largely aimed at young folk and promoted by Sellafield. The exhibition in the Beacon was by a widely “acclaimed graphic novelist” and it glamourises MOX fuel (uranium with a sprinkling of plutonium stirred in) for Hinkley Point C (which has just seen the biggest pour of concrete ever in the UK …..nice!).

Wastwater Chronicles

Page 16 Beacon - Hinkley Point C will have MOX.jpg

Off to the Beacon!

Exhibition by Graphic Artist sponsored by Sellafield says:  Hinkley Point C will have such 3rd Gen reactors that use MOX fuel!

(this page is inspired by an actual exhibition at The Beacon -promoting MOX top trump of dangerous nuclear fuels)

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GMB – On Your Side? Really? Because it is not for the safety of their workforce or the public!

  The GMB Union's tag line is "On Your Side".  Really?  Are they really on our side?  On the side of humanity and the safety of the planet as the nuclear doomsday clock creeps forward with every diabolic pronuclear proclamation clothed in an increasingly shoddy green mantle? There is a massive disconnect going on with …

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