Scotland’s Nuclear Highway: Local Councils are Unaware and Unprepared

this is the reason we believe for the governments nuclear agenda….to continue with nuclear weapons. The nuclear industry and the MOD are intertwined.

Political Insight

Every month, at an undisclosed time of an undisclosed day, a convoy of 44-ton Ministry of Defence vehicles travels through Stirling’s city centre. Each of these trucks is able to carry up to 8kg of enriched, weapons-grade plutonium or uranium – which is surrounded by specially developed conventional high explosives. This is Trident, the UK’s nuclear deterrent, in motion – and Stirling Council appears more or less keen to ignore its existence.

What is Trident?

Overlooking Gare Loch, HM Naval Base Clyde – more commonly referred to as Faslane – plays host to the four nuclear submarines that compose Britain’s nuclear bargaining chip: Vanguard, Victorious, Vigilant and Vengeance. Each submarine wields a cargo of up to 16 Trident ballistic missiles, and each missile is capable of travelling at least 4,000 miles. In addition, each submarine carries three nuclear warheads – all of which wield the power to destroy Hiroshima three…

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