Good On Neptune Network – Sellafield’s Continued Receipt of Nuclear Waste is Criminal

BREAKING Norwegian protestors stage demonstration at Sellafield From the Evening Mail BY OLLIE RAWLINSON@ORawlinsonNews Norwegian protestors block entrance to nuclear site Credit: Neptune Network PROTESTORS have assembled outside the Sellafield nuclear site. Eight representatives from the Norwegian environmentalist group Neptune Network have gathered at the entrance to the site, and have piled up boxes at …

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Book Launch:The Half-life of Snails, by Philippa Holloway – Free Online Event

Institute for Social Responsibility Public Event: 11th May 2022 Book Launch:The Half-life of Snails, by Philippa Holloway With a reading and Q&A with Prof Jo Crotty, Dr Jen Woodward, and Prof Helen Newall, and a guest appearance by Alex Lockwood, author of The Chernobyl Privileges.  Philippa Holloway’s debut novel explores survivalism and the legacy of …

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New publication reveals massive errors in Radiation Protection laws and identifies the cause of the global cancer epidemic.


Green Audit UK/ Environmental Research SIA, Latvia

Low Level Radiation Campaign. Press Release 25/04/2022:


New peer-reviewed publication reveals massive errors in Radiation Protection laws and identifies the cause of the global cancer epidemic.

In an invited article, published on 21st April in the Elsevier Open Access journal: Cancer Treatment and Research Communications, British Scientist, Christopher Busby presents comprehensive evidence that the current scientific radiation risk model was dishonestly assembled and is shown to be totally unsafe for the purposes of underpinning current legal limits for exposure to common radioactive materials released to the environment [1].

Dr Busby has spent 30 years of his life researching this issue, and the acceptance after 7 months of peer review of this article is certainly a breakthrough, one that followed his previous journal article showing that the Japanese lifespan study of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing was dishonestly manipulated [2].

Busby, who…

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Top Steel Boss Says No Need for Coal Mine. No one (apart from us) Exposing Coal Boss’s Key Governmental Role in Nuclear Waste Dumping in Area Adjacent to Proposed Mine

Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole

This was in the Guardian/Observer today full story here

Steel boss dismisses claim that sector needs new Cumbrian coalmine

As final decision looms on controversial pit, industry expert says there is no domestic market for its fuelMichael SavagePolicy Editor

Claims thata new coalmine in Cumbriawill help supply British-made steel and replace Russian imports do not “stack up”, a senior industry figure has warned, as the government prepares to make a final decision over the project.

Supporters of the proposed mine, which would be the UK’s first new coalmine in 30 years, have suggested that at least a share of the coal produced would be used in domestic steel production. They also say it could lower reliance on Russian coking coal in the wake of the invasion of Ukraine.

However, influential figures in the steel industry have become increasingly frustrated about the claims – with the two…

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Save the Whale and the Snail from Siesmic Testing to Deliver a Deep Nuclear Dump Under the Irish Sea (coal boss is key advisor)

Coal boss is Key Advisor on Delivery of a Deep Nuclear Dump for Hot Nuclear Wastes Under the Irish Sea


The “Community Partnerships” of Mid and South Copeland have agreed to allow Nuclear Waste Services to commission seismic testing in the Irish Sea for four weeks (or more) in July/August. This is likely to be on the advice of CEO of West Cumbria Mining Mark Kirkbride who is key advisor to government on the digging of big deep holes for nuclear wastes (not that anyone would know this by listening to the mainstream NGOs narrow opposition to Kirkbride’s coal mine for whom govnt nuclear cronyism is of no concern?!) There has been no public consultation, or vote on the seismic testing in the Irish Sea. If there has been any environmental impact assessment at all it has not been subject to any public scrutiny despite the known damage that seismic testing causes. The “Community Partnership” suggests that the company hired to do the seismic testing (most likely on the advice…

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George and the Dragon

George and Dragon - cheers! (charcoal drawing by Marianne Birkby) Today is St George's Day, the day "celebrating" our much unloved multi-cultural national saint who hailed from the middle east. I have just read Paul Kingsnorth's thought provoking article "Chasing the Dragon." It got me thinking about the visceral dragon iconography which abounds in the …

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The US Cries About War Crimes While Imprisoning A Journalist For Exposing Its War Crimes

Antinuclear 20 Apr 22, In what his lawyers have described as a “brief but significant moment in the case,” a British magistrates’ court has signed off on Julian Assange’s extradition to the United States, bringing the WikiLeaks founder one step closer to a US trial under the Espionage Act which threatens press freedoms worldwide.

The extradition case now goes toUK Home Secretary Priti Patelfor approval, which will likely be forthcoming as Patel is areliably loyalempire manager. After that point, Assange’s legal team will be able to launch an appeal.

This is happening at the same time the United States and the United Kingdom are loudly demanding accountability for alleged war crimes by the Russian military in Ukraine, which is interesting because attempting to bring accountability for war crimes is precisely why Julian Assange is in prison.

“He is a war criminal,” President Biden 

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Cumbria Coal Mine Awarded Fresh Licence to Drill by the Coal Authority

Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole

Offshore area no 2 is the Licence area nearest Sellafield

As can be seen from this Coal Authority image – area number 2 has very little known coal resource (blue hatch) – nevertheless the Coal Authority has just awarded West Cumbria Mining a new licence for this area which adjoins the area under consideration for a Geological Disposal Facility. Coal boss Mark Kirkbride is an “invaluable” member of the government body (CoRWM) advising on nuclear waste. His role is largely to advise on the highly mechanised digging of holes as deep as Scafell is high. We continue to urge individuals and groups opposing the coal mine to look at the bigger picture rather than focussing narrowly on climate, jobs and coking coal. To ignore the big picture (Nuclear!!) does the planet no favours. The mine can still be stopped – we will keep you posted.

the following has been sent…

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In Ukraine, with the blessing of the Western countries, those who are in favor of a negotiation have been eliminated – Jacques Baud


Retired Swiss Military-Intelligence Officer. Is it possible to actually know what has been and is going on in Ukraine? Jacques Baud, The Unz Review 02 Apr 2022

” ……………………………. Conclusions. As an ex-intelligence professional, the first thing that strikes me is the total absence of Western intelligence services in accurately representing the situation over the past year. In fact, it seems that throughout the Western world intelligence services have been overwhelmed by the politicians. The problem is that it is the politicians who decide —the best intelligence service in the world is useless if the decision-maker does not listen. This is what has happened during this crisis.

That said, while a few intelligence services had a very accurate and rational picture of the situation, others clearly had the same picture as that propagated by our media. The problem is that, from experience, I have found them to be extremely…

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Recent history sheds light on the Ukraine situation . Part Three- Denazification


Retired Swiss Military-Intelligence Officer. Is it possible to actually know what has been and is going on in Ukraine?
Jacques Baud, The Unz Review 02 Apr 2022

”………………………………………………………………….. Denazification

In cities like Kharkov, Mariupol and Odessa, the Ukrainian defense is provided by the paramilitary militias.They know that the objective of “denazification” is aimed primarily at them.For an attacker in an urbanized area, civilians are a problem. This is why Russia is seeking to create humanitarian corridors to empty cities of civilians and leave only the militias, to fight them more easily.

Conversely, these militias seek to keep civilians in the cities from evacuating in order to dissuade the Russian army from fighting there. This is why they are reluctant to implement these corridors and do everything to ensure that Russian efforts are unsuccessful — they use the civilian population as “human shields.” Videos showing civilians trying to…

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