Nuclear power for MINDLESS, ENDLESS, ENERGY use – Data ”Farms” and Bitcoin – theme for November 21

This expresses well the real nuclear age of stupid – the Bitcoin world of AI and the dirty nuclear industry gearing up to provide vicious “clean” energy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The 4IR would require more energy than all the other industrial revolutions put together.


When you think about the stupidity of eternal wastage of energy , it’s hard to beat the system of the supposed ”CLOUD”. Every pointless little email, little emoji, and all the other bits of digital junk produced goes not up into the disappearing ether, but down into a dirty great computer server, just one of the accumulating number of dirty great computer servers. Far from being ”farms”, these collections of steel enclosed machines actually produce nothing, but they do CONSUME massive amounts of electricity.

No wonder that the nuclear industry loves them!

The nuclear industry also loves crypto-currency, Bitcoin being the current top favourite of energy-guzzling systems.

A pernicious trio – data farms, cryptocurrency, and nuclear power – leading the world into eternal energy consumption and environmental degradation.

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UK’s small nuclear reactor consortium indicates that it will be relying on tax-payer funding if it is to go ahead —from nuclear-news

State support a fallback option for UK’s mini-nuclear plants rollout.The head of the consortium, which is developing a £ 30 billion fleet ofmini-nuclear power stations, has indicated that it will have to rely on UKtaxpayers to help fund the construction of the first of the new designs ifthere is not enough investor interest.  FT 10th […]UK’s …

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Despite the frantic nuclear lobbying at COP26, Rolls Royce’s small nuclear reactors will be of zero use against greenhouse emissions – Jonathon Porritt — from nuclear-news

Rolls-Royce talks of the first plant ‘coming online by 2031’ – do please do the maths yourself. So let’s say 2035, to be generous, at the earliest. And therefore of zero benefit in terms of meeting the Government’s own target of a 78% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2035. It’s all such a pathetic […]Despite …

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While the world’s attention is on the climate impacts of the coal mine, the inevitable highly mechanised mining induced earthquakes near Sellafield are ignored. WHY?

Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole

Photo by Pixabay on

Why are the seismic and subsidence issues being ignored by NGOs and media? That is for them to answer. Whatever the reason the ongoing silence it is putting us all at immediate danger of an unlivable radioactively contaminated environment.

This is the latest in the extensive evidence on earthquakes caused by deep coal mining …

On the strong earthquakes induced by deep coal mining under thick strata-a case study

Geomechanics and Geophysics for Geo-Energy and Geo-Resourcesvolume7, Articlenumber:97 (2021) Cite this article


Different from the shallow coal seam, in deep mining, the dynamic response of overlying rock has changed significantly due to the high in-situ stresses and complex geological conditions. The frequent occurrence…

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It’s All About the Climate, Climate, Climate – What About the Earthquakes, Earthquakes, Earthquakes?

Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole

Not to mention the Subsidence and the Radioactive Mud Patch

This is our response to West Cumbria Mining and the Council’s agreement on conditions should the Secretary of State rubberstamp WCM’s coal mine. 

We vehemently disagree with the conditions on seismicity and subsidence as agreed by WCM, the Rule 6 parties and Cumbria County Council. We ask for evidence of justification from WCM for the generous conditions on subsidence and seismicity. The very small concession to monitor all seismicity is meaningless when the limits set at which actions would be taken are generous and the outcome is not to halt operations but for WCM to merely deliver a report.

We are devastated to have been sent the report by Cumbria County Council’s planning advisors, IC Planning, that: “The Rule 6 parties, Friends of the earth and SLACC, have both confirmed that they have no issuewith the subsidence and…

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Letter to The Keswick Reminder

Cumbria Trust are quite right to say the so called Community Partnerships are equivalent to time share schemes -easy to get/hard to get out of . Promoting GDF as “the least bad option” is not quite right though. The government policy for GDF is more about justifying new nuclear build than ensuring that the wastes are kept separate from the biosphere into eternity. A GDF anywhere is not safe and has not been achieved anywhere as the research into containment is ongoing – it may never be possible to abandon nuclear waste into eternity and say “it is safe beyond reasonable doubt.” Until the “beyond reasonable doubt” can be assured the role of those concerned with nuclear safety must be to ensure that the existing wastes are absolutely contained on site above ground and to ensure no more waste arrives at the dangerously vulnerable and ever increasing Sellafeld stockpile. Our petition asking for a moratorium on the push for a GDF is here

Cumbria Trust

In the article in last week’s edition headed “Radioactive waste site search is opposed by campaigners” it was stated that Cumbria Trust is an Environmental Group. This is not strictly accurate. The group was set up to provide a voice for those opposed to locating a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) beneathCumbria where the geology as already known to be unsuitable for the safe permanent disposal of the country’s stocks of radioactive waste.

Our safety concerns are not confined to members who oppose the nuclear industry, but also to those who support it or work in it. The disposal of waste in a GDF could well prove to be the least bad option for dealing with it but we, like many others, have no faith in the current process and suspect and fear that expediency will prove to outweigh geology at the expense of safety.

Once a Community Partnership has been…

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Earthquake Traffic Light System for Coal Mine – If Not Why Not? Why Preferential Treatment for Coal Mine Over Now Banned Fracking?

Another Press Release out into the Silence on Earthquake inducing Coal Mine Near Sellafield –

Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole


Please do share ! Thank you.

(note: coal mining produces more and bigger earthquakes than the now banned fracking industry.)

Photo credit: David Autumns  “The End of an Era”.   

A new highly automated submarine coal mine planned for the Irish Sea off the Cumbria Coast “is likely” to cause earthquakes.  In a  worst case scenario this would affect the Sellafield nuclear waste site.  Intensively radioactive holding ponds containing spent nuclear fuel and other high level wastes could rupture, releasing their contents into air, ground water and the Irish Sea.

This is one of the reasons nuclear safety group Radiation Free Lakeland are urging a Traffic Light System at least as stringent as that for fracking to be included in the Conditions being thrashed out now behind the now closed doors of the public inquiry.

Radiation Free…

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Pro nuclear argument has ‘more holes than Swiss cheese’ Ian Lowe


Nuclear argument has ‘more holes than Swiss cheese’ CLARE PEDDIE, The Advertiser p.21 Sat 16 October
Scientist and author Professor Ian Lowe 

The costs of solar and wind are still coming down, while it requires optimism bordering on delusion to see any realistic prospect of nuclear electricity becoming competitive,” 

AUSTRALIA makes more money selling cheese than uranium, according to the author of a new book on the nuclear industry who says those pushing to expand it need a reality check.

 Professor Ian Lowe, an adjunct professor at Flinders University, says he wants to inject cold hard facts into the hot nuclear power debate. Professor Lowe said nuclear power was too costly for Australia, because it was four times more expensive than renewable energy and came with the problem of long term radioactive waste storage. “The costs of solar and wind are still coming down, while it requires optimism bordering on delusion to…

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Diné groups seek justice

“Clean Energy”?? It starts here with human rights abuses of indigenous people.

Beyond Nuclear International

Appeal ruled “admissible” by Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

By Valerie Rangel

History of the Diné Territory

Both the Crown Point and Church Rock communities lie within the area of northwestern New Mexico traditionally used and occupied by the Diné. According to Navajo cosmology, the Diné emerged from a series of worlds into the current world. When First Man and First Woman emerged, they formed the four sacred mountains with soil from the previous world. This area is considered the cradle of Diné civilization and the birthplace of several important Diné deities.

Water is Life

Water is the lifeblood of the planet. Access to a clean environment is vital to the continuation of language and culture for Indigenous communities. The Diné have distinct cultural and spiritual ties to the land, and the environment provides subsistence within their traditional homeland. The Diné worldview is that all things are interrelated and interdependent…

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Nuclear for climate? – DON’T MENTION RADIATION! – theme for October 21.

Radiation and the Big Silence


Recommending nuclear power as a a cure for climate change is like recommending cigarette-smoking as a cure for obesity – Helen Caldicott

Well, it’s just not nice to talk about ionising radiation right now – when we’re all gearing up for the COP26 Glascow climate change talkfest . I mean, by now the nuclear lobby has probably bribed its way into the conference, along with other corporations.

You’re allowed to mention – costs , safety, even time delay – in assessing the relationship of the nuclear industry to global heating.

Strangely – you can talk about the rapid health effects of tiny invisible viruses. BUT NOT the slow drawn out effects of tiny particles of low-level ionising radiation. Health impacts of unseen dangers

Especially ignored are thg effects of Internal exposure – radioactive particles taken in by breathing or swallowing:

The dangers are probably still small for most foods, but…

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