Whose Shadow on the Land?  Keekle Head 2013
Whose Shadow on the Land? Keekle Head 2013
Keekle head - banner
Keekle head – banner

Keekle Head - wild flowers and grasses

Congratulations to all who have campaigned hard and long to save Keekle Head from becoming a nuclear dumping ground for the top end of low level nuclear wastes. Campaigners against the nuclearisation of Keekle Head included pronuclear councillors and even the Copeland MP Jamie Reed. The same people who are bizarrely campaigning FOR the infinitely bigger and more dangerous geological dumping of high level nuclear wastes under Cumbria.

The Secretary of State agreed with the Inquiry Inspector that:

while the appeal development would represent a substantial financial interest in an area of slow economic growth and would create some jobs, this needs to be balanced against the harm, or perception of harm, which a completely new, stand-alone disposal facility may cause, particularly with regard to the area’s valuable tourist industry. For the reasons given at IR6.44, he agrees with the Inspector that there would be little of no social benefit and, overall (IR6.50-6.51), he agrees with the Inspector that the development offers few sustainability benefits.

Good News, now we must campaign to Lock the Gate on any more nuclear waste arriving at Lillyhall, Drigg and Sellafield.

Presentation to Keekle Head Inquiry by Radiation Free Lakeland


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