‘Carbon Border Tax’ Report Author is Coal Mine Lobbyist

Old King Coal, Carbon Border Tax and the Atomic Clock

Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole

image.pngOld King Coal Dug a Great Big Hole 

and said:

No Worries, its Carbon Free.  

The Coal is for Steel

And we’ve made a Deal 

…….(to be continued)

THANK YOU to all who have donated to our legal fund so far. We will have some news very soon on the legal case..but for now just wanted to let you know the strange truth about a widely published new report making the case for a “carbon border tax.”

The report backing a “carbon border tax” sounds  just like the sort of thing green minded folk would welcome  However, there is more to this narrative than meets the eye.

Environmental Journalist Simon Pickstone has today written an excellent article in ENDS which exposes the fact that the “widely reported briefing making the case for a carbon border tax on imported goods, including on metallurgical coal, was written by a policy adviser…

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STOP UNcontained Radioactive Wastes from Nuclear Subs on Holy Loch – write by 13th March

WRITE AND OBJECT URGENT - Please email RSenquiries@sepa.org.uk and urge them not to allow more nuclear submarines in the Clyde with their nuclear liquid wastes to be discharged down a pipeline into the Gareloch. Reference: HMNB Clyde Application Consultation Our letter is below - there is also an excellent template letter for ideas on the …

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Methane Shock

Methane Shock – Coal Mine Under the Irish Sea (not to mention – Five Miles from Sellafield). Call a Halt !

Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole


Dear Friends,

Big Thank You to All – We are keeping the CrowdJustice page open a while longer to keep folk updated and to keep on raising awareness about the insanity of this coal mine.Cumbria would be the ONLY place in the UK to have ANY deep mining going on. West Cumbria Mining plan to mine for coking and industrial coal in the “gassiest pit in the kingdom”. West Cumbria is the place where the Davey Lamp was tested out because methane is so prevalent under the Irish Sea bed.

A recent article in The Ecologist explains why methane – always known to be a dangerous gas is more dangerous than we thought. Stopping the Coal Mine in Cumbria just got a whole lot more urgent.


“Scientists have been vastly underestimating the amount of methane humans are emitting into the atmosphere through fossil fuels, according to research.


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Tokyo protesting against South Korea’s Tokyo 2020 radioactive Olympics posters

South Korea is right …the 2020 Olympics sre being used to dangerously whitewash the ongoing Fukushima disaster.

Fukushima 311 Watchdogs

South Korea is definitely right in calling out this shit. No amount of lies and cover ups can bury the truth: 2020 Tokyo Olympics are the radioactive Olympics. Despite the past years gigantic PR campaign to whitewash the still ongoing Fukushima nuclear disater and all its radiation harmful consequences, claiming that all is under control, totally safe, back to normalcy, back to business. Hell no!

So, the multi-billion-dollar propaganda machine of TEPCO and the Japanese Govt is calling out South Korea for creating propaganda against their own propaganda. Again, like always, there is only one truth: radiation kills.

This time, the truth is that Olympians will get high doses of rads that are on the ground in Tokyo, in Fukushima Prefecture, and in every neighboring prefectures all the way from Fukushima down to Tokyo.

There are hot spots all over Eastern Japan. So many of these hotspots have been well…

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High Radiation Levels Recorded in Moscow, Russia

Makes one wonder where all the tonnes of contaminated top soil and broken concrete is going from Sellafield.

Mining Awareness +

As Reported by BelSat: https://belsat.eu/en/news/excess-radiation-level-recorded-in-moscow/
Excess radiation level recorded in Moscow
2020.02.12 16:12
A sensor of the Russian state enterprise Radon, which specializes in handling radioactive waste, has recorded a 60-fold excess of the radiation background at the construction site of the South-East Chord (multi-lane expressway) in Moscow, the Russian service of Radio Liberty reports. https://www.svoboda.org/a/30428614.html

The sensor recorded 18 microsieverts per hour at a maximum permissible radiation level of 0.3 microsieverts.

Residents of the Moskvorechye-Saburovo district report that this is the seventh time in three days, but neither Radon nor the MES have taken any action, claiming that the sensor works in test mode and there are no actual spikes in radiation.

Earlier, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin acknowledged the presence of radioactive waste on the South-Eastern Chord route. The mayor`s office said that “in the case of the construction of the chord, the city faced a unique and…

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Cumbria Under Seige with proposed New Coal & New Nuclear – but its all to “Save the Planet” they tell us! Yeah Right.

Cumbria Under Siege …

Here is a visual of what is being proposed in West Cumbria, near that place where the most dangerous pile of radioactive waste is STILL being added to week on week.

COAL AND NUCLEAR HAND IN HAND and Mutually Supportive –

Is Cumbria Under Seige?

from the Times and Star – 2014

Small Modular Reactors are being aggressively promoted in Cumbria. https://www.in-cumbria.com/news/17871759.cumbria-pushes-case-small-nuclear-reactors-moorside/

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We have been Granted Permission for Judicial Review! Well Done Everyone!!!

Permission granted for Judicial Review to Challenge CCCs outrageous decision to Approve Coal Mine Near Sellafield

Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole

Dear Friends

Brilliant news we have just heard that we have been granted permission for a judicial review of Cumbria County Council’s decision to allow the first deep coal mine in 30 years in the UK to be built.

Well done everyone for getting this challenge off the starting blocks. Onwards and Upwards!!

Below is Leigh Day’s Press Release … you can read it direct on their website 

6 February 2020

Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole (KCCH), are challenging Cumbria County Council’s Development Control and Regulation Committee’s decision to resolve to grant planning permission for a major new underground metallurgical coal mine on the former Marchon Chemical Works site in Whitehaven, Cumbria. The judicial review will be heard at the High Court in Manchester on a date yet to be set.

KCCH is an active environmental campaign group in the local area, and was one of the leading objectors…

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Injustice Piled on Injustice…

Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole

Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole are so impressed by Elijah’s dedication and passion but we do not condone this kind of self harm especially in such young folk.  We feel so strongly and passionately not only for the injustice of the mine but also the injustice of the overwhelming silence surrounding this mine for so long .  The silence was not from us – we have been shouting about this diabolic plan since 2017 and we continue to vigorously challenge this plan through campaigning, for example the Marine Management Organisation still need to give this mine a license and through legal means.

Please Elijah – do not injure yourself – you are precious and there are other means to fight this.

Tweet to Elijah M

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