Jamie Reed MP: Why Have Energy Solutions Not Been Prosecuted for Nuclear Flytipping?

Lillyhall Nuclear Waste Disposal Site - If you can read this you are too close
Lillyhall Nuclear Waste Disposal Site – If you can read this you are too close


Dear Jamie Reed MP

Thank you very much for taking the time to speak to members of Radiation Free Lakeland at our Alternative Sellafield Story in Whitehaven.

As promised we are writing to you with information about the flytipping of radioactive waste in Lillyhall Landfill. There has been an unexpected turn of events with the company responsible for nuclear oversight of the landfill, Energy Solutions now planning to sue the government for £200M with regard to not being awarded nuclear “clean up” contracts.

Energy Solutions from Utah are subcontracted by Fomento de Contrucciones y Contratas (FCC) to look after the nuclear aspect of Lillyhall Landfill.

So the company who have not been prosecuted for allowing Sellafield to illegally dump 3 bags of low level and one bag of intermediate waste into Lillyhall are now looking to receive substantial monies off government for breach of contract?

Sellafield WAS fined over £700,000 for illegally flytipping into Lillyhall but of course that money came from the public purse.

Following over 100 letters of concern from his constituents, Tony Cunningham MP for Workington wrote to Secretary of State, Ed Davey asking why the operators of Lillyhall had not been prosecuted while Sellafield has. The reply from Ed Davey is alarming:

“It is important to note that the Environment Agency did not take enforcement action against Waste Recycling Group (WRG) Limited (operators of the landfill at the time.) This was because WRG Limited did not knowingly breach its environmental permit”.

WHAT!! In that case every Tom, Dick and Harry could say they never knowingly breached permits. And in this case Energy Solutions are supposed to be the last line of defence preventing illegal nuclear flytipping.

The use of Lillyhall as a nuclear dumping ground for decommissioned nuclear rubble is bad enough but to allow the operators to get off scott free with dumping even higher activity wastes is more than criminal. What hold have these companies over government? Is it because the government needs these nuclear privateers to carry out “decommissioning” ?

Lillyhall, previously nuclear free, is now classed as a radioactive waste dump with emissions to land and air. The already dangerous practice of dumping in landfill is made even more dangerous by Energy Solutions having allowed Sellafield to dump higher activity waste. The non prosecution of energy Solutions and their contractors FCC sends out the message that companies involved in nuclear waste are untouchable. The landfill operators Energy Solutions and FCC have got off not only scot free but with a license to dump a further 1 million cubic metres or more of radioactive rubble into the landfill’s spare capacity.

Also concerning is that Ed Davey’s facts are plain wrong – he says that WRG were operators of the landfill at the time (of the illegal nuclear flytipping.  Really?)  FCC took over Waste Recycling Group in 2006, the illegal nuclear flytipping took place in 2010.

Yours sincerely,


Marianne Birkby

on behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland

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8 thoughts on “Jamie Reed MP: Why Have Energy Solutions Not Been Prosecuted for Nuclear Flytipping?

  1. The answer seems to have something to do with Goldman Sachs. Governor of the Bank of England is now a former Goldman Sachs guy from Canada and has new powers. The CEO of Energy Solutions used to work for Goldman Sachs; the top people, including CEO, of Energy Capital Partners (who currently owns Energy Solutions) are former Goldman Sachs people. Juan del Rivero, former CEO of Goldman Sachs Spain was recruited by Omega Capital which manages Alicia Koplowitz’ money. Alicia is sister to Esther – owner of FCC. Alicia sold her part. Recall that Energy Solutions has been left in place still messing up the water situation at Fukushima since 2012. The current CEO of Energy Solutions – formerly at Goldman Sachs got his position a few months before Energy Solutions got the contract. Who manages Fukushima but Toshiba. Toshiba is part of the Mitsui “Keiretsu” conglomerate group which centers around the Sumitomo Mitsui bank. Goldman Sachs seems to have taken turns with Sumitomo Mitsui investing in each other going back to at least 1986 which Sumitomo bought a 12.5 percent stake in Goldman Sachs. PM Cameron has some other connections with Goldman Sachs, too, besides Governor of Bank of England, I found, but figured it out from the 1,000s Cameron spends on his suits, i.e. 3,500 pounds for his suits. It was a long time ago anyway, around the 1700s that the older British aristocracy was replaced by an aristocracy that had made their money from banking and commerce. Only those aristocrats who married into the wealthy classes kept their status. On the US end of things the CEO of Energy Capital Partners (Doug Kimmelman) serves on the advisory board of Stanford Woods Environmental Institute (Stanford University) and donated $5 million for environmental research, etc. Patricia Woods is on that board and on the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute board – WHOI are the ones with Ken Buessler running around and telling everyone that Fukushima is like bananas and other misleading nonsense. WHOI is also affiliated with MIT, from whence comes the current head of the US Dept. of Energy, Moniz – ardent nuclear supporter. Stanford and MIT are still rated top US and world universities in especially in engineering so this environmental research will carry weight. In short, Kimmelman bought major ideological clout and a tax write-off. CEO of Energy Capital Partners – Kimmelman got his undergraduate degree from Stanford which means he was probably born into a rich family, unless he was smart and got a scholarship. It costs a fortune to go to Stanford – 20 years ago tuition was 20,000 USD per year. Also, it is interesting and strange that the Mormons, who have a lot of money and power in America, put up with this Energy Solutions in Utah. Its roots are in Envirocare which was started by an Iranian and now seems to be in New York Jewish banker hands – at least at the very top with Kimmelman and some of his colleagues. So, unless the interim owner, Steve Creamer, was Mormon, there have been no Mormons involved. Creamer did allegedly do a big fund-raiser for Harry Reed of Nevada who is Mormon. The Iranian owner of Envirocare allegedly bribed Utah officials and there was a big scandal and it was sold to Steve Creamer. I think that Energy Capital Partners has had Energy Solutions for a little over a year. However, the Energy Solutions CEO has been in place since early 2012 and he is a former Goldman Sachs guy. When Energy Solutions was founded as a mix of Envirocare and some other companies the merger was financed by Lindsay Goldberg and Bessemer of NY, Creamer Invests, and Peterson Partners of Salt Lake City. Bill Gates is involved with FCC and his father was a banker.

  2. You are welcome. One correction, Energy Solutions got the Fukushima contract in March of 2012 and Lockwood became CEO in June of 2012 so he wasn’t CEO when they got the contract. However he was on the Energy Solutions board from Nov. of 2010. So I still suspect he is what ties the previous and new owners (Energy Partners-Kimmelman from 2013) together and why Toshiba doesn’t get rid of Energy Solutions even though they have demonstrated such incompetence. He may or may not be why they got the Fukushima water contract. But, once they couldn’t do the work they should have been removed and have not been. That is what I have found so strange. Instead they are forced to just dump the radioactive water. Yes, I fear that this is rather a symptom of the disease rather than the disease itself. I think it is the legacy of the Reagan-Thatcher years when greed became good. So many in that period got MBAs and that is when the economies went belly up for honest work and those who “made it” were the “greed is good” people who are now our rulers. The MBAs weren’t to run honest businesses but to learn to fleece better, in my opinion, of course. Goldman Sachs is huge too – employs a lot of people, but most of these Goldman guys tied into Energy Solutions seem to be former Managing Directors or even Partners which I assume is a higher level. And, in the two years I’ve been doing research on either mining or nuclear I haven’t come across such a large clump of Goldman Sachs people. For mining I ran repeatedly into Price Cooper Waterhouse and have run into some wealthy French and Quebec families. The Independent ran an article a few years back about Goldman Sachs guys being in so many positions of power in Europe. Also, FCC-WRG-Energy Solutions got permission for the rad waste at Lillyhall in April 2011 — a different owner and different CEO but Lockwood WAS already there. I see investment bankers running nuclear waste as very scary. I suspect they are going to play pass the hot potato too and try to make a profit that way. They convince someone else to buy it who will pass it on to the next guy. From my reading, Energy Solutions is probably the most basically responsible for the WIPP fiasco though there were failures of oversight of Energy Solutions, but why do they need oversight? Why hire them then? People need to be researching all of this full time.

  3. Sorry another mistake. My memory is terrible. Probably too much plutonium on the brain from almost 50 years of having eaten plutonium from nuclear fallout (and Sellafield) in my sardines? I thought they were small fish so healthy! Unfortunately I can’t borrow another brain either. It is not Patricia but Priscilla B. Woods. She and her husband seem to be the Woods in the Stanford Woods Environmental Institute. Also, the Stanford web site says she serves on the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, so I presume it is serving on the board. It’s not clear if they allow links but it is easy to find the link to the Stanford web site. They really need to shut down all universities and start again later if they are needed. Stanford is very tied into the military industrial complex and the CIA. No surprises that Condoleeza Rice was working there (and tutored Bush). I do not understand why Martin Luther King’s papers are there!

    The Independent article is here: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/analysis-and-features/what-price-the-new-democracy-goldman-sachs-conquers-europe-6264091.html

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