Please Santa.. Make Cumbria say Yes to the A.R.S.E. ..Yours, Her Majesty’s Govnt

Please Santa, Keep the Nuclear Agenda on Track ..Yours HMG
Please Santa, Keep the Nuclear Agenda on Track ..Yours HMG

Radiation Free Lakeland have been passed the following letter from a whistleblower in Santa’s reindeer team….

“Dear Santa,

Once again we have been working hard this year to keep nuclear on track.

We need to be seen to have the Atomic Repository Sites of Europe (A.R.S.E) in order to build new Sites of Highly Atomic Facility Terminals (S.H.A.F.T). The new S.H.A.F.T.s would make waste even hotter and there may be more than one A.R.S.E needed.

Please Santa help keep the movers and shakers on message. We have covered all the bases we possibly can (even Greenpeace and FoE are soft pedalling). But, as seen in Cumbria, sometimes people see through our amazing smoke and mirrors.

Please Santa, make Cumbria say yes to the A.R.S.E.

Our chaps in the Extreme Energy Initiative have been working really hard to whip up anger and activism on Fracking while keeping schtum about Nuclear. Of course we want fracked gas (Nuclear needs fossil fuel) but it is proving a very useful diversion to the BIGGIE of Nuclear. Please keep anti-nuclear campaigners muffled and quiet.

Please keep them quiet about the accelerating releases of radioactivity to: air, earth, groundwaters, sea…with your help Santa we could do so much more!


2 thoughts on “Please Santa.. Make Cumbria say Yes to the A.R.S.E. ..Yours, Her Majesty’s Govnt

  1. Thanks for this nicely themed and funny (gallows humour) post. Though I may be proved wrong, I really think that the new UK anti-terrorism law re nuclear reactors “did-in” much of the anti-nuclear protests. Greenpeace volunteers must also choose what matters to them and the risks they are willing to take. The Russia gov was reading our posts so everything we thought could not be said until the activists came home. Last time they protested Russia they were fed by oil workers and were high visibility. In the UK they would be held as terrorists, at least for a nuclear plant. Probably the same in the US for nuclear or an oil and gas platform. I don’t know the penalties but I think it would be much worse than the way Russia treated them. In the US I wouldn’t be surprised if they were shot for going on an oil platform or near a nuclear plant. The volunteers undermined their cause by whining that they were cold, too. This proves they were not trained. I think they went to the Arctic because it was easier and more visible (and it IS important).

    Martin Luther King was criticized by Malcolm X for putting children (age 12 to 18) out to protest segregation and letting them be attacked by dogs and go to jail. But, the adults, although victims of segregation, were too scared. They were scared of losing their jobs and their homes. In the Civil Rights movement it wasn’t spontaneous, they were all highly trained in Civil disobedience, dealing with the dogs, etc. Even Rosa Parks had been trained when she sat in the white section of the bus.

    Greenpeace is pretty much the only organization which is putting out quality anti-nuclear info and clearly saying that everyone can use it. They seem to be the only large organization to be putting out good quality anti-nuclear info, as well. The info is increasingly hard to come by, and copyright often an issue. It is complicated and takes time to understand the topic, even for those who have studied it had university, like myself and the technical advisor. You know so much from being by Sellafield so long and fighting this, but most do not. Much available is research done by very tiny almost one-man show research institutes and doctors. When Jeff Rense, who is best known for UFOs, is one of the few with someone from Japan reporting in and making logical points about Fukushima (even some of the weird stuff about how crazy the father of the current Min. of Environ. in Japan is checks out) we are in trouble. BTW, the father of the current Japanese Min of Environ, said that once women are past child-bearing they should not be alive. There are also plenty of anti Fukushima wackos, possibly paid by nuclear fronts, spouting nonsense.

    Marching about has its place (and it seems like Greenpeace could and should help you on that point) but giving people good quality info about the risks and problems of nuclear is probably the most important of all. It is what inspires people to march. It used to be called the war for hearts and minds.

    The fracking has also gotten more attention as they got so enthusiastic that they started fracking under homes of rich, educated people, whereas, especially in the US, nuclear is generally put upon the poor, powerless, often with low educational levels, often black, often American Indians. Some is accidental because poor ag workers were on rivers. The fracking can lead to poisoning by mercury, uranium, sinkholes, water shortages, natural gas explosions, etc. So, the people with money have been willing to fight it. It is also new. The problems of nuclear have been known since at least the 1940s but forgotten.

    While agreeing with you that nuclear is the most critical, it is also a bit like trying to decide if you had rather die of Mad Cow (CJD) or cancer. If you disappear into a sinkhole caused by fracking or if your water catches affair and you burn up or if you perish at ground zero in the London Blitz or at Hiroshima or the Bombing of Dresden, dead is dead.
    If the earth is poisoned for 400 years or a billion it doesn’t look good.

    There is a lot of radiation in the oil and gas industry too.

    If the BP oil spill had gone on for 3 years what would have happened? If all sea plants die, we die. If all trees are cut down with tar sands, etc. we die.

    I wish there were more being done on Fukushima and that Greenpeace and others would file suit against the IAEA, Japanese gov, etc. If that thing kills off the ocean and we have no oxygen then we won’t even need to worry about siting a dump either!

    It’s very hard and very worrisome. If everyone would work hard and do their part like you are, there would not be these problems. And, we would not have to decide whether mercury or radiation is worse.

  2. yes I agree wholeheartedly with what you say but that does not excuse lack of action by big NGOs. the nuclear industry relies on mass amnesia and if that is not cured by constant reminders and active campaigning then the vacuum is filled by the nuclear cheerleaders and the tentacle grip of the industry/supported by govnt ….and Greenpeace and FoE are leaving a vacuum in the UK ,,yes they produce excellent excellent research etc but action is what is needed and all the action is being reserved for oil, gas, coal, fracking …

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