Europe at Risk – Shut Dungeness B Now



Shut Dungeness B Nuclear Plant NOW
Shut Dungeness B Nuclear Plant NOW

Please Sign and Share this Petition widely – What has Dungeness B got to do with us way up here in the North West?  The fuel for Dungeness B is manufactured at Springfields in Preston (having been dug up as uranium out of the ground in far off countries), the waste streams from Springfields are the River Ribble and Clifton Marsh landfill.  The spent fuel/new waste from Dungeness B would  travel up to Cumbria for reprocessing -which as we now know makes the volume of waste 189 times greater with most of it being dispersed to the environment.

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To: David Cameron and the Leaders of Europe

The people of Europe assume that safety limits are there to keep people safe. Not so in the case of Dungeness B nuclear plant which is now run by Électricité de France. Graphite bricks in the Dungeness B reactor are cracking and starting to lose weight due to bombardment of radiation. The graphite is about to breach safety levels and the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) would have had to prosecute or even shut down the plant. But instead, the regulators are considering a request from EDF energy, to simply airbrush away the safety limits.

Steve Thomas, professor of energy policy at the University of Greenwich, said: “It doesn’t feel good when we come up against limits and the first thing they [the ONR] do is to move the goalposts.”

Dungeness B has already had a life extension in 2005. The safety of Dungeness B and the safety of Europe is already on borrowed time with regard to potential nuclear catastophe. We understand that a transboundary Environmental Impact Assessment has not been carried out at Dungeness B. We urge the leaders of Europe to shut down Dungeness B as a matter of urgency.
Why is this important?

Safety limits are being scrapped to allow Dungeness B to go on into dangerous old age. This would make Dungeness B the oldest operating nuclear plant in Europe at 45 years. Dungeness B is the son of Windscale, later renamed Sellafield after a fire broke out due to high temperature in the graphite bricks. Had the Windscale fire not been brought under control (by good luck and courage), and the radioactive fallout limited, then the writer of this petition may well have not have been born. The authorities deny that the Windscale fire increased the mortality rate amongst infants in Cumbria, preferring to blame “population mixing” for increased leukemias. But it is undeniable that radioactive fallout added to the routine emissions from the nuclear plant.

People are realising that a large nuclear accident has transboundary impacts and that Environmental Impact Assessments (that the UK is signed up to – Espoo ) must include neighbouring and distant countries. A transboundary EIA has not been carried out at Dungeness.

The leaders of Europe have a real opportunity right now to prevent catastrophe and contain nuclear pollution.

Dungeness B
Previous Life Extension by British Energy
Proposed New Life Extension by EDF
Safety Scrapped to Accommodate Life Extension /
Office for Nuclear Regulation Defends Dungeness Safety Decision
The threat from nuclear is not localised.
Waste from Dungeness B travels up to Sellafield by train (through London) to be reprocessed i.e. separation of uranium and plutonium – this involves the waste being expanded x189 times with most of it spewed out into the Irish Sea.
Windscale Fallout
Still FIghting for Gemma
240 Greenpeace Activists take action across Europe to highlight the risk of ageing nuclear reactors
Windscale – Britain’s Biggest Nuclear Disaster


A Gamble with Safety – No2Nuclear Power



Transboundary Environmental Impact Assessments

(this has not happened at Dungeness but is happening in the Ukraine!)

Nuclear Waste Trains

Click to access 7842.pdf

Stop and Contain
American Perspective on Reprocessing

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