Rheged: Please Don’t Greenwash Increased Nuclear Waste Dumping

Wasdale:Rheged:The Old North
Wasdale of Rheged

220px-Yr.Hen.Ogledd.550.650.Koch     Correspondence below with Rheged’s Sarah Dunning .  Rheged will once again greenwash the Nuclear Industry’s Low Level Waste Conference despite the increasing and accelerating dumping of radioactive wastes into Cumbrian soil, air and water

Dear Sarah,

Nuclear Industry Low Level Waste Conference at Rheged

Thank you for the quick reply. Your support of hill farming and the artisan food industry is much appreciated and well respected. The nuclear industry’s ambitions are however incompatible with Cumbria’s essential role as provider of good food and essential fresh water to for example Manchester.

To be neutral on this issue is rather like claiming neutrality in the taking of land from the American Indians. Only one side has the power and the weight of unjust newly minted laws and “stakeholder” treaties. Perhaps to even things up the £profits from the Low Level Waste Conference should be given to campaigners? This would enable a counter Low Level Waste Conference at Rheged. One that opposes the dispersal of radioactive wastes to the environment.

In the Lost Kingdom of Rheged our ancestors took time to search for a home with fresh clean water, life giving soil and bountiful seas.

Incredibly on the same day we wrote to you, the Nuclear Free Local Authorities wrote with their opposition to the nuclear industry’s escalating dispersal of wastes to the environment. http://www.nuclearpolicy.info/docs/news/NFLA_UK_LLW_response.pdf “Low-level waste management in the UK is in crisis. The total quantity of low level radioactive waste existing, or forecast to be created, is greater than the total amount of existing disposal capacity. The construction and operation of new nuclear power stations will only make matters worse – one of the reasons why NFLA opposes new nuclear build. The existing low level waste dump near Sellafield is virtually certain to be eroded by rising sea levels and to contaminate the Cumbrian coast with large amounts of radioactive waste at some point over the next few hundred years. The industry is managing to hide this crisis for the time-being by dispersing radioactive waste around the country. Spreading around the UK radioactive waste previously destined to be disposed of in the engineered facility near Sellafield, is liable to increase the UK population‟s collective dose and therefore increase the risk of cancer and other health problems. Despite the volumes of LLW likely to arise and the future problems of coastal erosion at the existing dump near Sellafield, the Low Level Waste Repository Ltd (LLWR Ltd) hopes to eliminate the need for a second national repository and close the existing repository in 2079 by developing new routes for different types of LLW, to enable them to be diverted from the LLWR”.

Cumbria is bearing the poisonous brunt of this dispersal. To give some examples;

Nuclear Laundry : used to be all done on the Sellafield site now it is regularly farmed out to the same laundry (at Lillyhall) that washes the sheets of Cumbrian hotels https://mariannewildart.wordpress.com/tag/nuclear-laundry/

Radioactive Landfill: radwaste has been deregulated to be called “exempt” this led to Sellafield dumping 3 bags of low level and one bag of intermediate level in a Cumbrian landfill previously clear of nuclear wastes https://mariannewildart.wordpress.com/2014/06/16/jamie-reed-mp-why-have-energy-solutions-not-been-prosecuted-for-nuclear-flytipping/

Radioactive Scrap Metal – tonnes of it released onto the open market http://www.ccnr.org/essay_radwaste_recycling.pdf Rheged is providing the industry with a respectable greenwash for all this abuse of our land by hosting The Low Level Waste Conference

with best wishes

Yours sincerely,

Marianne Marianne Birkby on behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland

> Dear Marianne >

> Thank you for taking the time to write. I appreciate and respect your

> particular line and if it’s ok, I’ll take a moment to explain ours.

> > You are right to say that we are a business with principles. For example,

> we are committed to a particular food approach in our business which > supports the hill farming and artisan food industries. In these instances,

> we work hard to champion these causes and to do what we can to support > these industries. > > There are other industries however, where as a business we take a neutral > position and this is one of those. I fully appreciate this doesn’t > correlate with your own position, but in this instance we may have to > agree to take different lines. > > I hope this clarifies the matter for you. >

> All the best, Sarah Dunning > CEO Westmorland Family >

> Dear Ms Dunning >

> Apologies for the longish letter ( It has been cut down!) > > The Westmorland Family are well known and quite rightly highly respected > for the championing of excellent local food and produce. It was really > surprising therefore to see that Westmorland Family have aligned > themselves so closely with the current agenda of the Nuclear Industry > which is to facilitate production of ever more nuclear wastes and their > dispersal to the environment under the guise of “management.” > > Rheged is to host the Low Level Waste 2015 Conference. This Conference > organised by the Nuclear Institute, the promotional arm of the industry, > sounds innocuous enough. > > For example “Minimising Low Level Waste” sounds great. It sounds as > though the Low Level Waste being produced is to be decreased. The reality > however is that the industry is escalating the dispersal of waste from > existing nuclear sites and has colluded with government to reclassify > wastes as “exempt” meaning that they can be dumped in Cumbrian landfill. >

> Energy Solutions from Utah are subcontracted by Fomento de Contrucciones y > Contratas (FCC) to look after the nuclear aspect of Lillyhall Landfill. > Having engineered the novel dumping of “exempt” waste, in 2010 Energy > Solutions and FCC allowed Sellafield to dump 3 bags of low level and one > bag of intermediate waste into Lillyhall. The cause was a faulty gieger > counter at Sellafield which was discovered by accident. > > There are no checks once the “exempt” waste reaches Lillyhall. Not one > company operating Lillyhall landfill has been prosecuted for allowing > Sellafield to illegally dump 3 bags of low level and one bag of > intermediate waste into the Cumbrian landfill. Lillyhall is a landfill > which was, previous to the 2008 “exempt” law, free of man made nuclear > wastes. > Sellafield WAS fined over £700,000 for illegally flytipping into > Lillyhall but of course that money came from the public purse.

> > Following over 100 letters of concern from his constituents, Tony > Cunningham MP for Workington wrote to Secretary of State, Ed Davey asking > why the operators of Lillyhall had not been prosecuted while Sellafield > has. The reply from Ed Davey (attached) is alarming: > “It is important to note that the Environment Agency did not take > enforcement action against Waste Recycling Group (WRG) Limited (operators > of the landfill at the time.) This was because WRG Limited did not > knowingly breach its environmental permit”. > > In that case every Tom, Dick and Harry could say they never knowingly > breached permits. And in this case Energy Solutions are supposed to be the > last line of defence preventing illegal nuclear flytipping.

> > Also concerning is that the Secretary of State, Ed Davey’s facts are plain > wrong – he tells Tony Cunningham MP that Waste Recyling Group were > operators of the landfill at the time (of the illegal nuclear > flytipping). > FCC took over Waste Recycling Group in 2006, the illegal nuclear > flytipping took place in 2010. > > The government’s pro nuclear agenda needs these nuclear privateers > attending the Rheged Low Level Waste Conference to continue to carry out > “decommissioning.” Or in other words to disperse radioactive waste to the > environment, clearing the decks for the production of ever more waste. > > Lillyhall, previously nuclear free, is now classed as a radioactive waste > dump with emissions to land, groundwater and air.

The already dangerous > practice of dumping in landfill is made even more dangerous by Energy > Solutions having allowed Sellafield to dump higher activity waste. The > non-prosecution of Energy Solutions and their contractors FCC sends out > the message that companies involved in nuclear waste are like mafia, > untouchable. This message is endorsed by the Westmorland Family and > others who should be making a stand against the fast escalating > nuclearisation of Cumbria. The landfill operators Energy Solutions and > FCC have got off not only scot free but with a license to dump a further 1 > million cubic metres or more of radioactive rubble into the landfill’s > “spare” capacity. > > > Please hand the money back and refuse the use of Rheged as a venue for > this contrick of a shindig and conference. As long as the industry > insists on novel ways of dumping waste into the environment instead of > containing it on existing sites, the Low Level Waste Conference is a means > to poison us all.

> > 55 Years ago the then President of America, John F Kennedy said: > “Radiation, in its simplest terms – figuratively, literally and chemically > – is poison. there is no amount of radiation so small that it has no ill > effects at all on anybody. There is, actually no such thing as a minimum > permissible dose.” > > Yours sincerely,

> > Marianne Birkby > On behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland

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